Synonym of Janus faced


Showing a skilful use of underhand tactics to achieve goals
devious scheming deceitful dishonest sly treacherous tricky underhand calculating wily artful crafty cunning double-dealing underhanded designing dishonorable dishonourable disreputable duplicitous fraudulent guileful immoral unethical unprincipled unscrupulous cheating conniving crooked dirty dubious unfair sneaking sneaky surreptitious two-faced two-timing unsporting unsportsmanlike furtive secret secretive back-alley below the belt clandestine cloak-and-dagger covert dodgy hidden hole-and-corner hugger-mugger indirect shady shrouded veiled backstairs beguiling bent cagey cagy conspiratorial cute evasive fishy foxy insidious low-down murky shrewd slick snide snidey subtle insincere shonky slim errant erring gimmicky Machiavellian oblique obliquitous shifty under the table playing games playing politics put on faking one out not straightforward false deceptive untrustworthy perfidious slippery sharp faithless disloyal lying traitorous unreliable unfaithful disingenuous untrue double-crossing deceiving untruthful false-hearted fickle mendacious recreant double-faced inconstant hypocritical corrupt undependable astute back-stabbing illegal hollow-hearted unlawful dissembling rogue fast defrauding knavish counterfeit treasonable contriving criminal misleading phoney unctuous stealthy Punic canny fake fly-by-night renegade manipulative phony roguish knowing apostate adulterous nefarious mean iffy unloyal swindling clever vulpine unjust streetwise smooth low amoral truthless treasonous base backhanded subversive seditious pretended feigned artificial mealy double mealymouthed betraying phoney-baloney fibbing Pecksniffian lip plotting phony-baloney left-handed elusive smart collusive intriguing deep fly pawky unsafe sharp-witted questionable rascally uncertain street smart street-smart carny unstable changeable malfeasant dissimulating perjured foul villainous illicit venal jive bluffing forsworn delusive wicked backstabbing snaky crazy like a fox prevaricating wormlike equivocating unpatriotic snake in the grass colluding fallacious stinky unpredictable astucious mean-spirited tricksy suspicious slimy keen intelligent adroit unhonest dirty-dealing conspiring caballing fugitive skillful imaginative ingenious skilful inventive resourceful crazy like fox savvy fiendish cynical unsound unsteady insecure hard to pin down mutable variable opportunist untrusty cutthroat unconscionable opportunistic undutiful scoundrelly falsehearted malicious mythomaniac malevolent trustless irresponsible fink expedient dissident corruptible buyable grafting arch backstabby rebellious unveracious ironic mutinous economical with the truth of bad faith paltering not dependable not to be depended on not to be trusted fair-weather sly like a fox nasty breakaway ambiguous sham equivocal paradoxical cryptic enigmatic sardonic despicable iniquitous suborned ruthless evil heads-up spurious sagacious greasy contemptible vile double-meaning double-edged double dealing sordid pseudo bamboozling falsified forged against the law mock imitation cheap ignominious squalid rotten beggarly shameful cowardly ungentlemanly shabby detestable unpleasant scurvy paltry worthless misrepresenting misstating committing perjury wrong delusory inventing falsifying execrable illegitimate wretched sleazy grubby abject inequitable unsportsmanly ignoble currish scungy sorry deplorable lousy scummy lame ratty scabby hoodwinking sinister backbiting low-minded off-color ill-gotten doubting out of order against the rules not cricket flighty unbelieving unconverted sceptical fluctuating skeptical wavering capricious changeful quick-witted perceptive wise acute discerning dexterous on the ball dextrous brilliant politic bright judicious discriminating brainy perspicacious deft quick undercover heady slinking cautious hush-hush sapient argute long-headed insightful whip-smart masterly underground private adept suss experienced sneak stealth hardheaded privy media-savvy skulking clear-sighted clear-eyed sage hard-boiled behind-the-scenes sub-rosa prudent genius alert careful quick on the uptake exploitative proficient intuitive razor-sharp discreet sensible circumspect under wraps serpentine cloaked gifted black talented able capable as sharp as a tack nimble-witted enterprising observant penetrating impish mischievous wary captious illusory tactful considerate dark hardened incisive seasoned reprobate creative worldly dangerous nifty conscienceless improper corrupted farsighted bad unsavoury sinful virulent shameless far-seeing concealed unconscientious degenerate handy in the know scandalous catlike catty self-seeking silent feline dastardly noiseless ready artistic quick off the mark unsavory full of plans leery wry witted heedful suspect bogus tortuous controlling trick irregular doubtful funny mysterious salty ornery hostile bootleg shrewdness gingerly premeditating chary safe guarded dicey tactical under the counter piercing uncandid not candid not frank deviant perilous ensnaring planful sussed unfrank arty plausible rascal off bum seeming catchy imposturous neat worldly-wise venomous lubricious quiet frugal watchful hep not entirely truthful terminologically inexact quick on the draw slinky sensitive sideways sidelong under-the-table lurking vipery with it queer macabre original polite delicate having fancy footwork on the QT on the quiet wrongdoing accomplished like a snake in the grass cloak and dagger disguised creepy behind someone's back hole and corner masked not born yesterday innovative sharp as a tack puckish precocious understanding thoughtful casuistic selfish degrading petty disgraceful degraded mercenary wrongful unworthy arrant skilled artsy-craftsy inspired conciliatory diplomatic bland treating with kid gloves strategic gracious suave courteous playful devilish expert innovational elaborate trailblazing innovatory sophisticated fertile originative Promethean percipient knowledgeable cluey cheeky waggish pioneering nimble-fingered practical deviceful genial erudite well-read scholarly well read learned well educated exceptional witty educated whiz naughty yellow wizard ace nimble thinking outside the box profound accurate pixieish scampish ludic pixie teasing coquettish leprechaunish tasty crackerjack habile pixy prankish elvish probing shark calculated inside fit competent clever with one's hands good with one's hands adept physically frolicsome sportive rakish raffish wised up on the inside on top of up on depraved debauched espiègle cruel brutal merciless monstrous debased pitiless unfeeling rancorous licentious dissolute self-indulgent unkind inhumane vitiated disparaging delinquent callous vicious forbidding hard-hearted libertine unrighteous bloodthirsty heartless wrathful demonic scrofulous black-hearted evil-minded infamous vengeful felonious contemptuous grisly pernicious hateful cold-blooded savage tyrannical barbarous incorrigible scornful morally wrong maleficent objectionable decadent brutish defiled despiteful ungodly heinous bestial sadistic inhuman harsh lawless profligate inexorable wanton perverted vindictive gruesome disdainful spiteful

Antonym of Janus faced

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