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A state of being weak or lacking physical strength
debility frailty weakness feebleness debilitation delicacy enfeeblement fragility decrepitude sickness disability illness indisposition ailment asthenia deficiency dodderiness enervation failing faintness fault frailness impairment lameness languidness languor listlessness lowness wimpiness defect disorder imperfection instability malady shakiness sickliness unsteadiness ailing confinement decay declining health diseasedness flu malaise poor health shortcoming susceptibility unhealth unhealthiness unwellness vulnerability ill health incapacity powerlessness impotence helplessness disease ineffectiveness inadequacy senility flimsiness exhaustion weakliness delicateness incapability elderliness uselessness agedness inefficacy ineffectualness senescence puniness unsoundness fatigue lassitude devitalization weediness second childhood affliction senectitude invalidity oldness imbecility fatuity inability ineffectuality tiredness weariness advanced age fragileness incompetence infirmness defenselessness dotage incompetency depletion incapacitation futility year unproductiveness old age thinness lack hopelessness unsubstantiality insubstantiality eld condition overtiredness prostration age paralysis inefficiency superannuation brittleness frangibility ineptitude insufficiency caducity trouble unfitness attenuation drawback lack of energy disadvantage lack of vitality vitiation disqualification declining years advanced years lightness slightness vanity unsuccessfulness inanition unworkability unserviceableness impracticality inoperability unusableness nonsuccess valetudinarianism etiolation meagerness effeteness weakening defencelessness ineptness encumbrance lack of strength inutility exhaustedness immobility dizziness dimness inaptitude enfeebled state failure indistinctness giddiness autumn haziness paleness unease depression angst melancholy anxiety discomfort loss of strength dejection unhappiness restlessness despondency doldrums disquiet flaw limitation autumn of one's life winter of one's life liability downside geriatrics longevity years seniority disablement dysfunction anguish ailments ills foible complaint handicap uneasiness irresolution blemish lapse retirement age advancing years golden years golden age weak point vice gap inconstancy abnormality decline weltschmerz dissatisfaction pain despair distress discontent Weltschmerz ennui winter of life evening of life latter part of animate life autumn of life soft spot weakest link chink in somebody's armor sore point Achilles heel chink in armor weak spot injury detriment restriction inexperience learning difficulties special needs learning disability


The state of being in pain
affliction distress misery pain suffering trouble misfortune torment woe trial tribulation adversity hardship ordeal sorrow disease wretchedness calamity curse grief plague agony anguish excruciation hurt rack sickness straits torture travail bane ills scourge burden condition cross crux depression difficulty plight problem weakness cross to bear worry trauma sadness heartache unhappiness heartbreak anxiety dolor despair hassle vexation discomfort desolation dejection nightmare angst headache albatross disaster despondency grievance dolour tragedy dolefulness nuisance blight deprivation hell catastrophe strain pest annoyance irritation stress visitation drag blues blow rue melancholy horror gloom misadventure sorriness pang care disquiet bummer privation Gehenna load mishap regret ruin bother mourning throe disappointment purgatory malaise ill fortune vicissitude inconvenience disadvantage poverty reverse crucible ache evil oppression murder hell on earth travails bereavement irritant snag mournfulness passion loss gloominess heartsickness millstone setback downfall penury destruction destitution gauntlet fire stroke of bad luck want persecution hard time need liability encumbrance weight injury punishment gantlet lamentation remorse bitterness trials and tribulations twinge penalty undoing detriment bad luck hurting austerity accident exasperation cancer shock bemoaning infelicity grieving ruination aggravation lack lamenting botheration sorrowfulness rigor cheerlessness disconsolateness rigour canker heavy heart broken heart mental suffering pangs pestilence harm melancholia indigence disability pressure drawback test handicap downside downer desperation dole death worriment drain concern minus nemesis mischance aggro disquietude martyrdom hard times calvary failure bewailing cruelty frustration disbenefit complication irk thorn bugbear peeve rub ruffle dispiritedness provocation bad news ill rotten luck low spirits hair shirt mopes issue pain in the rear pain in the backside pain in the neck pain in the bum cataclysm soreness mortification neediness menace cost impoverishment upset tension defect deficiency broken-heartedness impecuniousness impecuniosity labor labour squalor deploring impairment toil lament agitation cumber failing stitch mischief discouragement embarrassment predicament damage asperity hardness bitter pill doldrums beggary deadweight impediment dumps rainy day hazard heaviness of heart letdown down glumness hindrance moodiness funk listlessness heat living hell downheartedness crunch exigency emotional suffering weak point weak spot severe test trying time urgency pip infuriation dire straits undesirable consequence restriction irksomeness gall hard knocks tough luck tough break hang-up thorn in one's side pet peeve ill luck abjection discontent throes strait wronging discord wrong baptism of fire dispossession sordidness necessity harsh conditions devastation retribution unrest dissatisfaction double whammy hard knock tax bad break hard luck waterloo bale unpleasantness painful experience terror turmoil strife ruth thorn in one's flesh vengeance infliction fiasco heartbrokenness abyss hellhole incubus reverse of fortune painfulness wrench moroseness tumult unpleasant experience crucifixion laceration cruciation impalement pining malice blessing benefit reversal of fortune hopelessness dark night of the soul bête noire repining comedown debacle drama disconsolation dismalness blast Cancer hydra besetment despite disfavor knock difficulties demands chip on your shoulder cause of distress rain bête noir weeping repentance contamination disheartenment physical abnormality mental abnormality big trouble third degree dud defeat brutality act of cruelty uphill pollution resignation forlornness excess baggage anvil chorus pickle jam pinch teasing despondence dismay sad event disfavour evildoing extreme upset road to ruin Waterloo demoralization resignedness miserableness dreariness scrape corruption bad experience fatal attraction joylessness pessimism defeatism despond fair cow thorn in side mildew contagion fungus harassment aching unpleasant aspect onus pressure cooker demoralisation infestation ill-luck ill-fortune holy mess can of worms unholy mess hot water ticklish spot obligation duty blue devils dashed hopes throb spasm smarting throbbing stinging nag nagging eyesore withering dump sight underbelly responsibility charge dead weight blame shackle task unwanted responsibility accountability chain nervousness tenseness prickle tingle prick scathe sting mental weight blot on the landscape beast ball and chain result toll sacrifice soft underbelly Achilles heel restlessness ferment dread trepidation trials thorn in someone's side thorn in someone's flesh peril danger drudgery consequence forfeit expectancy nervous tension overextension misgiving fear distention intensity impatience mistrust flutter apprehensiveness alarm fearfulness fatigue flaw forfeiture swine pig fatal flaw consequences pitfall catch perturbation limitation fault poser cow shocker uneasiness perplexity stew unconsolability debit strike constraint hurdle shortcoming negative obstacle incommodity hiccup imperfection crimp hitch cramp fetter financial distress uphill battle Herculean task shame fine clunker stinker price obstruction afterdeal con hangup trammel spanner in the works monkey wrench in the works fly in the ointment stumbling block hatchet job fine how-do-you-do stiffness stiffening intransigence unresponsiveness rigor mortis objectivity difficult time attention to detail punctiliousness thoroughness conscientiousness tenacity meticulousness traditionalism stricture inclemency demand intolerance obduracy roughness dogmatism consistency firmness conventionalism

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