Synonym of adored

Alternative for adored

adores, adored, adoring

Synonym: admire, cherish, idolize, revere, worship,

Antonym: abhor, abominate,


Revered, held in veneration or worthy of spiritual worship
blessed holy sacred divine hallowed sanctified consecrated venerated beatified revered exalted heavenly sacrosanct spiritual canonised canonized dedicated godlike godly ordained sacral unprofane glorified supernatural worshiped worshipped set apart among the angels blest consecrate religious pious saintly venerable pure devout sainted angelic righteous saintlike virtuous devotional good moral prayerful innocent unworldly spotless reverend immaculate inviolable upright god-fearing reverenced sacramental enshrined anointed faithful reverent devoted believing pietistic perfect pietistical faultless untainted humble seraphic uncorrupt sublime undefiled just chaste clean untouchable unassailable ecclesiastical numinous solemn deific purified immortal theistic cherished eternal honoured devoted to God dedicated to God God-fearing blameless sinless ethical late respected honored deified uncorrupted stainless irreproachable beatific worthy guiltless upstanding seraph of blessed memory late lamented full of good works supplicant supplicating pleading beseeching soliciting entreating imploring suppliant supplicatory churchly canonical church scriptural apostolic priestly clerical theological orthodox sacerdotal ministerial ecclesiastic doctrinal pastoral non-secular prelatic parsonical deistic sectarian ecclesial bible biblical ritual non-temporal churchy pontifical papal episcopal born-again reverential evangelic Christian otherworldly ethereal dogmatic hierological metaphysical mystical theologic reserved messianic special evangelical churchgoing dutiful celestial classical prophetic clerkly vicarial schismatic moralizing smug moralising worshipful worshiping ceremonial hieratic rectorial presbyteral worshipping theocratical cleric monastic monkish rabbinical parsonish parochial diaconal inalienable unchallengeable unalterable absolute unbreakable impregnable intemerate firm uninfringeable indestructible unbreachable inviolate


