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balloons, ballooned, ballooning

Synonym: billow, inflate,


Having a period of great prosperity or rapid economic growth
flourishing successful thriving prospering prosperous booming burgeoning mushrooming vigorous blooming buoyant expanding growing palmy strong boomy developing fruitful going golden halcyon healthy improving lucrative lush productive profitable progressing rampant roaring triumphant fast-growing snowballing blossoming exuberant going places luxuriant profuse rank rich robust doing well going strong on a roll faring well going well in full swing in the ascendant on the up and up in the pink in top form wealthy and up on the up flush opulent affluent monied substantial fortunate moneyed comfortable well-to-do well-off well-heeled fat loaded remunerative gainful deep-pocketed moneymaking lucky prolific happy privileged snug well-endowed well-fixed fat-cat silk-stocking joyous money-spinning in clover uptown oofy glorious auspicious minted sitting pretty rewarding favoured favored on easy street well off in the money well heeled set for life worthwhile profit-making beneficial joyful idyllic bankable paying boom advantageous juicy economic propertied blessed on top of heap upper-class cash rich on velvet leisure-class quids in stinking rich filthy rich doing it easy rolling in money of means in the chips in easy street worth a bundle rolling in it of substance with deep pockets worth a packet made of money in luck rosy abounding carefree plentiful plenteous blissful contented upmarket prodigal sound working active thrifty busy promising advancing arrived rolling cooking up-and-coming easy solvent efficient home free gangbusters boffo pecunious providential propitious main-line have it made have the wherewithal high-income fertile advantaged upscale favourable plutocratic financial enviable elite independent socially advantaged in the gravy money-making well-paid ongoing delightful precious best large cost-effective high-paying multi-crore having it made of independent means on Easy Street cushy fecund fructuous cornucopian paradisiac peak favorable encouraging win-win sweet good fatness jammy well paid in the black cost effective


Present participle for swell out in a spherical shape
swelling bulging billowing expanding bellying inflating bagging dilating distending enlarging extending mushrooming rising beetling blowing up bunching filling jutting overhanging poking pooching pouching pouting projecting protruding puffing out starting bloating puffing up swelling out bellying out billowing out bulging out filling out standing out sticking out becoming larger protuberating jutting out poking out extruding obtruding popping looming popping out swelling up tumefying intumescing ballooning out bugging out bilging lengthening extending beyond hanging out puffing sagging doming growing fattening plumping impending blobbing hanging over blowing out thrusting out pointing beetling over pushing out coming through welling up pooching out pouching out butting out sticking up looming out coming out spreading catching the wind bagging out stretching rolling surging fermenting pitching bouncing protending pushing outthrusting showing increasing widening emerging bulking cantilevering tossing growing larger elongating lapping over prolonging riding over rising up ballooning up amplifying distorting augmenting showing up engorging going beyond holding out rolling upward stretching out peeking projecting outward becoming inflated becoming distended becoming bloated rounding out sticking out like a sore thumb becoming swollen protruding over jutting over sticking out over extending over projecting over commanding portending endangering bulging over overtopping standing out over jutting out over looming over flopping flapping bulging out over cantilevering out poking out over impending over swinging over flapping over rising above towering above drooping over dangling over cantilevering out over casting a shadow drooping hanging lopping hanging loosely sticking dropping lolling swagging dipping tumbling curving down dangling hanging down leaning falling unevenly


