Synonym of afflicting

Alternative for afflicting

afflicts, afflicted, afflicting

Synonym: agitate, bother, disturb, perturb, trouble,

Antonym: comfort, console, relieve, solace,


Causing great pain or anguish
painful agonising agonizing grievous excruciating harrowing harsh bitter torturous tormenting cruel galling heartrending hurtful distressing severe heartbreaking traumatic heart-rending dreadful gut-wrenching upsetting disturbing distressful grave awful terrible unbearable tragic sad grim worrying bad acute difficult heavy insufferable woeful shocking disquieting unendurable unfortunate deplorable unpleasant lamentable regrettable intense searing stressful nasty savage afflictive tragical dire fierce nerve-racking calamitous sharp hard poignant disagreeable tough unsettling saddening troubling affecting frightening troublesome miserable rotten distasteful unpalatable wretched piercing oppressive extreme unsavory vexatious racking mortifying unrelenting brutal displeasing unwelcome irksome discomforting offensive annoying icky yukky yucky unhappy sour wrenching concerning uncongenial unlovely unpleasing dismal trying unsavoury heart-breaking unkind damaging vexing dismaying wounding serious critical exacting unforgiving taxing shattering injurious overwhelming crushing scarring intolerable demoralising demoralizing devastating peracute harmful biting punishing grueling repressive penetrating extremely upsetting vicious caustic consuming blistering cutting stinging burning significant mortal strong gruelling unsparing pounding very bad hellish horrible horrendous disconcerting killing torturing raging objectionable horrific horrid worrisome forbidding revolting loathsome appalling daunting horrifying perturbing exquisite humourless poor execrable sober crummy abominable sombre odious repellent uncomfortable unnerving doleful ghastly agitating atrocious foul lousy detestable irritating vile humorless repulsive gruesome repugnant solemn discomposing somber frightful tearing violent suffering vehement tortuous struggling troublous gloomy unsatisfactory stinking fraught hideous lurid macabre disgusting nauseating unacceptable sedate abysmal hairy nightmarish sickening obnoxious grisly gross undesirable diabolical depressing monstrous pathetic unappealing repellant uncool awkward grotty hellacious godawful abhorrent uninviting grody ugly nauseous mean anguished sorrowful beastly hostile off-putting nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking ruthless murderous onerous stiff rough chilling hardhanded burdensome merciless inhuman rugged relentless ferocious wicked remorseless great sore inclement intemperate provoking rigorous hard-hearted pitiful unlucky alarming fearful haunting nagging confronting bleak dirty rancid unappetizing austere filthy pitiless wild acrid tempestuous stormy implacable fetid mephitic unfriendly foetid turbulent powerful cheerless arduous yucko dark comfortless stark disheartening inexorable pungent joyless inhospitable tumultuous pitiable morose glum hateful stern boisterous weighty noisome noxious obscene bothersome furious funky sick-making putrid smarting stinky raw squally blustery unappeasable keen cold windy astringent tricky disappointing demanding excessive spartan intensive challenging sticky indigestible prickly cruddy strenuous strict discouraging despicable skanky uneatable mucky malodorous moving pervasive explosive sorry dingy exigent unfair smelly inedible rank suffocating destructive loathly pongy whiffy dangerous stifling disgustful stringent evil black barbarous draconian precarious perilous God-awful storming irreconcilable dreary deadly uncompromising piteous sickly acid forceful cloying tasteless dispiriting unmerciful sullen drastic sworn testing tear-jerking desolate mournful thorny tight foreboding depressive wearing unattractive toilsome bumpy wearisome hopeless squalid choppy howling tyrannical grubby polluted angry invidious hazardous foul-smelling blustering domineering roaring menacing flinty smudged bedraggled befouled smutty scandalous miasmal sullied cheap scurvy bemired dusty unclean uncleanly lame fulsome draggled grimy scabby muddy illegal paltry stained besmirched blackened scummy sordid niffy unsportsmanlike sneaking contemptible grungy ratty begrimed soiled unsettled festy olid poison unholy bum ungodly stormful touching threatening on the nose dislikable heavy-handed arch brackish brutish rainy foul-tasting drab concentrated inflexible mirthless problematic extraordinary potent damp heady intransigent stony funereal intensified plaintive vulgar punitive vivid adverse aromatic coarse overpowering fatiguing formidable poisonous dolorous melancholic messy overweening exhausting uphill savorless laborious straitened undue melancholy gusty steely tiring uncontrollable out-and-out gray