Synonym of almsgiving

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making voluntary contributions to aid the poor


The act of voluntarily giving alms, of making donations to the poor, charity
charity philanthropy dole generosity munificence beneficence benevolence magnanimity largesse unselfishness altruism liberality kindness bounty open-handedness charitableness big-heartedness humanitarianism humanity bountifulness public-spiritedness benignity compassion goodwill selflessness generousness openheartedness bigheartedness openhandedness free-handedness lavishness social conscience bounteousness kind-heartedness indulgence largess social concern self-sacrifice self-denial kindliness assistance philanthropism amity clemency alms-giving fellow feeling benefaction great-heartedness blessings care gifts favours favors goodness decency understanding thoughtfulness consideration grace sympathy tolerance friendship cordiality neighborliness brotherhood good-fellowship cordialness magnanimousness friendliness gentleness fellowship aroha gift feeling comity neighbourliness good will patronage humaneness sponsorship backing brotherly love help gifting endowment relief prosocial behaviour fund prosocial behavior good works helping hand tenderness mercy warmth heart geniality amiability affection leniency love hospitality graciousness kindheartedness concern forbearance affability mercifulness high-mindedness sociability pity favour favor congeniality pleasantness patience conviviality freehandedness agreeableness nobleness forgiveness agreeability courtesy sensitivity helpfulness unsparingness good-heartedness free giving all heart lenity lenience warm-heartedness mildness nobility readiness profusion camaraderie empathy warmheartedness commiseration amiableness considerateness niceness amenity tender-heartedness sweetness liberalness good-naturedness softheartedness ruth benignancy comradery large-heartedness fondness permissiveness good nature congenialness genialness amicability affectionateness sociableness largeheartedness sufferance amenability rapport approachability courteousness quarter tenderheartedness endurance respect chumminess civility toleration partiality clubbiness regard compassionateness cooperation gregariousness open arms comradeship broad-mindedness liberalism companionability solicitude clubbability accessibility tact bonhomie approval hospitableness permission license concession freedom soft-heartedness warmness good-temperedness condolence responsiveness softness esteem charm mindfulness estimation approbation virtue emotion appreciation fatherliness moderation brotherliness fancy personableness heartiness politeness good humour peacefulness peaceableness joviality turn service boon companionship harmony communicativeness preference liking blessing commendation shine obligingness intimacy openness fraternity enjoyableness wholeheartedness attentiveness pardon mateyness palliness affinity relish taste devotion like feelings easy-going manner approachableness acceptance soul caritas earnestness company heedfulness reverence solicitousness admiration appetite imprimatur account solace familiarity allowance lack of prejudice use good opinion comfort condolement support kind regard humanism greatheartedness caring chivalry collaboration princeliness inner beauty fairness lovingness motherliness sisterliness principle supportiveness protectiveness loftiness honor honour honourableness disinterest mutual support faith liveliness gemütlichkeit large-heartedn discretion awareness public spirit Agape doing no harm moderateness forthcomingness extroversion charitability likability pleasurableness loveliness satisfaction appeal cheeriness likableness affableness douceur open-mindedness good intention fellow-feeling agape attachment character hospitability lifesaver good deed urbanity reprieve constitution mutuality jovialness sincerity gratefulness reciprocity brownie points sadness sorrow distress naturalness informality ease relaxedness closeness sanction condonation long-suffering nei receptiveness receptivity unity accord harmoniousness easiness tender feelings social intelligence nonmaleficence lack of severity companionableness demonstrativeness complaisance laxness condoning obliging nature hospitable manner peace amicableness concurrence concord sisterhood due regard rue regret socializing concern for others heart of hearts lack of bias lack of reserve sodality manners collaborating togetherness simpatico good humor sweetness and light dejection melancholy compunction etiquette outgoingness community involvement intercourse association relations mingling mutual affection encouragement succor succour consolation pampering spoiling decorum good manners dignity shyness quietness mixing communion congress good vibrations good relations same wavelength deference propriety veneration lack of reservation lack of inhibition modesty repose placidness demureness serenity stillness humility tranquillity tranquility enthusiasm passion vehemence league acquaintance fraternization socialising fraternisation hitting it off refinement courtliness large-hea cheer optimism reassurance assuagement easement gladdening inspiration mansuetude docility meekness profligateness fondling fulfilment toadying kowtowing hedonism placating profligacy pleasure favouring intemperateness favoring absolution petting privilege pleasing attention fulfillment treating intensity social contact social intercourse social interaction zeal eagerness welcomingness calmness delicacy pliancy placidity pliability fragility passionateness ardency cheerfulness violence heat fire ardor fervency fervidness intenseness fervor fervour ardour happiness effusiveness spiritedness emotions amorousness zest excitement white heat spirit glow empressement


