Synonym of armed

Alternative for armed

arms, armed, arming

Synonym: defend, empower, equip, fortify, weapon,

Antonym: disarm,


Carrying handguns


Convincing or effective
forcible compelling strong effective powerful cogent forceful impressive potent valid convincing weighty persuasive telling active efficacious efficient influential mighty plausible violent aggressive coercive compulsory conclusive credible drastic eloquent energetic unanswerable assertive intense militant puissant vehement vigorous authoritative sound satisfying decisive effectual irresistible logical moving inducing lucid well-founded incisive suasive reasoned inspiring clear dynamic convictive impelling reasonable stimulating coherent rational urgent touching striking relevant alluring great meaningful momentous consequential pertinent enticing seductive swaying stringent pithy punchy hard-hitting material emphatic constraining virile elemental take-over steamroller coming on strong titanic punch take-charge ball of fire gutsy electric powerhouse enthusiastic animated vivacious zestful dramatic passionate graphic vivid compulsive orderly systematic articulate methodical zappy in-your-face solid apt justified satisfactory significant apposite well-grounded consistent well reasoned fitting unmistakable clear-cut sharp succinct terse inspirational pivotal crucial well organized firm indubitable motivating instrumental believable stirring rousing trenchant well-established categorical intelligent assured glib competent fateful provocative swayful formative guiding monumental impactful useful capable central responsible successful contributory controlling encouraging operative masterful motivational robust able critical affecting purposeful considerable imposing far-reaching animating decided undisputed well-defined obvious infallible formidable ingenious insightful unequivocal incontestable unambiguous crystalline definitive distinct intuitive evident slick forced intimidating tough strong-arm bullying silky smooth assuasive winning pointed inveigling suasory actuating luring wheedling silver-tongued smooth-tongued smooth-talking not taking no for an answer exciting provoking arousing inciting triggering inspiriting spirited uplifting challenging emotional stimulative enlivening affective refreshing charged instigative thought-provoking instigating soul-stirring piquing important energizing invigorating exhilarating galvanizing incontrovertible expressive electrifying awakening galvanic unassailable envigorating galvanising energising reliable intoxicating lively suggestive evocative authoritarian irrefutable undeniable interesting sweeping substantial sufficient salient insistent impassioned likely emotive heartening breathtaking gripping riveting memorable probable on the ball shaping determinative poignant exhilarative thrilling grand direct theatric graceful high-powered kicky exalting anthemic charming histrionical acute performant verisimilar vibrant hearty moulding determining productive colourable mind-boggling mind-blowing hair-raising rip-roaring emotion-charged mind-bending heart-stopping fruitful true-to-life possible believeable acceptable faithful carrying conviction trusty trustworthy hopeful presumable realistic dependable authentic helpful developmental forming valuable worthwhile beneficial constructive urging propulsive impellent enterprising major driving advantageous molding serviceable adequate virtuous of help of use of assistance offensive annoying goading insulting galling vexing aggravating infuriating inflammatory exasperating incendiary irritating affronting maddening inflaming disturbing outrageous controversial agitational edgy incensing agitative stimulant pushing confrontational rabble-rousing heady spurring


