Synonym of at this moment


Right at this time, without hesitation or delay
now immediately promptly instantly instanter pronto instantaneously presently right away right now urgently directly incontinently straightaway straightway forthwith this instant this very minute unhesitatingly without further ado without hesitation at once straight away straight off this minute like a shot without delay toot sweet tout de suite this day at this juncture at this point on the double at this point in time here at this stage at this time right off headlong right PDQ plumb bang quickly on the spot posthaste speedily in a flash post-haste as soon as possible in no time fast before you can say Jack Robinson soon shortly in double quick time summarily there and then on a dime rapidly off the bat expeditiously without more ado lickety-split in short order that instant with all speed straight that minute here and now double quick in a jiffy swiftly like a flash that very minute then and there early forthright chop-chop ekdam in nothing flat in an instant first off momentarily in a second anon dead like now without a second thought before you can say knife in two shakes in a trice as quickly as possible quick abruptly suddenly hastily due snappily instant contiguously presto fleetly at short notice double-quick in a hurry in a wink in the blink of an eye quick as lightning in the twinkling of an eye punctually seasonably apace first briskly in a New York minute on the nail as fast as possible hotfoot at the double within a short time on the dot spontaneously on time double-time now or never ASAP by and by without any delay on the instant in no time at all in a minute in a fraction of a second in a moment in less than no time by return before you know it from the word go this moment this second direct hereupon thereupon on the barrelhead hurriedly plump outright sharp soon afterward with all haste right off the bat with dispatch in the same breath in the bat of an eye at this moment in time right at this time sooner flat-out with little delay pretty soon by when any second now any moment now quick as a flash in a sec quick as anything in a tick in two ticks in a snap in two shakes of a lamb's tail very soon in a mo very quickly quick as a fox in a very short time in a blink soon after in a split second like greased lightning at a stroke like lightning all of a sudden like an arrow from a bow at the speed of light away a.s.a.p. before the ink is dry on the page with no delay soon enough at warp speed


Existing or happening right now
present existent immediate current existing extant instant ongoing prompt breathing commenced living started ad hoc already coeval topical even now for the time being going on in duration in process under consideration up-to-date now present-day actual pressing next live first at present time on hand contemporary modern newfangled recent new latest mod latter-day latter new-fashioned present-time twenty-first-century state-of-the-art ultramodern newest trendsetting space-age fashionable hot up-to-the-minute voguish modernistic red-hot designer modish trendy cool begun nowadays new age being contemporaneous today up to date up to the minute just now alive remaining around in existence surviving prevailing abiding active happening continuing prevalent reigning incumbent operative operating enduring functioning undestroyed persisting running working developing subsisting going operational functional in power in office in operation in use in progress in motion taking place standing lasting in the news cutting-edge leading-edge burning on the map in force on the agenda on-going on happening now occurring now still existing real de nos jours about in circulation to the fore ruling regnant on front burner in the mainstream nowaday common knowledge not lost in current use available stirring astir about in effect on the move ticking awake strong dynamic vigorous alert proceeding growing progressing outstanding evolving advancing pending unfolding unfinished occurring regular continued continual underway systematic afoot progressive moving rolling incomplete marching fresh under way up and running to be done on the go being done open-ended in full swing being worked on well under way well-advanced being performed not-yet finalized

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