Synonym of allowing

Alternative for allowing

allows, allowed, allowing

Synonym: acknowledge, admit, concede, consent, grant, let, permit, recognize,

Antonym: disallow, forbid, prohibit,


Present participle for to let out as a share or portion


(somewhat rare) Present participle for to make a statement of opinion


Kind or lenient, often to excess
soft lenient tolerant forgiving indulgent compassionate overindulgent clement liberal permissive lax charitable benign benignant condoning easy easygoing gentle kind merciful light mild mollycoddling obliging pampering softhearted pardoning spoiling sympathetic tender generous forbearing gracious undemanding complaisant compliant excusing permitting yielding easy-going tender-hearted weak boneless soft-hearted spineless sparing magnanimous moderate benevolent kindly humane pitying kind-hearted humoring letting amiable loving temperate favoring soft-shell emollient good-natured assuaging assuasive favouring humouring live with being big going easy on open-minded free latitudinarian non-restrictive acquiescent broad-minded unrestricted unprescriptive libertarian live-and-let-live easy-oasy laissez-faire accommodating nonjudgmental hands-off agreeable susceptible loose approving progressive free and easy understanding considerate patient beneficent caring warm friendly tenderhearted kindhearted humanitarian warmhearted mellow thoughtful good-hearted genial affable neighbourly warm-hearted good-humored neighborly good-humoured pleasant cordial all heart calm helpful long-suffering unselfish unprejudiced amicable decent congenial big-hearted cheerful accepting altruistic sentimental sensitive unbigoted amenable hospitable unbiased sociable serene big good good-tempered receptive submissive responsive approachable stoical flexible uncomplaining resigned catholic stoic placid even-tempered empathetic well-disposed feeling cooperative advanced chivalrous high-minded docile radical quiet affectionate broad giving selfless deferential philanthropic reasonable polite nice bighearted longanimous fatherly supportive favorable motherly pleasing favourable sweet large-hearted well meaning bleeding-heart well disposed bland noble unflappable untroubled enlightened modest restrained gallant courteous empathic unorthodox unconventional bountiful peaceful relaxed munificent cool unstinting human great-hearted left rational avant-garde intelligent interested receiving breezy convivial peaceable open-handed happy bounteous companionable chummy gregarious lovable meek bleeding heart laid-back goodhearted maternal likeable tranquil matey clubby likable happy-go-lucky easy to get along with sweet-tempered buddy-buddy imperturbable unexcitable carefree unruffled equable casual nonchalant insouciant unconcerned fond unhurried accommodative doting pliant solicitous humble unassuming commiserative soothing ruthful willing tractable composed balmy biddable ungrudging delicate concerned comforting enduring self-controlled self-restrained shy demure outgoing sympathizing condoling princely nonabrasive reverent retiring commiserating fatherlike pally comradely cheery greathearted self-possessed regular passive sympathising lamblike openhanded knightly lavish delightful engaging civil buoyant smiling extroverted extrovert heart in right place respectful subdued angelic unoffensive public-spirited loving and giving reformist brotherly company-loving humanistic hail-fellow-well-met with the patience of Job general smooth well-mannered open liberalistic soft-boiled placable tolerating generous to a fault willing to forgive pitiful touchy-feely fair eager to help eager to please liberal-minded deceivable mushy emotional heroic courageous perceptive comprehending appreciative reassuring cosseting gratifying softie marshmallow dupable eleemosynary soft touch propitious dutiful regardful well intentioned openhearted wholesome benefic tactful attentive philanthropical freehanded trusting naive unsuspicious deludable unoppressive unburdensome gullible fleeceable courtly valiant conciliatory assenting willing to please favourably disposed soft-shelled overpermissive low-pressure devil-may-care handsome unpretentious living with conformable sophisticated wide brave lowly civilized going easy with free-handed well-meaning persistent persevering philosophical consoling encouraging restful softened halcyon deliberate slow muted zephyr-like feeble accessible righteous equanimous untiring mild-tempered inexcitable fearless honourable intrepid honorable stout-hearted bold dauntless going along with piteous obedient easy on easy with civilised impartial nonconventional nonorthodox right-on non-partisan nontraditional having heart in right place impassive philosophic fortitudinous elevated high lordly sublime natural lofty great self-sacrificing able to live with poised offhand outgiving indolent uncritical collected complacent lazy hang-loose informal uninhibited worthy soft-touch upright down-to-earth diffident timid self-effacing noble-minded valorous old softie charming winsome laid back noninterventionist open-hearted unobtrusive unambitious do-good couthy conversable personable winning Santa Claus mild-mannered well-intentioned politically correct cozy swell clubbable copacetic urbane forthcoming bonhomous unctuous stately suave has heart in right place unworried blithe pabulum Milquetoast manageable nothing orderly wishy-washy zero cowed plain fearful easy to get on with downright neighborly palsy-walsy cosy soft-spoken moral non-confrontational pacific sisterly dovelike dove-like harmless paternal chilled easy-peasy controlled together unfazed nonirritant mollifying calmative clear nonirritating sober steady even judicious abstinent measured disciplined reserved balanced considered careful conservative compromising cautious not excessive not given to excesses


