Synonym of agreeing

Alternative for agreeing

agrees, agreed, agreeing

Synonym: accept, approve of, assent, comply, consent,

Antonym: differ, disagree, object,


Be agreeable or suitable


Willing to accept or agree to something without objection or resistance
acquiescent consenting compliant agreeable submissive amenable pliant yielding acceding assenting biddable complying ingratiating obsequious tractable willing accepting accommodating approving conforming cooperative deferential flexible nonresistant obliging passive persuadable unresistant meek obedient obeisant persuasible servile subservient toadying tolerant tolerating unassertive unprotesting bootlicking convincible docile easy malleable resigned acquiescing assentive longanimous resistless suasible susceptive unresisting game ready respectful easily persuaded self-effacing Uriah Heepish eager keen happy enthusiastic glad ungrudging sympathetic concurring disposed responsive cheerful complaisant well-disposed favourable favorable in accord in agreement manageable pliable dutiful tame adaptable governable patient law-abiding subdued manipulable humble controllable conformable mild long-suffering lamblike forbearing timid ductile gentle uncomplaining impressionable susceptible quiet suggestible influenceable soft polite orderly spiritless duteous courteous slavish good spineless easily influenced open mannerly enduring lowly considerate reverential thoughtful fawning teachable receptive easy-going regardful milky abject well-behaved helpful easily handled sycophantic disciplined under one's thumb stoical non-resistant lenient forgiving nonresisting quiescent go-with-the-flow supple transformable bendy civil supine peaceable self-abasing stoic grovelling genial amiable seemly cordial attentive shy demure unassuming groveling menial well-mannered indulgent reverent cool laid-back unobtrusive cowering cringing downtrodden cowed weak-kneed docious subject charitable supportive unambitious mellow fearful easygoing workable in one's power in one's clutches in one's pocket at one's beck and call like putty in your hands rolls with punches putty in hands acceptive compromising restrained conciliatory conformist willing to compromise assentient accordant consentient fatalistic reconciled philosophical under someone's control modest adapted phlegmatic satisfied adjusted calm renouncing relinquishing accommodated peaceful unpretentious awed proper deferent truckling trusting gullible submitting tameable snivelling inferior childlike usable complacent able to be influenced putty in one's hands ingratiatory retiring easily swayed easily manipulated sniveling ignoble dancing mean tamable well-trained weak down-to-earth diffident selfless sheepish supplicatory mindful decorous timorous hesitant tentative apprehensive wimpish frightened boneless observant under control trained untroublesome convenient amendable with the patience of Job at one's mercy a slave to onside pabulum Milquetoast nothing wishy-washy serene zero plain wussy mim self-conscious non-resisting well behaved well mannered well brought up moldable well-brought-up accessible companionable useful eager to help forthcoming eager to please inclined well trained well disciplined loyal faithful sheeplike honouring hearsome devoted honoring venerating unquestioning prepared pleased like a lamb to the slaughter glad to be of assistance nonviolent non-violent lifeless wrapped around finger on a string non-aggressive content set predisposed prone static reflexive bearing flaccid disinterested sleepy unreceptive asleep latent stolid flat motionless poker-faced moony idle unflappable desirous friendly zealous one fain minded under someone's thumb dominated like-minded nothing loath so minded so-minded in favor in the mood in accord with in favour of a mind domesticated obeying comformable giving-in bowing down kowtowing surrendering subordinate placable hands off kind subjugated bullied browbeaten disciplinable handleable trainable benevolent kindly oppressed going through motions walking through it intimidated repressed generous nagged magnanimous unselfish neighbourly constrained uxorious understanding sweet pleasant affable gracious nice henpecked bighearted breezy decent altruistic moderate warmhearted ground down treated like dirt without a mind of one's own in fear of one's partner led by the nose tied to someone's apron strings under the thumb subjected to nagging wife-ridden under someone's heel softie good-natured marshmallow neighborly well disposed good-humored warm-hearted good-hearted willing to please good-tempered good-humoured kind-hearted even-tempered favourably disposed


