Synonym of abating

Alternative for abating

abates, abated, abating

Synonym: curtail, decrease, do away with, lessen, moderate, put an end to, reduce, stop,

Antonym: augment, increase, raise, rise, strengthen,


Present participle for to diminish in intensity or severity, especially gradually
decreasing declining diminishing subsiding dwindling easing lessening ebbing waning fading moderating receding dropping off relenting slackening weakening letting up relaxing remitting sinking de-escalating desisting dying away dying down dying out dropping away falling lowering palling shrinking slowing tapering tapering off attenuating easing off coasting cooling cooling off decelerating draining away dulling ending falling away halting petering out phasing down quelling ratcheting down slacking stopping subduing tailing off terminating unlaxing becoming weaker chilling out cooling it fading away coming to an end reducing dropping falling off contracting slumping growing less failing plummetting plummeting curtailing deteriorating going down softening easing up flagging depreciating withering mitigating minimizing downsizing downscaling alleviating disappearing decaying drooping depleting plunging slowing down depressing winding down lightening minimising cutting draining degenerating slashing devaluating shriveling shrivelling fizzling out tempering melting away curbing ceasing growing smaller decrementing nosediving denting cutting down vanishing slackening off slacking off wasting away cutting back wearing off eroding evaporating knocking down becoming smaller wearing away wilting trailing off languishing marking down sagging retroceding regressing dying off toning down going downhill descending restraining dipping devaluing dissolving closing calming down crashing rolling back settling quietening scaling down trailing crumbling finishing wasting getting less cheapening going paring down taking a nosedive impairing wearing down downgrading tumbling breaking drying up diving falling back running low paring minifying growing dim clipping flowing back going away deflating axing checking becoming less getting lower calming bringing down writing down nose-diving quieting getting smaller withdrawing settling down allaying lagging emaciating dampening assuaging degrading diluting narrowing pruning narrowing down dying collapsing blurring discounting melting growing faint trimming breaking off dialing down making less making smaller running out coming to a stop breaking up becoming lower taking the edge off retreating making cutbacks in rebating coming to a halt fading out lulling passing dissipating faltering quietening down stilling blunting slipping flopping dimming growing weaker retiring retrogressing deadening losing edge slaking fainting palliating trailing away thinning out relapsing mollifying tiring sloping losing tottering lapsing retrograding falling through abridging dispersing limiting condensing bating shortening releasing concluding undervaluing giving out discontinuing evanescing thinning quitting falling short drawing back downturning coming to nothing taking the bite out taking the sting out cratering shaving breaking down levelling off lowering in price couching tightening pausing extenuating trimming down trimming back taking down leaving off winding up stepping down going through the floor hitting the floor packing in slimming down modifying tailing away passing away minimalizing relieving modulating petering rationing wearying succumbing pining disengaging sinking into oblivion disappearing slowly blowing over muting damping muffling rescinding shaping elongating losing strength losing intensity taming slanting down tilting downwards inclining downwards docking truncating soothing cushioning growing abbreviating retrenching slimming wrinkling flowing away going out thinning down phasing out running dry turning down going downwards stifling falling down telescoping freshening allying frosting freezing infrigidating closing out sinking lower compressing constricting damping down whittling down rounding down cutting back on becoming less intense devalorizing worsening lowering in value guttering making reductions in adjourning retrenching on skidding losing its effect losing its effectiveness dying away or out dying away or down compacting dragging backsliding buckling returning pulling out backing away squeezing demoting elapsing bowing out dropping down going back moving away expiring determining capsulizing capsuling constringing becoming softer becoming quieter perishing hitting the dirt tipping over decreasing in value taking a header caving in losing value declining in price going into a tailspin folding up scrimping departing moving back retracting backing flying dematerializing fleeing resting doing less becoming weak moldering mouldering dilapidating cutting in price causing to fall easing up on losing ground taking in etiolating getting softer getting quieter backing off moving further off fizzling reining in deducting making cheaper lowering the price of underselling putting on sale deliquescing becoming less loud growing feeble rarefying clearing vanishing into thin air evanishing pooping out becoming unimportant folding fagging out hushing passing off dying on vine tuckering out coming down drawing away laying off shutting off cutting out knocking off desisting from cutting off giving over dead-ending going dead winking out offering at a giveaway price subtracting rendering worthless reducing the price of miscarrying soft-pedalling amputating cropping soft-pedaling amortising casting down foundering coming to a standstill packing up drawing to a close amortizing qualifying taking a break giving way vitiating debasing impoverishing trembling crippling holding back taking a breath taking a breather limping disgrading demeriting driving down running down slacking up bombing busting losing spirit going awry going amiss striking out


