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expressing offensive reproachcharacterized by physical or psychological maltreatment


Extremely offensive and insulting
insulting rude offensive disparaging scurrilous vituperative scolding contemptuous defamatory derisive contumelious degrading invective scathing slanderous affronting castigating libellous maligning reproachful reviling belittling censorious denigratory derogatory disrespectful insolent opprobrious pejorative uncomplimentary vilifying vulgar blasphemous disdainful scornful scurril scurrile slighting truculent upbraiding vitriolic vituperatory calumniating castigatory reproving traducing berating foul injurious libelous obloquious obnoxious rough sarcastic sharp-tongued unmannerly violent nasty malicious obscene indecent coarse deprecatory filthy dirty catty critical spiteful smutty hurtful lewd crude scandalous detractive venomous calumniatory gross profane ribald bitter depreciative harsh vicious derisory derogative wounding vile hateful raunchy depreciatory demeaning discourteous malevolent salacious humiliating denigrative malign unfriendly biting mean unkind bawdy damaging cruel calumnious X-rated impertinent disapproving sharp bad indelicate cutting withering blue suggestive malignant hostile sordid vindictive unpleasant decrying unprintable virulent uncivil uncouth acerbic inconsiderate negative foul-mouthed off colour aggressive sneering impure deprecating surly caustic uncharitable low Rabelaisian disagreeable scatological annoying sardonic scatologic unsympathetic despiteful rancorous pornographic churlish lascivious trashy stag gutter wanton inappropriate shocking porny mocking locker-room earthy impolite racy distasteful bad-tempered ill-tempered fault-finding personal colourful acrimonious aspersive outrageous dismissive mordant saucy brusque irritating detracting curt repulsive severe snide ungracious satirical bad-mannered improper judgmental cantankerous antagonistic poisonous despicable acerb crass angry mud-slinging tasteless naughty colorful impudent jeering base ill-humored indecorous unflattering discrediting cheeky objectionable defaming mean-spirited ill-natured denigrating ill-humoured unfavourable evil-minded offending depraved brash dishonouring lying backbiting denunciatory debasing gruff galling blunt acid trenchant barbed Fescennine stinging incisive unfavorable detractory hard ill-mannered detestable belligerent dishonoring tart embarrassing combative minimizing disgusting inhospitable bellicose confrontational pugnacious shameless savage wrathful blistering astringent minimising uncongenial licentious searing acidulous wretched supercilious unsociable sour scrappy debased acrid corrosive snarky smart-mouthed acidic smart-aleck smart-alecky scalding pungent satiric abhorrent joyless militant furious odious unwholesome ornery mordacious dishonorable contemptible sleazy fractious irreverent risqué porn porno splenetic devastating boorish spicy fruity steamy viperous abrasive dishonourable gamy adult tactless cheap off-color sickening near the knuckle close to the bone inelegant ironical mortifying depreciating forward pert pushy brazen malapert sassy diminishing deflating ridiculing ranting discreditable familiar intrusive abrupt short false misrepresentative untrue resentful disappointed maledictory muckraking scandalmongering Cyprian graceless aspersing slurring maledictive profanatory choice aspersory atrocious sharp-worded peppery double-edged thoughtless admonitory condemnatory offhand strong sacrilegious dyslogistic disadvantageous sniping downgrading wicked envenomed maleficent malefic infamous scabrous groundless accusatory scoffing explicit stabbing fierce rotten tough tacky grody ignorant awkward unsophisticated rank vituperous irritable epithetical accusing faultfinding evil-intentioned unsavoury uncultured lowbrow defiant grating stern foulmouthed grouchy sulky haughty superior uncivilised immodest unclean tawdry uncivilized unsavory unfeeling brutal snappish grumpy snappy sullen cross tetchy irascible overbearing cynical sniffy hypercritical snotty egotistic snooty callous insensitive unchaste unrefined unsettling loutish colloquial unpolished unutterable concupiscent cranky testy narky querulous stroppy ratty shirty peevish petulant affrontive arrogant full of contempt full of reproof pitiless comfortless raw hard-core slippery villainous outlandish sneaking soft-core unworthy peckish liverish crotchety chippy soreheaded huffy miffy grumbling curmudgeonly waxy spiky argumentative displeasing libeling excoriating libelling shaming disgracing damning injuring hurting abasing reproaching rubbing the wrong way hard to take short-tempered hot-tempered quick-tempered on a short fuse short-fused exasperating horrible dreadful provocative vexing provoking exceptionable awful unacceptable reprehensible censurable revolting terrible execrable ignominious ignoble currish paltry repellent appalling horrendous upsetting ruthless loathsome ghastly insufferable low-down low-minded hellish rancid repellant grotty hideous nauseating God-awful evil bogging noisome frightful abominable fulsome noxious hellacious lousy beastly repugnant ugly nauseous rebarbative yucky yucko disgustful loathly invidious horrid


