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Synonym: accessible, reachable,


(of a place) Able to be reached from a particular direction or by a particular means
accessible attainable come-at-able reachable get-at-able obtainable convenient getable door's always open open welcoming available unrestricted securable public employable usable within reach on deck responsive unoccupied fit allowable unqualified nondiscriminatory practicable agreeable operative vacant to be had appropriate proper admissible general permitted not posted free on tap unconditional suitable open-door handy acquirable procurable forthcoming ready feasible gettable realizable getatable present offered possible manageable utilizable graspable utilisable achievable realisable on hand at hand easy to get to close at hand in hand wide-open open to easily reached at your fingertips easy to access at one's disposal easy to use at one's fingertips ready for use to hand at the ready nearby up for grabs near accomplishable near at hand readily available workable prepared viable doable close within your grasp close by on call winnable unused probable untaken realistic on offer spare unengaged standing by primed idle empty exploitable unfilled derivable purchasable on standby reasonable derivable from expendable spendable duck soup no sweat no problem near-at-hand close-at-hand disengaged not in use on stand-to not occupied unemployed consumable piece of cake at your disposal in easy reach within the bounds of possibility within the realms of possibility in readiness on full alert on file in reserve imminent impending easy to reach easy-access functional useable operable serviceable useful relevant around local existing leisure in season in circulation ready to be drawn practical inactive off pushover on the market applicable own sensible on hold obtained performable on a plate in stock popular utile within the realm of possibility within reason given for use when needed set aside there for the taking made available disposable adjacent user friendly user-friendly hassle-free user-oriented time-saving labour-saving trouble-free potential in evidence at your service free for use unreserved waiting covered vouchsafed to someone just round the corner likely conceivable imaginable uninhabited tenantless at someone's disposal in line at fingertips in place in position easy champing at bit on the brink in the saddle untenanted for the taking at beck and call easily available in order close to hand cherry pie


Friendly and easy to talk to
friendly affable congenial cordial open agreeable welcoming pleasant accessible available communicative easy-going helpful hospitable informal obliging sociable unstuffy amenable amicable open-minded receptive well disposed easy to get along with easy to get on with genial amiable warm good-natured sympathetic kind kindly gracious convivial good-humoured good-humored benevolent companionable neighbourly neighborly tender outgoing affectionate warmhearted warm-hearted gregarious considerate benign chummy gentle easy comradely cheerful jovial mellow matey complaisant social compassionate nice good-tempered well-disposed conversable loving extrovert extroverted easygoing civil clubby mild unreserved buddy-buddy bonhomous tolerant cheery likeable kind-hearted likable responsive caring courteous understanding sweet accommodating clubbable charitable big-hearted polite hail-fellow-well-met decent pally uninhibited company-loving beneficent thoughtful benignant lenient indulgent personable softhearted kindhearted delightful lovable pleasing good-hearted extraverted engaging civilized happy urbane soft forthcoming magnanimous generous empathetic civilised tenderhearted merciful lovely charming good chirpy favorable intimate perky hearty humane unrestrained clubable favourable unconstrained expansive liberal clement forbearing mild-mannered tender-hearted soft-hearted palsy empathic unselfish emotional goodhearted human palsy-walsy expressive bighearted sensitive peaceful effusive demonstrative chivalrous gushing fond cooperative close cuddly natural humanitarian relaxed couthy gallant courtly collegial smiling buoyant lively candid altruistic regular forgiving prepossessing winsome unpresumptuous unassuming lovey-dovey touchy-feely hail-fellow familiar sweet-natured large-hearted even-tempered pitying patient harmless well-mannered good company bland unctuous stately suave sensible vulnerable bubbly calm temperate understandable colonial boon confident tactful casual brotherly diplomatic ladylike gentlemanly decorous conciliatory like-minded vibrant loyal amusing confiding funny faithful happy-go-lucky hilarious attentive compatible amical comical peaceable jocular jocose attached entertaining kindred on good terms chilled fraternal communal wonderful harmonious backslapping cosy courageous heroic noble genteel well-bred mannerly well mannered cozy tight enthusiastic humble modest well meaning well intentioned swell ingratiating respectful self-effacing heartfelt couth valiant laid-back sincere earnest fatherly wholehearted genuine bluff jolly