Synonym of action packed


Causing emotion, excitement, and enthusiasm
thrilling exciting stirring rip-roaring rousing stimulating hair-raising electrifying gripping inspiring riveting animated dramatic fascinating lively spirited breathtaking charged electric emotional emotion-charged emotive exhilarating exhilarative galvanic galvanising galvanizing heady heart-stopping impassioned inspirational intoxicating kicky mind-bending mind-blowing mind-boggling moving passionate sensational shaking trembling anthemic inspiriting quaking shivering shuddering soul-stirring stem-winding vibrating awe-inspiring awesome blood-tingling boss delightful enchanting exquisite fab fabulous frantic large mad magnificent miraculous overwhelming spine-tingling swinging wild wondrous zero cool animating heartbreaking provoking arousing awakening dynamic motivating heartrending striking tense imposing startling stunning impressive spectacular suspenseful staggering amazing astonishing astounding outstanding incredible extraordinary memorable climactic phenomenal exceptional remarkable dazzling vivid graphic powerful effective shock-horror high-octane commanding conspicuous intense arresting bold bodacious emphatic sudden brilliant studied noisy breath-taking eye-catching jaw-dropping gee-whizz invigorating envigorating wonderful energizing energising eye-popping exhilarant energetic shocking stupendous enlivening captivating grand out of this world enthralling challenging explosive complex complicated baffling confusing difficult puzzling cliffhanging knife-edge strong mind-altering eye-opening refreshing fantastic absorbing glorious amazeballs touching affecting splendid majestic galvanical vigorous inflammatory enthusiastic agitational hearty brisk compelling sexy potent frightening hair-curling spine-chilling bloodcurdling alarming chilling horrifying terrifying nerve-racking vitalizing stupefying inconceivable hallucinatory psychedelic elating provocative hallucinogenic compulsive imbued suffused fraught laden loaded full saturated pervaded permeated filled edge-of-the-seat adrenaline-charged ripping boisterous rollicking riotous uproarious beautiful uplifting exalting bracing revitalizing cheering gladdening adrenaline-fueled giddy revitalising quickening stimulative animative tonic elevating exhilaratory heart-stirring tremendous jolting surprising sublime heart-pounding volatile buzzy adrenalized devastating power-driven magnetic AC plug-in DC juiced motor-driven electrical electronic rechargeable highly impressive formidable magical humbling bright battery operated colourful warm blinding radiant glaring notable hot noticeable gleaming pronounced definite high biting sharp titillating colorful insane cool excellent unreal crazy unbelievable marked bad daring groovy influential dandy ridiculous first-rate marvelous monumental superb delicious profound first-class deep primo lavish divine momentous terrific like wow stately swell far out massive marvellous hunky-dory luxurious super