grey agitated delicate cyclonic unruly heart-wrenching thundery unjust passionate marked intimidating backbreaking dour knotty chaotic evil-smelling unstable frustrating almighty grinding stale torrid thunderous superincumbent volcanic aggravating fearsome ungentle unfavorable unfavourable frenzied swirling major spoiled unsmiling problematical ticklish dodgy chancy iffy moiling restless distressed riotous heavy-duty pesky fiery no-nonsense spoilt parlous dubious sinister questionable unpropitious troubled strained inauspicious ominous suspect abusive pained unsympathetic desolating nippy tangy discordant hard-line shooting stabbing impoverished oppressed barren Spartan bare-bones flowery fragrant mighty poverty-stricken pain drag hardline antagonistic heartfelt crashing sweaty herculean hurting aculeate gnarly heinous rigid life-threatening considerable disastrous pressured eye-watering unfeeling unpitying shrewd weak flat killer effortful damnable exasperating blowy consequential wintry profound deep not pleasant embarrassing inconvenient unpopular chilly freezing sobering big dictatorial controversial sensitive insipid flavourless bland pestilent Herculean disconsolate rueful autocratic at each other's throats mephitical irritable perplexing bewildering revulsive unamusing paralyzing paralysing knifelike drilling snowy wet drizzly icy ill-fated hard-pressed shadowy tortured doubtful treacherous negative pressing jeopardous morbid apocalyptic rocky discommodious full of hardship ill-omened direful ill-boding back-breaking a nuisance persnickety despotic undemocratic storm-wracked coming down murky raining cats and dogs frigid riproaring staid sobersided undesired enormous supreme exceptional charged uneasy tense dispirited dejecting dolesome a stinker of a tyrannous an imposition unwholesome unconsumable shuddersome resentful infamous cussed accursed pestiferous ornery blasted cursed confounded vigorous high frowning surly moody rejected unwanted very great authoritarian iron-fisted obdurate uncomic drear depressed protracted close heightened full unqualified carking wearying tickly flustering discomfiting overbearing anti-democratic imperious coercive contaminated tainted unpleasant-tasting turned off creepy raunchy sleazy yecchy scuzzy blameworthy excluded reprehensible uninvited immoderate inordinate crippling mother of all diligent exaggerated forcible all-consuming shrill flavorless hard-nosed po-faced pensive lachrymose derisible lugubrious plangent high-handed peremptory unsought ill-favoured exceptionable inadmissible wintery exorbitant unconscionable swingeing towering steep ironhanded confining headache hefty cast-iron boot-faced brooding mortified disapproving crabby itchy scratchy incommodious volatile unwished for unwished-for decomposing musty acidic rotted stenchy strong-smelling decomposed reeking rotting decaying odoriferous decayed skunky stenchful fusty odiferous spoiling barbaric reeky hardheaded overextravagant extravagant headstrong insane plethoric baroque intractable overmuch overdue devilish tough as old boots unfit for human consumption not fit to eat causing discomfort ill-fitting typhonic foaming boiling not wanted ill-advised too bad ill-favored rough going robust unrefined bloodthirsty tigerish bloody fell convulsive storm-tossed rude stirring impactful emotional tearful impressive wolfish sadistic heartless knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts paroxysmal rabid roily cataclysmic cataclysmal hot hammer and tongs disordered bang-bang seething uncouth loutish crude uncultured sanguinary fiendish weltering to the death anarchic lawless churlish ungracious irresistible compelling distinct unmanageable disturbed noisy tremulous rebellious ruffled confused stirred up sentimental tender nostalgic expressive brusque blunt curt impolite disorderly breathtaking unmistakable invincible compulsive boorish uncivil crass discourteous ill-bred ravenous unrestrained inhumane lupine voracious truculent rowdy overriding overshadowing ribald oafish lewd unpolished indelicate uncultivated indecent profane indecorous bluff ill-mannered unmannerly roller-coaster seditious unbridled mutinous bearish inconsiderate inelegant roughcast vulgarian bawdy refractory uproarious obstreperous louring bad-mannered untutored gruff shaking perturbed vociferous full of confusion untamed uncontrolled termagant excited full of ups and downs full of conflict demonstrative in turmoil roughhouse rampant full of upheavals rambunctious raucous very strong lowbrow lowbred improper foul-mouthed artless insensible unceremonious common loud roughneck incult unladylike lowering ungentlemanly raffish more than one can bear more than flesh and blood can stand


Feeling, expressing, or inducing sadness, regret, or grief
