Synonym of annihilating

Alternative for annihilating

annihilates, annihilated, annihilating

Synonym: abolish, demolish, destroy, end, wreck,


Present participle for to utterly destroy or devastate
destroying demolishing wrecking ruining devastating smashing razing shattering decimating totalling totaling obliterating extinguishing wasting desolating pulverising pulverizing eradicating abolishing cancelling canceling wracking erasing nuking vaporising vaporizing creaming exterminating expunging extirpating eliminating effacing liquidating crushing quashing killing undoing zapping abating slaughtering massacring overwhelming beating benothinging wiping out rubbing out tearing down pulling down stamping out doing in snuffing out rooting out blotting out blacking out sweeping away cleaning up finishing off taking out wiping off the map wiping off the face of the earth wiping from the face of the earth ravaging trashing levelling leveling breaking removing spoiling torpedoing damaging desecrating marring wreaking havoc on impairing sabotaging laying waste gutting disrupting flattening dismantling deleting blighting despoiling dashing breaking up defeating undermining doing away with overthrowing squashing leaving in ruins bulldozing defacing putting paid to excising overturning dilapidating devouring terminating toppling disfiguring crashing nixing knocking down axing bringing down dispatching pillaging sacking unbuilding razing to the ground messing up depredating scuppering consuming cracking vandalizing sinking injuring ending mangling disintegrating busting blasting leaving desolate putting an end to vandalising battering harming taking apart smashing up crippling lousing up suppressing upsetting getting rid of burning subverting nullifying vitiating weakening ravishing fragmenting fracturing spoliating putting a stop to scotching tainting splitting crosses out striking out blanking out screwing up blowing to bits fouling up bringing to ruin quelling plundering butchering blemishing scourging incapacitating compromising annulling disabling destructing tarnishing scorching uprooting finishing blowing flawing raiding bursting bringing to an end splintering corrupting defiling endamaging reducing ruinating breaking down snapping scoring out crabbing blowing up corroding reducing to ruins shivering banjaxing taking down dishing mucking up scratching out offing throwing down blowing to pieces scratching blocking out putting down blowing out riving laying waste to making a mess of putting out of commission putting the kibosh on cutting out wracking up bringing to naught washing out laying in ruins weeding out blowing a hole in hindering destabilizing frustrating ransacking obscuring disassembling incinerating exhausting felling depleting stymieing preventing smothering concealing raping striking trimming aborting depopulating pranging dynamiting hurting blue-penciling blue-pencilling depressing wounding covering sullying interfering with trouncing dismembering bloodying afflicting shocking sapping mutilating blowing away botching separating destabilising KO'ing wreaking havoc rending fading smirching queering crossing up severing canceling out cancelling out blotting capsizing inking out tumbling tearing staining scrubbing cutting cruelling euchring dividing bombing maiming putting the lid on playing havoc with smashing to smithereens wearing away snuffing wiping off map causing detriment to knocking to pieces shooting down putting out of action bluing pencil tearing up cracking up pulling to pieces reducing to rubble doing for busting up knocking off dashing to pieces making hash of removing all traces of damaging beyond repair making mincemeat of parting bringing about the downfall of slaying wiping tormenting avenging lowering bankrupting cooling looting marauding purging kayoing robbing forgetting checking executing exsecting chastening chastising smiting letting down stopping burning away rifling harrying rupturing overcoming messing besmirching nicking prejudicing taking away waxing wolfing shipwrecking clobbering conquering spray painting emptying making desolate breaking off wrenching scarring banishing reaving spending perforating puncturing putting out of your mind cutting down killing off committing genocide handling roughly gobbling up hampering spilling unmaking scattering decaying disappointing piling up running onto the rocks falling to pieces falling to bits interrupting cutting a swath through dumping on doing mischief to bowdlerizing wiping off censoring redacting deleing tearing to pieces putting in toilet engulfing glitching up throwing a spanner in the works of putting a damper on making a hash of throwing a monkey wrench in the works of thwarting attacking mowing down blowing down casting down laundering withdrawing scraping off bowdlerising negating disannulling blanking marking out knocking out destroying root and branch rubbing off blowing sky-high wiping off face of earth enveloping expending absorbing draining exploding foiling laying low imploding havocking prostrating overrunning trampling threatening supplanting unsettling putting a line through blocking disfeaturing jeopardizing ripping down unseating deposing dissolving ousting disestablishing dethroning mullering abusing scathing discoloring wronging denting dirtying rusting maltreating gnawing lacerating infecting knocking discolouring rotting bollixing dousing quenching using up drawing down playing out sundering rifting squelching poisoning bodging stabbing polluting bleaching contaminating diminishing impoverishing deteriorating debilitating obstructing eroding editing tampering with banging up causing injury driving a nail into the coffin of playing merry hell with doing damage to torching stifling obfuscating battening eclipsing darkening shading impeding enervating devitalizing smattering scrunching crunching fragmentizing covering over choking cleaning out bringing to nothing reducing to nothing wreaking havoc upon intruding on undercutting breaking into pieces rubbing away whiting out smoothing away debasing withering enfeebling inconveniencing reversing invalidating rebelling superseding inverting going through blowing apart crushing to smithereens putting out dampening scalding combusting roughing up shaking up detracting from jeopardising cremating carbonising carbonizing doing harm to damping down turning out stubbing out detecting passing out holding back covering up making dark keeling over cutting off throwing a monkey wrench into burning up burning down destroying by fire burning to the ground burning to a crisp reducing to ashes