Present participle for to increase in extent, amount, or degree
escalating mounting accelerating accumulating appreciating booming bourgeoning burgeoning climbing enlarging expanding gaining increasing multiplying mushrooming proliferating rising rocketing snowballing soaring spiraling spiralling spreading surging swelling waxing skyrocketing building up growing rapidly increasing rapidly rolling up shooting up rising rapidly going through the ceiling going through the roof growing augmenting extending amplifying inflating intensifying developing magnifying boosting aggrandizing pumping up compounding building heightening enhancing raising going up upping widening distending getting bigger blowing up strengthening broadening dilating flourishing advancing mounting up bloating adding to puffing up stretching supersizing improving progressing aggravating filling out accruing incrementing doubling thickening lengthening piling up lifting increasing in size thriving becoming more numerous beefing up deepening stoking reinforcing blooming upsurging arising hyping propagating becoming larger fattening elevating uprising prospering sprouting redoubling exacerbating tripling amassing getting larger padding stepping up making larger intensating leaping up springing up scaling puffing out picking up swelling up hiking increasing exponentially dramatically increasing running riot filling jacking up drastically increasing going sky-high hitting the roof rising steeply climbing sharply greatly increasing pumping aerating rousing exaggerating annexing supplementing gathering pullulating prolonging getting higher flowering furthering protracting exploding ascending accentuating bulking making bigger peaking scaling up bulging leaping pervading exalting slapping on tacking on increasing in scope adding becoming bigger springing jumping emphasizing bulking up flowing filling with air pyramiding cranking up billowing bumping up emphasising maximising hiking up maximizing speeding up diversifying spiking upgrading nurturing breeding concentrating manifolding aggregating metastasizing blowing inclining fortifying going up in price taking off branching out topping cultivating parlaying increasing in value blossoming reaching aping up maturing enriching surging up luxuriating overrunning pouring raining increasing in weight getting taller putting up ratcheting up cumulating growing stronger welling succeeding stressing developing rapidly filling up becoming large getting to growing full spurting getting stronger growing in stocking up extending one's operations broadening one's horizons starting to be underlining collecting waking up moving up rising up pushing up going uphill consolidating towering escalading vaulting detonating bursting bursting forth emerging stacking up bulging out becoming bloated being successful doing well amping up enforcing becoming distended coming on developing quickly spreading quickly rising in value cresting becoming greater putting on a spurt bolstering tumefying intumescing making greater spreading out going off topping up growing greater prolongating continuing averaging up growing larger souping up unfolding overstating embellishing diffusing sprawling outspreading overplaying dramatizing embroidering elaborating overestimating overdoing sweeping circulating hyperbolizing overemphasizing spreading across overemphasising making a big thing out of touching up surcharging fleshing out stretching the truth blowing up out of all proportion driving up dramatising blowing out of all proportion cramming sharpening opening out spreading like wildfire spreading through rolling out spreading like lightning teeming swarming marking up running up growing quickly worsening making worse ameliorating making better stimulating bettering inflaming jumping up optimizing producing whetting perfecting optimising building on uplifting feeding boosting up promoting working up sweetening invigorating envigorating reenforcing evolving refining stockpiling upscaling acquiring fostering nourishing polishing brightening meliorating smartening up increasing dramatically turning up fine-tuning jazzing up buttressing endowing making progress toning up making healthy heating up making headway brushing up awakening arousing exciting toughening up substantiating reequipping securing backing up giving a boost bracing supporting shoring fanning the flames of sending up tagging on piggybacking injecting spurring on making louder expatiating piling ramping up fetching up sending through the roof goosing up raking up dredging up raking together opening increasing suddenly deteriorating becoming more powerful fattening up stuffing rounding out going from bad to worse complicating complementing tending fuelling fueling advertizing advertising revitalizing subsidizing rounding off supplying subsidising eking out adding fuel to fire issuing revitalising bucking up rallying shoring up amending helping mustering making richer hopping up adding insult to injury adding fuel to the flames making complex adding fuel to the fire making intricate rubbing salt in the wound rearming confusing confounding totting ensuing following quickening gaining strength improving on upraising lightening darkening accenting pointing going great guns bearing fruit coming along getting on well stirring adding fuel to keeping burning rekindling mending poking increasing in putting on acquiring more of something adding on heaping on adding fuel pouring it on piling on setting off following up jacking elongating vitalizing reflating giving a lift to polishing up titivating driving forward sprucing up encouraging the growth of favouring favoring aiding giving a facelift to giving a boost to doing up adding value to perking up benefiting benefitting inspiriting advantaging contributing to conditioning putting fuel on stoking up getting something into shape toning getting hold of forging ahead straightening out updating moving forward working out shaping up smartening fast-tracking making strides expounding detailing practicing honing working on practising sustaining making stronger nursing nerving nutrifying readying giving strength to making strong providing for preparing poising explicating giving substance to


The action or state of enlarging or being enlarged
enlargement expansion growth extension amplification augmentation magnification swelling intensification multiplication development dilatation distension elongation increase addition broadening diffusion expanse inflation spread stretching unfolding widening building up deepening fattening lengthening thickening topping up unfurling blowing up blow-up increase in size intumescence tumefaction waxing aggrandisement aggrandizement elaboration filling out opening out puffing up swell blow up burgeoning growing evolution mushrooming progress snowballing heightening progression buildup escalation boost accession accretion proliferation accrual rise strength resilience uptrend advance spike upsurge buildout upturn upgrade advancement uptick diversification embellishment upping maturation evolvement furtherance vigor vigour improvement build-up step up scaling up high level of activity elasticity economic growth buoyancy spreading out increment gain enhancement accumulation hike raise surge dilation appreciation explosion supplement addendum more plus jump bump distention reinforcement run-up boosting upswing acceleration boom cumulation accumulating collection elevation creep strengthening worsening exacerbation crescendo upgrading gathering amassment amassing stockpile amelioration aggravation promotion store compounding continuation augmenting maximization spiralling supplementing leap deterioration exaggeration maximisation spreading upgrowth raising refinement up breakthrough assemblage collecting extent betterment quadrupling doubling tripling enrichment fleshing out spiraling top-up climb scope compass avalanche piling up stacking up opening developing stepping-up swollenness tightness adjunct ascent accruement formation augment aggrandization accrument profit intensifying agglomeration logjam backlog beefing up expatiation lift high sharpening pickup concentration upward turn bounce ramp up explanation padding gradual growth increasing aggregation stepping up expanding annexation pooling pileup assembly enlarging stockpiling stack advertising mass load hype publicity puff plug heap assembling hoarding reserve annex increasement rocketing flowering annexe rounding out optimization stocking up merger correction appendix access incorporation complement dramatic increase rapid increase sudden increase shooting up blooming rectification success amendment melioration optimisation rally forwarding rectifying face-lift large increase pretension transmission blossoming headway pretentiousness reformation upbeat cultivation prolonging prolongation drawing out affectation dissemination pretence civilisation meliorism preferment renovation turnaround change civilization revision change for the better kaizen reclamation grandiosity pretense reinforcing elaborating branch orbit conservatory allowance denotation arm sweep radius production stretch reach continuing lean-to leeway span porch purview affectedness supplementation emergence flourishing metamorphosis incubation perfection prosperity puffiness suffusion propagation dispersal scale ongoing unraveling adding to price rises price increases additional room profusion term coverage division period distribution dispersion transfusion allotment ramification radiation unravelling

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