Synonym of afflictive

Alternative for afflictive


causing misery or pain or distress


That causes physical or mental pain
painful sore hurting aching achy stinging excruciating nasty troublesome agonising agonizing hurtful distressing throbbing smarting tender sensitive raw inflamed nagging uncomfortable irritated sharp burning severe piercing biting bruised hurt gnawing red in pain tingly prickly caustic chafed reddened vexatious delicate pounding injured suffering stiff twingeing pained wounded searing tingling afflicted tired harrowing grievous abscessed ulcerated injurious irritating unpleasant difficult killing feeling tender feeling uncomfortable playing up giving someone gyp giving someone trouble keen distressed broken gammy damaged impaired smartful beaten laborious disabled battered incapacitated stricken weakened bleeding agonized mutilated grazed discoloured lacerated mangled scratched mauled harmed gashed agonised marred disfigured ruptured discolored hit scarred scraped nicked struck cut crushed busted up achy breaky black-and-blue game swollen acute maimed deformed arthritic intense shooting stabbing violent fierce crippled debilitated crook bad handicapped lame infirm knackered penetrating exquisite gut-wrenching physically challenged angry hypersensitive oversensitive tortured warped shot buffeted limping hobbling racking extreme exhausted weary halt insufferable unendurable unbearable torturous fractured ailing smashed shattered defective limp frail spoilt spoiled gimp sidelined gimpy feeble on the sick list weak enfeebled shrewd cutting bitter footsore knifelike drilling paralyzing paralysing


