Synonym of au fait

Alternative for au fait

‚əʊ 'feɪ


being up to particular standard or level especially in being up to date in knowledge


Having a good or detailed knowledge of
acquainted abreast of apprised of at home conversant familiar in touch knowledgeable about up with au courant aware of down enlightened about expert plugged into skilful skillful up to date well informed about wise to clued up about clued up on genned up about hip to in the know about no stranger to up on well instructed well up on well versed in switched on to up to snuff abreast up-to-date versed up informed knowledgeable well-informed aware in the know cognizant plugged in versant at home with familiar with conscious kept posted in on cognizant of versed in experienced skilled enlightened savvy apprised with it introduced au courant with knowing at ease with grounded genned up on comprehending well up in used to mindful up to speed on informed about experienced in up to date on acquainted with tuned in well-grounded well-acquainted understanding across up-to-the-minute current competent seasoned up to speed au parfum cognizant in familiarised accustomed familiarized advised clued in plugged in to clued in on hep percipient witting perfect in sentient on the beam alive practised in into sensible perceptive proficient au fait with cool practised apprehensive practiced skilled in hip down with proficient in learned ware awake sensitive to sensible of alive to alert to on to ware of hep to informed of party to advised of in the loop partaking of wise privileged sharing in privy sussed of switched-on to awake to attentive apperceptive discerning noting watchful perceiving recognizing vigilant noticing assured observing recognizant of recognising sure able to recognize remarking seized of wide-awake responsive to certain mindful of keen clued-up on percipient of regardful of switched-on clued-up sussed sensible to judicious observant conversant with in the picture up to date with


Well informed about a particular subject
clued-up competent in the know knowledgeable on the ball well-informed acquainted conversant familiar versed informed abreast aware switched-on au courant in the loop well-read up-to-date sussed down clued up genned up up to date educated schooled expert cognizant plugged-in versant well-versed well informed posted plugged in well versed in the picture enlightened savvy knowing learned understanding up erudite at home sophisticated instructed apprized well briefed filled in tuned in up to speed well-briefed well-educated in having your finger on the pulse in touch well-grounded trained intelligent with it skilled experienced proficient conscious omniscient no stranger to tuned-in apprised appreciative up on with a knowledge of seasoned across alert with-it leet practised privy prescient switched on well-rounded with an understanding of practiced primed literate illuminated briefed cultured well educated abreast of the facts qualified sentient sensible perceptive judicious observant in tune connected involved clued in in place set geared up in position at the ready fit prepared ready able prepped shrewd astute canny sharp acute worldly witting alive ware apprehensive mindful cunning clever percipient urbane unprovincial sage calculating insightful bright smart discerning brilliant wily awake grounded familiar with sensitive to sensible to sensible of alive to acquainted with alert to perspicacious sagacious sharp-witted clear-sighted clear-eyed worldly-wise quick having been around brainy quick-witted knowledgeable about conversant with au fait with up with wise to hip to well versed in on to au courant with in the know about well up on in on ware of hep to well informed about down with clued in on on the beam genned up on up to date with