(susceptible of) Capable or admitting of


Act of recognizing the truth of something
acknowledgment admission acceptance acknowledgement recognition allowance concession confession corroboration granting profession understanding accession acquiescence admitting affirmation appreciation assent assertion asservation avowal awareness cognizance compliance conceding concurrence confirmation declaration knowledge ratification realisation realization recognisance recognizance rejoinder yielding acquiescence in approval of agreement with concurrence with cooperation with respect for self-confession statement validation certification disclosure revelation endorsement divulgence attestation testimonial sanctioning unbosoming approval affidavit testimony owning up owning accreditation official approval consciousness perception expression apprehension unburdening asseveration divulgation claim notice assimilation averment deposition establishing apprehending sensibility acknowledging detection perceiving distinguishing apperception identifying differentiation noticing substantiation documentation testament verifying discovery proof evidence verification authentication witness voucher sanction adjustment compromise exposure abidance credence exception modification adoption consensus conformity adherence deference agreement respect sop forfeit consent accedence approbation relation squawk proclamation utterance song telling exposé story publication enumeration revealing recitation squeal assenting disclosing narration tolerance favour favor copout consideration deal dispensation trade-off sellout giveback indulgence rollback surrendering buyback permission grant compliance with accedence to recognition of consent to adoption of acceptance of responsibility acceptance of blame making public point lost point conceded something surrendered conformity with abidance by endorsement of favorable reception deference to adherence to assent to acknowledgement of accession to giving way giving in


The act of bestowing as a gift
giving imparting endowing granting offering presenting bequeathing conferring conveying dispensing furnishing supplying yielding awarding ceding contributing distributing donating expending remitting transferring permitting doling out handing out passing out transmission reporting disclosure passing on spreading dissemination handing on promulgation relay conveyance broadcasting divulgence exchange circulation circulating dispatch broadcast diffusion sending delivery spread distribution announcing airing divulgation presentation transference release transfer transmittal deliverance passage revelation telecast elucidation publication transmitting communication dissipation publishing utterance notifying revealing making known propagation telecasting exposure handout provision telling mention leak assertion impartation uncovering disclosing declaration giving out movement publicizing relaying publicising announcement proclamation divulging exposé exposition breaking posting proliferation expression dispersal transmittance mediation transferral channelling carrying news brain dump bulletin story publicity emanation scattering radiation propaganda issue issuing printing notification purveying statement notice channeling hauling transposal transportation contagion advertisement briefing newsflash ad flash advert sharing putting out unveiling discovery leaking bandying betrayal exhibition reciprocation tit for tat give-and-take giving and taking reciprocity back-and-forth report unfolding declaring confession giveaway vouchsafing admission divulgement break letting out letting slip making public giving away letting drop bringing to public attention bringing to public notice blow by blow

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