Upsetting, or causing anxiety, sorrow or pain
distressing sad grievous painful heartbreaking harrowing dreadful woeful upsetting tragic lamentable unfortunate agonising agonizing deplorable disturbing regrettable distressful difficult pitiful traumatic heartrending shocking worrying poignant disquieting tormenting hurtful saddening affecting unlucky alarming unsettling frightening afflicting stressful tragical concerning fearful haunting nagging confronting heart-rending gut-wrenching nerve-racking heart-breaking dire awful terrible calamitous appalling disastrous wretched miserable bad rotten unpleasant grim disagreeable nasty unhappy grave severe bitter undesirable cruel horrible unfavourable atrocious unfavorable frightful lousy horrendous ruinous galling horrid troublesome godawful ghastly sorry mean unwelcome excruciating egregious desperate melancholy offensive unpalatable abysmal hopeless mournful displeasing torturous vexatious pathetic horrifying annoying unsavoury catastrophic distasteful gloomy cataclysmic serious harmful unpleasing unsavory dismal sickening hard dangerous uninviting shameful ugly abominable destructive vile pernicious pitiable disappointing crippling noxious adverse deadly execrable awkward harsh dirty sorrowful depressing blameworthy objectionable critical poor sombre somber obnoxious repulsive repugnant loathsome disconcerting urgent pressing unsatisfactory unacceptable diabolical unnerving crummy revolting cheerless crucial intolerable repellent odious worrisome forbidding detrimental abhorrent mortifying damaging disgusting crying icky irritating yukky sour yucky unbearable horrific foul detestable exigent drastic fraught uncongenial unlovely stinking devastating uncomfortable rough nauseous intense fierce injurious hideous nauseating gross chronic very bad repellant deleterious wicked gruesome hurting dolorous direful extreme scandalous grody unrelenting brutal parlous hostile beastly off-putting ominous baneful evil inimical acute nocuous malicious malefic unwholesome desolating moving plaintive piteous tear-jerking joyless heart-wrenching touching ill-advised reprehensible disgraceful wrong obscene strong regretful inopportune dispiriting too bad ruthless savage substandard grubby cheap scummy scurvy lame inadequate sneaking despicable contemptible inferior ratty cruddy scabby paltry murderous trying onerous burdensome tough heavy relentless stiff chilling hardhanded oppressive merciless inhuman rugged searing ferocious embarrassing unspeakable dreary rancid noisome fulsome a pity sore remorseless great outrageous God-awful intemperate provoking rigorous inclement spine-chilling scary fearsome terrifying intimidating dread redoubtable formidable hair-raising irretrievable drear funereal bleak comfortless downer overwhelming bummer faulty dishonourable dishonorable opprobrious portentous bodeful charged tense uneasy unlikable tasteless flavourless flavorless hateful dislikable insipid yicky savorless flat oppressing terrific scowling thorny sticky teary tearful dark desolate unhealthy tickly flustering discomfiting tricky prickly bumpy undermining unsafe insidious lethal incendiary imperilling prejudicial toxic subversive sinister menacing disadvantageous imperiling malignant hard-hearted imperative sorrowing discouraging inauspicious burning itchy incommodious distressed wearisome scratchy compelling fatal vital causing discomfort ill-fitting perilous clamant ignominious emergent importunate hazardous imperious inexcusable precarious meagre necessitous meager baleful important instant god-awful cataclysmal profound wounding annihilatory devastative damning fateful essential maleficent ill sudden decisive all-important life-threatening life-and-death prejudicious troubling blighting earth-shattering shattering messy irksome discomforting aching poisonous perturbing daunting humourless humorless discomposing sober doleful agitating solemn lurid sedate hairy grisly troublous unendurable macabre nightmarish monstrous uncool grotty unappealing hellacious anguished nail-biting nerve-wracking extremely bad abject pants useless pits poxy rueful duff a load of pants forlorn base laughable heinous rubbish shabby afflicted disheartening low sordid unpropitious black worthless untoward ill-fated sucky punk hapless feeble crushing drab immoral ill-starred ignoble morose inept shoddy infelicitous cursed destitute unbecoming mediocre nefarious sinful stirring iniquitous suffering ropy catastrophal depressive unworthy unprincipled glum rubbishy uncharitable vicious sullen third-rate godforsaken trashy ruined insufferable disreputable dastardly low-down lugubrious snide second-rate currish luckless low-minded forsaken doomed unprosperous jinxed out of luck in a bad way untimely unpopular undesired compassionate commiserative arousing beggarly underhand treacherous squalid unpromising melancholic disconsolate to be pitied dejecting damnable mortal villainous bum ridiculous derisible ruthful flagitious lachrymose taxing unwanted indigent scungy impoverished sepulchral depraved criminal unsought derisory weak undignified morbid cowardly servile degraded menial inelegant off-color grief-stricken merciful pained stricken shattered troubled broken unsuccessful star-crossed unsuitable inappropriate burdened insignificant unattractive feel-bad well below par unforgivable emotional senseless inglorious preposterous demoralizing demoralising wet bungling outcast stark brackish unappetizing ill-chosen unpardonable unconscionable foolish indefensible petty dicey mirthless dispirited dolesome loss-making beseeching entreating supplicating imploring commiserable grieving insupportable discreditable glaring measly negligible insufficient from hell degrading agonized small cold depressed unjustifiable unkind dejected despondent absurd ludicrous costly sacrificial blue tortured racked agonised despairing wanky insubstantial unstable dodgy unfair dingy plangent pensive grewsome nightmare annihilative flagrant filthy deathly vexing dismaying not up to snuff dreich saturnine not much cop exacting terribly bad risky sunless plutonian tenebrous lonesome tenebrific elegiac elegiacal unforgiving dreaded Cimmerian poverty-stricken foolish-looking silly weighty corrupt sleazy bloodcurdling strange shuddersome creepy eerie astounding unearthly ghoulish sublime tremendous lewd beyond contempt dilapidated inconvenient petrifying excessive subpar wanting bush crumby suboptimal junky deficient dissatisfactory rejected unadvantageous ungodly wrongful unrighteous irreligious sacrilegious profane impious unholy blasphemous common schlock tenth-rate excluded uninvited sinistrous erring fallen impure irredeemable flimsy shlocky wack unsightly schlocky gimcrack off cheapjack cheesy seedy shlock coarse trumpery accursed cringe-making ill-favoured exceptionable inadmissible dishonest fiendish diabolic barbarous godless unscrupulous defective confounded dissolute crooked infamous underhanded reprobate notorious degenerate perverted unwished for unwished-for illegitimate shady sullied tainted roguish bent illicit unlawful lawless illegal ill-omened ill-boding run down bush-league cut-rate low-grade low-quality low-rent el cheapo bargain-basement down at heel scoundrelly warped inequitable rascally malfeasant not wanted ill-favored peccable caitiff black-hearted not cricket morally wrong