(rare) Personality traits of persons, when referring to their own ability
happy able capable competent dextrous dexterous expert gifted good learned masterful masterly proficient qualified savvy skilful skilled skillful talented trained adept adroit agile balanced brilliant decent deft effectual efficient effortless experienced practised practiced serviceable smart strong hot kosher up to it up to snuff up to speed with it pitch-perfect accomplished virtuoso knowledgeable clever great suitable educated crackerjack crack ace veteran master apt fit versed consummate mean tasty handy suited sharp complete dynamite useful proper seasoned intelligent familiar polished effective acquainted deadly nifty fitted bright first-rate excellent equal professed workmanlike compleat schooled slick adequate genius artful stellar keen endowed habile know the ropes on the ball top-notch switched-on well-informed sussed conversant wicked powerful wizard magic versant well up in the know practical tuned in up on sufficient crisp know one's stuff no slouch know the answers know one's business know ins and outs know the score all around cunning easy ingenious alert knowing equipped like a pistol having the goods adapted knowing the ropes old hand has what it takes like a one-man band equal to the task having the right stuff knowing the score having know-how up there green thumb able to perform old-timer worthy responsible know backwards and forwards highly endowed prepared know one's onions ready conscious brainy professional outstanding bravura well versed top-shelf well informed clued up genned up au courant magnificent fine wonderful superlative formidable first-class exceptional marvellous dazzling superb elite quick specialist class facile well versed leet extraordinarily skilled marvelous very skilled highly skilled exceptionally skilled immensely skilled delicate highly trained big league highly qualified out of this world accurate satisfactory reliable very well multiskilled multitalented right on errorless sure-handed dead-on spot-on thorough taught well-rounded topflight tutored sure-fire well sporting all-round exact refined all-around on-target precise trustworthy stringent hardy nimble astute impressive quick-witted sharp-witted whiz whip-smart perceptive neat nimble-fingered smooth resourceful canny discerning perspicacious fast supersmart ultrasmart hyperintelligent shrewd pro acute superior creative penetrating scholarly a dab hand at splendid prompt functional precocious hotshot nippy versatile supreme demon intellectual active quick on the uptake wise appropriate inventive ambidextrous cerebral cool remarkable right fitting well-versed nimble-witted eligible ingenuous top-drawer employable terrific flexible adaptable extraordinary old finely judged multifaceted peerless observant vet awesome quick-thinking erudite choice phenomenal smashing there fab profound rational many-sided sly plastic varied mobile pliable elastic all-purpose protean puttylike various crafty quick off the mark tip-top wised up A1 a hand at sharp as a tack meet graceful businesslike seemly tremendous becoming deep productive correct apposite befitting complex complicated feasible certified disciplined acceptable deserving pertinent relevant due mighty innovative preferable apropos decorous expedient rightful lively best fleet original useable correspondent applicable available usable conformable well trained highbrow ultimate just convenient equitable instructed perfect fantastic fabulous variable imaginative alive swift good enough clean sagacious teachable admirable hep wide awake sapient brisk comme il faut sensible subtle eggheaded whip exceptionally good brill calculating artistic witty all there on the beam very intelligent quick on the draw quick on the trigger no dummy very good top-hole Einstein whiz kid class act shining at methodic methodical prodigious systematic prolific straight decisive well-endowed finished fluent organized handpicked capital deluxe magisterial quintessential ideal desirable redoubtable drilled phenom rangé cute leading invincible indomitable exemplary organised strict express categorical long-term champion licensed chartered first class sensational sik exo star faultless virtuosic certificated painstaking dominant well suited well qualified specialized PDQ credentialed universal having good hands inch-perfect penetrative quick to learn forward mature puissant amazing cultured studious academic bookish bluestocking up to scratch having the know-how rad phat schmick exercised supremely skilled specialised sharp-sighted astounding adept physically malleable world-class hip cut out for having a knack for nobody's fool authorized clever with one's hands good with one's hands swotty multilayered polygonal manifold multidimensional not born yesterday licenced proved tried authorised tested accepted adjustable multiform polymorphic polymorphous out of the ordinary noteworthy have the goods ahead of one's peers have smarts old beyond one's years got it advanced for one's age exquisite super sublime glorious well read receptive heavenly inspired enterprising intuitive insightful very able know stuff mega banging cracking crucial amenable eager docile divine bosting of the first water pretty supercalifragilisticexpialidocious innovational elaborate trailblazing innovatory sophisticated fertile razor-sharp originative Promethean sensitive book smart pioneering thinking vigorous mercurial curt wired thinking outside the box deviceful hot tamale careful enlightened logical sage judicious cautious prudent lithe limber circumspect understanding together comprehending lissom discriminating wily supple smart as a whip very smart having a good head on one's shoulders know how many beans make five having no flies on hardheaded clear-sighted suss hard-boiled heads-up clear-eyed pawky heady argute worldly-wise long-headed street-smart slippery as sharp as a tack discreet frugal foxy having fancy footwork street smart watchful wary streetwise cagey spry acrobatic sprightly top lissome zippy quick-moving light-footed fleet-footed lithesome athletic big time springy sylphlike twinkle-toed light lightsome tripping featly light-foot gracile feline major league of use robust stupendous big-league of value major-league major important earth-shattering energetic number-one epoch-making splendorous big-time dynamic skookum efficacious earthshaking exploitable operable practicable -worthy


