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being the one previously mentioned or spoken of


Precisely the same
selfsame identical same very aforementioned carbon carbon-copy clone coequal comparable compatible corresponding ditto double dupe duplicate equal equivalent exact identic indistinguishable interchangeable like likewise look-alike related similar similarly synonymous tantamount twin Xerox same difference very same in the same manner matching alike parallel abovementioned above-mentioned aforenamed mentioned foregoing said above above-stated paired preceding previous precedent previously mentioned earlier coupled previously described mount selflike self-same forenamed abovesaid earlier mentioned said earlier prior mentioned spoken of earlier mentioned earlier as good as same as the same as uniform commensurate close matched correlative dual twofold congruent carbon copy even tallying agreeing concordant duplex binary double-edged bipartite double-barreled consonant like two peas in a pod all of a piece of a piece like peas in a pod geminate joint copied second duplicating accompanying bifold one and the same analogous correspondent cognate undifferentiated homogeneous the same Tweedledum and Tweedledee cut from the same cloth much of a muchness like Tweedledum and Tweedledee resembling akin connate resemblant suchlike such exactly the same proportionate spitting image dead ringer much the same a dead ringer the dead spit even-steven proportional impossible to tell apart coordinating transposable commutable exchangeable reciprocal equalized even-stevens toning swappable workalike mutual converse convertible reciprocative changeable interconvertible equalised coterminous complementary blending complementing harmonizing harmonious to the same degree evenly matched duple dualistic spare replica replacement harmonising allied concurrent associated approximate facsimile mated kindred


(the same) The same thing as something previously spoken about

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