Having, worthy of, or bringing fame or admiration
glorious splendid celebrated distinguished famous illustrious magnificent noble excellent renowned eminent famed grand honoured acclaimed beautiful bright great majestic noted outstanding sublime triumphant august baronial brilliant dazzling divine elevated epic gallant gorgeous grandiose heroic heroical Homeric immortal imperial imposing impressive magnific massive monumental proud regal royal shining stately superb supreme effulgent radiant resplendent splendiferous unforgettable esteemed exalted gratifying honored marvellous marvelous memorable notable preeminent remarkable time-honored venerable well-known dignified lofty prestigious prominent striking palatial important awe-inspiring fine sumptuous respected opulent kingly princely influential leading legendary noteworthy superior luxurious honourable powerful spectacular honorable lionized pre-eminent revered elegant rich commanding lavish lordly reputable notorious lionised foremost well known awesome extraordinary pompous significant admired glittering highly regarded conspicuous admirable signal large exceptional wonderful stunning high-powered luminous big considerable dominant towering ritzy respectable major splendacious magnolious posh mighty storied worthy top high-ranking recognized big-time aristocratic queenly popular star solemn breathtaking swanky arresting big-name of repute formidable seminal recognised of high standing feted puissant shiny high-level major-league lauded big-league vast sovereign transcendent terrific prodigious tremendous statuesque chief glowing much-publicized gleaming peerless of distinction of note well thought of predominant splendorous deluxe refulgent pivotal lustrous beaming heavy high-profile senior potent plush vaunted irradiant ambitious glossy acknowledged estimable showy visible iconic premier first-class clear portly authoritative eventful splashy high profile valued substantial colossal superlative redoubtable laureate something else principal highly rated astral extravagant historic all-important good number one resonant world-class highest top-ranking stirring ominous major league glamorous hallowed exquisite sensational heavy-duty heavenly big-shot big league coruscating costly venerated scintillating exemplary handsome intense sparkling creditable sunny high super haughty incandescent lucent unreal imperious ceremonious cosmic remembered huge Olympian lambent classic shimmering staid smashing fab sterling praiseworthy far-famed magisterial star-studded paramount ostentatious mega consequential pretentious goodly sizable sheeny lucid bedazzling candescent fulgent eloquent first-rate landmark large-scale momentous fateful applauded hefty dramatic staggering prevailing prime fabled infamous overwhelming flashy well received superstar celeb prized capital reputed mind-blowing alpha trusted portentous high-minded meaningful flamboyant much touted high-flying fit for a king well-connected eye-catching marked serious material uplifting grave name distinctive incomparable VIP especial special pleasing far-reaching overblown up there strong weighty palatine stupendous celestial having made a name for oneself fabulous amazing vital heavyweight top-drawer first sightly wondrous vivid mythological classical courtly ravishing high-born rarefied godlike fit for a prince fantastic glitzy celebrity fit for a queen fit for a princess dynamite ornate expensive highfalutin' tall in the saddle all-star tinselled reverenced numero uno fancy ample elaborate singular swish brave plushy splendrous swank maestoso top-level head controlling classy tinsel familiar very good worshipped resounding sonorous palatian intellectual of influence high-up integral historical oratorical upper cogent four-star successful phenomenal deciding upper-class nonpareil salient burnished flash high-flown formal accomplished recognizable enduring perennial evergreen abiding traditional timeless time-honoured ageless effective magnifico baroque long glistening polished forcible extended essential energetic key dynamic central instrumental trendsetting dominating regnant big-wheel hot-dog winning big-gun governing solid gold unfathomable complex impenetrable theatrical fustian bombastic purple egotistic high-falutin' cool big name talked of sacred decent reverend sage in the limelight top-notch extolled recognisable established arduous Herculean moving exciting satiny self-important immodest exaggerated highest-ranking excessive marathon wise flaming blazing something to write home about one for the book sedate matriarchal experienced patriarchal philosophical worshipful worshiped twinkling sleek rubbed satin buffed out of this world commemorated larger-than-life very long very great very large main primary glacé groundbreaking fulfilling magnanimous talked about much publicized redoubted glinting waxy in spotlight in limelight widely known triumphal idealistic learned paragon genius satisfying epochal red-letter heart-warming rewarding worthy of mention worthy of note stand-out well-regarded well-thought-of cheering pleasurable overbearing unparalleled dainty gifted matchless arch prior primal unexcelled aesthetic immaculate tasteful flawless decorative unequaled very nice unequalled lovesome first rate zingy lovely stylish delightful delicate arch- slick perfect of the first rank unsurpassed esthetic greatest sunshiny illuminated cloudless ablaze luminescent lighted lit much headline noticeable preponderant severe obvious earnest rare earth-shattering cardinal impactful deep high-priority forceful decisive urgent keynote worthy of attention carrying a lot of weight quantum uncommon generous burning milestone conclusive glaring fundamental front-page extensive unusual extreme pronounced unordinary ponderable climacteric newsworthy pressing appreciable particular critical crucial emphatic earthshaking flashing glowy unclouded splendent radiating healthy immense fair leviathan mammoth hulking monstrous oceanic giant gigantesque enormous largish vasty walloping titanic humungous outsized supersize whopping jumbo sizeable monster whacking biggish mountainous astronomic elephantine supersized gargantuan humongous voluminous astronomical boxcar gigantic pharaonic bulky planetary husky oversize bumper cosmical tidy cyclopean outsize oversized herculean galactic pleasant sunlit clement summery king-size king-sized Brobdingnagian super-duper king size Himalayan


Past tense for to have deep love or admiration for
loved worshipped worshiped cherished admired idolised idolized prized revered treasured deified doted on reverenced adulated canonised canonized esteemed hero-worshipped honoured lionised lionized loved dearly cared for held dear held in admiration honored regarded highly respected bowed to looked up to setted great store by thought the world of fell for fallen for flipped over went for gone for held in high regard loved intensely stood in awe of had a high opinion of put on a pedestal venerated appreciated valued glorified exalted liked held in high esteem thought highly of set store by embraced fancied relished praised paid homage to held in esteem valued highly enjoyed desired appreciated greatly thought much of favoured favored held in awe doted upon lauded extolled had a high regard for rated highly idealized lavished affection on heroized thought very highly of valued greatly deferred to hallowed idealised sanctified felt great affection for cared very much for placed great value on supported apotheosized wanted nurtured prayed to found attractive rated offered prayers to bowed down to magnified bowed down before regarded had a crush on had a pash on extolled the virtues of carried a torch for had an eye for had a thing about had the hots for marvelled at marveled at held in the highest regard held in great respect approved of craved held high coveted yearned spoilt indulged spoiled petted pampered really liked backed ached for wished for brown-nosed fawned cajoled flattered blandished affected felt affection for bowed down elevated aggrandized doted worshipped to excess took to taken to lusted after sang praises to sung praises to preferred burned for celebrated embosomed paid homage applauded attached importance to hailed leched over leched after marvel at delighted in followed taken a liking to took a liking to apprized commended held in respect wondered at thought a lot of had a proclivity for encouraged had a soft spot for had eyes for grooved on mooned over had taken a shine to had a predilection for cultivated an interest in had a penchant for taken a shine to took a shine to took pleasure in taken pleasure in acclaimed considered recognized big upped bigged up approved lift set on pedestal eulogized eulogised recognised blest blessed thought of complimented guarded enshrined counted setted on a pedestal emblazoned setted much store by caroled setted a high value on erected expressed admiration for held in regard sublimed attached great importance to upreared expressed approval for intensified resounded carolled apprised lifted built up hymned cracked up paid tribute to haloed transfigured distinguished looked on with favour placed a high value on credited sung the praises of sang the praises of took off your hat to taken off your hat to spoke highly of taken your hat off to took your hat off to spoken highly of