mournful sad unhappy melancholy woeful gloomy heartbroken miserable sorrowful disconsolate dismal doleful desolate downcast grief-stricken melancholic tragic depressed despondent forlorn joyless rueful dejected heavy-hearted lugubrious sombre sorrowing woebegone broken-hearted cheerless funereal grieving brokenhearted distressing heartsick heavy painful plaintive bad blue crestfallen deplorable dirge-like down downhearted droopy elegiac glum grievous hangdog harrowing heartsore heavyhearted inconsolable lamentable low low-spirited mirthless plangent saddened sorry threnodic wretched calamitous dolorous piteous bereft cast down dolent pitiful somber down in the mouth in mourning in pain in sorrow down in the dumps full of sorrow morose dispirited dreary depressing sullen comfortless solemn tearful bleak distressed grim despairing drear discouraged disheartened black morbid pathetic depressive dark heartrending heartbreaking saturnine dire gray grey sepulchral regretful cold anguished godforsaken lonely lonesome abject elegiacal tenebrous dreich darkening plutonian tenebrific chill saddening troubled teary pessimistic Cimmerian disappointed murky pitiable upset moody dour sunless cloudy fed up afflicted hurting weeping hopeless in low spirits grave dispiriting in the dumps chap-fallen long-faced disheartening dull spiritless demoralized bitter crushed unfortunate heart-rending oppressive lachrymose wistful demoralised mourning agonized devastated poor dragged drab moving agonised lamenting bummed out pensive chapfallen poignant suffering weepy remorseful wailing touching in the pits serious oppressed destroyed humourless affecting dolesome in the doldrums choked contrite nostalgic down and out upsetting shamefaced discouraging repentant brassed off humorless penitent cheesed off apologetic conscience-stricken distressful sick as a parrot out of sorts grieved bewailing bemoaning bereaved hurt aching emotional sheepish ashamed sulky dingy sober austere in tears down-hearted dejecting terrible crummy tear-jerking mopey sour cut up deploring funeral distraught sobbing guilty compunctious bleeding attritional self-reproachful uninviting in a blue funk dreadful regrettable unwelcoming tristful defeatist guilt-ridden severe uncomfortable gut-wrenching tormented agonizing pained cast-down awful sick at heart grumpy stern agonising sedate all torn up worthless singing the blues surly paltry mean stirring dismayed staid chastened Eeyorish base earnest penitential dim ruthful weighty disturbing aggrieved foreboding gutted subdued unsmiling broken inhospitable sniveling atrocious negative tortured shocking appalling frightful disappointing horrifying shot down no-nonsense unpleasant weighed down downbeat down-and-out dirgelike snivelling as sick as a parrot blubbering intense drearisome scurvy contemptible crying daunted vile despicable stark bare heavy with grief lousy dysphoric horrid in grief in doldrums traumatic bland unfavorable unfavourable sunk in gloom troubling clinical ripped bawling impersonal draggy crabbed in despair bowed down ominous inauspicious weary disastrous torn up troublesome wintry wintery institutional jarring to be pitied on a downer broody mopish moping taken down listless very bad God-awful sickening dry perturbed bothered beggarly cheap inadequate defeated glowering cynical concerned shaken churlish sapped overwhelmed gruesome abashed compassionate arousing shabby commiserative solitary uptight discombobulated ghastly horrible straight boring tedious whimpering enervated bugged shook demoralizing flat maudlin supplicating traumatized crabby antsy helpless shattered down-in-the-mouth sinister sneaking unamusing angst-ridden wounded adust hapless unacceptable lame abysmal commiserable uncomic tender overcome with sorrow demoralising shook up racked diabolical afraid unpropitious strained sourpuss muted horrific lurid traumatised unconsolable rotten bummed-out monstrous adverse damp disgraceful afflictive disagreeable down in dumps worrying mortifying loathsome difficult harsh scandalous nasty ugly forbidding repugnant stony-faced poker-faced low-down let down nightmarish discomposing in sackcloth and ashes self-condemnatory objectionable undesirable cruddy in the toilet revolting intolerable offensive shadowy triste meagre meager dishonourable dishonorable howling chilling low in spirits hard blue funk full of regret serious-minded heart-wrenching heavy-going languorous derisible unbearable languid opprobrious atoning penitentiary unamused displeased regretting merciful feel-bad scowling threnodial worried blubbing prostrated in distress unpromising daunting deathly Stygian hollow obscure dirgeful sorry for oneself heart-sick lovesick grouchy overcast undermined withdrawn apathetic in anguish disturbed insignificant cowed cringing browbeaten lorn mortified huffy ill-humoured funebrial