Synonym of back to back


Located the closest to an object in question
next neighboring neighbouring adjacent adjoining closest connecting immediate nearby nearest alongside bordering connected flanking next-door abutting approximal attached beside contiguous on the side proximate touching close close by juxtaposed near next door next to back-to-back coterminous side by side side-by-side hard by nigh close-up conjoining vicinal at hand near-at-hand approximate joining in close proximity close at hand near at hand conterminous imminent impending fringing flush direct upcoming approaching verging skirting nearly local bordering on next door to surrounding to hand intimate proximal very near by not far away in the vicinity close to near to neighbouring on approximate to cheek by jowl with abreast of by the side of proximate to contiguous with attached to interconnecting edging bounding joined impinging meeting juxtapositional contactual on the edge of against in contact adjacent to handy accessible convenient walkable in the neighbourhood of not far from within reach of around the corner within spitting distance at close quarters within close range of within sniffing distance under one's nose within earshot in spitting distance in the vicinity of in the ball park a hop, skip and a jump away cheek by jowl within sight within striking distance a stone's throw away within walking distance warm just round the corner across the street give or take a little on your doorstep about almost practically coming regain health nearly here get back on feet within reach available ready reachable readily available get-at-able around close-at-hand at the ready close-by on tap neighbourhood not far off neighborhood just about by a whisker in hard community vernacular easy to get to peripheral vincinal in the area at your fingertips on hand abreast hot circumambient encircling outlying encompassing in easy reach fringe circumjacent enclosing border within range circumferential circumforaneous easy to reach within walking distance of just around the corner from on deck a stone's throw from in neighborhood within easy reach of well placed for at close quarters to well situated for central within spitting distance of a hop, skip and a jump away from handy for not remote within stone's throw on the brink by a hair's breadth more or less

Antonym of back to back

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