Showing a desire to resist authority, control, or convention
rebellious recalcitrant unruly defiant disobedient insubordinate intractable turbulent ungovernable refractory contumacious disaffected mutinous rebel resistant unmanageable obstreperous uncontrollable wayward disorderly revolutionary balky contrary difficult disloyal dissentient froward incompliant insurgent malcontent nonconformist obstinate recusant restive seditious untoward wilful willful bolshie incorrigible insurrectionary alienated anarchistic attacking bellicose dissident factious fractious iconoclastic individualistic militant pugnacious quarrelsome radical restless sabotaging stubborn threatening treacherous treasonable warring undisciplined uncooperative headstrong perverse riotous wild disruptive out of control rowdy anarchic unyielding lawless badly behaved hostile troublesome obdurate self-willed stroppy noncompliant delinquent belligerent awkward truculent naughty contentious errant dissenting antagonistic uncompliant troublemaking argumentative subversive unbiddable ornery intransigent violent insurrectionist out of hand unrestrained combative disputatious mischievous renitent incontrollable rough boisterous cantankerous up in arms non-compliant pigheaded aggressive mulish noisy renegade uncontrolled resistive confrontational tumultuous discordant bloody-minded schismatic scrappy attention-seeking inflexible chaotic insolent rioting pervicacious anarchical opposing bull-headed irrepressible reckless estranged rascally resisting roguish raucous feisty thrawn intemperate nonconforming rude unreasonable divisive mean loud unwilling insubmissive unaccommodating uproarious undisciplinable stiff-necked negative impudent impish lawbreaking rumbustious challenging cussed petulant impetuous opinionated contrarious assertive sectarian rampageous ill-disciplined fighting misbehaving conflicting warlike gladiatorial disturbed maladjusted fierce agonistic partisan rival traitorous heretical dissentious indocile unpredictable litigious obstinately disobedient apostate unbending trying disagreeing erratic separatist unorthodox rollicking antisocial unmalleable irregular persistent determined unbridled disordered rambunctious strong-willed bold roisterous immovable offensive uncompromising indomitable adverse disorganized wrong clamorous contending unrestrainable brawling heedless malevolent capricious peevish rackety malicious spoiling for a fight fiery impulsive impervious rash imprudent forward drunken bawdy inexorable disorganised ungoverned aberrant problematic disobliging irascible inconsiderate tiresome cross-grained obstructive unhelpful out-of-line bad badly-behaved brawly assaultive chippy pushy out of line out-of-order inimical without law and order hot-tempered ill-behaved exasperating militaristic loudmouthed devilish martial on the warpath ready to fight irreconcilable haughty maverick limit nonobservant mutinying troubled divided split uncomplying treasonous cross unfavorable unfavourable quarrelling withstanding impotent rampant dogged unsettling disturbing upsetting civil disobedience unpersuadable guerrilla adamant untrained disharmonious clashing antigovernment fickle stubborn as a mule resolved malign maleficent spiteful unsteady unschooled unlawful resistance distracting unresponsive bullheaded knockabout hell-raising robustious discontented controversial ugly indisciplined annoying vexatious conspiratorial inconsistent termagant confused dissatisfied loutish unbearable undependable intolerable impossible incurable as stubborn as a mule loath negativistic averse reluctant indisposed hesitant drunk vociferous tempestuous misruled misgoverned secessionist paradoxical contrariant arsey unadaptable mixed-up rampaging disrupting off-base mercenary out-of-control with a will of one's own determined to have one's own way quarreling at variance at loggerheads at odds declinatory refusing divergent impatient objecting declining immoral arbitrary in disorder roughhouse wrongheaded antipathetic converse deranged immoderate turbid hedonistic uncontained helter-skelter lacking self-control rock-ribbed factional dysfunctional frustrated resentful splinter in turmoil rip-roaring active vigorous pig-headed underground black roistering causing trouble disgruntled unfriendly unsubmissive insoluble hard-line pat thorny unpliable tough locked resolute tenacious knotty pertinacious on-a-tear seceding piercing screaming booming strepitous blusterous self-indulgent choleric whiny apathetic cynical disillusioned fed up indifferent locked in tough nut hang tough raising Cain ultra-active two-fisted forceful extremist extreme combating irritable salty ill-tempered lively romping raising the roof fanatical zealous enthusiastic embattled