buddy buddy non-hostile door's always open free and easy comforting inviting maternal eager solicitous giving attention-seeking brave appealing commiserative amorous deep motherly paternal merry righteous philanthropic appreciative accepting commiserating perceptive sympathising sympathizing reassuring comprehending concerned supportive condoling winning taking enchanting captivating sweet-tempered sentimental upper up cheering chipper upbeat jocund high sunny enlivening joyous blithe glad fearless honourable bold intrepid dauntless honorable stout-hearted mushy simpatico reasonable as nice as pie broad-minded bleeding-heart all heart nonmalignant sunny side up nonthreatening noble-minded valorous barley-sugar knightly non-malignant pacific nonviolent conflict-free non-violent attractive doting talkative devoted carefree openhearted dear vivacious breezy pacifistic selfless nonbelligerent compliant approving inoffensive strife-free peace-loving bright gay disciplined festive orderly mirthful nonaggressive non-aggressive non-combative quiet placid adoring dovelike free fun moderate bountiful pacifist without hostility smooth great-hearted personal unwarlike dovish non-belligerent fun-loving thick debonair down-to-earth passive exuberant effervescent airy anti-war joyful nonchalant acquiescent familial meek irenic deferential well-behaved light-hearted jaunty soothing ebullient sympathique serene sprightly consistent congruous consonant gleeful laughing retiring pacificatory blithesome cultivated well behaved disarming neutral optimistic gladsome sparky moral polished good-mannered positive non-confrontational reverent willing to please cool angelic untroubled lighthearted on friendly terms of good cheer free from strife all right downright neighborly unemotional charismatic enjoyable relishable preferable assent avuncular feeling open-handed law-abiding oily guestfriendly festal conversible unflappable humoring equable people-oriented socializing facile diverting unstinting ruly philanthropical munificent glowing copacetic affectious glad-handering brother's sibling genealogical unaffected undemanding loquacious garrulous immaculate self-sacrificing near humouring unanimous adapted united suitable fit frictionless romantic fatherlike paternalistic socialising laid back good-looking confidential bosom well-suited well suited concordant agreeing accordant cultured refined red-carpet bloodless controlled ardent eleemosynary moralistic goody-goody angelical greathearted spotless openhanded social-minded holy pharisaical esteemed creditable respected do-good bounteous unsparing unerring freehanded presentable voluble chatty conversational bombastic permissive in favour lamblike sisterly soft-spoken unoffensive shy demure dove-like officious snug inseparable fresh very friendly kissy-huggy nurturing tractable assenting handsome boisterous uplifting discursive talky square shooting right nice unforced marshmallow softie at ease free-and-easy protective amatory passionate unmarred pietistical pristine unflawed chaste graceful pietistic regular fellow right neighborly discreet submissive pliant biddable conformable propitious witty thick as thieves nice-looking bonny canny pretty fervent reverential endearing comfortable lavish gushy extroversive communicable extraversive extrovertive unconfrontational extravertive spontaneous well spoken poised well brought up well brought-up condescending obsequious well bred unceremonious politic punctilious well-spoken willing docile mollycoddling pampering accommodative cosseting gratifying in accord in favor in agreement peacemaking appeasing partial huggy spirited waggish adorable hopeful sweetheart aces okay white-hat comely obedient comfy homelike virginal untouched unblamable redeemable redeeming prayerful animated honest placatory fetching loose nonformal unstudied footloose favourably disposed fabulous gassy soft-shelled nonjudgmental big overpermissive favorably inclined favourably inclined ethical respectable upright bound up close-knit rosy eupeptic beaming lightsome canty all over innocuous sparkling unargumentative noncombative noncontentious compromising at peace parental virtuous trustworthy cute expressing adoration propitiatory cock-a-hoop dependable worthy incorrupt innocent unworried radiant grinning still in good spirits in high spirits zippy jubilant playful able to live with going easy on going along with sunbeamy placating mollifying footloose and fancy-free on friendly just principled upstanding full of life peppy smiley zingy restful tranquil undisturbed balmy good egg regardful ludic frolicsome peart perk sportive home-like unobjectionable unoffending crazy over Pickwickian nutty about soft on straight right true darling ordered complacent pro bright and breezy joshing jokey bright-eyed and bushy-tailed lots of laughs full of the joys of spring bouncy full of beans larking without a care in the world full of vim and vigour as merry as a grig as lively as a grig daffy free as the wind free as a bird lovesome cherished bewitching precious pacifying conciliating calming unobtrusive stand-up enthralling cherishable ravishing adorbs entrancing sympatisch cunning desirable alluring fascinating seductive clean-living on the up and up well-brought-up squeaky clean right-minded known to acquainted innoxious nonprovocative mediatory mediating nurturable appreciatable prizable encouraging white anodyne unexceptionable safe hurtless relaxing unremarkable dull clean tame well-intentioned on a sociable footing supporting of vicarious in favor of approving of down encouraging of in favour of supportive of responsive to friendly to favourably disposed to receptive to well disposed to well-disposed towards having a heart on same wavelength favorably disposed favourably disposed towards on the side of in sympathy with tuned in