Socially obligatory
de rigeur becoming comme il faut conventional correct decent decorous done fitting necessary required right de rigueur standard orthodox customary normal usual ubiquitous compulsory proper seemly a must obligatory socially obligatory conforming to accepted standards mandatory called for fit polite befitting appropriate suitable respectable genteel sedate tasteful tactful refined dignified mannerly modest formal staid demure courtly civilized polished reserved ladylike nice gentlemanly well bred couth comely well-behaved in good taste well mannered well behaved good moral prim conforming restrained ceremonial seasonable elegant well-mannered meet civilised civil courteous urbane gracious cultivated well-bred cultured chivalrous sophisticated respectful considerate suave apt gallant ceremonious affable debonair gentle cordial stylish kind apposite graceful traditional thoughtful charming diplomatic worthy acceptable punctilious stately obliging accepted aristocratic classy discreet due fine fitted applicable posh accomplished well brought up presentable friendly smart prudish priggish snobbish distinguished genial suited august stuffy stiff politic deferential pleasant noble strait-laced complaisant starchy expedient relevant straight convenient just accommodating honourable honorable hospitable benevolent educated handsome charitable fashionable majestic pompous official prissy pleasing amiable ritualistic affected approved qualified delicate understanding discerning upright pukka able congenial unctuous good-mannered conservative ostentatious straitlaced condescending prudent capable ornate sociable puritanical compatible timely done thing functional prepared feasible congruous stodgy tolerant felicitous stilted square adapted deserving pertinent ready bland high-class superior spruce developed strict poised sympathetic useful apropos employable adequate rightful smooth pretty happy useable serviceable correspondent available usable well brought-up conformable rigid equal equitable old-fashioned fuddy-duddy stiff-necked well spoken well-spoken stick-in-the-mud of the old school womanly elaborate haughty enlightened advanced proud finished cavalier OK protocol in order privileged well-born aloof humane good mannered soft-spoken impeccable welcome sober fair tip-top top-notch in keeping fogeyish adulatory complimentary high-bred imposing highbred flattering preux lofty studied conciliatory mild amenable good-natured obsequious concerned neighborly solicitous attentive neighbourly well-respected well-placed upper-class consonant consistent mannered austere starched solemn opportune beautiful obedient orderly desirable artistic uptight the done thing persuasive glib slick luxurious right on just what was ordered on the nose that's the ticket on the button kindly honest opulent sumptuous exquisite classic modish smarmy ingratiating together cool reputable admirable facile svelte composed collected plush grand aesthetic lovely dashing possessed unruffled silky indulgent warm-hearted beneficent benign kind-hearted chic select choice virtuous trustworthy respected acquiescent manageable dutiful compliant distingué equable oily royal coolheaded swanky dainty rare ornamented fancy magnanimous clean-living ritual pretentious confined la-di-da intolerant patronizing patronising artificial hollow snooty precious schmick overdone recherche esthetic stylized Victorian self-composed self-possessed neat above board tidy venerable estimable perceptive subtle judicious sensitive careful cooperative mindful tractable regardful willing well-brought-up well-designed well-dressed smooth-tongued silver-tongued ordinary creditable moderate redoubtable sublime well-thought-of mediocre redoubted of good repute a la mode easy approachable big-hearted loving tender forthcoming bonhomous giving good-hearted amicable niminy-piminy old-maidish mimsy fussy schoolmarmish precise particular fastidious ceremonialistic routine established prescribed media-savvy old-maid po-faced governessy nice-nelly schoolmistressy straightlaced bluenosed highly regarded set formalistic dexterous wise observant deft skilled skilful adroit savvy skillful cautious insightful tactical aware Grundyish square-toed dextrous blue-nose prim and proper moralistic dapper choosy goody-goody meticulous wooden cleanly stickling overmodest spic-and-span nit-picking treating with kid gloves bourgeois conformist treating something with kid gloves traditionalist narrow-minded suburban parochial Pooterish doctrinal Biedermeier dogmatic equipped exploitable operable practicable preferable straight-laced small-town bien pensant button-down good enough -worthy


Experienced, especially in terms of a profession or a hobby
seasoned long-serving practised battle-scarred experienced hardened time-served veteran mature old established expert habituated knowledgeable sophisticated weathered well-versed accomplished adept competent consummate familiar instructed matured practiced prepared pro professional qualified skilful skillful tested toughened trained tried vet well versed wise worldly been around been there old hand versed in well trained worldly wise well up in skilled proficient versed accustomed master inured capable adapted familiarized good acclimatized acquainted used acclimatised familiarised crack ace masterly crackerjack compleat disciplined conditioned savvy able adjusted talented mean professed masterful great virtuoso complete educated conversant on the ball used to broken in practical well-informed adroit no stranger to up on in the know fit wizard eligible equipped understanding learned equal across abreast informed well-rounded aware long-time worldly-wise cognizant suitable conscious apprised versant sussed switched-on exercised not born yesterday given wont au courant addicted up-to-date tuned in up to speed at home with plugged in settled in in the habit confirmed verified demon sensible cunning unbelieving canny advanced orientated oriented aged modified appropriate acculturated accultured acclimated steady old-time patriarchal full of years of long standing past your prime made ready apt right fitting tasty mellow from way back knows one's stuff wise to ways of the old school desirable preferable ideal liable inclined hooked prone accustomed to schooled knowing licensed chartered well up certificated prescient well suited well qualified certified alert omniscient privy efficient appreciative posted down leet familiar with grooved acquainted with tuned-in authorized with a knowledge of clued-up in the loop clued up genned up up to date with-it switched on with an understanding of at home experienced in conversant with licenced proved proper adequate accepted authorised habituated in in the habit of given to dynamite rounded sport up to snuff grounded the right stuff knowing one's stuff knowing the score introduced mindful up cognizant of in on kept posted with it at ease with

Antonym of au fait

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