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Showing the signs of future success
promising bright encouraging hopeful propitious favourable rosy timely fortunate lucky opportune optimistic felicitous golden happy heartening advantageous fair favorable good likely prosperous providential roseate rose-colored upbeat beneficial full of promise halcyon well timed well-timed convenient expedient profitable helpful suitable fitting appropriate fortuitous apt reassuring useful heaven-sent positive beneficent valuable cheerful fruitful serendipitous right seasonable gainful sunny benign rewarding benignant benefic cheering of benefit fluky effective welcome salutary worthwhile proper successful behooveful flukey fit uplifting desirable meet friendly best healthy pleasing of value of use of assistance of service benevolent constructive conducive gratifying favored wholesome excellent accidental productive utopian favoured incidental nice jammy toward handy kindly strategic lucrative serviceable full of hope comforting buoyant heartwarming bubbly sanguine joyful gladdening enthusiastic privileged stirring idealistic satisfying ideal up blessed ripe exciting coincidental chance supportive dexter brave advisable unexpected palmy satisfactory enviable just efficacious merry inspiring casual favoring unforeseen likely-looking well-off hot instrumental favouring needed seemly worthy meritorious furthersome judicious sensible worth it looking on the bright side to your advantage for the best to one's advantage in one's interests charmed blushing blooming fond fulfilling well disposed capable assuring up-and-coming pat gentle pleasant alluring rose-coloured moderate warm clement plus Utopian glowing aglow radiant beaming bullish agreeable of good cheer wise prudent unique superb correct befitting trusting hoping confident expectant assured remunerative preferable inspiriting enlivening merciful smiling charitable splendid brilliant special tremendous fine encouraged Panglossian high win-win politic tactical recommendable arousing elating promiseful rousing flourishing prompt wonderful terrific keeping the faith respectable acceptable usable utilizable decent in one's best interests suggested punctual beautiful blissful thriving looking through rose-colored glasses sound recommended great hearty fit to be eaten consumable comestible safe to eat approving common versatile edible fit for human consumption glorious ebullient effervescent bouncy lively jocund significant important immediate timeous speedy in one's interest believing fresh determined booming healthful conformable congruous becoming commending commendatory unobjectionable protean salubrious tolerable hygienic ample all right essential vital practical pivotal invaluable crucial cheery go-getting feel-good redeeming can-do in the nick of time up-to-date in good time towardly up-to-the-minute at the right time roaring lush proactive first-rate first-class paramount indispensable imperative critical set disposed unmarred one-off utilisable born with a silver spoon in your mouth inadvertent unintended rich delightful prospering precious boomy appreciated fundamental key necessary requisite respected admired in demand exigent relevant commodious uncertain haphazard unlooked-for unanticipated unpremeditated unintentional unplanned unwitting crying out paradisiac peak idyllic joyous random chancy incalculable variable of help central loved held dear estimable esteemed of the essence worth its weight in gold odd contingent worthful scarce hot property at the mercy of events economic effectual paying operative moneymaking functional efficient fat juicy applicable money-spinning pragmatic practicable potent meaningful workable reasonable adequate valid informative commonsensical utile powerful adaptable substantial logical sagacious exploitable going utilitarian sweet enriching employable financially rewarding well paid purposeful facilitative illuminating wieldy provident influential rational pleasurable generous formative working money-making well active well-paying competent well spent profit-making available operational functioning telling applied ultrapractical operable applicative actionable accessible forcible viable strong virtuous decisive determinative conclusive running current feasible in the black in working order expendable unused exhaustible open subservient ready multipurpose at hand at disposal in order justifiable pleasureful flattering contributive healing edifying commendable counselable good for one desired preferred exemplary priceless worth the effort industrious generative suited commercial good for you shrewd astute reasoned accommodating tasteful recompensing for-profit renumerative altruistic humanitarian kind required canny effecting qualified accomplishing achieving big-hearted disposable comfortable well-spent well-suited instructive indicated high-income fitted in one's favour in one's favor on one's side financially worthwhile forceful in running order up and running at your disposal operating ready for use available for use fit for use circumspect far-sighted well-paid neat compelling definitive best suited presentable clear bankable cost-effective high-paying called for called-for energetic puissant user friendly user-friendly a good idea enough fatness well-designed user-oriented easy-to-use nifty paid cost effective manageable solid affirmative corroborative fructuous natty easy to use enjoyable genial official faithful wholehearted straight-shooting authentic accurate in the affirmative steady demonstrable clean going concern paid off very productive progressive forward-looking agreeing assenting confirming concurring consenting useable self-serving to one's own advantage in one's own interests grateful congenial delightsome darling dulcet savoury luscious blest jolly dreamy pretty tasty heavenly delectable delicious palatable savory durable hard-wearing dependable sustaining sufficient nourishing satiating happiness-inducing refreshing assistive aiding sturdy stout hitting the spot flexible pliant multifunction multiuse most correct


