Synonym of as nice as pie


(of a person or action) Pleasant or kind in nature
sweet kind agreeable friendly gentle kindly pleasant caring compassionate considerate genial good-natured lovable nice personable affable amiable benevolent congenial cordial kind-hearted lovely amicable approachable cheerful gracious likable likeable mellow soft sympathetic tender thoughtful warm charming delightful easygoing engaging obliging prepossessing unassuming understanding unpresumptuous warm-hearted winsome accommodating appealing bighearted big-hearted even-tempered goodhearted good-hearted good-humored good-humoured good-tempered kindhearted large-hearted mild-mannered sociable softhearted soft-hearted sweet-natured tenderhearted tender-hearted tolerant warmhearted affectionate captivating enchanting sweet-tempered taking winning companionable generous harmless helpful loving mild mushy patient reasonable sensitive simpatico unselfish well-disposed barley-sugar benign hospitable neighbourly neighborly easy pleasing decent charitable convivial civil courteous complaisant sentimental good buddy-buddy humane altruistic jovial merciful lenient responsive fond attentive chummy conversable easy-going polite happy beneficent peaceful selfless benignant giving indulgent humanitarian philanthropical philanthropic supportive soothing social magnanimous great-hearted amenable urbane unreserved outgoing receptive conciliatory comradely open welcoming cooperative doting concerned calm well disposed gregarious comforting feeling clubbable maternal motherly fatherly fatherlike matey clubby breezy touchy-feely bleeding-heart downright neighborly chivalrous liberal greathearted princely big public-spirited gallant all heart munificent noble soppy attractive cheery sensible assent chirpy accessible bonhomous melting charismatic enjoyable relishable preferable empathetic approving informal expansive temperate perky civilized communicative natural pally relaxed uninhibited acquiescent moderate compliant delicate marshmallow softie emotional bleeding heart forgiving couthy cozy swell copacetic civilised willing to please favourably disposed regular cosy bubbly bland light nonabrasive easy to get along with palsy-walsy easy to get on with confident empathic solicitous wholesome eleemosynary angelic unstinting soft touch benefic pitying brotherly tactful propitious unoffensive open-handed dutiful lavish bounteous well meaning regardful well intentioned bountiful clement respectful heart in right place openhanded openhearted freehanded well-mannered deferential forbearing balmy like-minded vibrant loyal amusing confiding close funny intimate faithful happy-go-lucky hilarious favorable compatible amical comical peaceable jocular jocose attached entertaining kindred on good terms open-hearted softened favourable honest respectable honourable elevated upstanding free righteous moralistic high-minded conscientious upright valiant just goodish fair moral lofty virtuous ethical great self-sacrificing high principled heroic lordly honorable ungrudging unsparing devoted fulsome protective freehearted free-handed paternal prodigal mannerly encouraging diplomatic nurturing commiserative do-good reassuring hearty permissive well-bred gentlemanly well mannered handsome ladylike extroverted soft-touch decorous loose careful genteel appreciative condoling accepting complimentary human polished profuse palsy willing generous to a fault sparing patriarchal consoling excellent long-suffering pardoning modest hail-fellow-well-met placid enthusiastic positive fraternal self-denying harmonious commiserating gratifying sympathizing cheering courtly collegial cultivated suave sympathising mindful parental abundant maternalistic laudatory mollycoddling condoning pampering quiet hail-fellow accommodative flattering broad-minded commendatory acceptable ready self-effacing adoring equitable humble uplifting eager to please pacific perceptive inspiriting plenteous eager to help extrovert unstinted refined cool comprehending willingly given discreet company-loving well-behaved politic fulfilling almsgiving going easy on disinterested avuncular lax self-forgetting well bred overindulgent ample spoiling denying incorruptible well-meaning meek mother sheltering allowing interested stoical excusing permitting yielding serene plentiful watchful resigned