(of cultural activities or products) Designed with the intention to suit the taste of the general public rather than specialists or intellectuals


Willing to consider or accept new suggestions and ideas
receptive open open-minded sympathetic amenable interested accessible favourable friendly responsive susceptible welcoming attuned flexible suggestible willing acceptant acceptive broad-minded impressionable pliable pliant alert bright hospitable perceptive sensitive susceptive well disposed favorable influenceable observant open to new ideas persuadable pushover quick ready recipient sharp swayable well-disposed open to suggestions ready to consider new ideas willing to consider new ideas quick on the uptake undogmatic willing to change alive awake aware reactive forthcoming passionate respondent kindhearted answering acknowledging replying sensible tender sensile active warmhearted compassionate quick to react warm softhearted conscious sentient quick to respond vulnerable liable exposed in danger prone endangered wide open assailable subject to disposed subject defenseless attackable defenceless inclined at risk unprotected given unguarded impressible thin-skinned sitting duck vincible tending conquerable apt naked pregnable on the line out on a limb predisposed threatened gullible ingenuous at the mercy of laid open left open an easy target for at risk of malleable naive weak unsafe exploitable mouldable trusting credulous on the spot sucker affected likely easily led imperiled verisimilar beatable penetrable unfortified unresistant easily affected by wide open to imperilled susceptive of without protection in the firing line in danger of prey to laid bare in jeopardy defeatable in harmony with yielding unarmed jeopardized wide-open ill-protected open to attack unshielded permitting undefended attuned to defenceless against allowing of jeopardised at hazard in peril bent on the cards fain devoted apt to get minded likely to get likely to have with a tendency to get in danger of getting threatened with in peril of helpless developmental plastic wax-like easily influenced feeling affectable developing susceptible to exposed to liable to prone to not above open to growing in deep water unsuspecting unwary foundational seminal creative moldable formative immature acquiescent gullable tractable innocent nonresistant soft emotional manageable adaptable easy movable dewy-eyed wide-eyed fall for over-trusting easily deceived easily moved highly strung over-trustful easily taken in easily taken advantage of readily taken advantage of


Direct in speech or behaviour but in a good-natured way
bluff blunt downright abrupt brusque curt direct no-nonsense plain-spoken short straightforward candid forthright frank hearty open outspoken rough gruff unequivocal brusk crusty genial good-natured short-spoken snippy unceremonious friendly upfront barefaced bearish blustering breviloquent brief cheery honest laconic loud rude sincere snippety tactless tart terse to the point speaking as one finds straight from the shoulder not afraid to call a spade a spade impolite uncivil discourteous sharp matter-of-fact snappy undiplomatic straight plain explicit churlish unreserved plainspoken ungracious offhand unambiguous forthcoming bald up-front truthful free-spoken surly snappish uninhibited unguarded openhearted harsh crude freehearted brisk out-front unqualified round undisguised foursquare caustic straight-talking unmannerly impetuous impatient up front crisp unvarnished point-blank ingenuous clear free categorical real straight-shooting point blank straight to the point abrasive bad-tempered ill-tempered cavalier short-tempered indelicate tetchy monosyllabic genuine thoughtless brutal off peremptory outright impertinent guileless artless unfiltered aboveboard calling a spade a spade unconcealed talking turkey call a spade a spade not beating around the bush from the hip like it is man-to-man testy pointed clipped imperious dusty succinct concise forward irascible unconstrained callous inelegant rushed pithy unfriendly petulant plain-speaking graceless grumpy sharp-tongued bad-mannered ill-mannered vociferous crabbed definite distinct specific no lie vocal undissembling unevasive absolute express straight-from-the-shoulder sullen bare stark simple unadorned opinionated strident unreticent square hard-hitting trenchant