(the same) Not differing in any way, shape or form
same matching identical alike duplicate twin paired coupled double indistinguishable interchangeable corresponding equivalent parallel like comparable similar correlative carbon copy clone congruent look-alike coequal equal even tallying selfsame concordant consonant all of a piece carbon-copy like peas in a pod like two peas in a pod of a piece very very same complementary harmonious analogous correspondent coordinating toning harmonizing cognate connate resemblant akin suchlike resembling such ditto harmonising consistent blending complementing melodious musical euphonious tuneful euphonic correlated symphonic relative related commensurate canorous proportional proportionate commensurable symphonious synonymous reciprocal answering conforming interrelated undifferentiated agnate on the order of kin kindred uniform tantamount homogeneous the same matched compatible exact close cut from the same cloth much the same much of a muchness homologous same difference identic congruous near unvaried homogenous undiverse Xerox like Tweedledum and Tweedledee on par substitutable conformable one and the same convertible allied unvarying standardised standardized Tweedledum and Tweedledee dead ringer twinlike undifferenced of a kind associated coincident amounting twofold carbon exactly the same mated harmonised harmonized approximate in agreement regular self-same equalized substitute exchangeable duplex equalised coordinate almost identical to the same degree spitting image same as reminiscent analogical impossible to tell apart connatural identified dupe likewise aforesaid similarly aforementioned synonymic apposite connected relatable treadmill even-steven counterpart concurrent facsimile very similar even-stevens undistinguishable the same as as good as transposable commutable copy synonymous with commensurate with coterminous approximative workalike mutual converse reciprocative swappable changeable interconvertible two of a kind in the same manner linked interconnected all alike solid smooth companion jibing difficult to tell apart evenly matched much the same as all the same all one affiliated symmetrical equaling equalling of a piece with like as two peas in a pod as like as two peas in a pod duple dualistic spare replica replacement of the same kind dual reconcilable according generic consanguine general universal incident congeneric congenerous allying relating coextensive invariable not unlike congenial invariant approximating fungible binary double-edged bipartite double-barreled break even geminate on a plane on a par on level pegging joint copied second duplicating accompanying bifold stack up with in harmony in conformity in accord in step the dead spit a dead ringer in tune in parallel in balance more or less the same


Occurring or transpiring at the same moment
simultaneous coincident concurrent contemporaneous synchronous coexistent coinciding concomitant parallel synchronic synchronised synchronized coetaneous coeval coexisting coextensive coincidental contemporary coterminous accompanying concurring immediate instantaneous real-time synchronal dead heat in sync happening at the same time side by side with the beat at the same time done at the same time attendant related connected associated collateral accessory complementary resultant attending linked consequent associative resulting auxiliary associated with joint incidental belonging coupled with adjuvant in tempo coordinate isochronal synergistic coefficient conjoined with affiliated synergetic satellite adjoining contributing isochronous corollary in time fellow concordant ancillary conjoined incident secondary subsidiary subordinate contingent consequential indirect interconnected corresponding interrelated supplementary following subsequent correlated additional dependent extra allied derivative derived coupled added supporting contributory ensuing supplemental successive sequential proximate analogous correspondent mutual appurtenant subservient due to at the same time as joined combined cotemporal helping assisting adscititious concerted adminicular similar associate supervenient attached kindred alike of the day of the time sub roundabout add-on appended with second-hand adjunctive cognate comparative affinitive relative non-primary secondhand unintended in synch tributary identical in step in phase accidental affiliate eventual borrowed derivational derivate developed vicarious understandable consistent intelligent inferable flow-on trickle-down relational intertwined pertinent interdependent relevant enmeshed interwoven reciprocal germane knit together tied up in touch with


