Synonym of at rest

Alternative for at rest


in a state of repose or especially sleepdead


No longer alive, dead
dead deceased departed passed away no longer with us at peace late gone defunct lost lifeless expired fallen lamented asleep slain extinct inanimate passed on slaughtered killed demised murdered perished six feet under as dead as a doornail cold insensate gave up the ghost bit the dust kicked the bucket insentient low with God inert no more dead as a doornail under the sod finished former pushing up daisies breathless exanimate not breathing stiff vanished spiritless bygone nonextant done for unanimated bereft of life resting in peace buried motionless checked out done bypast destroyed nonexistent unresponsive bought the farm out cold inactive exterminated died out wiped out snuffed out extinguished abolished void having breathed one's last no longer extant superseded disappeared vanquished dead as a dodo casualty bitten the dust disintegrated retired stone-dead in the grave laid to rest unconscious turned to dust comatose insensible invalid outdated out-of-date redundant kaput unmoving desert faint waste brute limp dear departed much lamented late lamented no longer living ruined still had it in a faint not living out for the count wasted cadaverous down mortified erased effaced eradicated obliterated wrecked annihilated extirpated demolished dead to the world down the drain out of commission offed silent reposing liquidated not existing out of one's misery gone to meet maker cut off gone to reward lapsed devastated frittered crushed pushing up the daisies obsolete inorganic mineral quenched doused out passé terminated non-organic soulless no longer existing archaic unknown ended dead and gone outmoded no longer known inexistent quiescent abiotic listless nonvegetable vacant impassive azoic without life lethargic apathetic nonanimal not alive inoperative idle nonliving dull


Existing but not yet developed or manifest
latent dormant concealed hidden invisible lurking inherent quiescent undeveloped unseen veiled immanent secret undiscovered unexpressed unrealized unrevealed untapped imperceptible inactive indiscernible inert inoperative unapparent masked unfulfilled unused covert idle inchoate innermost repressed sleeping subconscious suppressed unacknowledged underlying abeyant buried contained dead embryonic fallow immature implied inferential inferred intrinsic involved passive potential smouldering smoldering suspended tacit torpid unconscious underdeveloped unexposed unripe vestigial free likely off possible rudimentary vacant in abeyance not activated on the shelf out of commission unoccupied mothballed stationary unemployed disused still not operating not in use out of use ticking over gathering dust no longer in use fallen into disuse shrouded deep personal obscure out of sight private intimate inner camouflaged undisclosed covered cloaked undercover out of view disguised quiet obscured internal surreptitious deepest imperceivable clouded inward undetected individual screened inmost not visible under wraps bottled up prepatent indirect unobserved unnoticed undeclared unnoticeable confidential deep-seated true undetectable indistinct eclipsed privy underground inconspicuous hinted at unobtrusive honest real impalpable imaginary not in sight in the dark unidentified unbeknown unknown unbeknownst unrecognized implicit relapsing retreating lowering receding regressive ebbing declining falling unrecognised deducible suggested not obvious withheld sheltered undivulged profound snug tect hinted hard to find secluded not on view recessive heartfelt sincere in-depth unspoken darkest nonpublic unvoiced guarded unseeable sequestered entombed clandestine reserved closed sneaking secretive indistinguishable deeply felt discreet hushed closet esoteric tight-lipped non-public top-secret far-off far-removed faraway beneath below sunk nonexistent unperceivable shadowy inappreciable intangible unobservable ghostly insensible perdu ethereal vaporous not in view unviewable imponderable gaseous impossible to detect interior inside unperceived psychological religious within intellectual inner-directed spiritual impenetrable occult unsuspected curtained imagined dark ill-defined vague unclear oblique unrecognizable shielded unrecognisable hooded roundabout