Of or pertaining to high levels of activity
eventful historic active consequential momentous busy full lively remarkable exciting fateful notable noteworthy memorable dramatic important significant event-filled strenuous big critical crucial decisive earthshaking earth-shattering hectic major material meaningful monumental much outstanding substantial tectonic weighty signal considerable serious far-reaching pivotal heavy extraordinary grave striking unforgettable exceptional landmark of consequence key headline vital appreciable great all-important of significance famous urgent impressive portentous special red-letter principal heavyweight epochal heavy-duty prominent high-priority of moment celebrated life-and-death groundbreaking worthwhile distinguished profound illustrious fundamental epoch-making marked sizable glorious pronounced grand life-changing distinctive severe earth-shaking earnest acute hefty of great import of great consequence indelible telling deep haunting catchy paramount renowned apocalyptic essential determining exigent useful cherished lasting pressing large spectacular arresting good ground-breaking main prime large-scale treasured unusual salient enduring super sober somber strong capital intense imposing particular influential powerful observable brilliant milestone conspicuous tough difficult rememberable remembered extensive valuable cardinal especial impactful mighty burning glaring noticeable obvious uncommon of importance notorious wonderful sombre solemn rare world-shaking world-shattering not to be forgotten high-level big-time life and death major-league never to be forgotten big league major league hard no joke conclusive of great importance no laughing matter fixed in the mind famed tremendous stunning earthshattering devastating worthy leading strategic super colossal eminent mammoth interesting well-known meaty sensational front-page preponderant extreme resonant unordinary ponderable forceful potent climacteric newsworthy keynote worthy of attention carrying a lot of weight emphatic quantum generous relevant unfading vivid timeless ill-fated direful doomful unlucky inauspicious ominous determinative resultful perpetual everlasting undying immortal eternal valid purposeful breakthrough huge imperishable enthralling superlative supreme dazzling thrilling mind-blowing surpassing stamped on your memory standout out of this world pioneering citable indicative pithy innovative revolutionary innovatory evident glum sedate staid mentionable namable nameable manifest stern radical distingué sententious humourless gloomy dour grim gratifying persistent austere sizeable downbeat quiet humorless underlined sad uncomic solid cold sober no-nonsense matter of life and death big deal august fulfilling triumphant core singular real intrinsic pertinent focal uplifting bright proud heroic noble firm respectable sturdy sound substantive sweeping integral central primary ponderous resplendent splendid honourable marvelous venerable heart-warming rewarding magnificent marvellous pleasing satisfying honorable durable healthy massive ample dire exalted sublime cheering pleasurable shining superabundant abundant vast steady pointed immediate instrumental top-priority overriding almighty foremost big-deal top-level overshadowing of concern high-profile of note dangerous grievous big-league phenomenal amazing astonishing out of the ordinary prodigious unique astounding eye-catching incredible fantastic awesome surprising superior terrific unmistakable stupendous staggering breathtaking bold showy commanding distinct peculiar preeminent clear arrestive splashy flamboyant kenspeckle wondrous odd unprecedented atypical abnormal anomalous awe-inspiring unwonted extraordinaire bodacious noisy grabby miraculous aberrant enormous uncustomary prestigious exceeding aberrated freak preternatural decided colossal startling unparalleled recognizable amazeballs noted apparent fabulous perceptible whopping visible unreal unbelievable thumping ginormous mind-boggling unexpected eye-popping star unimaginable electrifying bizarre recognisable gigantic redoubtable unheard of immense luminous goodly discernible very great giant detectable astral elephantine gargantuan majestic distinguishable titanic monstrous mountainous patent measurable resounding dominant plain strange mega monster humongous jumbo astronomical definite identifiable extra special beautiful clear-cut whacking queer uncanny unthinkable weird buzzworthy jaw-dropping happy gee-whizz fascinating extravagant towering attractive whopping great chief unheard-of out of the way whacking great confounding predominant shocking roaring different pre-eminent complete unqualified smashing perceivable whimsical out-and-out thorough blatant unaccustomed unfamiliar engaging palpable exquisite hot unconventional stirring rip-roaring thundering curious sensible incomparable offbeat moving inconceivable unco stimulating attention-grabbing something else stellar stately refreshing dirty great hair-raising admirable eye-opening fantastical far-out high sumptuous lavish luxurious can't miss it dynamic known broad tidy reasonable fair thrashing classifiable ascertainable inescapable staple basic well known unorthodox exotic gorgeous captivating thick festive outlandish assured intrusive projecting protruding jutting obtrusive magical supercalifragilisticexpialidocious unusually good easily seen undeniable in the limelight spesh inconsistent off the beaten track one of a kind stupefying red-carpet celebratory magic irregular deviant topical too good to be true drop-dead freakish ideal bewildering awful forcible infrequent transcendent fine best dynamite compelling charming jazzy cogent lofty freaky divergent seldom scarce unsettling unnerving disturbing disquieting scandalous horrifying worthy of note of particular interest out of sight dreamy unmitigated splendorous inspiring magnific perfect sightly delightful unexampled esteemed acclaimed right under your nose big as life under one's nose in plain sight in full view open and shut jarring jolting dumbfounding flabbergasting dumfounding blindsiding worthy of mention utmost murder splash stand-out boss cool out of the common way out revered respected seminal inimitable one and only golden king-size Brobdingnagian oversized king-sized top highly regarded storied of substance overwhelming palatial dignified bumper auspicious fortunate banner worth mentioning worth taking a look at the end senior admired feted lurid appalling sensationalistic revealing open king size astronomic penetrating absorbing hard to swallow beyond belief energetic high-powered reputable puissant improbable fanciful oceanic cosmic pharaonic gigantesque bulky planetary leviathan vasty super-duper walloping jumbo-sized galactic humungous supersize cosmical hulking cyclopean heroical Himalayan supersized herculean sensationalist screaming gee-whiz catchpenny ridiculous absurd dubious unrealistic preposterous wild unlikely ludicrous doubtful nonsensical implausible funny irrational grandiose out-of-the-way wacky foolish crazy mad cockamamie insane zany comical oddball thumping great expansive irresistible yellow shock-horror melodramatic graphic colourful warm blinding radiant flash gnarly forby hare-brained written all over one off-the-wall far-fetched off the wall make-believe primo wicked emotional piquant tabloid sultry vulgar coloured rough pungent excessive livid coarse X-rated colored exhilarating gleaming rousing heady off beaten path world class invigorating energizing envigorating sharp titillating colorful biting spine-tingling energising gilt-edged zero cool gripping arousing

Antonym of action packed

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