Synonym of bang up

Alternative for bang up


damage or destroy as if by violencemake pregnant


To cause pain or injury to
hurt injure wound batter damage harm bruise disable impair gash graze incapacitate lacerate pound cut maim mangle mutilate pulverise pulverize scrape scratch cause injury to cause pain to put out work over belt flail flog lash maul pinch pommel pummelled pummel punch punish slap slug spank total whack whip deface discolour discolor contuse mark blacken zing black beat bash bung up make black and blue do a number on mar spoil ruin wreck disfigure devastate blemish vitiate cripple crush defile smash blight desecrate gut shatter trash vandalize undo weaken demolish annihilate tarnish destroy flaw sabotage break ravage endamage disrupt stain bloody taint compromise crab disfeature blot raze smirch sully crack scathe dent scorch maltreat abuse tear dirty gnaw dismantle wrong infect split vandalise knock rust rot burn undermine corrupt disintegrate bleach fade stab pollute contaminate corrode cross up smash up wear away cause injury tamper with do damage to play havoc with wreak havoc on play merry hell with drive a nail into the coffin of slash pierce slice rip puncture gouge carve lance nick clip hack stick savage tear apart claw knife cleave mangulate hit open up jag rend incise wing score slit spear gore impale cut open bayonet spike transfix skewer jab run through thrust spit brand shank notch shear abrade snick nip furrow skin tear to pieces shred prick transpierce penetrate butcher pick peck perforate pink harpoon dig rake scrabble saber plough ram chop drive plunge prong sabre sink plow serrate dig into scrap open itch scrabble at scar zap blast plug irritate kill shiv chop down cut to ribbons ding ouch rough up


To confine or imprison
consign confine immure detain imprison incarcerate intern gaol jail lock up put away put behind bars hold impound commit jug take into custody put inside send down hold captive constrain hold prisoner put in prison bastille send to prison put into detention put in chains put under lock and key clap in irons restrain cage put in irons send up put on ice take away book lock away hold in custody railroad keep under lock and key put in jail restrict send up the river coop up throw book at throw in jail slough settle pen keep remand circumscribe trammel stockade closet ice keep in custody bottle up lock in fence in shut in detain at Her Majesty's pleasure hold hostage keep captive rail in take prisoner prison sentence throw in dungeon throw the book at can throw away the keys bind shut up trap chain wall in close in arrest hem in fetter shackle tether coop condemn convict enslave mew up rule manacle handcuff institutionalize pinion check seclude limit quarantine curb control enclose contain shut away crib enchain institutionalise bar bridle hamper return to custody secure hinder stifle regulate govern doom find guilty inhibit rein chain up tie up measure tame rein in return to prison release on bail commit to custody retard cork pen in straiten hog-tie pull in adjudge box up pin down hold down mew engaol pound house inter cloister entomb wall throw into irons put in solitary put into irons sentence to prison fence keep under constraint cage in catch rail assign deliver send gyve hold under custody keep under custody certify tie moor fasten corner enjail put in custody rope enfetter hitch enthrall enthral indenture beslave bethrall sequester hobble strap lash truss capture attach immobilize immobilise box in take in drive into a corner hedge in suppress subdue repress wall up muzzle reduce to slavery condemn to servitude condemn to slavery sell into slavery subject to forced labour clip someone's wings moderate prevent handicap dampen punish leash bit smother hold back curtail keep in check harness debar hold in check choke back penalize declare guilty keep down sit on stay keep under control gag pull back keep in line tie down stem keep within bounds rein back keep the lid on guide put a brake on direct bring under control have on a tight leash cool kill crack down hogtie deter delimit keep in mete out justice to proscribe mete out punishment to adjudicate pronounce sentence on pronounce judgment on penalise pass judgment devote blame ordain judge impose a sentence on pass judgment on pass judgement on denounce take the fall mete out rap frame pronounce guilty attaint frustrate impede hamstring baulk give someone a sentence bring to justice send down for pass sentence on put the screws to constrict cramp ban deny concuss deprive shotgun disallow withhold necessitate balk keep lid on put half nelson on hold in cool off