Having emotional or mental peace
peaceful serene calm composed placid tranquil undisturbed unruffled untroubled content unworried collected together unperturbed blissful peaceable possessed secure smooth conciliatory level mellow sedate unshaken constant cool coolheaded easeful equable equal recollected reposeful steady anxiety-free at ease at peace self-composed self-possessed in repose limpid relaxed unflustered quiet unflappable unfazed laid-back poised imperturbable unagitated cool, calm and collected nonplussed easy unbothered still even-tempered nonchalant chilled unmoved easygoing cool-headed unexcitable unemotional level-headed carefree unconcerned casual equanimous insouciant self-controlled controlled comfortable halcyon even restful uninterrupted unbroken dispassionate stable stilly undismayed unhurried phlegmatic confident stoical cozy levelheaded self-assured pacific hushed lown stress-free as cool as a cucumber easy-going stolid impassive assured happy-go-lucky mild devil-may-care cool as a cucumber cosy blithe patient unstirred sober temperate snug well balanced free and easy well-balanced leisurely safe undemanding fair unaffected gentle tolerant satisfied unanxious blasé settled dignified trouble-free contented without a care in the world serious reasonable urbane sound unexcited grounded staid unflurried sensible calmed commonsensical clearheaded self-confident deliberate keeping your cool sure of oneself cool as cucumber flexible soothing deep fine in a relaxed manner amenable taking your time complaisant regular undaunted complacent civil balmy unchanging unvarying lackadaisical idyllic firm unalarmed resolute unflinching untouched uniform unvexed measured unperturbable undistracted philosophical centered relaxing consistent invariable unshakable sure sanguine bovine in control elegant suave not moved mild-mannered pellucid reconciled centred resting quiescent good-natured detached docile irenic reserved unfluctuating unaltering unalterable cushy pleasant happy unobstructed intimate comfy quieted soothed disimpassioned repressed suppressed good-tempered sure of yourself homey homy homely stagnant stationary flat motionless glassy mirror-like euthymic calm and collected earnest keeping a stiff upper lip have one's act together not turn a hair keeping one's shirt on balanced practical proper rational wise pragmatic prudent circumspect mature realistic waveless mirrorlike downwind demure businesslike sane judicious reliable dependable gemütlich homelike seemly decorous moderate serious-minded grave at home commodious unexacting straight stiff prim formal solemn stuffy assertive boring stick-in-the-mud starchy in peace without interruption breezy sombre stately somber informal like a millpond dead calm well adjusted with one's feet on the ground full of common sense well-adjusted lax affable cold sober friendly understated downbeat forbearing protected leeside shielded screened sheltered leeward low-pressure low-key easy-peasy live-and-let-live chilled out all there coherent logical lucid right intelligent thoughtful down-to-earth compos mentis of sound mind right-minded well-grounded able to think clearly in one's right mind knowing normal informed valid reasoned commonsensible just good solid clear-headed analytical analytic well-founded mentally sound able to reason clearly right in the head well-advised in possession of all your faculties discerning discreet astute well-thought-out graceful sagacious justified commonsense matter-of-fact positive in your right mind well grounded fair-minded no-nonsense discriminating nerveless having all one's marbles certain hard-headed agreeable audacious fearless bold self-reliant self-asserting dauntless upbeat unhesitating gutsy cogent shrewd filled with aplomb gung ho credible consequent well responsible objective steady-going sage advisable plausible hard sapient politic intellectual in right mind well reasoned playing with a full deck having all marbles well advised with both one's feet on the ground abled deliberative farsighted debonair even-keeled liberal muted subdued indulgent lenient with both feet on the ground clubby benign subtle unostentatious inconspicuous stoic stabile orderly systematic methodical cocksure doubtless pushy implicit brazen clear proportional symmetrical well-proportioned permissive overconfident well-disposed neutral unimpassioned passionless sound of mind got head together in possession of one's faculties with all one's marbles rosy high broad-minded considerate amiable thick-skinned immovable smug self-satisfied harmonious mentally stable aware cognizant enlightened understanding open-minded cordial good-humored generous good-humoured puffed up pumped up fit playing with full deck both oars in water oriented healthy perceptive played down unpretentious downhome toned down hard as nails stiff upper lip roll with punches unidealistic hard-boiled clear-sighted deductive joined-up clear-eyed philosophic common-sense perspicacious equitable self-sufficient brave intrepid courageous tenable acceptable decent far-sighted can-do canny sharp impartial justifiable believable legitimate viable understandable surefooted sure-footed well-informed clever percipient restrained conservative reflective unprejudiced feasible believing in oneself self-assertive convincing self-respecting thought-out unexcessive evenhanded based on good sense thinking legit cognitive open to reason admissible ratiocinative making sense clear-cut unbiased standing to reason cerebral well thought out unextreme well-reasoned au courant attentive conversant weighty authoritative telling satisfying satisfactory recognized holding water watertight correct profound holding up holding up in wash got it together faultless true unassailable accurate flawless impeccable right-thinking recognised standing up exact precise established orthodox accepted well founded whole mentally healthy in good mental health

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