Benefit paid by the state to the unemployed
dole grant allowance gift share donation handout modicum parcel portion quota alms benefit charity gratuity philanthropy pittance welfare allotment apportionment broo buroo dispensation distribution division koha mite relief subsistence trifle benefit payments government benefit social security state benefit unemployment benefit financial assistance insurance money living wage public assistance allowance social security payments subsidy assistance endowment benefaction contribution present stipend appropriation bequest boon bounty aid payment allocation award concession scholarship reward benefits lump public assistance pogey subvention hand-out fellowship privilege admission subsidies sick pay income support offering largesse annuity donative entitlement donations pension pensions beneficence state benefits conveyance transfer assignment welfare benefits transferal grants allowances baksheesh bursary funding zakat gifts sponsorship government handout unemployment benefits payments government subsidy social safety net level of economic security guaranteed by government safety net government aid support financial support credit JSA gifts of money gifts of food benefit payment unemployment pay sickness benefit Jobseeker's Allowance bestowal presentation giveaway largess freebie comp fairing lagniappe handsel freebee giving help subscription gifting bestowment ration write-off doing one's part helping hand a hand money bonus investment premium funds backing settlement fund legacy provision financing consideration fee conferment perk honorarium income pay perquisite lot favor favour finance patronage slice limit tip compensation helping prize inheritance alimony sweetener promotion dowry capital conferral take measure cut stint proportion courtesy goodie recompense aegis prezzie remuneration accordance exhibition resources honor honour auspice commission emolument salary wage hand benevolence financial backing remittance trust stake expenses bursarship blessing pourboire piece end part maintenance benediction tribute whack percentage sustenance compliment benison financial aid egis bite wedding gift loan furtherance means budget quantity winnings pool kitty wealth dividend hand-me-down championship finances purse cash encouragement wherewithal windfall advocacy nest egg bonsela auspices protection guardianship recommendation packet paycheck hire dues pledge disposal bequeathal revenue pay envelope generosity weightage sharing advancement devise hereditament input tithing souvenir token munificence liberality property role supply studentship contributions subsidisation indemnity subsidization douceur foundation oblation offertory leg up official payment guaranty upkeep pocket money keep batch complimentary fee investments earmarking free sample defence defense espousal meed incentive price inducement treasury one's part split chunk service charitable donation sum of money guerdon sponsoring budgeting endowing stipulation dot free gift free meal exchequer coffers indulgence grace bread and butter rake off achievement turn succor mercy cut of pie boost granting tendering conferring accomplishment deed piece of the action bank deposit account abetment superannuation lobola tocher marriage settlement return setting apart setting aside assist pocketbook reserves fisc assets deliverance comfort child support child maintenance godsend advantage amount salvation quantum total IRA retirement pension retirement fund retirement account fixed income retirement income welfare payment proceeds net profit good turn kind act good deed takings act of assistance act of kindness patronization planned disbursement spending plan kindness succour gain asset earnings fortune marriage portion goodwill gesture permitted amount taste interest permitted quantity investing good apanage felicity appanage plus luxury bonanza manna outlay acquisition redemption winning riches pro good thing underwriting pin money plus point break stroke of luck good fortune piece of good fortune advance deal expenditure security transaction trophy accolade medal plume decoration kudo investment capital vested interests bail out venture capital gong honours honors distinction citation order decree blue ribbon gold star feather in cap


