Synonym of as good as new


In an undamaged state
like new whole unbroken faultless sound undamaged pristine solid unimpaired flawless good preserved uninjured unmutilated unsevered untouched undisturbed unruffled unscarred sturdy unspoiled mint stable unhurt unspoilt safe undented uninterrupted unscratched firm unmarred unsullied regular unmarked unscathed untroubled intact unharmed steady together unblemished unremitting as new ship-shape in good order without a scratch perfect immaculate impeccable spotless tip-top excellent prime untainted pure peak stainless without blemish seamless irreproachable indefectible as sound as a bell ongoing ceaseless secured inviolate continuous undivided unshaken thorough unceasing constant endless virgin unflawed exquisite secure well defectless unaffected unchanged optimal A1 squeaky clean optimum spick-and-span finished untarnished scatheless safe and sound in one piece as good as before ideal consummate superlative superb accurate model picture-book picture-perfect absolute masterly correct exemplary letter-perfect unerring error-free copybook entire without fault just so undefiled clean unstained unpolluted fresh unmoved unaltered uninfluenced incorrupt unstirred virginal complete full total comprehensive unsoiled squeaky-clean integral grand unagitated brand-new undiminished compleat unimpeachable plenary unspotted uncut chaste spic-and-span uncontaminated unused unimpressed in perfect condition brand new in good condition clear unviolated new glowing imperforate indiscrete lily-white antiseptic fair all in one piece blameless unopened uncorrupted unblackened innocent sinless guiltless bright burnished shining polished unworn whiter than white not liable to impervious not influenced not subject to immune mint condition modest above reproach beyond reproach pure as the driven snow decent shiny first-class smooth span-new spanking spanking-new original unlined natural indifferent unconcerned dry-eyed exhaustive unabridged completed overall detailed out of danger sanitary shipshape untried outright conclusive uncondensed unexpurgated unqualified maximum broad inclusive extensive gross unreduced unabbreviated utter aggregate all-inclusive wide-ranging full-length full-blown full-scale

Antonym of as good as new

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