biffo aggers anti socially impaired provocative military warrish in arms assertory have a bone to pick bad-tempered having a chip on one's shoulder self-assertive itching to fight daring audacious unsocial unacceptable objectionable distasteful menacing asocial pesky nasty demanding uncontainable wearisome disregardful cheeky dareful sassy gutsy independent unconnected autonomous separate breakaway nonaligned alternative against opposed raunchy tricksy artful brattish scampish kiddish fiendish full of mischief infantile ill-natured sly frolicsome foxy bothersome ruffianly puckish thoughtless prankish gallus immature childish disrespectful playful wanton ready for a fight adversarial sullen troublous irksome sociopathic incorrect battling inhospitable hawkish angry disputative warmongering dead set against hostile to disinclined to accept inimical to opposed to averse to reluctant to accept unenthusiastic about unwilling to accept inappropriate harmful snarly wrestling bloodthirsty tilting ferocious skirmishing sabre-rattling under arms inept unfit contradictory inapposite incongruous unhappy amiss unapt indecorous infelicitous malapropos graceless illogical inapt unbecoming irrational wrong-headed improper unsuitable unseemly beyond the pale unhealthy miscreant rotten erring touchy unrelenting hardheaded implacable crabby hard-nosed ossified adamantine inconvincible hardened hard self-opinionated grouchy unsympathetic surly grumpy prickly unpropitious disagreeable polemical uncongenial unpleasant narky single-minded unkind testy snappy unsociable jaundiced inauspicious polemic sour tetchy ratty strong-minded spiky relentless shirty shrewish persevering pettish rancorous cranky firm unamenable snappish wrathful indurate peppery miffy steadfast unshakeable soreheaded disapproving virulent rigid quick-tempered unshakable short-tempered unwelcoming vitriolic unflinching unreceptive untimely crotchety ill-disposed cold adversary unfortunate stiff captious inconvenient malignant fire-eating eristic hateful ill-timed deaf to reason mistimed unseasonable inopportune splenetic unsupportive steely fixed vicious badly timed allergic irritating oppugnant bitter crabbed crusty curmudgeonly waspish insistent huffy venomous alien opposite snarky peckish eggy ill-humoured snippy snippety stuffy iron-willed uncivil discourteous waxy snaky raspy intimidating biting malefic importunate ill-humored set in one's ways dour viperous catty bearish dogmatic opinionative impolite ungracious hard to handle like a bear with a sore head morose biased sulky blinkered prejudiced intolerant assiduous purposeful blocking stalling restrictive inhibiting delaying sticky unobliging tireless indefatigable ominous ill-chosen unconstructive hindering not giving an inch cavilling hot-button unbendable moody ill frustrating making difficulties unamiable not cooperative vexing caviling unalterable hotheaded churlish hard-core hard-shell locked-in unmoved unbreakable heady iracund iracundulous inexpedient precocious disadvantageous early premature convinced remorseless complex bulky discommodious incommodious cramped waspy out of humor vinegary impassioned persuasive passionate outspoken with one's feet dug in with one's toes dug in dead set on stalwart not helpful jingoistic out of sorts as cross as two sticks in a mood out of temper on a short fuse in a bad mood difficult to handle bickering wrangling destructive scratchy unanticipated unexpected liverish bilious dyspeptic short-fused foul tooshie unforeseen disastrous unusual surprising unpredicted abusive exasperated grumbly overbearing pitiless strict boorish finical vexed invidious choosy sensitive hard to please temperamental uppity uptight oafish tyrannical hypercritical picky querulous delicate oppressive hard to satisfy fussy overcritical grim perfectionist particular fastidious over-particular finicky dictatorial critical oppositional soldierly gung-ho disinclined unlucky unwelcome fretful mighty sanguinary ructious war backward adversative accusatorial oppugning misfortunate hapless ill-starred star-crossed luckless unenthusiastic uneager fromward afraid disliking agin down on antagonistic to resistant to antipathetic to ill-disposed to chilly distant aloof having no use for unfavourably disposed to misanthropic frosty cool unneighbourly unamicable frigid unaffable withdrawn reserved unapproachable stand-offish severe supercilious unforthcoming stern uncommunicative impersonal disdainful hard-eyed chill gelid brittle wintry obnoxious clammy cold-blooded cold-eyed wintery frozen icy mortal antiseptic arctic glacial coldish uncordial unmannerly Olympian starchy uncharitable competitive unpromising vengeful not on speaking terms acrimonious censorious grudging gruff unneighborly