Characterized by friendliness and absence of discord
amicable friendly civil cordial courteous brotherly harmonious neighbourly polite good-natured peaceful fraternal kindly peaceable amiable bonhomous buddy-buddy chummy civilised civilized collegial companionable comradely cooperative easy easy-going genial good-humoured hail-fellow hail-fellow-well-met hearty matey neighborly non-hostile palsy palsy-walsy warm warmhearted conflict-free sociable accordant clubby concordant cosy cozy empathic good-humored kind like-minded mellow pacific regular sympathetic understanding right nice square shooting affable congenial gracious pleasant agreeable hospitable obliging approachable gentle convivial warm-hearted nice considerate helpful benevolent tender mild benign social affectionate well-disposed generous compassionate caring conversable cheerful likeable gregarious decent welcoming likable accommodating tolerant pally intimate outgoing loving jovial open easy to get along with good-tempered kind-hearted charitable calm easygoing well disposed thoughtful sweet good engaging good-hearted pleasing amenable complaisant nonviolent conciliatory placid personable humane lovable kindhearted softhearted accessible pacifistic tender-hearted indulgent merciful lenient altruistic clubbable beneficent delightful fond quiet close tenderhearted soft responsive big-hearted easy to get on with pacifist unselfish benignant charming informal extroverted familiar peace-loving extrovert urbane tranquil receptive chivalrous liberal still cheery communicative restful irenic pacificatory complacent well-mannered favorable couthy favourable compatible mild-mannered happy winsome gallant soft-hearted unreserved lovely kindred non-violent magnanimous amical strife-free respectful goodhearted large-hearted temperate chirpy sweet-tempered disciplined communal devoted all heart orderly perky company-loving pacifical tight philanthropic noble even-tempered moderate bountiful extraverted patient uninhibited courtly sensible diplomatic forgiving mannerly available open-handed fatherly maternal unassuming motherly casual without hostility unstuffy well mannered confidential loyal forbearing harmless giving lovey-dovey bland well meaning suave unwarlike attached confiding on good terms personal dear solicitous attentive feeling thick doting united clubable meek backslapping heartfelt enthusiastic earnest wholehearted sincere honourable honorable adoring ladylike gentlemanly selfless dovelike frictionless supportive relaxed nonbelligerent eager unanimous well-bred tactful winning comforting mushy empathetic unpresumptuous prepossessing simpatico genteel paternal moral bighearted sweet-natured munificent righteous bounteous regardful swell clement lavish sensitive unstinting humanitarian buddy buddy angelic open-minded humble free from strife unoffensive bleeding-heart public-spirited well intentioned forthcoming downright neighborly pitying unctuous modest good company stately touchy-feely bubbly confident law-abiding amusing faithful hilarious jocose entertaining vibrant funny happy-go-lucky comical jocular natural ruly passive decorous guestfriendly familial brother's sibling genealogical heroic courageous expansive colonial lively boon facile comprehending wonderful near romantic glowing valiant well behaved breezy copacetic bosom affectious commiserative ingratiating self-effacing appealing couth red-carpet non-aggressive non-combative non-belligerent inoffensive dovish broad-minded sentimental human brave cultivated refined polished jolly bluff taking captivating enchanting fresh officious snug inseparable fit adapted suitable chilled cultured laid back serene anti-war as nice as pie reasonable free-and-easy well-suited well suited sympathique fearless intrepid stout-hearted bold dauntless merry undisturbed balmy kissy-huggy very friendly well bred soft-spoken shy non-confrontational lamblike demure sisterly reverent retiring cool dove-like cheering chipper upbeat high enlivening joyous upper up jocund sunny blithe glad congruous consonant consistent thick as thieves nonaggressive controlled bloodless free barley-sugar ordered compliant unceremonious ungrudging door's always open free and easy laid-back eleemosynary soft touch wellmannered propitious dutiful big openhearted deferential wholesome benefic greathearted great-hearted princely politic philanthropical fatherlike heart in right place openhanded formal freehanded noble-minded valorous sunny side up genuine regular fellow right neighborly inviting free-handed well-meaning knightly deep at peace amorous cuddly willing to please measured honest demonstrative on friendly ethical respectable upright partial huggy virtuous trustworthy worthy incorrupt dependable all over just principled upstanding right straight true on friendly terms nutty about crazy over soft on clean-living stand-up all right on the up and up well-brought-up squeaky clean right-minded concerned protective ardent encouraging fervent passionate nurturing emotional condoling smiling consoling soothing unfeigned expressive perceptive commiserating unrestrained sympathizing bright unconstrained careful sympathising watchful effusive reassuring reactive impressionable real amatory open-hearted conscious lovesome buoyant overindulgent positive enamored parental constant enamoured beaming maternalistic from the heart bona fide mother sheltering vigilant intuitive aware profound complete heartening patriarchal talkative uplifting gushing calming inspiriting cognizant total absolute chatty heartwarming gladdening devout perceiving thorough gratifying fulfilling dinkum reverential solemn firm ebullient fast candid cherished inward especial favourite serious special full-hearted impassioned appreciative close-knit whole-souled authentic deeply felt dearest favorite heart-to-heart having heart in right place loving and giving bleeding heart as thick as thieves smiley grinning parent paternalistic matriarchal nonmalignant avuncular nonthreatening affirmative inspiring guiding best fun treasured valued lovesick fiery irritable sensorial sensory vulnerable high-strung nervous fragile loquacious garrulous approving besotted infatuated non-malignant accepting glad-handering stimulating boosting piteous ruthful voluble conversational overfond very dear protecting supporting caretaking interested sparing foolish predisposed addicted welcome discursive talky old softie admiring worshipping upfront docile beneficial auspicious advantageous fascinated struck serving silly fatuous simple deepest unpretending meant appreciating vicarious do-good well-intentioned attention-seeking effervescent gushy venerating pretensionless undesigning actual undissembled mindful lucky fortunate silly over awake alive susceptible boisterous unselfconscious exuberant honest to God twenty-four carat very kind discerning possessive wary defensive adulatory idolizing providential opportune sensitized flexible fervid erotic anacreontic amative loud equable easy-oasy generous to a fault impressible sensitised insightful knowing emotionable bound up clinging overprotective jealous conducive salutary submissive tame jejune vapid dull flat subservient subdued spiritless obeisant smooth forbearant sharp joyful worshiping idolising finely tuned supersensitive expressing adoration light-hearted gay active sentient alert influenceable respondent sensile replying persuadable quick to react acknowledging answering susceptive dexter touchy feely tuned in animated blithesome nearest and dearest optimistic rosy gleeful laughing gladsome vivacious mirthful sparky eupeptic lightsome festive canty turned on to open to suggestions consolatory lighthearted sunbeamy quick to respond committed bright and breezy relieving assuaging emphatic unambiguous full unshakeable categorical unqualified easing satisfying rewarding solid staunch unlimited zealous unmitigated unconditional unrestricted unequivocal determined unflinching undivided heart-warming sure unswerving dedicated unadulterated steadfast unwavering steady unfaltering utter unalloyed enduring stalwart thoroughgoing undiluted unquestioning outright analeptic warming bolstering softening revitalising invigorating lightening succouring revivifying health-giving sustaining allaying upholding envigorating remedying alleviating restoring freeing mitigating revitalizing curing succoring solacing abating refreshing abiding entire fullhearted whole-hearted out-and-out without reservations never-failing hundred percent


