Synonym of apocalyptic

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Having far-reaching and often disastrous consequences or implications
fateful crucial important critical decisive momentous significant portentous all-important determining historic key pivotal consequential earth-shattering epoch-making far-reaching weighty earth-shaking world-shaking world-shattering acute conclusive determinative direful doomful eventful ill-fated inauspicious of great importance ominous resultful unlucky of great consequence serious vital grave meaningful life-and-death urgent deciding paramount pressing indispensable imperative essential life-saving life or death of great moment now or never life-or-death of vital importance high-priority extremely important vitally important big major monumental substantial much tectonic headline earthshaking great material memorable heavy epochal notable considerable outstanding life-changing of moment of importance of consequence of significance earnest profound solemn severe fundamental of great import exigent somber sombre heavyweight influential sober heavy-duty sedate noteworthy principal cardinal staid life and death no laughing matter no joke central humourless humorless intense no-nonsense big deal appreciable dire front-page core prominent integral large-scale powerful remarkable leading prime underlined uncomic overriding primary intrinsic exceptional ponderous capital conspicuous telling extensive grand burning big-time big league high-level large distinguished landmark celebrated sensational illustrious sizable focal extraordinary unforgettable dominant especial preeminent newsworthy eminent main tough special requisite noble pre-eminent hefty honourable honorable foremost imposing major league necessary grievous impactful mighty deep major-league worthwhile uppermost glorious climacteric famous prodigious seminal top difficult premier pertinent noted grim impressive pronounced reputable hard forceful striking attention-grabbing eye-catching honoured superior needed of note almighty salient resonant sad high profile high-up distinctive well known dangerous big-league high-powered highly regarded high-ranking honored emphatic meaty interesting glum stern overwhelming gloomy dour topical arresting austere super quintessential germane dynamic invaluable massive quiet downbeat recognized respected exciting relevant buzzworthy cold sober matter of life and death overruling primal predominant chief life-altering renowned ruling master climactic supreme super colossal mammoth valuable arch well-known famed prerequisite compelling mandatory radical required esteemed iconic acclaimed dignified strategic testing of substance prestigious much needed must-have very important of the utmost importance of the essence milestone extreme trying searching settling of influence historical of mark well thought of in the public eye formidable recognised public out of the ordinary psychological commanding strong noticeable preponderant obvious rare signal keynote worthy of attention carrying a lot of weight quantum uncommon generous glaring unusual unordinary ponderable potent marked particular gratifying desperate clamorous touchy insistent showdown climatic trusted groundbreaking triumphant august fulfilling careful touch and go hanging by thread on thin ice good brilliant heroic uplifting bright proud top-notch big time top-ranking puissant skookum top-drawer of high standing resplendent magnificent marvellous satisfying splendid wonderful marvelous red-letter venerable heart-warming rewarding pleasing sweeping cheering shining sublime pleasurable exalted immediate top-priority pointed instrumental wretched depressing in-depth complete thorough top-level overshadowing of concern high-profile disheartening harrowing discouraging deadly forbidding sobering shocking fatal forlorn worrying strenuous devastating ill-starred unamusing destructive ruinous desolate ugly page-one unmissable tremendous assiduous comprehensive considered meticulous scrupulous purposeful diligent exhaustive full detailed of import most important


Of or pertaining to an omen or to omens
ominous baleful inauspicious menacing minatory portentous sinister threatening doomy dark dire direful forbidding foreboding unpromising unpropitious black bodeful fateful gloomy grim ill ill-boding premonitory ugly unfavorable unfavourable wintery wintry augural baneful clouded dangerous dismal doomed doomful fearful haunting hostile ill-fated ill-omened impending inhospitable lowering malefic malificent malign minacious perilous precursive presaging prescient prophetic sinistrous suggestive unfriendly unlucky warning worrying alarming evil minatorial comminatory bullying frightening nasty intimidatory terrorizing scary lowery portending near loury overhanging aggressive close scowling forthcoming impendent upcoming terrorising intimidating at hand brooding glowering heavy thunderous pessimistic momentous significant foreshadowing predictive prognosticatory important crucial disquieting phenomenal inspiring exciting intriguing remarkable fated destined thrilling exhilarating extraordinary disturbing eerie creepy evil-looking malignant spooky eldritch malevolent injurious disastrous obnoxious suggestive of evil adverse woeful harmful hurtful dishonest pernicious perverse deleterious poisonous blackhearted mischievous unfortunate cautionary admonitory imminent unsafe looming dreadful terrible shocking horrible ghastly terrifying horrendous dread spine-chilling redoubtable formidable fearsome hair-raising frightful horrifying awful appalling godawful horrid calamitous terrific bad infelicitous bleak mean-looking louring ruinous discouraging daunting unhappy untimely inopportune disadvantageous disheartening chilling ill-starred wretched regrettable hopeless lamentable deplorable unhealthy approaching untoward unwholesome glum morose moody troubled unchancy brewing imposing awesome petrifying dismaying overpowering deadly noxious venomous vindictive wicked awe-inspiring all-powerful luckless evil-intentioned antagonistic poor afflicted forsaken awkward destitute unprosperous cursed hapless jinxed bitter malicious hate-filled acrimonious in the wind out of luck in a bad way maleficent vitriolic nocuous damaging prejudicial virulent detrimental spiteful desperate catastrophic crying pressing cataclysmic critical unspeakable extreme cruel atrocious urgent distressing grievous harrowing serious outrageous drastic grave severe unwelcoming uninviting miserable crippling irretrievable devastating lousy abysmal parlous chronic exigent oppressing fierce heartbreaking afflictive offensive odious life-threatening unpleasant repulsive ferocious depressing

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