unembellished ill-natured unpolished out of sorts speaking straight from the shoulder crabby grouchy taciturn crotchety uncompromising pulling no punches sour cross no beating around the bush laying it on the line calling spade a spade not beating about the bush unrestricted unsparing offish ill-humoured easy flat-out apparent familiar naive upright natural brazen bare-faced scrupulous heart-to-heart on the level warts and all angry boorish boisterous truculent ill-humored nasty morose saturnine lay it on the line saying what one thinks on the up and up not mincing one's words speaking one's mind insensitive inconsiderate disrespectful unfeeling uncaring unkind hurtful unsympathetic uncharitable unladylike impolitic cruel uncivilized unconsiderate ungentlemanly uncivilised unbiased unprejudiced uncalled for unpretended frontal parrhesiastic right up front telling it like it is irritable cantankerous peevish touchy vulgar moody sulky splenetic uncouth ornery choleric dyspeptic bilious prickly waspish cranky coarse crass chippy ill-bred narky fractious dour oafish disagreeable stroppy loutish ratty clumsy unpleasant glum shrewish curmudgeonly quick-tempered hot-tempered uncultured eggy peppery peckish soreheaded liverish unsociable snaky querulous bitter huffy perverse gross unmannered pouting awkward cross-grained gauche pettish pouty like a bear with a sore head unrefined snarling gloomy scratchy shirty miffy acid insolent impudent bungling ignorant fiery out of humour ungallant short-fused in a bad mood hasty on a short fuse volatile mopey glowering resentful cloddish mannerless insulting uptight brooding uncommunicative indiscreet compact unsubtle abusive rash inept maladroit offensive brash bloody-minded in a mood blundering summary compendious temperamental scowling acerbic epigrammatic untactful elliptical sarcastic unchivalrous aphoristic uncalled-for unhandsome uncultivated sententious thumbnail tasteless apothegmatic capsule fretful tense clownish common telegraphic elliptic classless spiteful mumpish argumentative indecorous clodhopping lowbred mardy cussed unresponsive annoyed waxy frowning sourpussed mean rustic ugly sulking thin-skinned hot-blooded imprudent as cross as two sticks unpolitic injudicious decisive derogatory businesslike incisive uncomplimentary disdainful economical unsophisticated humourless humorless disgruntled disparaging hotheaded acrimonious captious moping snarky tough unsmiling flip thuggish quarrelsome fresh brutish miserable contumelious swinish indignant stuffy lumpen gnomic oversensitive barbaric obstinate yobbish philistine vitriolic uneducated short and sweet hostile uncooperative exasperated grumbling slobbish out of humor sorehead passionate complaining raspy compendiary lubberly bristly edgy vicious vinegary ireful wild fed up cheerless base joyless embittered having got out of bed the wrong side out-of-line having got out of bed on the wrong side low-bred vigorous disobliging catty misbehaved tooshie tempersome unhelpful scornful mean-spirited presumptuous gawky stolid spunky acute snarly atrabilious zowerswopped Eeyorish careless rowdy doltish lumpish bullying perversely irritable precipitate polite miserly unneighborly inhospitable unfortunate hoonish dense audacious piqued sharp-tempered lowbrow with a long face heavy-handed put out mopish obloquious foul derisive rugged like a bull in a china shop cheeky arrogant peeved vexed dark aloof roughneck incult sketchy insensible raffish low scathing degrading violent berating scurrilous reproachful obnoxious reviling denigratory belittling pejorative defamatory cocky lewd illiberal withdrawn dismal depressed disgracious ungenteel mouthy smart alecky lippy smart-alecky backward savage immature overbearing underbred inaffable insubordinate malapert vituperatory calumniating contemptuous vituperative intrusive yokelish bounderish psyched up angerful frenzied fuming fierce wrathful disapproving ranting in a temper raving cold pugnacious convulsed ferocious in a huff down in the mouth having a fit of the sulks in a funk in the sulks in a strop unwise inadvisable rough-hewn foul-mouthed loud-mouthed cutting biting stupid unthinking unperceptive severe hard grating stern annoying irritating condensed ill-advised wounding galling critical neat pitiless acerb comfortless huffish sensitive feisty whingy misanthropic cynical difficult discontented contentious pertinacious aggressive hateful rubbing the wrong way spiky hard to take displeased contrary whiny hypercritical whining crybaby hick iracund iracundulous fussy disputatious close cryptic taut clear-cut exact lean precise unsavoury waspy grousing acrid trying growling caviling sore on edge dissatisfied carping griping malicious venomous fretting whingeing childish cavilling malignant vindictive filthy obstreperous chuffy barbarous plebby countrified ocker inurbane unpoised boiled down Neanderthal provincial unsavory in a nutshell nasty-tempered hot under the collar fault-finding out of temper foul-tempered out-of-sorts easily offended cut to the bone

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