Solemnly or ponderously sad
dolorous sorrowful mournful woeful doleful melancholy sad dismal miserable anguished depressed distressing gloomy morose painful rueful unhappy woebegone wretched crestfallen dejected despondent disconsolate downcast downhearted forlorn grievous harrowing heartbroken heart-rending aching agonised agonized bemoaning bewailing bitter blue deploring desolate despairing dolesome down funeral grief-stricken grieving heavy-hearted lachrymose lamentable lugubrious plaintive plangent regretful sorry tearful teary wailing weeping afflicted calamitous deplorable dire dolent dolorific heartsick heartsore regrettable ruthful weepy down in the mouth down in the dumps inconsolable glum brokenhearted melancholic low-spirited distressed low joyless broken-hearted saddened dispirited heavyhearted cast down discouraged disheartened hangdog droopy bad cheerless upset chap-fallen devastated disappointed pitiful demoralized sombre somber in pain pathetic demoralised pessimistic crushed suffering sorrowing fed up hurting hopeless tormented dreary abject funereal pitiable heartbreaking long-faced moody heartrending distraught in the doldrums bummed out troubled piteous choked tortured bleak mirthless sullen depressing cut up pensive in low spirits in the pits tragic pained oppressed chapfallen gutted grim poignant spiritless poor saddening destroyed dragged brassed off cheesed off wounded mourning angst-ridden lamenting drear depressive comfortless hurt defeatist crummy down and out in the dumps sick as a parrot shot down unfortunate moving traumatized desperate anxious wistful bereaved broken traumatised heavy emotional solemn bleeding resigned elegiac heavy with grief saturnine weighed down out of sorts weary sulky cast-down in despair all torn up taken down affecting upsetting dreadful terrible harrowed touching grieved overwhelmed distressful racked disconcerted discouraging suicidal low in spirits grumpy shattered perturbed bothered appalling disillusioned discontented tear-jerking irked overcome shocking dismayed sobbing helpless overcome with sorrow racked with suffering racked with pain sepulchral whimpering snivelling frightful dull sour dour downbeat listless unconsolable crabbed blubbering elegiacal negative horrifying black aggrieved surly sick at heart adust sunk in gloom mopish broody unsatisfied sunk ripped morbid sniveling long-suffering in tears as sick as a parrot torn up let down on a downer mortified remorseful pining in distress bummed-out sorry for oneself down-in-the-mouth afflicting disheartening dysphoric in anguish threnodic dirge-like abashed daunted fraught prostrate with grief luckless subdued frantic strained godforsaken beseeching ruined entreating supplicating imploring gut-wrenching commiserable sheepish defeated churlish bereft emo torn-up discontent ailing unable to be comforted beside oneself with grief unable to be consoled shamefaced ill-humoured huffy in sorrow full of sorrow in mourning dispiriting moping ugly in a blue funk in the toilet low-down worthless taken aback deflated languorous triste down in dumps gray grey tristful down-hearted languid uneasy crying Eeyorish feeling down full of gloom blue funk looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny ill-humored atrabilious clouded dampened mopey drooping dashed sagging bowed down no-win cynical strabilious to be pitied drab demoralizing difficult demoralising disappointing disgruntled dissatisfied grousing cranky bellyaching cantankerous crabby beefing nostalgic can't win not a prayer at end of one's rope at the end of your tether in the soup at the end of one's tether at one's wits' end blubbery bawling moist tear-filled watery wet disenchanted in a funk singing the blues excruciating traumatic troublesome dejecting oppressive crushing lonesome lonely frustrated discomfited dirgeful displeased chagrined miffed close to tears agonizing unpleasant discomposing agonising vexatious uncomfortable cold bummed hapless powerless downtrodden bearish disturbed aghast beaten maudlin down-and-out doomed worsted vanquished baulked objecting balked horrific derisible dingy mortifying dark heart-wrenching larmoyant unmitigable on the verge of tears shaken vexed unnerved agitated discomposed ruffled disquieted up the creek without hope discombobulated harassed concerned uptight wrecked discountenanced flustered aflutter plagued in floods of tears easily moved with tears in your eyes haunted spooked bugged shook jumpy persecuted antsy unglued strung out shook up in a stew in a tizzy awful atrocious abysmal lousy unsatisfactory unacceptable diabolical disastrous rotten substandard grubby cheap scummy scurvy nasty lame inadequate dirty sneaking despicable contemptible inferior ratty cruddy scabby paltry mean very bad God-awful chronic blameworthy downer stinking overwhelming scandalous bummer faulty godawful unbearable dishonourable intolerable dishonorable sickening opprobrious sapped cowed thrown in grief in doldrums howling worried undermined deterred intimidated blubbing enervated with a long face ticked off teed off browned off peed off flat damp prostrated heart-sick lovesick sore burned contused angry annoyed cross unmanned brooding cringing browbeaten guilty apathetic humbled drained sick humourless humorless guilty-looking furtive troubling distracted down in mouth devitalized lost without energy ashamed embarrassed lowered bowed griefstricken forgotten homeless forsaken abandoned jittery shaky depressant off sluggish weakened friendless destitute uncared-for cowering humiliated conscience-stricken put off languished shot-down sorry for yourself greeting let-down not happy peeved exercised wired tragical unlucky dragging solitary defenseless defenceless fruitless alone unenthusiastic unenthused unconfident have the blahs up the wall bundle of nerves basket case distrait hyper fidgety catastrophic cruel feeble beat-down come-apart caved-in down-in-mouth beat longing lacking in confidence lacking in enthusiasm having lost heart dreamy yearning reflective contemplative musing dreaming with cold feet meditative lost momentum thoughtful in blue funk gone to pieces daydreaming at desirous wishful sob story in a reverie