Present participle for to defeat comprehensively
thrashing trouncing routing clobbering drubbing pasting whipping creaming flattening shellacking skunking wallopping walloping whomping defeating burying smoking smothering whupping whopping whapping trimming dusting bombing conquering tromping skinning overpowering waxing quelling negating snowing under blowing away hammering crushing overwhelming pounding beating wiping the floor with licking destroying demolishing owning murdering pulverizing massacring beating hollow slaughtering making mincemeat of stuffing crucifying blowing out pulverising marmalizing taking to the cleaners defeating utterly besting giving someone a drubbing running rings around tanking worsting bringing someone to their knees blowing out of the water vanquishing winning a resounding victory over subduing triumphing over overcoming subjugating getting the better of mastering overthrowing giving someone a pasting walking all over caning giving someone a hiding totalling totaling slamming trashing walking over flogging undoing prevailing over quashing pommelling pommeling surmounting lambasting smashing dispatching overbearing overmatching upending belting wiping out bludgeoning thumping mauling winning against killing slogging swamping doing zapping overrunning getting taking stopping putting away working over running rings round knocking out battering pipping at the post getting around doing down bashing busting striking repressing torpedoing giving a drubbing to outmaneuvering outmanoeuvring defeating heavily outplaying overturning humbling trampling subverting flooring decking upsetting beating up tanning bearing down putting paid to edging out KO'ing hiding finishing spanking threshing outclassing leathering buffeting buffetting winning rolling pummelling basting pummeling whaling blasting wasting bulldozing currying shutting out punishing chastening chastising whacking steamrolling running circles around reducing ruining whitewashing sinking dropping slaying edging putting down checkmating cutting to pieces decimating obliterating ambushing outflanking butchering routeing entrapping outrunning outhitting outjumping shipwrecking wiping off map messing up taking a stick to plowing under roughing up running roughshod over putting an end to winning a victory over finishing off shutting down pwning putting someone in their place picking apart bringing to ruin taking to cleaners mowing down taking it all nosing out bunging up rolling back varnishing levelling leveling razing unbuilding pacifying subjecting subordinating dominating mullering outdoing topping eating alive settling steamrollering pulling down tearing down disposing of knocking the stuffing out of larruping larrupping mopping up taking apart beating the pants off knocking off shooting down unseating outfighting putting in the shade taking down taking care of devastating defeating easily suppressing staggering driving off putting to flight beating back throwing back in confusion putting to rout cleaning up on breaking eradicating blowing out of water immobilizing astonishing rendering incapable grinding down rendering speechless demoralising immobilising gaining a victory over demoralizing gaining mastery over rendering powerless rendering helpless triumphing knocking for six thwarting foiling frustrating outwitting circumventing throwing discomfiting confounding overriding overmastering rising above succeeding over trampling underfoot bringing to knees lathering fixing one's wagon cooking one's goose wiping off the mat surpassing outstripping excelling overshadowing winning over eclipsing bettering exceeding outshining transcending capping outperforming getting the upper hand downing prevailing hurdling beating down trumping outrivaling outrivalling getting the upper hand over overtopping improving on outmatching outgunning overtaking outdistancing towering over putting to shame knocking spots off going one better than razing to the ground outsmarting humiliating taming extinguishing toppling outranking weathering curbing surviving stunning oppressing shocking rendering outliving improving upon doing in gaining ascendancy over gaining the upper hand over turning over capsizing knocking over gaining the advantage over making a fool of getting one up on coming out on top of outpacing passing shooting ahead shaking off shaming overpassing coming out on top hosing doing better than shooting ahead of controlling hegemonizing stretching blanking dumbfounding overawing taking out gaining control over bowling over upstaging shutting off rolling over laying out outvying dwarfing leaving standing making look pale by comparison trampling over