exequial deathlike companionless without energy burned sore contused guilty-looking furtive ill-humored disadvantageous crushing excruciating disenchanting acheronian lost emo overcome pining desperate down in mouth depressant intimidated embarrassed forsaken forgotten homeless abandoned sunk brooding atrabilious clouded dampened drooping dashed sagging repining frowning taciturn disillusioned taken aback deflated portentous disquieting bowed lowered vexatious cranky bellyaching cantankerous beefing grousing beseeching ruined imploring entreating torn-up discontent unsatisfied friendless uncared-for destitute prostrate with grief griefstricken blubbery moist tear-filled wet watery off sluggish uneasy cowering humiliated anxious have the blahs melting sorry for yourself dragging defenseless alone defenceless fruitless bummed powerless downtrodden unable to be consoled unable to be comforted small let-down not happy having blue devils having the blahs vexed agitated disconcerted ruffled disquieted unnerved discomposed hurtful with a long face peed off ticked off teed off browned off gloom-ridden beside oneself with grief languished impactful impressive longing luckless in a funk harassed irked wrecked flustered discountenanced aflutter plagued discontented fatalistic dreamy reflective yearning useless petty puny spooked harrowed haunted ailing close to tears tragical unlucky persecuted jumpy unglued contemplative musing dreaming meditative sentimental agitating perturbing passionate expressive larmoyant strung out catastrophic cruel feeble thoughtful hostile on the verge of tears full of gloom feeling down looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny inexcusable racked with suffering in a tizzy racked with pain in a stew tough daydreaming propitiatory alarmist distrustful doubting suspicious shameful reprehensible unforgivable chilly unenthusiastic unsatisfactory easily moved unfriendly ill-fated hard-pressed unwelcome harmful doubtful exacting treacherous injurious pressing precarious exigent jeopardous apocalyptic rocky straitened discommodious perilous dangerous full of hardship threatening ill-omened direful ill-boding parlous messy egregious outrageous inglorious preposterous senseless desirous wishful self-incriminating scabby substandard grubby scummy dirty inferior ratty ridiculous unpardonable unconscionable indefensible unspeakable detestable sinful foolish abhorrent abominable grisly hideous in floods of tears with tears in your eyes execrable ignominious ignoble immoral discreditable heinous disreputable iniquitous insupportable disgusting wicked odious chronic frightening unearthly self-accusing on one's knees unjustifiable blameworthy downer bummer faulty godawful stinking overwhelming insufferable criminal beyond contempt horrendous eerie ghostly terrifying gory grotesque in a reverie fearsome terrific pitiless grewsome repulsive nightmare weird shady spooky macabre spookish scary unhealthy sick death-obsessed critical sobersided significant urgent important consequential crucial stony major momentous substantial far-reaching considerable vital key steely heavyweight flinty acute fierce intimidating stiff po-faced profound ungentle all-important high-priority no joke life-and-death no laughing matter of consequence of great import of moment of significance pivotal decisive gruff louring of great importance of great consequence life and death big deal lowering rough rugged disconcerting colourless colorless unnerving monotonous aloof disapproving off-putting menacing displeasing quiet underlined spartan lackluster uncommunicative lifeless strict uninspiring humdrum lacklustre deadpan discomforting uninteresting bad-tempered foul unexciting unhumorous ill-tempered stringent frigid icy frosty mean-looking inexorable blah formal grim-faced hefty alarming deep unresponsive squalid hellish sordid gross cross ferocious distant unfeeling crusty irritable unendurable unrelenting rigorous impoverished indigent scungy unsympathetic leaden irksome stressful distasteful unpalatable overbearing repellent annoying irritating savage material straight-faced authoritarian appreciable monumental resolute repellant strait-laced galling unpleasing uncongenial eventful heart-breaking angry major league heavy-duty big cold sober heavy-handed boot-faced uncaring deserted unimpassioned routine uniform crepuscular waste unmoved regimented skeptical sterile diabolic sadistic ghoulish twisted perverted phlegmatic expressionless impassive sable sceptical gaunt devilish given to looking on the black side acherontic hard-faced blank unapproachable formidable sickly dismaying fell implacable looking on the black side tortuous scabrous tight-lipped testing sage dignified fiery furious splenetic vicious truculent mephitical unkind perplexing aggravating bewildering