communal inspiring extravagant full stoic uncomplaining reverential commending heedful dear worthy assuaging soft-shell observant glowing tranquil unflappable earnest reverent admiring rave ruthful heartening unrestrained sisterly restrained longanimous useful stimulating boosting unctuous discerning aware calming submissive being big amorous lovesome cultured open-minded extraverted self-controlled self-restrained affirmative applauding approbatory heartwarming gladdening debonair good-mannered smooth clubable insightful formal having heart in right place loving and giving poised predisposed soft-spoken well behaved acclamatory well spoken approbative well brought up praiseful well-spoken well-intentioned parent self-forgetful unprejudiced vulnerable suitable becoming wonderful immaculate soft-centred personal thoughty guestfriendly matriarchal understandable nonmalignant vigilant rich beneficial nonthreatening paternalistic goody-goody angelical spotless social-minded holy pharisaical esteemed creditable respected inoffensive unerring patriotic contributing donating socially concerned prosocial pitiful advantageous very kind worried anxious couth cosseting emollient letting assuasive favoring humoring piteous ingratiating responsible heartfelt forthcoming stately brother's sibling familial genealogical adaptable pliable profitable unmarred pietistical pristine unflawed chaste graceful pietistic favouring humouring laid back wholehearted genuine sincere soft-shelled nonjudgmental overpermissive guiding docile vicarious appreciating protecting supporting caretaking placable idealistic public- spirited old softie inviting eager praising beneficient valuable non-malignant live with backslapping Robin Hood good scout unmean Christian deep condescending obsequious punctilious familiar tight handy wellmannered non-confrontational lamblike shy demure dove-like sublime lively non-hostile virginal untouched unblamable redeemable redeeming prayerful unkind unrelenting cruel excessive procrustean inexorable overgenerous favorably inclined favourably inclined well brought-up unconstrained knightly composed going along with salutary willing to forgive dovelike retiring overabundant immoderate intemperate profligate wasteful thriftless improvident conflict-free attention-seeking ardent jolly bluff trustworthy buddy buddy easy-oasy equable chilled wild able to live with concordant agreeing square shooting accordant right nice user friendly on tap on deck dependable incorrupt in favor of okay recommendatory inclined assenting Santa Claus welcome proper merry casual free-and-easy unstinging exuberant reserved unobtrusive simple down-to-earth unpretentious jejune vapid dull subservient spiritless obeisant forbearant tame flat subdued kin elegant willing to help enduring imperturbable unexcitable upbeat joyous jocund glad chipper enlivening upper up sunny blithe amatory passionate overfond undemanding fervent demonstrative straight right true persistent philosophical persevering successful intuitive over the top living with romantic enamoured lovey-dovey addicted enamored has heart in right place equanimous untiring mild-tempered unruffled self-possessed inexcitable passive cognizant conscious sunny side up going easy with stand-up subtle judicious impassive philosophic fortitudinous weak sensitized impressionable reactive spineless boneless consolatory bound up close-knit silly over impressible sensitised emotionable perceiving knowing unimposing expressing adoration clean-living all right on the up and up well-brought-up squeaky clean right-minded prudent seemly with the patience of Job supersensitive finely tuned dexterous wise skilled adroit skillful cautious tactical deft skilful savvy turned on to touchy feely tuned in relieving dextrous satisfying rewarding easing treating with kid gloves treating something with kid gloves heart-warming congratulatory warming softening invigorating succouring revivifying sustaining allaying envigorating remedying restoring mitigating revitalizing curing succoring solacing abating analeptic bolstering revitalising lightening health-giving upholding alleviating freeing refreshing panegyrical honeyed adulatory eulogizing sugary encomiastic saccharine eulogistic laudative encomiastical with highest recommendation fair-spoken eulogising sycophantic plauditory celebrating honouring highly favourable fawning highly favorable honoring well-wishing with high praise


