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an athlete who participates in the Olympic gamesa classical Greek god after the overthrow of the Titans


of the region of Olympia in Greece or its inhabitantsof or pertaining to the greater gods of ancient Greece whose abode was Mount Olympusmajestic in manner or bearing; superior to mundane mattersfar beyond what is usual in magnitude or degree


Resembling or appropriate to a god, especially in superiority and aloofness
aloof distant remote stand-offish unaffable unamiable uncongenial unfriendly cold inhospitable misanthropic reclusive reticent solitary uncommunicative unforthcoming unneighbourly withdrawn chilly cool hostile antagonistic disagreeable surly sour unsympathetic inimical unsociable frosty frigid unamicable ill-natured unpleasant aggressive antisocial unsocial unwelcoming unkind reserved unapproachable quarrelsome supercilious stiff haughty severe nasty indifferent impersonal disdainful stern hard-eyed arctic cold-eyed wintery frozen rude gelid brittle wintry glacial uncivil obnoxious adversary impolite chill coldish antipathetic adversarial discourteous menacing icy jaundiced uncordial clammy negative cold-blooded mortal unmannerly antiseptic ungracious ill-disposed starchy cross uncharitable disaffected opposite competitive estranged against unneighborly censorious warlike grouchy unpromising combative malignant vengeful grudging conflicting hateful acrimonious gruff malicious contrary spiteful opposed not on speaking terms standoffish detached taciturn asocial retiring ungregarious introverted secretive unresponsive private silent unbending formal quiet restrained undemonstrative ungenerous ungenial stony xenophobic offhand unreceptive uncompanionable unemotional brusque unfavorable unfavourable short uninvolved unhappy emotionless depressing mopey offish unclubbable mopish conventional brooding distrustful inapproachable scowling inaccessible nongregarious dry standoff discreet prim independent introvert demure exact precise staid uppity suspicious correct proper stuffy closemouthed isolated constrained cautious retired inflexible insular laconic self-restrained media-shy stuck-up stilted starched affected hermit-like hermitic hermitical shy guarded seemly official serious forbidding austere polite unrevealing snobbish eremetic buttoned-up straight arrow by the numbers strait-laced keeping people at arm's length stiff-necked all alone tight-lipped non-communicative close-mouthed self-sufficient self-contained


Majestic or godlike
regal august kingly majestic royal elevated glorious grand imperial noble princely splendid awesome dignified lofty stately sublime exalted godlike grandiose pompous rarefied magnificent imposing monumental impressive superb resplendent sumptuous distinguished great striking proud heroic magisterial solemn maestoso awe-inspiring palatial resounding sonorous statuesque marvellous gallant towering heroical sovereign baronial epic formal queenly high-flown portentous eloquent magnific massive Homeric splendiferous lordly fab stunning smashing mind-blowing cool ceremonious marvelous out of this world fine gorgeous spectacular remarkable luxurious opulent beautiful breathtaking eminent lavish illustrious tremendous extraordinary excellent wonderful brilliant commanding elegant amazing renowned superior notable dazzling prodigious rich aristocratic splendorous arresting outstanding stupendous terrific courtly wondrous dramatic splendacious magnolious divine vast overwhelming super big esteemed large powerful venerable first-class honored high posh supreme transcendent ritzy honoured celebrated imperious heavenly astonishing famous extravagant memorable colossal important noted radiant portly incredible swanky deluxe preeminent well-known staggering plush moving fabulous formidable ambitious huge staid giant astounding cosmic mega stirring immortal honourable honorable mighty fantastic intense famed first-rate admirable delightful high-ranking something else enormous considerable pretentious immense titanic gigantic handsome mammoth monstrous mountainous elephantine gargantuan monster humongous sensational oversized whopping jumbo astronomical bumper whacking astronomic leviathan respected oceanic gigantesque vasty walloping humungous supersize supersized pharaonic planetary cosmical cyclopean herculean king-size king-sized galactic haughty Brobdingnagian worthy super-duper Himalayan humbling triumphant bright prominent unreal king size shining proper splendrous effulgent jaw-dropping phenomenal mind-boggling gratifying time-honored eye-catching exciting eye-popping startling monarchial monarchal ominous inspiring unbelievable bombastic costly monarchical special unforgettable overblown acclaimed exquisite sightly large-scale classic fustian high-level oratorical prestigious graceful highly regarded gracious ideal fit for a king influential splashy decorous dynamite substantial highfalutin' hulking leading high-up foremost four-star upper-class VIP ostentatious showy bulky noteworthy authoritative prime stellar blissful perfect top-level eye-opening starchy amazeballs absorbing miraculous confounding profound pleasurable enjoyable distingué unique fabled magical far-out palatine fantastical far out celestial fascinating just so thrilling lasting significant choice enduring historic scintillating coruscating vivid high-born legendary mythological classical ravishing fancy ample imperatorial epoch-making leonine abiding permanent ornate articulate fit for a prince elaborate expensive Junoesque well-proportioned utopian mortal tall in the saddle awe-striking fit for a queen fit for a princess classy very good glittering monarchic flash flashy penetrating trim poised shapely swish brave plushy swank effective hallowed palatian adored unfathomable complex impenetrable theatrical purple egotistic high-falutin' high-flying forcible jumbo-sized thumping ginormous magnifico flamboyant baroque queenlike high-profile gee-whizz solid gold long thumping great expansive whopping great irresistible extensive dynamic whacking great of repute of distinction extended reserved tall and dignified out of sight dreamy unmitigated arrestive surpassing electrifying arduous Herculean stupefying high-minded well thought of of high standing sedate upright marathon one for the book grandiloquent larger-than-life very long very great very large serious highbrow composed something to write home about couth sombre respectable refined somber grave nifty rapturous orotund magniloquent high-sounding top-notch front-page major-league top-drawer bad daring impassioned ridiculous deep primo momentous like wow crazy swell hunky-dory groovy dandy insane bold delicious rousing touching affecting surprising prevailing eventful well-connected dominant premier predominant head pre-eminent highest notorious prized controlling valued overripe rotund self-respecting transcendental holy sacred spiritual uplifting outrageous inspirational abstract recognized of influence high profile senior distinctive integral incomparable historical signal alpha trusted all-important chief top-ranking high-powered upper reputable puissant cogent successful potent seminal of note deciding enthralling florid rhetorical turgid epideictic tumid flowery Ciceronian declamatory highfalutin good resonant recognised iconic the most too much civil like a dream come true unimaginable sensorial invigorating unheard-of bewitching captivating charming envigorating mind-bending heart-stopping enlivening stimulating empyreal beguiling out of the ordinary ethereal enchanting enlightening fairy-tale fairytale-like dream-filled courteous bossy dictatorial euphuistic Demosthenic aureate Demosthenean too good to be true deferential precise ritual punctilious exact exceptional overbearing arrogant domineering autocratic rigid correct deliberate stilted affected measured nice tall scrupulous stiff noticeable rare interesting golden confident high-handed overweening self-confident peremptory seemly one and only standout uncommon buzzworthy singular attractive unordinary sky-high soaring slow-moving stiff-necked largish goodly sizable outsized sizeable biggish voluminous boxcar husky oversize tidy outsize hefty patronizing supercilious overconfident raised altitudinous sky-scraping patronising dogmatic judicial highhanded stuffy airy high-ceilinged spiring aerial lifted skyscraping high-rise skyward