Inclined to be generous or to share in abundance
generous benevolent kind magnanimous charitable good noble unselfish big-hearted eleemosynary giving high-minded humane humanitarian kindly lavish philanthropical altruistic beneficent lofty philanthropic big bighearted bounteous bountiful free freehanded freehearted fulsome honourable liberal munificent open openhanded unsparing self-sacrificing unprejudiced unstinting acceptable considerate easy excellent fair greathearted helpful honest honorable hospitable just kindhearted loose moderate reasonable soft-touch thoughtful tolerant do-good socially concerned public-spirited nonprofit not-for-profit non-profit-making non-profit kind-hearted benignant ungrudging open-handed welfare compassionate gracious solicitous caring selfless patriotic prosocial goodhearted donating contributing accommodating obliging doing good works all heart public- spirited generous to a fault sympathetic indulgent friendly warm chivalrous tender gentle good-natured loving benign understanding warm-hearted decent merciful amiable lenient mild good-hearted neighbourly neighborly tender-hearted cordial warmhearted tenderhearted genial affectionate gallant agreeable soft-hearted great-hearted large-hearted amicable affable pleasant self-denying free-handed softhearted soft supportive well-disposed devoted patient nice responsive extroverted great forgiving sensitive disinterested denying incorruptible self-effacing upright self-forgetting polite lordly elevated feeling sociable high good-humored good-humoured mellow concerned willing amenable clement princely forbearing self-forgetful prodigal handsome congenial courteous natural favorable empathetic righteous complaisant cooperative bleeding-heart well disposed sublime companionable sweet favourable empathic fatherly profuse motherly maternal worthy civil virtuous well meaning upstanding ethical sentimental unstinted comforting approachable attentive easy-going human easygoing cheerful pitying good-tempered openhearted abundant compliant broad-minded respectable encouraging ample moral principled comradely appreciative open-hearted doting fond even-tempered ready plentiful respectful receptive full accepting equitable open-minded hearty fatherlike regardful knightly plenteous moralistic benefic willingly given uplifting approving well-mannered admiring enthusiastic heroic convivial valiant well-meaning complimentary applauding accommodative adoring civilized calm reassuring useful nurturing acquiescent chummy civilised eager to please demonstrative deferential satisfied commiserative loyal eager to help bleeding heart lovable likeable angelic propitious sympathizing condoling perceptive commiserating delightful engaging sympathising stand-up loving and giving well intentioned comprehending sweet-tempered brotherly likable rich welcoming community-minded substantial immaculate social conscientious beneficial idealistic advantageous social-minded holy pharisaical goody-goody angelical esteemed creditable respected inoffensive spotless unerring harmonious beneficient valuable very kind Santa Claus profitable good scout Robin Hood pietistical pristine unflawed unmarred chaste graceful pietistic guestfriendly helpful to others goodish unmean consoling has heart in right place large fraternal protective inspiring inspiriting nonmalignant reputable virginal untouched unblamable redeemable redeeming prayerful wholesome salutary piteous ruthful accessible touchy-feely personable nonthreatening uncorrupted cultivated redoubtable illustrious matey bonhomous palsy palsy-walsy hail-fellow-well-met collegial hail-fellow buddy-buddy geocentric exocentric sparing having heart in right place breezy happy easy to get along with easy to get on with pally lovely conciliatory tractable assenting outstanding brave courtly refined soft touch unoffensive dutiful tactful heart in right place pleasing adaptable pliable old softie well-intentioned stimulating boosting gratifying paternal softie marshmallow extraordinary remarkable meritorious submissive pliant biddable conformable personal intimate unpresumptuous charming prepossessing winsome unassuming docile handy long-suffering cheering soothing fulfilling mushy as nice as pie appealing taking mild-mannered captivating simpatico sweet-natured barley-sugar winning enchanting harmless non-malignant conscious pleased aware noble-minded relaxed obedient ardent anti-corruption willing to please favourably disposed moving ennobled heroical venerable serene laid-back mindful commendatory positive knowledgeable approbatory dear user friendly on tap on deck flexible placid happy-go-lucky carefree trustworthy glorified passionate amatory cognizant incorrupt dependable equable casual nonchalant insouciant willing to help fervent close earnest faithful reverential reverent imperturbable untroubled unconcerned unruffled unworried permissive blithe enlightened alive in the know keen mannerly peaceable right straight true expressing adoration bound up close-knit chilled undemanding unhurried easy-peasy unexcitable outgoing communicative allocentric talkative clean-living well mannered all right on the up and up well-brought-up squeaky clean right-minded unreserved together free and easy unfazed unflappable loquacious effusive garrulous uninhibited forthcoming recommendatory laudative laudatory praiseful chatty voluble extrovert conversational discursive talky adulatory flattering effervescent unconstrained expansive gushy gregarious unrestrained worshipping idolizing panegyrical worshiping worshipful encomiastic eulogistic condign idolising

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