Synonym of assuaging

Alternative for assuaging

assuages, assuaged, assuaging

Synonym: allay, alleviate, calm, check, ease, lessen, moderate, pacify, quiet, relieve, restrain,


Present participle for to provide assuagement or palliation to
calming soothing easing relieving alleviating allaying mitigating palliating mollifying moderating tempering lessening lulling dampening abating smothering stifling stilling subduing suppressing appeasing attenuating decreasing diluting diminishing helping lightening lowering modifying quieting reducing relaxing satisfying softening killing lenifying pacifying quenching composing cooling filling surfeiting sweetening toning down tranquilizing making nice putting an end to taking the edge off pouring oil on putting a stop to taking the sting out dulling quelling blunting deadening settling weakening quietening salving cushioning checking placating ameliorating damping slaking comforting curing becalming extenuating controlling healing balming curbing lullabying restraining repressing sating de-escalating extinguishing hushing calming down minimizing smoothing dwindling downsizing depressing improving soft-pedalling soft-pedaling settling down nursing consoling remedying minimising doctoring cooling off taking the bite out benumbing dispelling easing off making better slackening treating muffling curtailing dropping downscaling depleting qualifying thinning slowing impairing subsiding shrinking ebbing muting satiating winding down attending to numbing overcoming steadying banishing adjusting quashing undermining solacing remitting stopping modulating slacking loosing containing cauterizing degrading silencing denting contracting eroding dissipating tapering counteracting waning discounting cauterising mellowing dulcifying depreciating cutting destroying succoring mending falling making less restoring meliorating damping down watering down chilling out putting a damper on unburdening knocking down quieting down taking the sting out of succouring anaesthetizing relenting tranquillising smoothing over throwing cold water on disburdening facilitating freeing aiding assisting rehabilitating anesthetizing pouring cold water on dampening down cutting down letting up on getting rid of taking a load off petering out letting up tailing off putting at rest gratifying addressing paralyzing paralysing commuting sedating conciliating reining piping down excusing regulating masking diffusing resolving disintegrating refreshing crumbling reducing the force of dismissing stabilising defusing stabilizing decrementing fixing up attending fixing eliminating disempowering driving off squaring driving away putting to rest chasing away taking sting out patching things up gentling untroubling allying loosening nourishing making weaker shutting down cooling out quietening down wearing down cutting back wearing away rolling back squelching smoothing down rectifying easing up subjugating desensitizing narrowing releasing taking the bite out of indulging to the full making reasonable rising above drowning stunning retarding stupefying incapacitating injuring exhausting tiring freezing choking off cutting off reassuring ceasing stroking making smaller brightening pruning taming knocking out sapping rocking to sleep laying back patching up sorting out ironing out putting to rights slashing dialing down abridging truncating varying punctuating fading obtunding putting damper on making less intense hebetating taking the edge taking it easy lissing interrupting enfeebling desensitising receding declining putting the lid on making lighter putting a lid on preventing breaking up paring down promoting disengaging simplifying speeding forwarding cheering lifting opening the door untightening running interference for furthering speeding up clearing the way making easier expediting bringing respite to deflating adulterating vitiating crippling devaluating disabling enervating offsetting rarefying debilitating constricting sinking bringing an end to setting right palling uplighting levitating shifting unloading emptying jettisoning taking changing removing disencumbering upraising eradicating taking load off making something bearable bringing aid to bringing aid draining away ratcheting down dying down tapering off dropping off dying away dropping away phasing down falling away growing less dying out reducing weight pouring out throwing out putting off rehabbing medicating amending cleansing dosing making well bettering treating successfully restoring to health ministering to making whole making healthy trimming limiting axing slimming down marking down scaling down restricting retrenching paring shortening downgrading making cutbacks in bringing down holding back whittling down breaking shaving devaluing cheapening stepping down cutting back on inhibiting absorbing buffering clipping hindering staying docking running down rationalizing writing down turning down minifying ruining rationalising wrecking slowing down deducting taking down arresting taking off wasting halting scaling back putting down making reductions in easing up on reining in consuming damming stemming subtracting blocking couching staunching economizing on squashing stanching delaying spoiling drying up detaining handicapping subverting trimming down trimming back abbreviating devouring undervaluing decelerating revising tightening impeding devalorizing obstructing rebating knocking off cutting down on stalling deteriorating economizing economising holding up setting back hampering decaying postponing taking away keeping down rounding down keeping back miring retardating whittling away playing down phasing out loitering choking wasting away bogging down eating away interfering with rationing chillin chilling sparing blanketing etiolating devitalizing eliding syncopating euphemizing whittling slenderizing blurring debasing dipping making fewer muzzling reducing the effect of foreshortening demoting prostrating decreasing the volume keeping it down nosing dive gruntling reducing punishment bolstering pillowing resisting opposing withstanding muddying up retrenching on reducing greatly slimming making less strict making less formal mincing detracting from marring taking the heat off deleting omitting confining keeping to a minimum marking off keeping at a minimum buttressing worsening compressing chopping cropping protecting against causing to fall condensing lowering in price amortising casting down taking pressure off reducing the impact of softening the impact of lessening the impact of withdrawing lopping off lopping bringing to a standstill amortizing recovering demilitarising neutralising rescuing demilitarizing saving lowering in value neutralizing padding defending against shielding against cutting short shearing concentrating harshing laying off safeguarding against bridling constraining corroding taking from soaking up messing up mastering abstracting debiting governing draining striking off eating gnawing attuning balancing withholding bating allowing braking clogging crushing smoothing out taking the heat clearing the air expending abrading encumbering licking harmonizing reducing by decreasing by taking out spending deferring rolling down tuning down trimming away budget cutting using up evacuating slowing up hamstringing dissolving weathering drawing back keeping in check keeping the lid on keeping a lid on snuffing out cracking down on getting under control nipping in the bud slapping down holding in check clamping down on setting toning tuning putting back milking fretting nibbling rotting trammelling trammeling cumbering stunting inflecting scraping away threatening damaging hesitating throwing a spanner in the works of closing off shutting off fettering dawdling bogging backing off loafing downing hanging up faltering crimping bringing to screeching halt putting a brake on baulking balking baffling poking throwing a monkey wrench in the works of flagging bleeding burning scouring biting grinding down biting at eating away at tweaking transmogrifying altering fine-tuning revamping switching harmonising adapting lagging destabilizing disrupting sabotaging undoing impoverishing bankrupting sucking dry chipping away at gnawing away at eating into embogging reefing procrastinating finishing squandering drawing down drawing playing out demolishing keeping waiting letting down flaps losing steam anchoring it losing speed putting the brakes on hitting the brakes getting in the way of demeaning destabilising thwarting undercutting belittling chipping away detracting foiling eating up digging into washing up