Slow to reveal emotion or opinions
reserved uncommunicative reticent cool formal restrained silent aloof retiring taciturn cold secretive shy unapproachable undemonstrative unsociable quiet self-contained unforthcoming close-mouthed demure distant private self-restrained close constrained detached remote stand-offish unfriendly withdrawn cautious diffident guarded media-shy modest chilly closemouthed dumb frigid inhibited introverted laconic prim self-effacing shrinking tight-lipped timid unemotional unresponsive retired snobbish standoffish backward bashful ceremonious collected composed conventional eremitic gentle icy mild misanthropic noncommittal offish peaceful placid reclusive sedate serene soft-spoken solitary uncompanionable impersonal indifferent unconcerned haughty avoidant uninvolved introvert preoccupied abstracted disdainful introspective unenthusiastic apathetic frosty lukewarm uninterested unwelcoming inhospitable negative half-hearted tepid offhand uncordial unsympathetic dispassionate unbending cold-eyed unfeeling dry emotionless asocial unclubbable standoff off antisocial buttoned-up unenthused gelid clammy offended hard-eyed impudent insolent impertinent brittle incurious procacious cold-blooded annoyed muted antiseptic discreet mom mum sheepish recessive coy secret clammed up mute untalkative timorous meek unassertive close-lipped clamlike speechless curt dark unassuming tight-mouthed withdrawing nongregarious non-communicative hermitic dried up inarticulate unspeaking dour uptight unwilling brooding sententious sullen dried-up unexpressive sparing inward-looking independent dummied up isolated enigmatic wouldn't say boo to a goose unsocial insular ungregarious cagey deep humble hermit-like hermitical socially inhibited unrevealing eremetic docile nervous casual aseptic disinterested retreated thoughtful recluse uncurious seclusive tongue-tied unconversational playing your cards close to your chest anchoritic eremitical unassured mim nice apologetic short rabbity unaffable unexpansive self-sufficient wordless embarrassed blushing shamefaced fearful mumchance not forward hush-hush evasive all alone at a loss for words buttoned up aw-shucks on the QT self-conscious