To have furnished with, or caused to be present
provided furnished prepared equipped implemented made available planned accommodated arranged for procured readied added advanced allocated allotted anted up assigned brought forth came up with distributed donated extended fit fitted fitted out forked out issued laid out lay out lent lined parted with ponied up put forward put up spared turned out accoutred afforded apportioned arrayed attired ceded dealt out deeded doled out fixed up gave granted handed kitted out made over meted out offered organised outfitted parceled out parcelled out plied with portioned presented prorated provisioned purveyed ran rendered rigged rigged out staked stocked supplied transferred yielded came with catered to gave out handed out lined up made up raised rigged up rustled up set up stocked up stumped up installed managed organized geared equipt accoutered girt girded appointed fitted up kitted up endowed kitted invested prepped decked suited geared up loaded made ready decked out sold traded bestowed conferred awarded trained gifted blest blessed favored graced accorded endued favoured charged enabled indued groomed empowered primed left fixed contributed regaled appareled apparelled manned toted harnessed blended blent arranged assembled qualified facilitated provided with begifted tricked up rodded up coached heeled up clad filled upskilled refitted taught slapped together loaded up trapped out clothed enhanced adorned got up tricked out rearmed prepared to use packed a rod seasoned prepared to fire packed educated lugged iron given gotten up delivered handed over imparted dispensed proffered come up with fulfilled bequeathed dished out shelled out turned over served feed fed coughed up kicked in tendered produced beared disbursed chipped in yolden yold relinquished entrusted passed committed pledged volunteered pitched in given out devoted administered shared provided for put at someone's disposal laid on given away gave away let someone have met surrendered catered satisfied lodged paid bore borne vouchsafed submitted catered for passed out paid out presented with conferred on supported restored sustained refilled restocked answered renewed covered transmitted subscribed lavished stored consigned trusted discharged bequested showered remitted allowed replenished registered sacrificed subsidized brought put forth injected plied sent passed round entered sated made a donation of divvied lay on let oneself in for passed on put in the hands of put out shared out sent in set forth furnished with lotted come across with put in subsidised let come through handed in gifted with sweetened the pot put forked over dowered put oneself down for fitted the bill for partitioned filled up cleared availed freed loaned refurbished replaced spent financed maintained reconditioned credited expended intrusted placed confided commended delegated reposed recommended disseminated circulated achieved stockpiled tabled brightened proposed ventured turned in laid down handled suggested laid sponsored funded dealt reloaded heaped refreshed gave up given up introduced improved mooted deployed dispatched willed equaled equalled matched inflicted referred followed observed propositioned aired ministered given a donation of gave a donation of slipped served the purpose supplied on credit pertained came through freed up come across gave to sufficed for relegated carried out held out to bestowed on paid up catered in surfeited passed around accommodated someone with rehabilitated endowed with subbed paid in advance divvied up dealt in divided made provision rationed given to upcycled granted to made a contribution of supplied with laid at one's feet dropped brought forward traded in sharked stashed fed the kitty kept supplying furbished placed at disposal made good on measured up to spruced up sweetened the kitty appropriated came across with delivered the goods passed the hat carried through laid on one lived up to processed loan sharked smartened up got it up released settled lavished on dispersed found permitted satisficed showed qualified for had divided out satiated invested in complied with vested matched up to forked up kept up with measured come up to diffused gussied up piled made a gift of measured out obliged entrusted to bestowed to belonged handed round conveyed held out devolved topped topped up made a pitch lent-lease lay down putten came across begave begiven given over gave over shown given with gave with given in gave in gave an opportunity given an opportunity adapted to adhered to came up to adjusted to given of gave of gotten in the act did your part got in the act done your part gotten it up