Past tense for like very much
liked loved enjoyed relished savoured dug delighted in fancied reveled in revelled in savored rated highly regarded highly went for gone for grooved on had a liking for rejoiced in took pleasure in taken pleasure in got off on gotten off on had a taste for had a weakness for got a buzz from got a thrill from went a bundle on gone a bundle on had a thing about got a charge out of gotten a charge out of got a kick out of gotten a kick out of appreciated cherished cared for gloried in luxuriated in favoured favored thoroughly enjoyed had a penchant for had a proclivity for had a predilection for had a soft spot for really liked treasured valued found irresistible held dear had a passion for had a great liking for had a thing for got a buzz out of preferred embraced felt affection for adulated admired put on pedestal indulged in enjoyed greatly gotten a thrill out of got a thrill out of lapped up really enjoyed feasted on reveled revelled prized worshipped worshiped had affection for derived pleasure from doted on got a kick from of longed for cottoned to got a buzz from of thought the world of took to taken to madded about had a fondness for taken great pleasure in took great pleasure in wallowed in found appealing gloated over hankered for crowed about found pleasure in liked to indulge in found satisfaction in lived it up venerated lived a little taken a fancy to took a fancy to felt deep affection for esteemed taken great delight in took great delight in rated liked very much derived great pleasure from jubilated delighted took an interest in taken an interest in took satisfaction in taken satisfaction in took joy in taken joy in basked in revered immersed yourself in exulted in found enjoyable had regard for derived satisfaction from had a preference for found agreeable felt self-satisfied about got a charge from of set one's heart on had an affection for got high on gotten high on took delight in taken delight in doted got a bang out of gotten a bang out of taken a thrill to took a thrill to gone in for went in for held very dear had a pash on cared very much for carried a torch for felt affection overindulged ate up amused oneself eaten up developed a crush on passionated about wilded about pottied about thrived with had it bad wilded for become smitten with lost one's heart to become infatuated with devoted to chosen chose desired luxuriated wanted wallowed exulted hearted attracted indulged joyed rejoiced wuvd wuved liked to wished to wanted to loved to had fun craved exuberated gloried fell for fallen for minded kvelled had a ball triumphed stuck on had a good time desiderated luved luvd coveted drank in drunk in endorsed sanctioned wished for thought well of respected found attractive held in esteem approved of gotten pleasure from got pleasure from less than threed found great pleasure found joy in had fun with dreamt of sighed for itched for hungered for felt affection toward had a high regard for hankered after yearned for had it bad for had a yen for had a craving for felt satisfaction with thirsted for leant toward drooled over felt like pined for had a yearning for enjoyed to the full leaned toward became infatuated with gave one's heart to fallen head over heels in love with fell head over heels in love with thriven with gone on given one's heart to became smitten with throve with took a shine to taken a shine to taken a liking to took a liking to took great delight taken great delight took great pleasure taken great pleasure partaken of amused oneself with partook of selected picked wished espoused countenanced approved approbated followed accepted opted for inclined toward felt disposed to settled upon held with gravitated towards