Marked by suitability or aptness


Having the ability to produce financial growth or gain
successful lucrative profitable thriving fruitful flourishing rewarding strong beneficial boomy golden healthy lush productive prospering remunerative worthwhile bankable blooming booming buoyant burgeoning efficient gainful going strong profit-making solvent boffo comfortable gangbusters growing monied opulent roaring robust substantial well-heeled going palmy advantageous moneymaking ongoing prosperous halcyon rich triumphant doing well expanding fortunate wealthy happy money-spinning affluent economic blossoming paying fat vigorous lucky flush luxuriant loaded moneyed well-to-do well-off juicy commercial mushrooming favoured jammy rampant prolific financially rewarding favored developing blessed progressing fast-growing joyous cost-effective easy exuberant profuse advantaged well-fixed deep-pocketed fat-cat silk-stocking well-endowed money-making in clover in luck faring well in the ascendant snug glorious on the up and up oofy sitting pretty commercially successful in full swing in top form in the pink on easy street well off in the money quids in stinking rich blessed with good luck well heeled born under a lucky star rolling in it sound large for-profit joyful idyllic improving charmed ballooning snowballing well-paying viable privileged rank good boom sweet on a roll uptown in the black saving minted on top of heap cash rich filthy rich rolling in money of means in the chips of substance with deep pockets made of money working opportune rosy abounding carefree salable timely active thrifty busy and up plentiful plenteous blissful contented on the up upmarket prodigal advancing renumerative helpful promising high-income arrived rolling cooking fertile upscale well-paid born with a silver spoon in one's mouth high-paying providential propitious home free up-and-coming on velvet leisure-class in easy street upper-class win-win fatness favourable have it made have the wherewithal main-line well paid cushy fecund fructuous cornucopian delightful precious best cost effective propertied paradisiac peak favorable encouraging set for life worth a bundle worth a packet enviable elite socially advantaged effectual self-sustaining serviceable pragmatic sustaining conducive contributive practical instrumental in the gravy effective assisting going places paid off paying well going well


Relating to an oracle
oracular prescient prophetic sibylline mantic vatic ominous augural divinatory fatidic foreboding grave haruspical portentous positive predictive prognostic prophetical pythonic sage significant wise authoritative bodeful dictatorial dogmatic fatidical venerable anticipating apocalyptic auguring cabalistic clairvoyant Delphian discovering divining divulging forecasting foretelling imperious interpretive mystical occult peremptory portending predicting presaging proclaiming prognosticating prophesying secret soothsaying vague visionary vaticinal vatical foreshadowing veiled divinitory sibyllic revelatory fateful prognosticative farsighted psychic far-seeing vaticinatory far-sighted perceptive adumbrative intuitive discerning farseeing judicious revelational telling apocalyptical inspired forewarning foresighted second-sighted telepathic insightful extrasensory previsional forehanded percipient forethoughtful foreknowing proactive forward-looking forward foreseeing provident fey with foresight penetrating spiritualistic long-sighted clear-sighted with second sight new age with a sixth sense sagacious canny astute anticipatory preemptive prudent shrewd cautious active practical politic acute longsighted foresightful hands-on down to business taking the initiative watchful careful forearmed prospicient acting in advance cool-headed levelheaded commonsensical well-balanced long modern progressive long-term liberal reforming enterprising go-ahead enlightened go-getting dynamic progressivist pushing pioneering ambitious bold open-minded revolutionary forward-thinking avant-garde radical

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