(of someone or something) Very pleasant or attractive
charming appealing attractive agreeable enchanting endearing fetching likeable lovely adorable bewitching captivating delightful likable pleasant prepossessing striking alluring cute delectable enticing entrancing fascinating gorgeous irresistible pleasing winsome beguiling dreamy hypnotising hypnotizing inviting magical mesmerising mesmerizing seductive spellbinding winning desirable divine heavenly intriguing magnetic adorbs beauteous bodacious comely dainty delicate elegant enamoring engrossing enthralling exciting fair glamorous glamourous graceful infatuating lovable luring nice ravishing sweet taking tantalising tantalizing tempting titillating absorbing amiable babelicious choice electrifying magnetising magnetizing smashing eye-catching good-looking on fleek easy on the eye engaging beautiful pretty charismatic bonny handsome stunning fine good lovesome exquisite sightly knockout darling arresting aesthetic wonderful elfin tasty esthetic dazzling enjoyable congenial luscious pleasurable sexy interesting gratifying pulchritudinous seemly bonnie disarming compelling drop-dead fit likely mesmeric satisfying fanciable hypnotic nice-looking riveting foxy precious provocative splendid hot well-favored entertaining dear delightsome welcome jolly drop-dead gorgeous blessed marvellous marvelous goodly come-hither glorious sublime blest stylish radiant magnificent felicitous grateful loveable dulcet grand picturesque sultry angelic nubile as pretty as a picture gripping superb out of this world lush delicious refined siren genial classy beddable thrilling amusing cutesy spunky scenic bootylicious rapturous affable well favoured savory savoury diverting compulsive fabulous arousing tasteful breathtaking sensuous great sensual fun erotic amazing persuasive resplendent fashionable idyllic dishy palatable drawing attracting blissful sexual happy personable smart shapely sophisticated sexually attractive quaint friendly presentable intoxicating becoming chic majestic neat favorable scrumptious cultivated chocolate-box cultured favourable joyous easy on the eyes cuddly romantic come-to-bed ideal sensational astonishing admirable cheery beckoning statuesque suave polished impressive paradisal fantastic exhilarating photogenic refreshing fine-looking cheerful fairy-tale debonair stimulating acceptable ingratiating insinuating comfortable twee excellent witty peachy inveigling artistic magic hunky cunning well-favoured cherubic specious discerning cordial cheering courtly opulent couthy urbane paradisiacal stately trim relaxing rewarding consuming buxom blooming symmetrical brilliant immersing involving relishable well-formed plush select distinguished dashing aesthetically pleasing unputdownable paradisiac spectacular rare fine and dandy memorable recreative beaut superior incredible flamboyant snazzy recherche dramatic spiffy mouthwatering remarkable splashy showy rousing very beautiful wondrous good-natured witching enchanted copacetic jaw-dropping sirenic miraculous funny out of the ordinary panoramic easygoing dreamlike flirtatious simpatico enrapturing sympathique polite orphic sympatisch humorous transfixing dignified welcoming droll fairylike teasing comical luxurious chucklesome sumptuous seducing Elysian innocent flashy hospitable colourful hilarious colorful dinky merry exceptional aesthetically appealing lively cherubical wholesome gladdening glad unspoilt fantastical extraordinary perfect side-splitting gay priceless fragile super suitable dollish clear swanky mind-blowing kawaii mild picture-perfect soothing fab terrific curious stirring affecting ambrosial comforting euphoric capital light-hearted hunky-dory appetizing vivid moving piquant inspiring soft telegenic heartwarming swank commendable showstopping slick prettyish astounding provoking ethereal dandy larger than life well-dressed paradisaic supercalifragilisticexpialidocious stupendous paradisaical splendorous pleasureful thought-provoking schmick strong dapper swell to one's liking staggering irie emphatic appetising eye-popping invigorating portentous envigorating powerful pretty-pretty startling eye-opening clean-cut noteworthy well favored pretty as a picture unique a ten