Past tense for to worship a god with religious rites
revered worshipped worshiped glorified reverenced venerated exalted deified extolled lauded praised esteemed magnified paid homage to paid tribute to aggrandized honoured honored hallowed celebrated lionized sanctified respected lionised appreciated put on a pedestal admired dignified distinguished ennobled idolized erected adulated acclaimed commemorated commended blest blessed apotheosized valued idolised emblazoned eulogized complimented decorated upreared prized observed sublimed looked up to eulogised elevated rolled out red carpet hailed panegyrized immortalized held sacred enthroned loved canonized caroled resounded carolled hymned idealized thanked enshrined applauded immortalised beatified prayed to recognized saluted toasted idealised feted canonised recognised gave thanks to given thanks to sung the praises of sang the praises of given key to city gave key to city given glad hand gave glad hand hero-worshipped cherished regarded held in awe treasured divinized marvelled at marveled at enskyed enskied consecrated thought highly of mythified adorned haloed transfigured raised illuminated stood in awe of lifted up kept bowed down to doted on monumentalized offered prayers to given credit to shown appreciation of given accolades to sang paeans to sung paeans to showed appreciation of gave credit to gave accolades to memorialised memorialized lived up to taken your hat off to took your hat off to marvel at gave praise to given praise to sang praises to sung praises to went into raptures over gone into raptures over sang someone's praises sung someone's praises big upped bigged up cracked up held in high regard cried up favoured favored considered sounded the praises of put up credited built up regarded highly approved set on pedestal lift held in high esteem sang sungen sung enhanced augmented boosted promoted increased glamorized proclaimed romanticized liked added dignity to glamourized glamoured up mobbed added distinction to heroized glamorised hiked noticed added lustre to romanticised made much of bestowed honour on publicized solemnized rewarded thought of approved of rated highly setted on a pedestal expressed admiration for held in regard held in respect expressed approval for thought the world of dedicated lifted publicised signalised looked on with favour signalized held in esteem made into a saint setted much store by thought much of held dear regarded as sacred made a fuss over rolled out the red carpet had appreciation for besainted intensified apprised had a high opinion of sainted idolatrized solemnised rated made a fuss of spoke highly of spoken highly of took off your hat to taken off your hat to shown respect showed respect given recognition to shown gratitude to taken one's hat off to attached importance to took one's hat off to showed gratitude to gave recognition to


Past tense for to flatter or compliment excessively


Past tense for to celebrate, extol, or proclaim the glory of
lauded praised extolled applauded acclaimed celebrated glorified hailed admired commended exalted cheered eulogised eulogized lionised lionized magnified saluted revered venerated welcomed accredited approved of blest blessed carolled caroled cracked up emblazoned honoured hymned idolised idolized panegyrized paid tribute to resounded touted made much of paid homage to raved about rhapsodized about rhapsodized over sang the praises of sung the praises of spoke highly of spoken highly of approved boosted complimented flattered honored reverenced sang paeans to sung paeans to stroked worshipped worshiped bigged something up bigged up big upped cried someone up built up cried something up cried up put on a pedestal waxed lyrical handed it to spoke well of spoken well of praised to the skies endorsed appreciated aggrandized recommended commemorated ballyhooed congratulated felicitated heaped praise on toasted raved over said nice things about paid respects waxed lyrical about expressed admiration for cracked someone up cracked something up took one's hat off to thrown bouquets at threw bouquets at taken one's hat off to sang praises of given bouquet taken off hat to took off hat to gave bouquet sung praises of trumpeted expressed approval of proclaimed clapt clapped publicized rooted plugged pushed heard it for publicised promoted blew up blown up raved puffed up tub-thumped ennobled dignified hurrahed hurrayed encouraged apotheosized supported vaunted hero-worshipped advertized advertised immortalized adulated hyped lift distinguished put up immortalised sounded the praises of rooted for set on pedestal put your hands together puffed put in a good word for put up in lights sang sungen sung went into raptures about gone into raptures about elevated enhanced augmented increased glamorized canonized romanticized idealized heralded praised enthusiastically memorialized published recognized added dignity to glamourized lifted up adorned glamoured up enshrined raised credited gushed about enthused about belauded enthused over added distinction to heroized whistled gushed over glamorised canonised hiked sanctioned added lustre to paid respects to advocated romanticised idealised shouted yelled deified esteemed upheld affirmed recognised hooted solemnized favoured favored expressed delight over bragged about went into raptures over gone into raptures over sublimed lifted haloed transfigured erected upreared intensified cited memorialised signalised signalized solemnised mobbed brought the house down held in awe looked up to shouted for feted looked on with favour expressed respect for held in high regard held in high esteem cheered on hollered for given a big hand gave a big hand bestowed honour on sounded off for given it up for gave it up for setted on a pedestal flaunted overpraised merchandised cried talked up gave a puff to hyped up made a fuss over given a puff to rolled out the red carpet piled it on laid it on thick billed built beat the drum for made a fuss of upholden shown appreciation for showed appreciation for went on about gone on about went wild about gone wild about rose to risen to given kudos gave kudos given approval gave approval given a boost to gave a boost to gave a posy given a posy given a bouquet gave a bouquet given ovation gave ovation gave a hand showed your appreciation given a hand shown your appreciation shown respect showed respect given a boost gave a boost given a standing ovation gave a standing ovation beaten the drum for gave publicity to given publicity to given a round of applause gave a round of applause

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