Engaging in or characterized by habitual violence and cruelty
barbaric brutal cruel inhuman savage barbarous brutish heartless merciless pitiless remorseless ruthless sadistic uncaring vicious cold-blooded cold-hearted inhumane unfeeling unkind hard severe oppressive murderous rough onerous grim harsh tyrannical draconian heavy-handed hardhanded burdensome excruciating searing tough heavy trying grievous bitter stiff rugged strict domineering forceful excessive violent unsparing maleficent tormenting torturous truculent wolfish relentless unrelenting callous stern mean tyrannous despotic dictatorial dour unsympathetic exacting intolerant insensitive unmerciful suppressive austere unforgiving authoritarian unpitying rigid illiberal ramrod flinty critical hard-hearted hard-nosed hard-boiled hard-shell ferocious fierce nasty bloodthirsty malicious spiteful malevolent vile wicked bestial beastly fiendish uncharitable monstrous wild wanton atrocious homicidal intemperate heinous brute butcherly malignant mean-spirited bad inclement depraved hateful inconsiderate base diabolical unpleasant aggressive hostile hurtful fell evil ungenerous untamed sanguinary immoral villainous nefarious vindictive virulent disagreeable unfriendly bloody abominable threatening shabby foul devilish infernal dangerous snide thoughtless ill-natured uncivil cut-throat rabid uncivilised uncivilized catty furious feral destructive coldhearted despicable contemptible frenzied fiery explosive corrupt demoniac terrible abhorrent maniacal sinful abandoned sinister not nice degenerate infamous mad frenetic unfair delirious agitated debased profligate unprincipled reprobate hotheaded impassioned feverish dodgy licentious frantic potent headstrong hysterical rancorous dark dastardly pernicious dishonourable wrathful knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts drag-out knock-down hammer and tongs despiteful dirty dishonorable full-blooded rigorous filthy ravening petty crazed hellish menacing obnoxious treacherous odious loathsome compassionless volatile hideous ghastly wounding upsetting turbulent tumultuous intense hot stormy cyclonic animated unkindly inhospitable unamiable convulsive tempestuous low unchristian hardhearted horrible paroxysmal volcanic horrid stony-hearted cowardly timid weak servile ill rotten bloodless low-down crude coarse unemotional unsafe intimidating unconcerned bearish gruff tactless indifferent gross intimidatory frightening ill-boding foreboding ominous awful degraded dreadful worthless malign execrable currish deplorable detestable scummy ignominious low-minded primitive uncultivated uncompassionate slaughterous roughshod desperate minatory deadly viperous minacious serpentine venomous uncontrollable rowdy ferine nonliterate undomesticated non-literate lewd miscreant contaminated putrid flagitious perverse impious faulty insubordinate impure indecent demoralized reprehensible demoralised libidinous rude ignorant heathen barbarian heathenish natural uncultured uneducated unscrupulous debauched amoral shameless Neandertal Neanderthal jungli squalid underhanded incorrigible scornful morally wrong iniquitous shifty dissolute scoundrelly self-indulgent objectionable vitiated deceitful decadent unsavoury disparaging defiled delinquent dishonest forbidding errant crooked exploitative unlawful shady ungodly shameful libertine slippery scandalous unrighteous unconscientious unconscionable devious demonic crafty scrofulous sly unsavory scheming black-hearted evil-minded lawless bent wrong inexorable perverted questionable improper self-seeking vengeful felonious contemptuous grisly criminal unethical corrupted gruesome conscienceless disdainful ignoble two-faced disreputable bullying berserk terrorizing pugnacious thuggish impetuous maddened assertive fuming crazy terrorising forcible radge hot-tempered hot-headed out of control bang-bang