Present participle for to decrease in size, amount, value, or degree
easing reducing decreasing diminishing lessening moderating lowering relieving alleviating mitigating relaxing slowing allaying assuaging attenuating calming dampening de-escalating denting depleting downscaling downsizing dropping dulling dwindling mollifying soothing weakening appeasing palliating quelling slaking tempering knocking down toning down softening blunting deadening taking the edge off lightening subduing cushioning checking quieting cooling lulling suppressing helping tranquilizing diluting stilling pacifying curbing lenifying stifling modifying composing damping quietening smothering restraining contracting settling repressing sweetening cutting back cutting qualifying curtailing muffling extenuating placating minimizing cutting down controlling minimising killing damping down numbing taking the sting out putting an end to limiting quenching slackening modulating sapping shrinking muting smoothing satisfying depressing impairing silencing extinguishing dispelling benumbing shortening stopping undermining ameliorating soft-pedalling soft-pedaling anaesthetizing comforting anesthetizing taking the bite out pouring oil on remitting restricting sating quashing masking gentling squelching paralysing buffering mellowing cauterizing thinning retrenching narrowing banishing dissipating enfeebling slacking constricting destroying loosing crippling disabling debilitating improving paring down cauterising obtunding paralyzing chilling out watering down curing winding down scaling down choking off cutting off slimming down throwing cold water on making nice scaling back aiding assisting cooling out getting rid of stepping down putting a damper on putting a stop to pouring cold water on letting up on dampening down reining back easing up on revising hushing addressing pruning satiating regulating containing blanketing defusing discounting putting at rest filling surfeiting commuting eroding reining piping down calming down settling down gratifying excusing dulcifying disempowering fixing up taking sting out patching things up gruntling taking the heat off reducing the force of deflating adulterating vitiating devaluating enervating offsetting rarefying making weaker playing down slashing dismissing admixing eliminating abridging truncating disintegrating refreshing crumbling desensitising hebetating desensitizing driving off squaring driving away putting to rest chasing away revamping switching adjusting transmogrifying turning down loosening reducing something fine tuning making reasonable taking the bite out of monkeying around with taking the sting out of making less making fewer cutting down on cutting back on playing up to overcoming subjugating releasing squashing rising above crushing inhibiting arresting brightening counteracting salving halting censoring dumbing varying succouring consoling succoring solacing punctuating clamming lissing interrupting disburdening promoting disengaging meliorating simplifying attending to speeding doctoring forwarding cheering lifting opening the door relenting facilitating untightening running interference for letting up furthering nursing speeding up clearing the way making easier expediting freeing snuffing out keeping down cracking down on cutting short putting down closing up slapping down clamping down on saying nothing drowning stunning retarding etherizing gassing stupefying incapacitating doping injuring unnerving frustrating depriving consuming exhausting dimming tiring KO'ing freezing chloroforming preventing breaking up bringing respite to depreciating bringing an end to bringing aid to bringing aid taking load off making bearable taking a load off making something bearable knocking out laying out trimming rationalizing putting to sleep putting out of order ebbing economizing deducting rationalising economising easing off putting damper on making less intense phasing down putting the lid on rolling back trimming away phasing out rolling down tuning down budget cutting