Annoying or bitterly humiliating
galling annoying irritating aggravating exasperating maddening vexing irksome provoking vexatious bothersome disturbing displeasing infuriating nettlesome rankling abrasive carking chafing frustrating humiliating nettling peeving pesky pestiferous pestilent pestilential pesty plaguey plaguy rebarbative riling tiresome troublesome trying disagreeable acid distasteful harassing plaguing unpalatable upsetting infernal difficult grating wearisome unpleasant confounded nagging cussed worrisome distressing awkward burdensome troubling tedious inconvenient niggling antagonizing antagonising disappointing unsettling worrying perturbing unwelcome jarring enraging teasing painful disconcerting wearing irking enough to try the patience of a saint enough to drive you up the wall agitating challenging thorny demanding taxing mean tricky harrying ugly wicked incommodious unnerving objectionable wretched repugnant boring discouraging forbidding puzzling knotty traumatic troublous discommoding bedevilling discomposing discomforting festering antipathetic unpleasing agonizing unamusing tormenting afflicting unsatisfying unattractive impossible punchable agonising uncongenial bedeviling harsh grievous deplorable lamentable problematic concerning sickening accursed disquieting nauseating stupid idiotic discordant onerous grotesque offensive unsuitable inappropriate inharmonious unaesthetic formidable embarrassing weighty insensitive stridulous ill suited stridulent dry harsh-sounding embittering stressful out of place charged tense uneasy harrowing crushing sticky nerve-racking exacting oppressive intolerable tickly flustering torturous discomfiting bitter toilsome prickly fraught dolorous bumpy rough hard testing tough pressing severe hefty exigent distressful confronting distressed itchy uncomfortable scratchy heavy shocking causing discomfort ill-fitting

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