The absence of incompatibility between two things
consistency agreement accord accordance conformity correspondence congruity compatibility harmony similarity conformance congruence congruency correlation equivalence coherence compliance concord concordance concurrence consonance equality equivalency parity uniformity union affinity association coincidence conformability likeness relationship sameness similitude symmetry unity affiliation alliance analogy complying coordinateness resemblance apposition equal terms concession concert concurring identity reconciliation congeniality amity verification accession accommodation compromise acceding assenting acknowledging ratifying consensus unison unanimity rapport assent concurrency consent acceptance endorsement confirmation sympathy acquiescence like-mindedness meeting of the minds comparability parallelism balance regularity alikeness identicalness evenness homogeneousness homogeneity match oneness fit smoothness closeness equalness proportion coequality levelness equilibrium par tune adequation solidarity analogousness support interoperability adherence symphony orchestration concinnity interchangeability connection relation orderliness keeping semblance similar nature consonancy form coordination order comparison nearness fitness arrangement togetherness meeting of minds harmonization uniformness congruousness consilience comparableness indistinguishability mapping unvariedness standardization selfsameness duplication conforming conformation matching community common denominator commonality parallel interaction equatability commensurateness harmonisation equipoise standardisation synthesis observance shapeliness finish proportionality rhythm centrality abidance observation no difference coexistence conjunction coinciding compatible harmonious chorus deference obedience stability approximation synchronism concomitance organization dovetailing submission concertedness unanimousness steadiness quits tie draw collaboration link accompaniment organisation one mind empathy synchronization complete agreement level pegging blending integration respect blend friendship chime comity camaraderie peace communion agreeableness integrity attunement suitability synchronisation articulation single-mindedness fellow feeling


(agree with) Present participle for to suit or be suitable to

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