Impolite or bad-mannered
rude impolite discourteous impertinent insolent impudent unmannerly crass disrespectful presumptuous curt churlish disagreeable brusque blunt uncivil ungracious graceless brash unpleasant audacious tactless offensive insulting derogatory disparaging cheeky arrogant unchivalrous boorish uncharitable undiplomatic cocky crude offhand uncouth unmannered bad-mannered disgracious ill-bred mannerless uncomplimentary unladylike unrefined brazen flip gruff ill-mannered inconsiderate indecorous indelicate lippy loutish mouthy oafish rough smart alecky smart-alecky sullen surly thoughtless ungallant ungenteel ungentlemanly abrupt coarse contumelious disdainful fresh ignorant inaffable insubordinate malapert out-of-line overbearing sharp short uncalled-for underbred crabbed intrusive peremptory unhandsome bounderish yokelish contemptuous bold irreverent derisive scornful sacrilegious profane blasphemous impious forward aweless saucy badly behaved misbehaved sassy nervy vulgar flippant iconoclastic unholy irreverential ungodly unhallowed crusty low-bred ill-behaved snippy unfilial profanatory uncivilized tacky raunchy raw loud-mouthed loud cheap roughneck gross common uncivilised pert brazen-faced bold-faced cocksure lacking civility arch wise brassbound brassy bad mannered barefaced procacious smart imperative off-base breezy magisterial dictatorial put down shameless unabashed immodest unblushing overbold blatant pushy brass-necked presuming assuming familiar bumptious boldfaced cool arrant overconfident defiant bold as brass assumptive snippety out of line unashamed confident overfamiliar unembarrassed as bold as brass free gritty self-assured coming on strong unceremonious uncourteous rustic cavalier inurbane shocking outrageous fearless brave plucky feisty unreserved unshrinking in-your-face personal unsubtle overweening spirited forceful aggressive daring forthright uninhibited meddling meddlesome prying inquisitive incongruous unsuitable interfering nosy overassertive direct uppity overfriendly thrusting self-assertive bare-faced over-assertive bantam not backwards in coming forwards off base undisguised flagrant tawdry flashy meretricious spunky hotshot indecent gutsy bald-faced


Full of aggression or hostility
aggressive belligerent antagonistic bellicose destructive hostile violent adversarial angry argumentative cantankerous confrontational fierce inhospitable inimical irascible loudmouthed pugnacious quarrelsome stroppy combative defiant exasperated feisty fiery fractious irritable malevolent mean miffy militant narky nasty ornery petulant splenetic sullen surly testy threatening touchy truculent unfriendly warlike cross grouchy grumpy offensive pettish snarly agonistic antipathetic arsey assaultive chippy choleric contentious contrary crabby cranky discordant fretful huffy mighty peppery prickly rancorous scrappy snappish snappy soreheaded unkind bad-tempered hot-tempered ill-tempered quick-tempered short-tempered disputatious gladiatorial brawly on the warpath captious oppugnant spoiling for a fight aggers rebellious warring litigious fighting uncooperative bolshie disputative provocative battling difficult warmongering ready for a fight hawkish challenging militaristic insolent polemical cavilling factious excitable controversial polemic unruly wrangling peevish bickering caviling obstreperous active have chip on shoulder have a bone to pick disobedient enthusiastic pushy recalcitrant cussed gutsy insubordinate courageous spirited spunky contumacious forceful biffo bold ferocious martial ardent hot flip rude wayward sabre-rattling hot-blooded dissentious perverse willful disruptive salty brawling thin-skinned at loggerheads rough querulous uncontrollable on the outs up in arms have it in for ready to fight having a chip on one's shoulder adverse jingoistic battleful pro-war determined plucky awkward troublesome wrestling bloodthirsty tilting skirmishing naysaying disagreeable dissentient spiky opinionated self-assertive itching to fight under arms looking for trouble raspy hotheaded assertive tempestuous arguesome ructious vigorous snippety impassioned turbulent churlish war passionate ill-natured unpleasant discourteous snippy snarky ratty crotchety waspish furious stuffy spiteful radical itching ultra-active extremist two-fisted extreme contending combating impetuous scathing frightening deadly vituperous browbeating caustic terrorizing terrifying intimidating cowing harsh terrorising trenchant sharp hateful bullying mordacious mordant fanatical embattled zealous military warrish revolutionary assertory obstinate non-compliant daring resistant resisting audacious refractory mutinous hot-headed tough intransigent in arms sensitive dissenting subversive intractable untoward ungovernable wilful froward rebel recusant incompliant balky restive peppy gritty frisky mettlesome lively alive energetic bubbly gutty zestful game hearty dysfunctional go-getting full-blooded high-strung delinquent full of pep disregardful cheeky insubmissive sassy reckless resistive dareful naughty badly behaved undisciplined ill-disciplined mischievous bad impudent badly-behaved misbehaving whiny problematic socially impaired troublous incorrigible maladjusted trying self-willed tiresome erratic errant exasperating unmanageable disturbed malicious unrestrainable stubborn irksome uncompliant pesky rascally uncontainable roguish rowdy undisciplinable devilish ill-behaved wearisome demanding indocile disorderly headstrong unyielding obdurate insurgent wild noncompliant disaffected seditious riotous dissident pigheaded mulish out of control insurrectionary unbiddable incontrollable inflexible bloody-minded renitent bull-headed stiff-necked insurrectionist nonconformist pervicacious opposing unreasonable impish iconoclastic unbending uncompromising lawless persistent nonconforming immovable indomitable unrestrained contrarious unwilling relentless out of hand negative resolved anarchic disloyal cross-grained unaccommodating boisterous dogged adamant unmalleable anarchistic treasonable thrawn uncontrolled pertinacious bullheaded irrepressible strong-willed malcontent tenacious attention-seeking pat stubborn as a mule alienated obstinately disobedient treacherous pig-headed unpredictable traitorous troublemaking unpersuadable chaotic loud implacable steadfast firm noisy rigid unrelenting annoying rumbustious inexorable hardheaded adamantine inconvincible hardened hard ossified playful capricious unbridled tricksy brattish scampish puckish prankish fiendish gallus wanton wrong strong-minded single-minded hard-nosed full of mischief locked in self-opinionated deaf to reason dead set on irreconcilable estranged haughty renegade nonobservant undefeated heretical maverick unorthodox mutinying apostate schismatic irregular unfavorable unfavourable rioting withstanding malign maleficent triumphant fickle declinatory refusing divergent impatient objecting declining disobliging restless individualistic armed sabotaging attacking treasonous obstructive unhelpful unresponsive incurable vexatious impotent rampant as stubborn as a mule unadaptable unbowed untrained unbearable undependable intolerable impossible civil disobedience rock-ribbed with a will of one's own determined to have one's own way unsteady unschooled paradoxical contrariant disagreeing uncomplying immoral aberrant arbitrary without law and order wrongheaded converse insoluble hard-line thorny unpliable locked resolute knotty excited strong overwhelming intense insuppressible freaked abandoned overpowering vociferous uproarious raucous inconsistent ungoverned lacking self-control clamorous rampaging loath negativistic averse reluctant indisposed hesitant tough nut hang tough rambunctious self-indulgent anti roisterous rackety tumultuous like a loose cannon beside oneself misbehaved raunchy artful kiddish infantile sly frolicsome foxy bothersome ruffianly thoughtless immature childish inconsiderate disrespectful rip-roaring rampageous roistering against opposed piercing screaming booming strepitous blusterous wicked impolite rollicking romping anarchical heedless lawbreaking sinful raising the roof raising Cain teasing worthless impulsive impervious rash intemperate imprudent forward drunken bawdy evil hostile to inimical to opposed to averse to stiff out of line bad-mannered unbendable unshakable steely unflinching unenthusiastic about persevering unshakeable unalterable dead set against disinclined to accept reluctant to accept unwilling to accept unmoved indurate unbreakable fixed dogmatic heady opinionative convinced remorseless with one's feet dug in iron-willed with one's toes dug in wrong-headed