Present participle for to lessen the intensity of, to mitigate or relieve (hunger, emotion, pain etc)
satisfying quenching sating satiating slaking appeasing fulfilling gratifying indulging checking dulling overcoming quelling relieving allaying blunting diminishing keeping in check taking the edge off contenting pleasing cheering feeding humouring gladdening captivating humoring pacifying refreshing accommodating catering to complying with making happy fawning on providing for giving in to pandering to glutting gorging surfeiting nauseating stuffing cloying overfilling jading filling overfeeding sickening overindulging overdosing saturating palling filling up feeding to gills pampering spoiling obliging coddling delighting entertaining treating going along with regaling yielding to tickling favoring bowing to meeting favouring tickling pink serving amusing cosseting pleasuring mollycoddling making a fuss of suiting flattering babying warming honoring honouring thrilling rejoicing gladding feasting agreeing with giving pleasure to mollifying soothing placating diverting titillating charming pandering enthralling catering comforting cockering enchanting gassing enrapturing giving way to caressing nursing wet-nursing dandling rewarding abetting benefiting facilitating benefitting appealing to cheering up doting on making someone glad making content making someone feel good hitting the spot smiling upon giving a buzz giving someone a kick doing right by wrapping in cotton wool making someone pleased showing consideration showing beneficence waiting on hand and foot catering to your every whim taking care of doing a kindness putting yourself out for treating well quietening silencing stilling wearying cramming stringing along spoon-feeding bewitching sufficing reconciling nannying nursemaiding adapting to overjoying exciting making a fuss over making much of killing with kindness petting delectating helping outfitting giving in fondling going along yielding turning on ministering to making somebody's day going over big spoiling rotten itching convulsing scratching irritating kittling touching prickling vellicating brushing patting tingling sparing the rod making laugh elating satisficing enlivening exhilarating capturing selling animating bucking up making merry brightening up filling the bill doing the trick