vexing revulsive frustrating reserved puritanical douce ponderous stuffy unemotional biting unappeasable cast-iron stone-faced strictly business inflexible trashy shoddy filthy resolved ruminative unplayful bookish deep in thought introspective composed bound and determined derisory unforgiving illiberal uncharitable rigid unyielding unbending raging remote solid ramrod hard-nosed obdurate astringent hard-boiled worrisome turbulent malevolent volatile stormy tumultuous baleful deadly sobering fatal strenuous ruinous devastating ill-starred destructive testy peevish unsociable poverty-stricken unsettling torturous paramount unsavory snappish crotchety prosaic characterless unimaginative nauseating hairy tormenting fraught icky obnoxious troublous brutal leading powerful super fateful principal prime influential meaningful landmark sizable prominent waspish mardy mumpish grotty grody unappealing yucky uncool yukky awkward hellacious nauseous mundane vapid insipid tame uninspired tired tyrannical tectonic valuable earthshaking earth-shattering super colossal historic main mammoth strategic fundamental big-time exceptional eminent big league unsavoury unlovely concerning beastly dictatorial repressive torpid unanimated commonplace domineering autocratic despotic unjust undemocratic inhuman draconian nerve-racking nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking wearisome vanilla tyrannous burdensome iron-fisted in a bad mood nothing dead undistinguished anti-democratic punitive searing murderous trying onerous unfair imperious ruthless coercive relentless hardhanded merciless high-handed peremptory overweening run-of-the-mill ho-hum ironhanded backbreaking confining headache rough going demanding superincumbent taxing matter of life and death


Causing or tending to cause annoyance, frustration, or worry
vexatious aggravating annoying bothersome vexing exasperating galling irritating displeasing distressing grating infuriating irksome maddening objectionable provoking rankling traumatic troublesome unsettling harassing infernal irking painful repugnant thorny tiresome troubling trying unpleasant upsetting worrisome worrying wretched abrasive antagonising antagonizing challenging deplorable discouraging enraging forbidding harrying inconvenient jarring knotty lamentable niggling perturbing pesky problematic puzzling riling taxing tedious troublous unwelcome wearisome awkward burdensome carking chafing concerning confounded difficult disagreeable disappointing disturbing frustrating incommodious mean nagging nettlesome nettling peeving tormenting tricky antipathetic demanding festering pestiferous pestilent pestilential plaguy teasing ugly wearing wicked cussed impossible pesty plaguey rebarbative unattractive unsatisfying enough to drive you up the wall enough to try the patience of a saint disquieting alarming harrowing discomforting dismaying discomposing nerve-racking daunting grave prickly sticky hairy nasty scary anxious-making nerve-wracking gnawing agonizing dreadful agonising dire offensive provocative instigative inflaming affronting charged inflammatory goading exciting insulting instigating inciting agitational piquing stimulating incendiary agitative edgy threatening discommoding uncertain foreboding gloomy ominous perplexing consequential laborious onerous frightening severe startling pessimistic sinister intrusive impeding embarrassing distressful disruptive hard depressing toilsome agitating disconcerting prophetic creepy controversial in-your-face obstructive


Present participle for to cause (someone) pain, suffering or distress
troubling distressing tormenting bothering worrying plaguing upsetting torturing harassing vexing paining harrowing oppressing besetting annoying bedeviling bedevilling racking agonising agonizing persecuting irking irritating burdening hurting grieving pestering harrying wounding cursing excruciating anguishing ailing straining trying stressing besieging exasperating affecting taxing crucifying smiting martyring discommoding blighting pursuing gripping pressing striking taking visiting buffeting buffetting causing suffering to causing trouble to disturbing perturbing bugging agitating depressing discomposing disquieting saddening hassling dismaying perplexing hounding unsettling nagging fretting concerning badgering galling aggrieving haunting mortifying disconcerting flustering fussing provoking beleaguering fazing giving someone grief weighing down flurrying unhinging gnawing at molesting discomforting rattling alarming dejecting dogging ruffling frazzling aggravating disheartening getting to injuring chafing giving a hard time distempering teasing burning up crushing unnerving dispiriting stinging casting down discouraging displeasing punishing needling driving up the wall discomfiting assailing bumming out