Present participle for to put an end to, especially formally
cancelling canceling annulling abolishing invalidating rescinding repealing quashing nullifying voiding abrogating negating vacating avoiding dissolving disannulling nulling striking down rolling back revoking countermanding retracting reversing setting aside annihilating undoing doing away with withdrawing axing vitiating overturning rendering invalid overruling terminating recalling declaring null and void wiping out obviating killing overriding repudiating putting an end to obliterating overthrowing removing nixing rendering null and void vetoing getting rid of ending eradicating destroying eliminating extinguishing scrubbing discharging stamping out blacking out blotting out recanting deleting discontinuing scrapping neutralizing erasing expunging exterminating demolishing extirpating effacing dumping dismantling reneging taking back making void neutralising zapping calling off rooting out bringing to an end undermining suspending dropping disallowing ditching stopping aborting rejecting disestablishing finishing chopping trashing subverting counteracting suppressing discarding cancelling out canceling out deracinating torpedoing excising superseding liquidating counterbalancing offsetting lifting backpedaling backpedalling casting aside declaring invalid squashing counterchecking redressing cleaning up snuffing out sweeping away rubbing out closing down bluing pencil knocking something on the head giving something the chop washing out weaselling out uprooting putting down weaseling out weeding out denying declaring weakening ruling against impairing unfitting circumducting disqualifying getting off the hook blowing KO'ing razing hushing up bottling up putting damper on putting the lid on corking up shutting down remitting blowing sky-high throwing over shooting down opting out worming out backing out standing down crushing breaking dismissing putting a stop to wiping from the face of the earth exsecting cutting out redlining retiring refuting ignoring counterpoising belaying turfing forgetting backwatering rendering inert wiping slate clean ruling out going back on one's word countervailing rebutting making ineffective disbanding scratching compensating limiting restricting nigging confining contravening impugning belying traversing frustrating opposing blackballing crossing dinging stonewalling disproving junking making null and void crawling out of wangling out pulling the plug backing out of adjourning ceasing shedding concluding proroguing calling all bets off bringing to naught taking out forgetting it jettisoning turning down turning thumbs down flying in the face of breaking with throwing out disuniting breaking up winding up dispensing with shooting wracking disorganizing ruining decimating severing shattering destructing postponing loosing closing splitting up collapsing unmaking winding down wrecking prohibiting inhibiting squelching putting the kibosh on putting kibosh on resolving into rendering void fading out cutting abnegating bleeping renouncing breaking off backtracking on disaffirming reneging on disclaiming going back on abjuring calling back waiving knocking out finishing off doing in disregarding abandoning discounting overlooking omitting passing over relinquishing paying no attention to taking no notice of putting aside refusing forgoing disowning surrendering giving up yielding brushing off paying no heed to shrugging off bypassing excluding sacrificing ceding brushing aside glossing over taking no account of neglecting laying aside having done with abdicating forswearing spurning flouting forsaking desisting from shutting out turning a deaf ear to slurring over overpassing turning your back on leaving out banning calling barring doing without handing over turning over disobeying debarring disavowing counterordering embargoing forbidding outvoting defying upsetting altering kicking crying off signing away halting blocking proscribing desisting censoring blacking minimizing riding roughshod over eliding dispelling deferring banishing whitewashing putting away shutting the door on tuning out blanking out blinking at winking at skipping laughing off putting out of one's mind contemning putting out of your mind papering over letting go consigning to oblivion shelving paying no mind thinking no more of looking the other way minimising making light of living with crosses out precluding sending to Coventry missing playing down letting pass refraining from turning a blind eye to closing your eyes to retreating extracting knocking on the head doing a U-turn on going against taking off drawing back pulling back taking away phasing out changing oversetting prostrating bringing down knocking down downing taking with a pinch of salt giving no credence to doubting underselling disbelieving pooh-poohing purging forbearing editing resigning prevailing dominating predominating defeating deleing trampling underfoot editing out stroking out whiting out inking out putting a line through blue-penciling blocking out blue-pencilling striking out Xing out trampling upon staying granting sinking holding up putting to one side tabling leaving reserving putting off delaying holding off allowing blanking over ceasing to think of letting bygones be bygones dismissing from your mind erasing from your mind ceasing to remember stopping thinking about putting behind you getting over erasing from memory devoting disremembering rebuffing kissing off despising relegating laughing away scouting scanting failing to care for failing to look after paying little attention to trifling with leaving alone keeping at arm's length underestimating skimping on not caring for procrastinating over keeping one's distance leaving undone overleaping turning one's back on failing to remember losing sight of failing to provide for depreciating having nothing to do with thinking little of not troubling oneself deserting evading shirking procrastinating letting slide throwing to the winds passing up pretermitting not caring dedicating pledging consecrating quitting betraying laying off of bringing to a stop jacking in packing up calling it quits knocking off abstaining from packing in bringing to a halt calling a halt to pulling the plug on keeping back tabooing saying no to outlawing giving the thumbs down to zinging disacknowledging passing on throwing parting with offering up forfeiting unlearning discarding from memory stopping using ostracizing violating breaching infracting stopping having losing giving excepting keeping out contradicting boycotting preventing evicting ejecting bouncing driving out putting an embargo on discluding freezing out denying access to forcing out putting out leaving out in the cold ousting refusing to admit missing out sidelining not counting warding off occluding ostracising closing out estopping expelling blacklisting refusing admittance locking out interdicting bating disbarring preventing from entering counting out turning a deaf ear unminding brushing away letting off easy shutting eyes to pardoning leaving out of account conniving glozing over turning a blind eye unheeding cold-shouldering blanking excusing forgiving leaving be trampling on failing to comply with failing to observe dishonouring dishonoring refusing to fulfil


