Synonym of a pity


Able to be regretted, especially deserving of regret
regrettable deplorable distressing lamentable unfortunate woeful disappointing ill-advised sad shameful sorry blameworthy disgraceful distressful dreadful grievous heartbreaking heartrending pitiable reprehensible tragic tragical undesirable unhappy unlucky unwelcome wrong afflictive awful calamitous dire egregious inopportune pitiful regretful terrible unfavorable unfavourable too bad wretched miserable appalling disastrous upsetting pathetic harrowing mournful dismal poor heart-rending frightful shocking grim saddening sorrowful painful agonizing bad atrocious hopeless rotten intolerable catastrophic lousy agonising traumatic melancholy cataclysmic disturbing gloomy doleful abysmal crummy poignant piteous depressing unacceptable ruinous inferior diabolical inadequate moving unsatisfactory unpleasant execrable devastating horrifying tear-jerking disheartening offensive dispiriting discouraging mean substandard fatal grave dolorous bitter mediocre adverse paltry ignominious cheerless disconsolate disquieting desolate outrageous affecting rueful unbearable deadly gut-wrenching horrible contemptible lachrymose lugubrious chronic godawful anguished destructive harmful heart-wrenching plaintive fateful crippling horrendous direful difficult untoward dirty hard alarming cheap melancholic hurtful lame dejecting nasty despicable cruddy scandalous morose excruciating cataclysmal discomposing funereal tough displeasing disagreeable very bad inexcusable objectionable faulty joyless depressed desperate heinous shoddy dolesome God-awful fearful crushing dishonourable dishonorable troublesome frightening damning vexatious sickening opprobrious dissatisfying monstrous rubbish plangent iniquitous dejected despondent junky punk dissatisfactory touching unspeakable forlorn grieving schlocky defective despairing laughable sucky agonized afflicted shattering god-awful cruel amiss disconcerting ridiculous abominable insufferable odious agonised ill-fated ghastly second-rate desolating unpopular undesired cursed jinxed distasteful unpalatable dismaying disillusioning ill-timed glaring abject galling inept disenchanting annihilatory devastative stirring gruesome tortured racked feeble shabby nefarious flagrant gross lethal mortal unsought unwanted unforgivable deathly hapless flagitious blighting earth-shattering pernicious messy senseless inglorious preposterous absurd hideous ludicrous third-rate foolish-looking silly beastly derisory weighty villainous taxing loathsome unpardonable unconscionable foolish abhorrent indefensible detestable sinful ill-starred woebegone frustrating anticlimactic insupportable disgusting wicked ignoble immoral discreditable vile repugnant disreputable crestfallen heartbroken downhearted downcast untimely unjustifiable base meagre hurting meager crying pressing critical crucial weeping blue down teary bewailing heavy-hearted bemoaning wailing tearful funeral aching deploring grief-stricken revolting criminal inauspicious urgent extreme dolent weepy dolorific heartsick heartsore ruthful depressive beyond contempt serious drastic unpropitious unadvantageous disadvantageous injurious grubby scummy scurvy sneaking ratty scabby spine-chilling scary forbidding fearsome terrifying intimidating dread redoubtable formidable hair-raising ominous horrid irretrievable drab demoralizing glum demoralising bleak comfortless deficient hostile detrimental portentous bodeful parlous exigent down in the mouth down in the dumps sombre dreary mirthless dispirited oppressive somber oppressing fierce terrific scowling ugly insufficient weak unsuitable unworthy unpromising inimical imperfect lacking downer stinking overwhelming bummer drear uncomfortable cold black infelicitous catastrophal wack subpar wanting off bush sour impermissible crumby suboptimal inadmissible inappropriate ill useless rubbishy worrying thin damaged horrific derisible dingy mortifying pensive dark trashy duff gimcrack unsound poxy cheesy common schlock coarse trumpery damaging tormenting sleazy pants cheapjack bum not up to par bush-league for the birds no great shakes not good enough no good leaving a lot to be desired not up to scratch below par not much cop unsettling impaired incompetent afflicting stressful a load of pants low-grade concerning haunting cut-rate low-rent nagging confronting el cheapo bargain-basement nerve-racking heart-breaking

Antonym of a pity

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