distracting shaking freaking out weirding out devastating mistreating derailing hagriding piquing maltreating lying heavy on peeving scourging riding frustrating demoralizing offending confounding causing agony to wringing abusing ill-treating tyrannizing confusing dashing causing pain to picking on alaruming exercising hectoring undoing riling scaring frightening demoralising nettling daunting narking stirring up making anxious desolating tyrannising angering disgusting making uneasy inconveniencing miffing making wretched making miserable causing anguish to preying on hacking off sickening discombobulating attacking weighing heavily on getting down rending cutting to the quick ticking off making despondent traumatizing putting off appalling convulsing niggling overwhelming moving searing taunting touching outraging mithering devilling deviling discountenancing embarrassing bringing down deranging interrupting tearing tantalizing throwing tantalising heckling putting out inflicting anguish on hanging over dampening shocking giving a bad time causing discomfort to puzzling spooking traumatising getting on your nerves nagging at pothering making gloomy wronging turning off throwing off balance making unhappy victimizing beating down getting harming grating rasping eating spiting causing pain frosting griping itching stabbing testing chivvying grinding inflaming piercing goading preoccupying suffering cutting up biting fearing wearying draining cutting importuning baiting nauseating causing discomfort pinching chagrining stewing sweating repelling breaking the heart of stretching rubbing up the wrong way abasing exciting victimising pricking cowing affronting browbeating cramping pushing repulsing chillin chilling grating on inflicting pain on inflicting suffering on breaking one's heart despairing breaking bending someone's ear bullying tiring taking over putting a damper on disparaging indisposing beating lacerating disappointing making your heart bleed weighing making desolate hacking you off weighing on causing concern to making waves winding up eating at intruding rousing debilitating getting across getting at flipping out making uncomfortable reducing to tears abashing suppressing getting someone down bewildering causing anxiety to causing anguish turning making sad driving bananas giving someone the blues knocking sideways psyching out facing bedogging suffering from grizzling damaging ruining ravaging destroying hunting occupying being tangling buttonholing rocking gutting obsessing pressing down on excoriating terrorizing wrenching nonplussing eating away at musing labouring laboring keeping after scorning ribbing chaffing confronting gnawing infesting dunning causing disquiet to squirming shattering sapping exhausting scarring hitting hard possessing entangling hampering working up terrorising incommoding startling aggressing throwing off feeling pain making someone scratch their head ragging overcharging disgruntling intimidating sweating out discriminating against stirring rousting dashing the hopes of putting the squeeze on driving round the bend getting in your hair causing someone distress dazing boning feeling unwell unmanning consuming inflicting jumping on one's case giving one the business horrifying thrilling falling upon falling on lying interfering astounding complicating arousing getting in the way amazing shaking up starting in on niggling at terrifying obtruding encroaching accosting giving the needle ridiculing lampooning taking control of hurting deeply incapacitating flooring crazing flipping befalling imposing wrecking wreaking disobliging jarring slighting deterring leading someone a merry dance playing cat and mouse putting through wringer rubbing salt in wound sticking it to dishing it out tearing to shreds tearing to pieces giving it to dishing out infuriating keying up hurting somebody's feelings rocking the boat laying up turning on firing up getting on someone's wick egging on getting someone making a scene revolting overawing strapping nit-picking tiring out wearing out incensing mourning causing suffering bleeding causing sorrow causing offense lambasting maddening knocking the wind out of bringing one down dampening spirits making downhearted scolding berating enraging harshing one's mellow rankling making severe demands on making demands on putting a strain on dragging down making blue putting into a funk breaking in pushing the buttons of thumbing nose at hurting someone's feelings giving offence to prostrating repressing awing deprecating aweing drooping causing to lose heart reviling domineering reproaching pushing buttons aching chastening taking the heart out of throbbing avenging graveling gravelling arousing anxiety in upbraiding hazing overriding smarting overcoming engulfing swamping doing a number on making it