Present participle for to assuage the agitation or anger of (someone)


Serving to alleviate a person's feelings of grief or distress


Tolerant of deviation
lenient gentle merciful sparing clement compassionate forgiving kind tolerant forbearing indulgent mild tender easy-going magnanimous benevolent charitable humane kind-hearted kindly liberal moderate permissive pitying soft sympathetic allowing amiable assuasive benign benignant complaisant compliant condoning easy easygoing emollient excusing favouring favoring good-natured humouring humoring lax letting light loving mollycoddling obliging pampering pardoning permitting softhearted soft-hearted soft-shell spoiling temperate yielding being big live with going easy on understanding considerate generous patient gracious accommodating beneficent caring warm tender-hearted broad-minded friendly tenderhearted kindhearted humanitarian warmhearted mellow open-minded agreeable thoughtful good-hearted genial affable neighbourly warm-hearted good-humored neighborly good-humoured pleasant cordial calm helpful long-suffering all heart unprejudiced progressive amicable acquiescent decent congenial cheerful accepting sentimental latitudinarian unselfish free sensitive unbigoted amenable hospitable unbiased sociable altruistic serene free and easy big-hearted good good-tempered receptive submissive responsive approachable stoical flexible uncomplaining libertarian resigned catholic empathetic stoic placid even-tempered well-disposed feeling cooperative advanced big docile radical quiet affectionate broad giving deferential reasonable polite nice nonjudgmental longanimous undemanding fatherly supportive favorable motherly pleasing favourable sweet well meaning bleeding-heart well disposed bland loose unflappable overindulgent untroubled enlightened modest restrained chivalrous relaxed courteous empathic unorthodox high-minded unconventional peaceful approving cool philanthropic human left rational avant-garde intelligent interested receiving breezy convivial peaceable bighearted happy selfless companionable chummy gregarious lovable easy-oasy meek bleeding heart laid-back goodhearted maternal likeable tranquil laissez-faire matey clubby likable happy-go-lucky large-hearted easy to get along with sweet-tempered buddy-buddy imperturbable unexcitable carefree unruffled hands-off equable casual nonchalant insouciant susceptible unconcerned fond unhurried accommodative doting pliant noble solicitous gallant humble unassuming commiserative soothing ruthful willing tractable composed balmy biddable delicate concerned comforting enduring self-controlled self-restrained shy demure outgoing sympathizing condoling nonabrasive reverent retiring commiserating fatherlike pally comradely cheery self-possessed regular passive munificent sympathising bounteous bountiful lamblike lavish delightful engaging civil unstinting buoyant smiling extroverted extrovert great-hearted heart in right place respectful subdued angelic unoffensive public-spirited loving and giving reformist brotherly open-handed company-loving humanistic hail-fellow-well-met with the patience of Job general smooth well-mannered open liberalistic non-restrictive weak soft-boiled spineless boneless placable unprescriptive unrestricted live-and-let-live tolerating generous to a fault willing to forgive pitiful touchy-feely cosseting gratifying fair eager to help eager to please liberal-minded deceivable mushy emotional perceptive comprehending appreciative reassuring softie marshmallow dupable soft-shelled overpermissive eleemosynary soft touch propitious dutiful regardful well intentioned openhearted wholesome benefic greathearted tactful princely attentive philanthropical openhanded freehanded trusting naive unsuspicious deludable unoppressive unburdensome gullible fleeceable heroic courageous ungrudging conciliatory assenting willing to please favourably disposed low-pressure devil-may-care unpretentious living with conformable sophisticated wide courtly valiant lowly civilized going along with going easy with free-handed well-meaning persistent persevering philosophical consoling encouraging restful softened halcyon deliberate slow muted zephyr-like feeble accessible righteous equanimous untiring mild-tempered inexcitable able to live with piteous brave obedient