Synonym of applauding

Alternative for applauding

applauds, applauded, applauding

Synonym: acclaim, approve, cheer, clap, hail, praise,


Showing approval, appreciation or praise
approving appreciative complimentary commendatory admiring approbatory favourable favorable positive friendly good laudatory sympathetic acclamatory praiseful flattering congratulatory respectful supportive praising panegyrical approbative laudative adulatory recommendatory enthusiastic plauditory encomiastic eulogistic adoring accepting idolizing pleased encouraging gracious celebrating affirmative commending idolising fawning satisfied receptive generous understanding kind in favor of deferential appreciating worshipful worshipping worshiping acclaiming esteeming rapturous condign sensitive responsive conscious aware commendable predisposed okay reassuring agreeable well-disposed benign amicable inclined well-intentioned welcoming benevolent assenting knowledgeable mindful raving regardful perceptive cognizant honeyed celebratory advisory warm eulogizing rave saccharine glowing fulsome sugary cordial cooperative enlightened alive affectionate considerate keen well-wishing encomiastical polite courtly civil honoring honouring fair-spoken eulogising highly favourable unctuous sycophantic in the know with high praise with highest recommendation highly favorable pro on the side of sympathetic to responsive to favourably disposed to favourable to in sympathy with encouraging of favorably disposed to in favour of receptive to well disposed to full of praise extolling rhapsodic lionizing lionising panegyric glorifying excellent great fine supreme high reverential obsequious servile blandishing bootlicking slavish cloying ingratiating smarmy hagiographical soapy oily nauseating gushing oleaginous gushy hagiographic toadying ecstatic highly complimentary very happy


Excessively sweet or flattering in one's speech or words
honeyed fawning flattering ingratiating adulatory unctuous complimentary sycophantic praising obsequious bootlicking commending cajoling sugarcoated smooth persuasive pleasing sweet toadyish honey-tongued silver-tongued soft-soaping sweet-talking sweet-sounding sugary favourable admiring appreciative flannelling blarneying servile oily gratifying oleaginous creeping crawling fulsome laudatory smarmy encomiastic encomiastical favorable toadying deferential grovelling slimy groveling humble sucky slick soapy saccharine cringing greasy subservient Uriah Heepish gushing suave soft charming serving silken brown-nosing glib smooth-tongued smooth-talking disarming slavish abject insincere submissive creepy gushy insinuating saponaceous plausible kowtowing mealy-mouthed insinuative truckling arse-licking compliant ass-kissing prostrate buttery smug ingratiatory arse-kissing cloying nauseating sickening wheedling slippery suckholing hypocritical hagiographical hagiographic timeserving brownnosing sniveling parasitic spineless effusive insinuatory suggestive parasitical apple-polishing bowing and scraping snivelling smooth-spoken eloquent self-effacing winsome winning endearing supple coaxing bland reptilian sycophantish menial subordinate complacent crouching reverential respectful enslaved subject stipendiary sneaking beggarly compliable obeisant credible all over someone sycophant scraping bowing cowering silky fast-talking convincing hard to resist fluent articulate grandiloquent oratorical well-spoken urbane phoney creamy pinguid phony self-abasing forelock-tugging


Present participle for to enthusiastically applaud or approve of
praising acclaiming lauding saluting celebrating commending extolling cheering hailing admiring accrediting approving clapping complimenting encouraging favoring favouring touting welcoming eulogising eulogizing magnifying approving of boosting congratulating glorifying plugging raving recommending rooting supporting bigging up cracking up expressing admiration for expressing approval of paying tribute to expressing respect for giving ovation looking on with favour paying homage to singing the praises of speaking highly of giving a hand giving it up for hearing it for showing your appreciation giving a big hand giving a standing ovation putting your hands together giving a round of applause honouring honoring panegyrizing exalting emblazoning lionizing toasting appreciating ballyhooing lionising aggrandizing raving about hymning heaping praise on making much of revering recognizing commemorating crying someone up venerating handing it to waxing lyrical about recognising throwing bouquets at crying up flattering reverencing blessing worshiping worshipping crying something up praising to the skies bigging something up proclaiming respecting idolizing stroking resounding dignifying going into raptures about feting puffing up idolising distinguishing speaking well of building up acknowledging adoring taking one's hat off to carolling caroling valuing esteeming ennobling singing giving recognition to showing appreciation of crediting saying nice things about singing paeans to putting on a pedestal looking up to enthusing about endorsing rhapsodizing over going into raptures over prizing immortalizing subliming uprearing erecting giving a posy cracking something up cracking someone up immortalising paying respects to taking your hat off to promoting vaunting adulating praising enthusiastically rhapsodizing about pushing gushing about enthusing over hero-worshipping sanctifying hallowing memorializing gushing over sanctioning lapping up eating up decorating felicitating raving over showing gratitude to observing apotheosizing waxing lyrical giving a bouquet expressing delight over going on about going wild about signalizing giving accolades to giving credit to memorialising signalising sounding the praises of holding in high esteem holding in high regard patting on back giving bouquet giving key to city giving glad hand rolling out red carpet expressing admiration of heralding countenancing building mentioning rhapsodizing rhapsodising mobbing giving approval giving kudos showing appreciation for advocating singing praises publicizing solemnizing belauding celebritizing bestowing honour on deifying paying respects citing handing it to one solemnising publicising singing praises of taking off hat to making famous intensifying transfiguring lifting haloing noticing bragging about making a fuss over making a fuss of showing respect loving giving someone a pat on the back holding in awe bringing the house down cherishing rewarding rolling out the red carpet striking gently giving it up setting on a pedestal setting on pedestal giving a boost to exaggerating enhancing elevating applauding someone to the echo augmenting hurrahing hurraying flagging glamorizing increasing affirming upholding regarding considering having appreciation for attaching importance to romanticizing canonizing idealizing drinking in drinking to ushering in drinking a toast to rating highly overstating boasting bragging glamouring up glamourizing adorning lifting up enshrining adding dignity to raising adding distinction to heroizing overvaluing advancing adding lustre to canonising hiking idealising glamorising romanticising hugging rooting for expressing approval for thinking highly of holding in respect putting up giving a big cigar wishing happy returns wishing joy to giving regards wishing one well rejoicing with


Present participle for to recognize something as valuable
appreciating valuing respecting prizing cherishing treasuring admiring considering esteeming loving regarding hailing lauding commending extolling praising holding in esteem holding in high regard rating highly thinking highly of thinking much of having a high opinion of setting store by setting great store by regarding highly valuing highly favouring liking favoring rating holding dear embracing apprizing counting enshrining guarding thinking well of approving appreciating greatly venerating revering attaching great importance to looking on with favour taking kindly to holding in regard adulating placing a high value on setting a high value on worshipping worshiping honoring honouring looking up to idolizing reverencing paying homage to putting on a pedestal holding in high esteem lionizing approving of adoring holding in the highest regard hero-worshipping thinking the world of extolling the virtues of holding in awe lionising marveling at attaching importance to thinking a lot of hallowing holding in respect having a high regard for relishing wondering at idolising deifying glorifying exalting apotheosizing magnifying praying to sanctifying holding sacred canonizing bowing down to singing praises to offering prayers to canonising aggrandizing acclaiming recognizing enjoying thinking of deferring to recognising apprising paying tribute to paying homage standing in awe of celebrating bowing down before doting on taking off your hat to immortalizing elevating holding high enthroning idealizing divinizing immortalising beatifying consecrating idealising

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