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In a comprehensive, exhaustive or extensive way
completely fully thoroughly totally all altogether clean comprehensively dead detailedly enough entire entirely even exactly exhaustively fast flat full heartily minutely out perfectly plumb quite roundly soundly sweepingly systematically utterly well wholly wide all of all over extensively in depth in detail inside out through and through to the fullest extent from the ground up from stem to stern up and down meticulously painstakingly from top to bottom in great detail closely scrupulously carefully rigorously methodically intensively intensely with attention to detail from A to Z in and out in great depth critically assiduously conscientiously effectively to the max from beginning to end all the way at great length earnestly consistently regularly in order properly to pieces for fair to bits in whole to the hilt down the line down to the ground consummately competently sedulously exclusively profoundly efficiently undividedly leaving no stone unturned categorically precisely with full details at large punctiliously attentively accurately finely solidly searchingly to the limit en masse in toto hook line and sinker in all to the end heart and soul absolutely in full without omission to the nth degree conclusively in entirety on all counts with a fine-tooth comb heedfully keenly thoughtfully diligently industriously unremittingly scrutinizingly whole hog thoroughgoingly radically unqualifiedly unconditionally deeply severely seriously elaborately positively forcefully violently majorly unlimitedly drastically decisively extremely heavily desperately unrestrictedly unmitigatedly draconianly royally encyclopedically plenarily encyclopaedically vigorously strenuously intricately vehemently widely rightly dreadfully arrantly really uncompromisingly purely fairly strongly stringently outright cleanly wholy unequivocally unrestrainedly unreservedly excessively revolutionarily unbrokenly particularly intimately inclusively lock, stock and barrel panoramically one hundred per cent in all respects universally in every respect without reservation every inch without exception all out truely broadly unmistakenly customarily backwards and forwards complicatedly immediately personally scenically commandingly abundantly usually complexly overwhelmingly amply experiencedly compendiously toughly circumstantially plentily plentifully totes out-and-out from first to last out and out from soup to nuts sophisticatedly penetratingly directly harshly direly difficultly involvedly specifically elementally essentially downrightly sheerly outrightly surely unquestionably pervasively specially punishingly swingeingly sharply momentously substantially downright fiercely acutely truly rankly trickily terribly ferociously manifestly unadulteratedly unalloyedly impeccably exorbitantly immoderately extravagantly unambiguously infallibly almightily iconoclastically viciously hard highly excruciatingly blisteringly hardly furiously frightfully explosively veritably hellaciously ghastlily to the core to the maximum extent no strings attached flat-out come hell or high water in every way no ifs ands or buts a hundred per cent straight out exquisitely seamlessly maximally integrally airtightly grossly unblemishedly unimpairedly fearsomely verily blankly overarchingly definitely deadly bodaciously flatly limitlessly starkly undisputedly bloomingly infinitely ultimately simply assertively emphatically resoundingly energetically muscularly wholeheartedly dynamically committedly aggressively concentratedly fearfully uninterruptedly up unbridledly uncontrolledly determinedly concertedly resolutely unmixedly robustly vitally virilely powerfully hardily demandingly acceleratedly fastly persistently insistently


Again and again in the same way
ad infinitum forever perpetually always endlessly eternally evermore in perpetuity interminably everlastingly forevermore neverendingly unceasingly unendingly for all time for evermore forever more in perpetuum ceaselessly continuously for aye for ever and ever never-ending relentlessly to infinity unlimitedly until doomsday till the end of time until kingdom come without end without limit having no end on and on until hell freezes over until the cows come home until the twelfth of never for ever permanently henceforth continually hereafter for always until the end of time to the end of time ever after till the cows come home ever constantly indelibly e'er aye ay forwards and beyond unfadingly once and for all for good and all forth till hell freezes over for good unchangingly onwards ahead into eternity moving ahead henceforward hence on forward onward sine die regularly frequently indefinitely considerably for keeps enduringly for eternity for all future time immortally abidingly world without end invariably timelessly deathlessly perdurably sempiternally imperishably till Doomsday incessantly consistently unfailingly for life until Kingdom come now and forever for ever more till death do us part till blue in the face night and day undyingly lastingly too long unremittingly repeatedly at all times till cows come home good never to return immutably inalterably steadfastly recurrently conclusively usually anytime definitively persistently infinitely durably non-stop by any chance in any case decisively irrevocably to the end for all eternity to a finish till you're blue in the face day and night morning, noon and night all the time the entire time for a lifetime for an infinite amount of time finally absolutely for the rest of eternity for ever so long


Having many details
detailed full thorough complete comprehensive exhaustive minute specific elaborate exact meticulous particular particularised particularized all-inclusive circumstantial itemised itemized accurate precise all-embracing blow-by-blow definite explicit extensive painstaking developed encyclopaedic encyclopedic elaborated enumerated finicky seriatim in depth point-by-point correct careful scrupulous strict punctilious rigorous clear-cut close unambiguous proper fastidious fussy conscientious true unequivocal definitive categorical distinct right absolute literal methodical in-depth unmistakable defined faithful error-free nice demanding persnickety nitpicking studious pinpoint on the money exacting clear unerring picky finical delicate spot-on veracious certain faultless pernickety perfect errorless pedantic systematic on the button direct express diligent genuine choosy bang on dead-on thoroughgoing intensive actual perfectionist punctual sweeping authentic sharp critical clocklike flawless on the nose ultra-careful overnice hair-splitting crystal clear assiduous good fine judicious rigid on-target spot on inch-perfect factual veridical dainty authoritative attentive formal old-maidish fussbudgety finicking choosey reliable mathematical unqualified concrete infallible religious univocal laborious manifest unquestionable heedful conscionable conclusive understandable lucid nit-picky nit-picking well-defined fiddly right on clearly expressed on target bull's-eye counted whole-hog full-dress all-out soup to nuts tough all the way slam-bang efficient royal from A to Z plenty selective intrinsic topical appropriate solid skillful matter-of-fact severe ultraprecise discriminating just deft regular scientific discriminative skilful truthful hairline refined unwavering profuse abundant plentiful lavish rich copious ample stage by stage step by step thoroughpaced stringent liberal sufficient profound deep complex complicated personal immediate satisfying valid specialised specialized uncompromising intricate experienced identical in detail broad-ranging canonical straightforward plain exclusive impeccable obvious downright overt firsthand penetrating verbatim undisputed straight official final irrefutable unimpeachable unrefuted undeniable blunt stiff stiff-necked ceremonious stilted decorous starchy stark nailed down on the beam on the nail dead on on the mark on the numbers emphatic word for word essential elemental total textbook patent without error unambivalent nonambiguous indubitable evident extremely particular scrutinising scrutinizing hard-to-please perspicuous consummate intimate special overconscientious overscrupulous polite civil seemly observant formalistic courteous conventional sure stated picture-book dead right classic inerrant well researched whole scholarly model unbroken to a T picture-perfect perfected letter-perfect to a turn polished transparent unblurred real first-hand spelled out over-fastidious carping faddish difficult over-particular easily understandable good eye black and white cut-and-dried open-and-shut hard and fast cut and dried black-and-white sharply defined positive faddy overcritical pass-remarkable tricky effective surgical determinate decisive individual existent overprecise hairsplitting well informed well argued well reasoned very well defined substantial firm tangible objective difficult to please fixed decided material sensible clearly defined corporeal de facto bona fide sure-enough set in stone microscopic stickling cautious duteous white-glove dotting the i's crossing the t's

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