easy on easy with civilised having heart in right place impassive philosophic fortitudinous impartial nonconventional nonorthodox right-on non-partisan nontraditional poised offhand outgiving indolent uncritical collected complacent lazy hang-loose informal uninhibited fearless honourable intrepid honorable stout-hearted bold dauntless down-to-earth diffident timid self-effacing old softie charming winsome laid back open-hearted unobtrusive unambitious do-good noninterventionist couthy conversable personable winning mild-mannered well-intentioned noble-minded valorous cozy swell clubbable copacetic unworried blithe pabulum Milquetoast manageable nothing orderly wishy-washy zero cowed plain fearful politically correct easy to get on with downright neighborly palsy-walsy cosy soft-spoken moral non-confrontational pacific sisterly dovelike dove-like harmless paternal chilled easy-peasy urbane forthcoming bonhomous unctuous stately suave knightly controlled together unfazed nonirritant mollifying calmative clear nonirritating sober steady even judicious abstinent measured disciplined reserved balanced considered careful conservative compromising cautious not excessive not given to excesses jovial hearty social welcoming palsy harmonious collegial hail-fellow unreserved intimate chirpy perky familiar enthusiastic jolly glad close amical compatible kindred like-minded lovely bubbly eager conflict-free merry animated ebullient upbeat communicative natural sunny appealing chipper fraternal gay simpatico jocund sweet-natured vivacious lively diplomatic extraverted sensible non-hostile jocose jocular hilarious bright unemotional joyful undisturbed deep unpresumptuous prepossessing still exuberant debonair unanimous joyous heartfelt taking ingratiating earnest wholehearted sincere irenic frictionless cheering united high enlivening up optimistic light-hearted gleeful blithesome laughing gladsome mirthful lightsome sparky eupeptic canty sunny side up rosy backslapping positive buddy buddy clubable lighthearted good company tight confident loyal amusing confiding faithful attached entertaining vibrant funny comical on good terms nonmalignant soft-centred nonthreatening paternalistic maternalistic wonderful unconstrained tame facile expansive available unstuffy glowing red-carpet affectious communal non-malignant colonial boon charismatic at ease unaffected fit adapted suitable genuine captivating enchanting concordant agreeing accordant inviting well-suited well suited sympathique as nice as pie amorous bluff congruous consonant consistent mannerly unceremonious square shooting right nice confidential regular fellow right neighborly upper oily peace-loving barley-sugar sparkling ladylike gentlemanly unwarlike contented ardent jaunty sprightly cultivated genteel decorous airy pacifist seeing eye to eye in harmony in unison free from disagreement in accord in step of one mind on same wavelength in tune in rapport en rapport passionate elated intense frolicsome grinning radiant non-aggressive non-violent non-combative non-belligerent inoffensive dovish very kind spirited well behaved well-behaved well mannered discreet bucked peppy hopeful attractive presentable avid zealous content zippy zingy handsome pacifistic smiley peart canny pretty bonny obsequious well spoken well-bred good-mannered well bred well brought up politic punctilious well brought-up well-spoken condescending polished effervescent full of hope without a care in the world roseate glass half full snappy bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in high spirits full of vim and vigour of good cheer full of the joys of spring full of pep sanguine in good spirits bouncy zappy full of beans cheerly cock-a-hoop sweetheart good egg aces nice-looking comely all right good-looking okay white-hat impassioned anti-war energetic nonbelligerent dynamic beaming festive devout loud emphatic ordered pacificatory effusive unmoved unperturbed profound bright and breezy sunbeamy cool-headed deepest level-headed hushed phlegmatic bovine unshaken sedate stilly recollected self-composed level possessed coolheaded limpid equal stolid lown vigorous nonplussed honest frank abiding profuse full unrestrained gushing detached cool as a cucumber cool, calm and collected deep-rooted back-slapping good natured deep-felt


