Synonym of affectionate

Alternative for affectionate

Synonym: caring, fond, lovesome, tender, warm,


Having affection or warm regard for
caring loving doting warm devoted fond friendly tender attached adoring amicable cuddly chummy demonstrative dear huggy matey mushy pally partial all over buddy-buddy lovey-dovey touchy-feely crazy over nutty about soft on tenderhearted gentle kind warm-hearted emotional indulgent responsive sentimental sympathetic amorous solicitous lovesome expressive effusive ardent nurturing open approachable gushing soothing supportive benevolent forthcoming unreserved communicative enamoured reverential reverent considerate passionate attentive amatory expansive unrestrained concerned soft thoughtful enamored overindulgent unconstrained warmhearted candid uninhibited romantic comforting sensitive admiring worshipping commiserative venerating sweet lovesick compassionate adulatory idolizing tactile infatuated besotted tender-hearted idolising worshiping mild foolish conciliatory fascinated struck serving silly fatuous simple overfond predisposed addicted silly over cordial loyal fervent close earnest faithful amiable generous bound up close-knit expressing adoration outgoing talkative lavish loquacious chatty gushy exuberant garrulous conversational talky extravagant sociable fulsome genial affable extroverted voluble verbose vocal gregarious gossipy mouthy gabby extrovert over the top conversable informative OTT gassy multiloquent multiloquous social tactual lively exaggerated hail-fellow-well-met excessive socializing people-oriented actorly prodigal wholehearted theatrical dramatic hearty superfluous overdone frank windy socialising unlimited enlightening communicable free enthusiastic ebullient easy profuse overflowing discursive effervescent liberal magnanimous outpouring vociferous free-flowing all over someone


Having a caring or kindly nature
caring kind loving sympathetic comforting kind-hearted kindly soft soft-centred soft-hearted solicitous unselfish attentive brotherly cordial good-natured supportive welcoming fatherly maternal maternalistic motherly paternal paternalistic sisterly tenderhearted warmhearted big-hearted warm-hearted compassionate tender considerate benevolent humane warm beneficent benignant charitable gentle thoughtful merciful benign kindhearted tender-hearted softhearted good-hearted generous understanding mild indulgent responsive feeling gracious sensitive all heart giving lenient goodhearted bleeding-heart large-hearted great-hearted empathetic concerned selfless humanitarian altruistic pitying fond empathic tolerant philanthropic sweet philanthropical neighborly neighbourly fatherlike well meaning sentimental hospitable helpful nice doting condoling commiserative decent commiserating munificent consoling encouraging patient touchy-feely greathearted magnanimous sympathizing open-hearted genial angelic benefic obliging sympathising clement forbearing well intentioned well-mannered having heart in right place bleeding heart interested receptive mushy emotional forgiving appreciating comprehending vicarious human bighearted piteous ruthful sparing loving and giving old softie open-minded well disposed well-disposed well-intentioned do-good good amiable courteous friendly wholesome agreeable respectful accommodating amicable congenial pleasant likeable noble big polite gallant affable deferential bounteous lovable good-tempered soft touch regardful chivalrous tactful propitious likable mellow dutiful princely public-spirited eleemosynary easygoing unstinting cooperative bountiful good-humoured calm sweet-tempered liberal heart in right place openhanded good-humored openhearted cheerful pleasing unoffensive open-handed sociable engaging freehanded lavish delightful


Having a kindly disposition
friendly affable amiable genial congenial cordial warm convivial companionable company-loving sociable gregarious outgoing clubbable comradely neighbourly hospitable approachable easy to get along with accessible open unreserved easy-going good-natured amicable kindly benign amenable nice agreeable obliging sympathetic cheerful well disposed benevolent good-humored good-humoured couthy warmhearted warm-hearted cheery gracious chirpy likeable likable lovable social easygoing jovial engaging courteous decent gentle mellow pleasant complaisant mild conversable neighborly perky polite bonhomous kind receptive welcoming well-disposed tender loving chummy caring compassionate intimate buddy-buddy close matey fond understanding pally palsy-walsy helpful thick protective familiar clubby considerate comforting generous supportive responsive indulgent maternal cozy cosy paternal inseparable devoted charitable personal tight fatherly on good terms sensitive motherly hearty enthusiastic sweet thoughtful tender-hearted soft-hearted delightful bosom empathetic big-hearted especial kindhearted nurturing goodhearted encouraging good-tempered favorable as thick as thieves concerned happy solicitous humane altruistic kind-hearted favourable attentive selfless unselfish civil patriarchal palsy forbearing peaceful good-hearted softhearted beneficent lovely loyal feeling parental soft personable faithful easy good fatherlike hail-fellow-well-met confiding tolerant liberal charming cooperative philanthropic mild-mannered inward pleasing near heartfelt sincere earnest wholehearted reassuring accommodating confidential constant eager collegial uplifting maternalistic benignant inspiring inspiriting approving positive mother sheltering tenderhearted large-hearted watchful empathic close-knit appreciative thick as thieves hail-fellow boosting gratifying stimulating soothing cheering fulfilling sensible urbane cliquey bubbly parent confident clannish conciliatory like-minded vibrant amusing funny happy-go-lucky hilarious compatible amical comical peaceable jocular jocose attached entertaining kindred calm temperate civilized giving dear civilised matriarchal prepossessing winsome unpresumptuous unassuming nonmalignant philanthropical merciful nonthreatening fast sweet-natured appealing bighearted even-tempered extrovert conjoined doting glowing firm favourite fraternal winning taking enchanting captivating sweet-tempered affectious cherished lovey-dovey mushy simpatico reasonable as nice as pie patient harmless extroverted dearest boon special favorite regular magnanimous extraverted guiding kissy-huggy very friendly non-malignant closely acquainted nearest and dearest joined at the hip in each other's pocket lively clubable uninhibited brotherly comprehending forgiving red-carpet open-hearted great-hearted unconstrained unrestrained barley-sugar admiring genuine inviting amorous deep pleased conscious aware supporting protecting caretaking careful attention-seeking knowledgeable mindful commendatory applauding complimentary respectful approbatory affirmative perceptive regardful cognizant avuncular vigilant gladdening heartening calming heartwarming enlightened satisfied alive keen welcome in the know