Present participle for to kill off or put an end to someone or something
dispatching killing murdering slaying assassinating executing liquidating terminating croaking destroying icing eliminating slaughtering whacking offing massacring butchering exterminating neutralising neutralizing snuffing wasting eradicating getting topping stiffing erasing smoking claiming felling scragging taking zapping doing in taking out bumping off rubbing out knocking off wiping out finishing off putting to death putting away doing away with cutting down blowing away doing to death mowing down shooting down taking the life of ending the life of snuffing out polishing off carrying off putting an end to taking someone's life giving someone the works terminating with extreme prejudice putting end to decimating disposing of cutting to pieces causing the death of finishing extirpating downing putting down making away with doing for obliterating putting to sleep putting to the sword hitting getting rid of abolishing waxing extinguishing ending killing off sending to the gas chambers silencing garrotting vaporizing canceling cancelling smiting greasing blackballing vaporising nixing lynching immolating guillotining defeating overwhelming blotting out wiping from the face of the earth deep-sixing rooting out wiping off the face of the earth removing purging suffocating crucifying strangling asphyxiating gunning down sacrificing hanging blasting stunning effacing expunging depopulating wiping off the map deleting vanquishing sticking beating mangling torturing mutilating maiming ruining overcoming routing overpowering worsting stretching out taking care of besting ethnically cleansing stamping out cleaning up sending to kingdom come sweeping away blacking out devastating bringing down putting paid to taking off moving in for the kill driving to the wall murking shooting beheading chillin cooling garotting smothering electrocuting doing knifing chilling decapitating dusting off taking a life taking away discarding dispensing with discontinuing scratching sterilizing dragging excluding clearing away sterilising taking down dragging down


Present participle for to put an end to something, typically by the use of force
quelling quashing suppressing subduing crushing repressing extinguishing defeating squashing ending squelching checking destroying stifling frustrating curbing silencing overcoming beating thwarting conquering controlling stopping demolishing terminating abolishing vanquishing quenching overpowering extirpating finishing killing queering subjugating overwhelming routing clobbering putting down snuffing out cracking down on putting an end to putting a stop to wiping out stamping out clamping down on nipping in the bud getting rid of putting the lid on slapping down putting the kibosh on shutting down sitting on scotching eliminating weeding out eradicating overthrowing dismissing rejecting trashing squishing scrunching cracking down snowing under inhibiting cowing discontinuing arresting halting triumphing over burying bottling stemming trampling interrupting putting out dominating clamping spiking overturning shushing driving underground trampling on cutting off blocking out keeping in holding down keeping inside holding in putting lid on beating down bringing to naught putting kibosh on deadening restraining smothering gagging strangling holding back settling muffling impeding constraining bridling hindering cutting short dulling restricting muting containing reducing quietening quelching lulling dampening putting a lid on soft-pedalling soft-pedaling curtailing putting an stop to choking off keeping in check saying nothing soothing hampering allaying mastering assuaging preventing mollifying quieting easing licking moderating mitigating palliating stilling censoring appeasing hushing abating dumbing swallowing lessening alleviating tempering garrotting tranquilizing sinking pocketing submerging putting paid to muzzling interfering with choking clamming throttling diminishing choking back composing oppressing reining in bringing to an end gaining mastery over closing up drowning suffocating cooling keeping the lid on bottling up shutting up hushing up keeping back dummying up holding your tongue quieting down strangling at birth blocking obstructing censuring scuppering torpedoing nipping something in the bud limiting asphyxiating debriefing dishing clamping down taming besting bringing to screeching halt surmounting damping down bringing to a stop bringing to a halt dispatching strangulating pouring cold water on throwing cold water on gaining control over calming prevailing over bringing to a standstill doing for getting the better of concealing getting a grip on winning against pacifying hiding gaining control of completing calling a halt concluding running down closing putting the stopper on wrapping up winding up snuffing prostrating whelming flooring devastating overmastering wrecking swamping placating lullabying biting one's lip shrouding collecting buttoning up corking up reining fighting back biting back corking simmering down heaping showering ruining breaking obliterating blunting becalming salving icing governing keeping down bringing to a close comforting balming reassuring qualifying ceasing stroking falling overawing grinding down softening banishing dispelling mellowing damping blowing away easing off chilling out cooling off drying up keeping it down hushing one's mouth taking the edge rocking to sleep striking dumb piping down laying back taking the sting out decreasing the volume settling down tongue-tying cooling it taking it easy clamming up blotting out bringing someone to their knees forcing down bearing down on rising above toning down keeping a lid on getting under control holding in check quietening down


