Synonym of aback

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Antonym: ahead, forward,


Taken unawares
suddenly unexpectedly unawares unaware unanticipatedly confused surprised off base thrown off all of a sudden thrown off guard remarkably unusually surprisingly incredibly extraordinarily unpredictably jaw-droppingly startlingly quickly out of the blue unprepared napping abruptly cold by surprise off guard caught napping off-guard on the hop in flagrante delicto with one's trousers down without warning with one's pants down red-handed in flagrante in the act unannouncedly precipitately astonishingly swiftly precipitously hurriedly immediately rapidly shockingly sharply hastily amazingly unimaginably instantaneously astoundingly unsuspectedly speedily violently inconceivably precipitantly asudden jarringly impulsively overwhelmingly all at once without notice fastly meteorically staggeringly stunningly unceremoniously impetuously instantly unthinkably short uncannily on the spur of the moment on spur of moment bizarrely acutely preposterously strangely strikingly rashly outlandishly bafflingly unbelievably freakishly freakily uncommonly awfully miraculously jerkily outrageously accidentally spontaneously unforeseen like magic magically arbitrarily abnormally bang spasmodically fleetly expeditiously acceleratedly atypically nastily unpleasantly explosively sensationally without preparation sharp capriciously disagreeably harshly unceremonially weirdly curiously peculiarly crudely rushedly devastatingly bewilderingly brutally quaintly fancifully mind-blowingly mind-bogglingly unsettlingly dramatically unforgivingly rudely brusquely disconcertingly queerly incomprehensibly spookily mystifyingly puzzlingly crazily discomfitingly unwontedly conspicuously whimsically portentously confusingly upsettingly promptly forthwith straight away at once in a flash in an instant in a trice

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