sympathetic illecebrous extremely attractive celestial pulling Orphean picture-postcard sweet-natured preferable poised beseeching cherished warm-hearted affectionate devastating studly exotic mysterious goodlooking cherishable phat extremely enjoyable extremely pleasant flattering childlike perky toothsome nurturable appreciatable prizable civilized dreamboat eyeful bijou warm snug suited eligible influential convivial balmy superlunary seraphic empyrean worldly physically attractive a sight for sore eyes strong in character top transporting readable civilised adapted appropriate jovial very interesting heady full of personality immodest suggestive shameless nostalgic quixotic canny with good taste well bred worldly-wise entranced charmed bewitched voluptuous curvaceous positive satisfactory enhancing heartening festive mouth-watering coquettish sexually arousing amorous sexually exciting steamy raunchy slinky passionate well suited groovy mooi lekker glitzy silvery golden sweetheart aces sociable okay gregarious white-hat good-humoured good-humored chivalrous adventurous glam enviable valuable worthy sound sunny fiendish conjuring gladsome celebratory petite slight encouraging open tarty ritzy well dressed sheen willowy doll face well-chosen joyful bright A1 rad glossy ace OK honorable sterling boss in order relief prime honourable reputable zingy spanking not bad slim attention-grabbing trendy righteous prestigious nifty peach ready pussycat camera-friendly placating pacifying mollifying conciliatory strange outlandish bizarro to your liking to one's taste to your taste too good to be true airy subtle nuanced meaty preoccupying buzzworthy racy newsworthy electric eventful worthy of note fresh trenchant galvanising topical unboring vibrant newsy relatable action-packed galvanizing passable elating deluxe copasetic first-rate super-eminent shipshape first-class super-excellent calming gnarly ecstatic indomitable uncontainable overriding ineluctable invincible unconquerable inevitable good egg all right all heart pacific peacemaking placatory conciliating appeasing propitiatory ducky brill cool heart-warming bonzer champion corking topping wizard ripping cracking spiffing drawing attention frabjous beezer ineffable yummy looking like a million farcical lacy tender diaphanous light well-made deft frail thin feeble very pleasant awesome propitiating top-hole very agreeable very attractive greatly to one's liking very pleasurable classic modish comic awe-inspiring facetious laughable jocular discriminating idealized halcyon silky convincing silken insinuative saccharine deferential ingratiatory fastidious harmonious ludicrous waggish rib-tickling mirthful noble decorous like a dream come true mind-boggling special unheard-of mind-bending heart-stopping prodigious enlightening fairytale-like unbelievable far-out unimaginable sensorial far out enlivening empyreal fabled tremendous dream-filled peaceful pastoral rustic ornamented genteel affected fancy ornate ostentatious groomed photographic pictographic novel whimsical rollicking restrained high-class overdone august aristocratic stylized pictorial unsoiled symbolic decorative fitting sensitive joshing wacky jokey gut-busting sidesplitting camp screaming campy boffo poignant riot restorative scream clever fun-filled gas well-designed hip dressy a la mode rural Utopian unspoiled bucolic utopian arcadian well-bred quiet posh rich unobtrusive in good taste splendiferous uptown pure chaste unaffected classical precise subdued cut up for grins sylvan Arcadian be a ball spick and span sleek dressed to the teeth snappy well-turned-out dolled up well-tailored spiffed-up besuited dressed to kill trig fly fashionably dressed natty as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox well-presented with it well-groomed soigné spruce too funny for words restful calm serene out-of-this-world idealised tranquil noticeable conspicuous obvious marked evident prominent distinct manifest salient unmistakable notable clear-cut visible distinctive outstanding kenspeckle noisy pronounced bold significant surprising grabby uncommon commanding catchy gee-whizz appreciable forcible observable phenomenal perceptible telling jazzy lofty dynamite signal forceful singular unusual cogent arrestive confounding bizarre

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