Making use of a situation or treating others unfairly in order to gain an advantage or benefit


Causing, or likely to cause, harm or injury
injurious harmful adverse damaging detrimental dangerous deleterious hurtful pernicious destructive bad baneful deadly ruinous disadvantageous nocent nocuous baleful distressing inimical unconducive undesirable unfavorable unfavourable undermining virulent unhealthy venomous corrosive noxious prejudicial malignant unwholesome disastrous evil ill calamitous poisonous unfortunate lethal malefic fatal toxic cancerous maleficent wicked dire negative prejudicious sinister counterproductive corrupting hazardous mischievous threatening devastating menacing crippling malign malicious catastrophic subversive cataclysmic perilous parlous wounding critical unsafe corroding incendiary suicidal environmentally unfriendly painful unpropitious dicey pestilential pestiferous risky annihilative eradicative extirpative murderous unlucky mortal malevolent disturbing noisome internecine pestilent untoward inopportune inexpedient killing destroying insidious hard life-threatening corruptive foul vile iniquitous reprobate cantankerous miasmatic offensive miasmic nefarious spiteful afflictive ruining imperiling hostile imperilling deathly grievous grave jeopardizing ominous inauspicious unsound terminal gloomy unpromising foreboding jeopardising severe serious troubling jeopardous thorny minatory portentous direful infelicitous killer incurable dead fell untreatable vital mortuary doomy forbidding mephitic bodeful minacious homicidal ruthless cannibalistic mortiferous violent cruel slaying carcinogenic bloody bloodthirsty death-dealing ill-boding precarious lethiferous harassing wreckful insalubrious sinful wrackful slaughterous

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