Present participle for to utterly destroy or devastate
annihilating destroying demolishing wrecking ruining devastating smashing razing shattering decimating totalling totaling obliterating extinguishing wasting desolating pulverising pulverizing eradicating abolishing cancelling canceling wracking erasing nuking vaporising vaporizing creaming exterminating expunging extirpating eliminating effacing liquidating crushing quashing killing undoing zapping slaughtering massacring overwhelming beating benothinging wiping out rubbing out tearing down pulling down stamping out doing in snuffing out rooting out blotting out blacking out sweeping away cleaning up finishing off taking out wiping off the map wiping off the face of the earth wiping from the face of the earth removing slaying ending deleting uprooting obscuring suppressing terminating disrupting upsetting squashing bringing to an end checking putting a stop to putting an end to taking away putting paid to putting down doing away with putting the lid on nullifying abrogating annulling conquering defeating invalidating murdering negating overpowering quelling vitiating axing offing levelling leveling ravaging trashing finishing torpedoing scratching knocking off shooting down getting rid of dispatching bulldozing flattening butchering knocking down assassinating toppling overthrowing neutralizing executing unbuilding neutralising nixing throwing down reducing to ruins topping icing croaking stiffing excising razing to the ground smoking blowing to bits scrubbing taking apart disposing of putting to death bumping off doing for blowing away washing out stunning overturning aborting purging weeding out killing off cutting sinking covering felling snuffing claiming whacking downing getting taking marking out blocking out crosses out knocking out blanking out scoring out wiping off face of earth destroying root and branch rubbing off striking out blowing sky-high removing all traces of KO'ing bluing pencil inking out hitting dismantling cutting down putting away cutting to pieces putting to the sword mowing down carrying off gunning down doing to death disassembling breaking up bringing down blowing up undermining breaking cracking trouncing waxing wolfing dilapidating blowing to pieces gobbling up wiping off map putting in toilet tearing to pieces giving someone the works sterilizing terminating with extreme prejudice dragging excluding clearing away sterilising taking down dragging down



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