Past tense for to prepare oneself for something that may eventuate


Past tense for install weapons in


Past tense for to suffuse with vigor, life, energy, or spirit
vitalized stimulated envigorated invigorated animated enlivened energised energized fired quickened excited inspirited vivified braced motivated filliped heartened exhilarated strengthened spiked electrified fortified emboldened triggered empowered revitalised revitalized sustained reinforced bolstered zapped innervated refreshed vivificated primed revived activized enabled innerved livened activated galvanised galvanized promoted roused livened up pepped up jump-started gingered up amped up buoyed up jazzed up zipped up pumped up juiced up built up turned on worked up put zip into switched on started up dynamized stirred moved encouraged enthused perked up fired up stirred up spurred on boosted bucked up moved to action drove driven given a shot in the arm to gave a shot in the arm to inspired aroused rallied incited restored revivified rejuvenated spurred renewed sparked instigated provoked reanimated uplifted regenerated awakened buoyed cheered up waked up goaded reinvigorated impelled recharged steeled freshened cheered repaired recreated resuscitated kick-started piqued brightened refreshened impassioned prompted rekindled enkindled resurrected prodded breathed new life into urged pushed kindled incentivized renovated whipped up revved up swayed inflamed rewaked rewakened gladdened thrilled actuated geed up woken up woke up charged influenced reactivated commoved set off reassured lit a fire under fueled fuelled touched up elated bounced back reawakened intensified chirked up lift impressed intoxicated titillated fanned exalted caused instilled whetted cheered on picked up reconditioned psyched up supported recovered brightened up relieved set up put new life in fired with enthusiasm rewoke rewoken brought around made whole brought back elevated persuaded enheartened incentified jumpstarted assured led leaded nudged sparked off inclined fomented run jolted powered boosted up occasioned replenished updated helped modernized regained modernised re-established egged on charged up borne up bore up lifted comforted infused imbued given a boost to gave a boost to built induced propelled raised consoled fostered disposed nerved riled wakened informed increased pricked evoked supplied waked astonished enhanced tempted touched spiced precipitated put new heart into restarted raised your spirits stiffened the resolve of propped up spirited up struck got heightened elicited snapped up improved put new heart in started rescued hit the ground running put new strength in got someone going operated wrought worked keyed up called forth brought out reinstituted relaunched given a new lease of life to gave a new lease of life to fired the imagination of brought about touched off put a bomb under fed the fire put in motion triggered off put life into put pep into set in motion let sunshine in brought back to life stoked up put new life into put some spark into ran gave a buzz given a buzz applauded gave someone a kick given someone a kick disinhibited enforced pervaded permeated given new strength to gave new strength to delighted smartened up egged penetrated suffused reenforced ignited enraptured modified transformed lightened startled shocked transported accelerated lit up hardened rejoiced sent praised seasoned confirmed speeded sped juiced reestablished feed fed compelled raised the morale of boosted morale lifted the spirits of bielded stimulated spiritually stiffened roiled cooled astounded captivated amazed incented engendered irritated made alive coaxed coerced emphasized recalled redeveloped reproduced made confident gave life to given life to hooked tapped gave shot in arm given shot in arm frenzied revamped agitated exacerbated nurtured convinced pressed made cajoled pressured woke woken dispatched underlined sprung stressed cemented gave new life to given new life to grabbed magnetized jarred magnetised brought exhorted forced nourished beghasted infected leavened affected catalysed catalyzed endued titivated made brave turned someone on stricken gotten incensed irked changed cured healed deepened championed made very happy inveigled made lively impacted converted advised wakened up stunned frightened carried bestirred tidied dusted neatened cleaned sweetened initiated created given someone a charge gave someone a charge poured it on topped up pressurized pressurised necessitated diverted entertained psyched vexed spooked wound up abetted grilled speeded up blazed a trail sped up started off generated produced shook up shaken up corroborated assisted buttressed maintained rewarded upheld underpinned aided reintroduced made braver freshened up made healthy boosted moral cooled down brushed up steamed up gotten going got going saved highlighted maddened made more lively given the kiss of life to worked into lather snapped out of it made waves lifted the morale of needled bolstered up cleaned up stirred embers acted as a incentive to gave the kiss of life to acted as a stimulus to emphasised won over blew away the cobwebs spruced up tanked up acted as a spur to prevailed on built a fire under suggested to gotten your act together blown away the cobwebs talked into substantiated supplied with fuel called to mind serviced cranked up come to life hinted to backed up breathed life into braced up brought on backed broadened raised spirits enriched defended got your act together got going again acted as a fillip to reenergized shored up brought to acted as a impetus to aired out unwound filled up made more exciting given hope to gave hope to given confidence to gave confidence to given courage to gave courage to stung pepped gave courage given courage sprang grew grown drew forth drawn forth upholden given impetus gave impetus took your breath away taken your breath away gave someone great pleasure given someone great pleasure added fuel to fire shaken gave a lift shook given a lift came to life given someone a thrill gave someone a thrill began begun gave a new lease on life given a new lease on life gotten one started got one started added zing to added zest to gave a shot in the arm given a shot in the arm were responsible for was responsible for been responsible for led to given rise to gave rise to given one an idea gave one an idea given pep talk gave confidence given confidence gave pep talk

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