Inspiring love or affection
lovable endearing sweet winning adorable attractive engaging winsome charming delightful fetching lovely pleasing captivating cuddly cute enchanting amiable darling dear likeable appealing bewitching cherished disarming likable lovesome precious simpatico sympathique taking warm-hearted adorbs affable agreeable alluring angelic cherishable congenial cunning desirable enthralling entrancing fascinating friendly genial ravishing seductive sympatisch appreciatable nurturable prizable loveable irresistible pleasant inviting bonny prepossessing fair glamorous beautiful pretty cutesy enticing magnetic beguiling gorgeous dainty charismatic luring striking nice good-looking delectable comely glamourous innocent tantalizing cherubic eye-catching tantalising tempting elegant smashing bonnie handsome ingratiating insinuating as pretty as a picture cherubical graceful mesmeric dreamy nice-looking divine delicate beauteous provocative stunning good absorbing chocolate-box beckoning easy on the eye arresting childlike tasty sexy nubile wonderful elfin heavenly fanciable sultry kawaii personable fit hunky aesthetic esthetic sightly enamoring titillating seemly likely twee goodly knockout intriguing on fleek magnetising electrifying magnetizing well-favored pretty-pretty seraphic persuasive compelling dinky perky fragile doll face beseeching hypnotizing mesmerizing spellbinding magical dazzling drawing attracting teasing drop-dead fair-haired white-headed bodacious infatuating exciting engrossing siren sirenic hypnotising mesmerising choice babelicious ambrosial sophisticated cultivated rapturous seducing as nice as pie polite cultured civilized smart suave debonair arousing hot sensual spunky luscious bootylicious interesting sensuous worldly witty civilised couthy fine pure well favoured well bred worldly-wise come-hither saintly virtuous trim dreamboat eyeful pulchritudinous dishy foxy bijou larger than life wholesome exemplary picture-perfect drop-dead gorgeous inevitable scrumptious strong invincible mouthwatering indomitable uncontainable powerful unconquerable overriding ineluctable beatific as pure as the driven snow


Excessively sentimental or emotional
tear-jerking sloppy corny soppy mushy mawkish schmaltzy touching saccharine sugary slushy maudlin romantic sappy syrupy weepy overemotional gushing pathetic tearful bathetic nostalgic tender gushy simpering soapy soft effusive dreamy softhearted sweet affected idealistic impressionable overacted sobby demonstrative passionate vapid inane insipid jejune silly languishing loving moonstruck rosewater visionary lovey-dovey dewy-eyed sentimental cloying gooey drippy spoony sticky spooney chocolate-box novelettish wet fruity sugarcoated soupy emotional icky sugar-coated over-sentimental sickly hearts-and-flowers twee cutesy cheesy toe-curling sloshy treacly sick-making misty-eyed cornball hokey three-hanky Mills-and-Boon fulsome enthusiastic ebullient rhapsodic excessive extravagant exuberant expansive hagiographical overdone unreserved unrestrained lyrical adulatory unctuous lavish oleaginous hagiographic overenthusiastic OTT over-enthusiastic over-effusive laid on with a trowel over the top hyped up oily poignant moving heart-rending affecting stirring emotive heartbreaking heart-warming sad lachrymose tragic three-hankie trite impressive upsetting impactful heartrending oversentimental nauseating sickening heartwarming sickly sweet plaintive banal pitiful saddening harrowing soul-stirring exciting soft-hearted thrilling pitiable warming affective teary melancholy depressing piteous powerful uplifting distressing disturbing haunting dismal impassioned dramatic telling tacky stunning oversweet honeyed sickly-sweet self-pitying goo-goo feeble poetic over-the-top too much agonizing painful over-emotional ingratiating candied controversial sensitive mournful cloyingly sweet sorrowful agonising emotionally moving dreary woeful dolorous drear sorry arousing affect delicate inflammatory contentious lamentable touchy heart-melting inspiring hot-button awkward difficult problematic arousing melting evocative provoking striking sententious gripping breathless meaningful expressive significant impelling rousing affectional compassionate sympathetic wistful mind-blowing responsive

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