Suitable or moderately good
acceptable satisfactory adequate fair decent reasonable passable sufficient suitable tolerable appropriate competent good respectable agreeable average presentable serviceable alright comfortable fairish fit okay palatable solid sound standard commensurate common convenient fitting middling moderate proper unobjectionable valid appeasing assuasive correct sufficing unexceptionable fine goodish kosher pleasant snug swell unexceptional fairly good good enough jake pretty good quite good run-of-the-mill sufficiently good up to standard not bad up to par all right bog-standard middle-of-the-road up to scratch fair-to-middling so-so totally fine up to snuff in order up to the mark completely understandable OK A-OK ample right apt befitting seemly becoming pleasing suited copacetic meet mediocre applicable fitted hunky-dory apposite ordinary indifferent qualified decorous medium unremarkable modest comme il faut expedient useful copasetic helpful admissible conventional congruous fair to middling worthy apropos allowable timely undistinguished O.K. cool felicitous nice worthwhile vanilla just usual moderately good usable relevant no great shakes opportune rightful satisfying pertinent plain vanilla happy fit for purpose nothing to write home about desirable advantageous wholesome effective workaday right on on the ball favorable in keeping tidy beneficial half-pie ducky accepted able not too bad functional inoffensive deserved preferable orthodox due favourable conformable certain polite not much cop exact unimpeachable employable sensible tickety-boo equitable de rigueur handy considerable conforming bearable productive on the beam substantial small limited abundant perfect commonplace enough ideal delightful goodly sizable sizeable appreciable mean livable plenty second-rate minimal accommodating accurate condign intermediate germane civilized capable approved honest precise safe not up to much customary prepared feasible prudent faultless reliable formal advisable harmless adapted deserving ready well-suited likely requisite traditional regular pretty genteel to the point commodious necessary civilised innocuous useable correspondent available compatible definitive done done thing legitimate seasonable equal infallible unquestionable efficacious welcome effectual well suited righteous well-timed on the money spot on on the mark up to code right stuff cooking with gas reasonably good can't complain amateur amateurish viewable related justified fairy-tale delighting peachy groovy cogent gratifying fulfilling run-of-the-mine run-of-mine second-class pat harmonious noticeable generous biggish significant marked conducive as it should be flourishing fine and dandy just right better than nothing well-chosen attractive okey-dokey fair enough permissible permitted favourite promising favorite hopeful lucky well fortunate bright commensurable not to be sneezed at to the purpose cromulent well timed established proportionate providential prosperous congenial consonant consistent preferred scanty median honourable big large peachy keen honorable trendy in the swim hep hip plentiful plenteous bounteous the done thing in good taste couth moral courtly refined mannerly well-mannered trained eligible nothing to shout about rational wise pragmatic reasoned practical judicious well qualified habitable aplenty copious bountiful official ceremonious punctilious constructive profitable midsize midsized meagre skimpy light merited diplomatic stilted stiff stiff-necked starchy creditable reputable apple-pie logical strategic supportable inhabitable sufferable endurable legit politic fruitful utilizable careful sparse middle desired equal to up to capable of right up your street user friendly in character cut out for in keeping with enow as much as you need as much as is necessary everyday normal unimpressive pedestrian gainful best recommended in the running in line for sustainable cozy tenantable homey enjoyable lodgeable consumable de règle savoury savory stock meager sagacious suggested best suited tactical clear idiomatic cut-and-dry cut-and-dried unpretentious prosaic garden-variety standard-issue routine typical insignificant healthful propitious auspicious salutary benefic needed benignant toward cosy sure unfailing characterless uneventful uninspired unexciting dull nondescript unnoteworthy anonymous plain unmemorable inconspicuous compelling utilisable dependable common or garden nothing special protocol worth living non-provocative peaceable non-controversial irreproachable trustworthy bog standard mild foolproof sure-fire grammatical well formed tame par for the course fit for human habitation true fail-safe surefire guaranteed unbeatable can't-miss beyond reproach innocent unprovocative uncontroversial veracious risk-free innoxious riskless tried and true watertight always effective positive apodictic incontrovertible inerrable tried and tested authoritative inerrant steady undeceivable efficient omniscient never failing strict flawless neutral faithful irrefutable undeniable unambiguous conclusive undisputed unrefuted errorless error-free unerring equipped exploitable word-perfect dead-on on-target meticulous scrupulous spot-on so operable practicable bang on veridical unmistaken rigorous amen truthful impeccable actual stone undistorted factual on the button -worthy right as rain on the nail on the right track dead on for sure on track on the right lines on target free of error on the nose along the right lines according to Hoyle most correct

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