Of, relating to, or suggestive of, heaven
celestial heavenly ethereal divine spiritual empyrean godlike immortal angelic godly holy saintly seraphic sublime blessed astral beatific cherubic elysian Elysian empyreal eternal paradisical superlunary supernal supernatural blissful empyral hallowed otherworldly transcendental transmundane extraterrestrial rapturous superhuman glorious unearthly paradisaical delightful ambrosial ravishing paradisiacal entrancing excellent wonderful paradisal sweet paradisiac beautiful lovely unworldly enjoyable other-worldly alluring exquisite deific preternatural scrumptious lush adorable yummy luscious delectable delicious darling paradisaic transcendent mystical incorporeal metaphysical blest sacred mystic extramundane deiform deistic omnipotent omniscient omnipresent cosmic superterrestrial dreamy almighty ghostly stellar joyful rapt immaterial out of this world exalted fey goddesslike immaculate supreme saintlike deitylike paranormal supernormal unfleshly virtuous unphysical visionary all-powerful beyond human planetary happy charming enchanting pure fantastical lofty elevated all-knowing illimitable everlasting enduring infinite boundless all-seeing deathless pervading airy-fairy golden idyllic fanciful innocent ecstatic serene Arcadian perfect utopian abnormal unnatural spectral phantom beneficent humble righteous devout self-sacrificing angelly angelical kind radiant angellike archangelic caring appealing aerial religious abstract nonmaterialistic numinous star starry refined unreal daydreaming daydreamy supersensory fantastic upper airy skylike sky cosmos firmament paradise ether remote astronomical cosmological sidereal bodiless starlike starly astrophysical stellular psychical ideal marvellous first-rate superb first-class fabulous grand terrific awesome splendid super fab gorgeous marvelous great magnificent sensational smashing dynamite superlative superior A-OK top-notch fantabulous fine unsurpassed brilliant too good to be true splendorous non-material non-materialistic socialist reforming progressive Erewhonian Edenic amazing beyond compare unparalleled unmatched unequaled unequalled incomparable matchless unsurpassable ace unrivaled nonpareil unexcelled out-of-this-world phenomenal exceptional second to none unrivalled to die for without equal unexampled peerless inimitable imposing awe-inspiring majestic outstanding high mind-blowing big eminent lordly resplendent uplifting moving august the most inspiring too much outrageous inspirational stately splendiferous proud gratifying pleasurable neat top-shelf phat prime cracking quality groovy frontline dandy hot prize out-of-sight gangbusters jim-dandy brag topping bully crackerjack classic wizard sterling down first-string topflight immense prizewinning gone blue-chip four-star bonny primo supercalifragilisticexpialidocious tip-top peachy high-class corking hype brave slick bonnie blue-ribbon boss five-star swell top gilt-edge famous cool choice capital top-of-the-line keen bang-up noble bumper gangbuster boffo gilt-edged wicked radical banner dope nifty mean brill bosting paradisic peachy keen par excellence number one numero uno more than human


A person whose fame will last for all time
immortal genius great hero celebrity paragon personality name star superstar luminary VIP lion celeb notable personage dignitary somebody bigwig giant notability worthy famous person celebutante guru grandee heavyweight megastar household name master big name someone public figure very important person leading light famous name panjandrum biggie nob honcho standout supremo big cheese notoriety big gun heavy ikon light big shot icon kahuna pillar of society figure mogul face head honcho top brass lady muck big chief V.I.P. macher big noise lord muck big stuff ace cause celebre top dog top banana big enchilada cynosure mahatma big wheel high muckety-muck hotshot big deal big kahuna magnate the cheese major leaguer fat cat high muckamuck leader idol important person big fish nabob kingpin favourite legend prodigy heavy hitter character eminence favorite official expert top cat heroine person of influence person of note bigshot phenomenon wonder darling authority fave top name key player marvel king kingfish pooh-bah headliner nawab big nibs wheel bigfoot pet big-timer big hitter big leaguer winner big boy well-known person muckety-muck muck-a-muck high-muckety-muck poo-bah high-muck-a-muck pin-up topliner ideal guiding light achiever exemplar champion person success blue-eyed boy fair-haired girl blue-eyed girl fair-haired boy maven maestro perfect example shining example joss sun inspiration doyen doyenne tycoon big bug Big Daddy Big Chief goddess sage chief Mr Big draw lead brass hat man whiz Lord Muck wizard Lady Muck muckamuck starlet sensation high-up important personage major player influential person face idol cause célèbre individual rockstar presence spectacle big Daddy well-known face force fundi somebody famous person to be reckoned with captain of industry big star juggernaut sphere triumph power muckymuck hotdog executive dignity boss god pundit virtuoso pro elite specialist pillar of the community hot shot vip baller pillar of the church eminent person distinguished person pillar of the state scholar savant muckety muck powerful person powerful batter grand poobah great gun person in charge heavy-hitter old pro top hand connoisseur big wig big-time operator high man on the totem pole big cat big man on campus preference speed minion ideal woman talk beloved mastermind wunderkind talent rarity shining light popular figure choice spirit master spirit one in a million rainmaker great man spoilt child sweetheart toast delight belle apple of one's eye heart-throb role model epitome model princess woman of the hour heart throb mistress diva ideal man queen focus of attention apple of someone's eye big hit golden girl golden boy crème de la crème prima donna queen bee coup best-seller box-office hit wow knockout sell-out box-office success master stroke smash hit smash hit crowd-puller bestseller belter blockbuster box office success crackajack jewel dandy jim-dandy crackerjack masterpiece prizewinner treasure success story market leader natural best seller tour de force gem pip fairy tale fame megahit colossus titan actor principal costar leading lady leading man main attraction female lead male lead movie star film star leading role leading actor

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