Present participle for to put an end to, especially formally
abolishing cancelling canceling ending destroying dissolving eliminating eradicating quashing terminating voiding obliterating repealing extinguishing invalidating overturning annulling axing ditching doing away with exterminating nullifying rescinding wiping out expunging getting rid of junking revoking abrogating dropping extirpating shedding stamping out stopping discarding erasing overthrowing scrapping suppressing jettisoning trashing deleting throwing out vitiating countermanding discontinuing excising putting an end to removing repudiating retracting scrubbing subverting withdrawing abating avoiding blacking out blotting out chopping cleaning up disannulling dispensing with dumping effacing liquidating negating nulling rooting out rubbing out snuffing out sweeping away vacating deracinating disestablishing finishing inhibiting killing nixing prohibiting rolling back squelching striking down superseding undoing zapping calling off closing down setting aside giving the chop putting kibosh on knocking something on the head putting the kibosh on bringing to an end reversing obviating rendering null and void recalling vetoing overruling declaring null and void neutralizing rendering invalid neutralising recanting undermining overriding suspending casting aside torpedoing reneging counteracting counterbalancing offsetting discharging cancelling out canceling out denying declaring invalid declaring weakening getting off the hook impairing circumducting unfitting disqualifying blowing sky-high renouncing breaking off backtracking on disaffirming reneging on taking back rejecting disclaiming waiving going back on abjuring calling back countervailing rebutting dismissing squashing scratching limiting restricting compensating nigging confining doing in knocking out finishing off forgetting it taking out washing out bluing pencil disbanding making ineffective ceasing adjourning contravening blackballing impugning crossing counterchecking redressing belying dinging traversing frustrating opposing stonewalling disproving calling all bets off concluding proroguing bringing to naught turning thumbs down turning down flying in the face of breaking with putting down dismantling disuniting breaking up winding up loosing shooting wracking disorganizing ruining closing splitting up demolishing decimating severing collapsing shattering destructing unmaking postponing winding down wrecking rendering void resolving into fading out disallowing lifting ruling against aborting making void backpedaling backpedalling forswearing abandoning cutting disowning unsaying abnegating crying off weaselling out weaseling out backing out of defeating making null and void calling altering counterordering counterpoising upsetting disavowing ignoring remitting outvoting foreswearing backing out backtracking withcalling phasing out going back on your word backing down retreating discounting going against blowing KO'ing disregarding dishonouring disobeying doing a U-turn on banishing refusing bleeping throwing over shooting down opting out worming out standing down purging omitting dishonoring censoring excluding editing blacking breaking changing refusing to fulfil hushing up bottling up corking up shutting down oversetting forgetting backwatering calling in redlining retiring refuting doing a U-turn doing an about-turn deleing eliding prostrating downing halting belaying turfing putting damper on putting the lid on wangling out getting shot of driving out casting out putting out taking off desisting bringing down knocking down taking away drawing back pulling back crawling out of pulling the plug crosses out striking out Xing out prevailing defying flouting dominating predominating editing out stroking out blanking out whiting out blue-penciling blocking out blue-pencilling inking out putting a line through trampling underfoot riding roughshod over forbearing rendering inert wiping slate clean ruling out trampling upon forsaking apostatizing relinquishing desisting from dialing back worming out of eating your words welshing contradicting backing off compensating for negativing balancing making up for correcting equalizing counterweighing balancing out overcoming counterweighting rendering ineffective defusing subduing conquering squaring up equalising deactivating evening up


Highly destructive or damaging

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