tough for dissatisfying abrading dominating enslaving grossing out brutalising mangling martyrizing impaling whipping mutilating maiming brutalizing grilling dragging damping enervating darkening dulling devouring eating up tyrannizing over turning one's stomach relucting making sick making your gorge rise making someone want to throw up making someone feel nauseous turning your stomach disordering descending upon forcing upon giving someone the hump running down making someone see red working over rankling with casting a gloom upon getting your back up getting under one's skin making someone fed up harshing someone's mellow turning one off pouring cold water on throwing cold water on bringing tears to your eyes knocking for six knocking the stuffing out of bearing down breaking someone's heart keeping under putting your back up pressuring overstretching pressurizing tensing overtaxing descending on bringing down on giving someone the works putting on the rack getting in one's hair prickling twingeing twinging swallowing up mixing up constraining playing up burning killing bruising nicking putting on trial crunching tensing up overextending making tense overdoing causing to feel mental strain causing to feel emotional strain putting in traction pushing to the limit pressurising affecting badly disadvantaging knocking back impinging on making an impact leaving a mark leaving a mark on hitting impacting on making suffer insulting chivying nudging boring impeding crossing hindering intruding upon imposing on getting on your wick breathing down someone's neck carping at


(usually of a disease or condition) Present participle for to affect adversely
attacking infecting affecting damaging injuring corrupting devastating vitiating crippling destroying contaminating marring ruining spoiling annihilating demolishing impairing ravaging troubling compromising impacting overcoming touching harming striking breaking influencing perturbing sabotaging tainting upsetting defiling occurring polluting prevailing crushing hurting overwhelming poisoning blighting debasing impinging weakening impacting on impinging upon prevailing over wearing away shaking up spreading to striking at striking down doing damage to playing havoc with taking hold of wreaking havoc on exerting influence on having an effect on having an impact on fouling spreading among running through dirtying plaguing radioactivating depraving making impure perverting diseasing moving debauching enthusing laying low making ill sullying befouling degrading adulterating staining soiling tarnishing profaning smirching undermining desecrating subverting warping blemishing bastardizing alloying deteriorating cheapening defacing doctoring bastardising messing up tampering with leading astray besmirching embittering demoralizing antagonizing smearing dishonouring manipulating despoiling muddying lacing diluting envenoming demeaning lessening dishonoring tarring prostituting depreciating demoralising empoisoning disfiguring wasting vandalizing falsifying mucking up spiking making filthy cooking discoloring trashing watering down abusing antagonising vandalising discolouring making sick unsettling destabilizing undercutting seducing darkening destabilising cankering abasing brutalizing festering infesting littering toxifying bestializing begriming brutalising making degenerate blackening splashing besmearing lowering miring spattering mucking distaining bemiring griming gauming smudging daubing thinning deforming disgracing cutting distorting spotting mixing maculating altering devaluing sophisticating extending violating making dirty pulling down scuzzing up doping attenuating putrefying making foul souring angering colouring jaundicing commingling blending shaving thinning out amalgamating planting dissolving infiltrating mingling mixing with intermixing denaturing irrigating transfusing doctoring up mutilating wrecking mangling smashing making bitter aggravating blaspheming shattering undoing gutting interfering with wounding totalling crabbing endamaging totaling flawing disrupting bloodying blotting disfeaturing incapacitating razing alienating making rancorous coloring rankling fiddling with tinkering with acerbating stabbing crossing up scratching cracking scathing maltreating playing merry hell with tearing disintegrating gnawing maiming wronging denting battering banging up lacerating splitting dismantling causing injury driving a nail into the coffin of smashing up bleaching knocking fading corroding rusting rotting scorching burning committing sacrilege treating sacrilegiously pillaging depredating outraging sacking spoliating desolating insulting devouring treating with disrespect blaspheming against laying waste to making lose face committing sacrilege against

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