To treat with cruelty or violence, especially regularly or repeatedly
abuse maltreat manhandle mistreat damage hurt harm injure mishandle oppress wrong bully assault brutalise brutalize harass hit mar persecute victimise victimize beat maul strike batter roughhouse torture ruin total rough up treat badly beat up handle roughly ill-treat treat roughly do over interfere with knock about mess up shake up bung up cut up kick around knock around mess over be violent toward ill-use molest misuse torment pick on wound push around hound terrorize mangle discriminate against terrorise afflict martyr harrow agonize mutilate maim lean on tyrannize inflict suffering on inflict pain on agonise have it in for put down tyrannise crucify traumatize rack cripple hassle punish impair distress needle plague excruciate wreck spoil push about martyrize get at anguish harry intimidate dump on punish unfairly blemish be down on scathe vitiate browbeat crush vandalize deface tarnish disfigure domineer trash traumatise break do an injustice to bloody threaten lacerate have a down on give a hard time vandalise make things hot for someone cross up trample on cause pain to ride roughshod over neglect disapprove of be hostile to show antagonism to be prejudiced against be against be set against feel ill will towards show ill will towards bear a grudge towards pull push hustle shove jostle paw hunt pain bulldoze roust besiege beset curse bedevil pursue backbite wax bash rip chop outrage scourge handle bundle worry mortify do wrong give black eye trouble kick about boss about boss around tread on offend against slap around give the shaft be detrimental to smite impale grill whip cause agony to cause suffering to inflict anguish on work over scare subjugate tyrranize aggrieve menace do an injury to do the dirty on bruise dominate overbear cow overwhelm overpower hector frighten exploit manipulate humiliate violate spite give someone the works put on the rack antagonize insult provoke belittle mock taunt be cruel to walk all over play the heavy with treat harshly be brutal to deform wrench deride abase aggravate dishonor annoy disserve incommode inconvenience discommode take advantage of antagonise dishonour impose on lash out at step on the toes of immolate use demonize cause injury to demonise do violence to lay a finger on give no quarter go for jugular lay a bad trip on hit where one lives devastate blight defile smash undo weaken desecrate gut shatter demolish annihilate disrupt taint compromise crab destroy flaw sabotage ravage endamage stain disfeature incapacitate smirch blot raze sully crack bleach dent scratch play merry hell with scorch fade tear dirty dismantle stab drive a nail into the coffin of knock corrupt corrode wreak havoc on discolour do damage to smash up gnaw infect split wear away cause injury play havoc with pollute rust rot discolor contaminate burn undermine disintegrate tamper with stack the deck get on someone's back have your knife into


Bearing good value, worth or reliability
quality excellent reliable valuable worthy good amazing awesome certified exceptional beautiful brilliant desirable divine elegant enviable exclusive exquisite extraordinary fantastic glorious illustrious impressive incredible invaluable magnificent marvellous outstanding perfect phenomenal premium sensational spectacular stunning super superb superior supreme wonderful accomplished admirable advanced applaudable attractive blue-ribbon bodacious bosting capital choice class classic commendable crowning deluxe distinguished dominant dynamite elite eminent estimable exemplary fabulous famous fancy fantastical fine first-class first-rate frontline grand great groovy heavenly high hot ideal immense incomparable laudable legit lofty lovely marvelous matchless mega meritorious mint neat nifty noble notable noted outrageous peerless phat praiseworthy preeminent pre-eminent priceless prime primo prizewinning rare ripping select smashing sovereign special splendid stellar sterling striking stupendous sublime superlative supernal swell terrific tiptop top top-level topnotch top-notch transcendent tremendous unparalleled unreal unrivalled unrivaled unsurpassed vintage wicked bang-up banner blue-chip boffo bonnie bonny boss brag brave bully bumper cool corking crackerjack cracking dandy dope down fab fantabulous first-string five-star four-star gangbuster gangbusters gilt-edge gone hype jim-dandy keen mean number one numero uno par excellence peachy peachy keen prize radical slick tip-top topflight topping wizard gilt-edged high-class high-grade high-quality of high quality of the highest quality of the highest standard out-of-sight really good top-of-the-line top-of-the-range top-shelf very good world-class righteous A-OK out of this world too much ace brill champion supercalifragilisticexpialidocious rad top-hole schmick magic beaut best spiffing on fleek sik remarkable A-1 delightful premier exo bonzer belting chillin' mind-blowing top-drawer of the first water dazzling highest crack pearler barrie amazeballs def flawless enjoyable splendiferous formidable winning crucial dreamy fly sound greatest gorgeous awesomesauce top-class A1 bosker breathtaking chic too good to be true of the first order nice bad leading unique consummate finest optimal optimum spanking top-grade top-quality beezer way-out top-tier exalted hunky-dory grade A far out very best highest quality super-duper of the highest order plush entrancing enchanting skilful skillful masterly sweet pleasurable standout prodigious unequalled radiant memorable cream star unexcelled lead surpassing flagship pleasing renowned delectable unmatched inspired scrumptious faultless unbeatable quintessential uppermost solid tops marvy untouchable pleasant fabby effusive goodly singular extreme excessive far-out model inflated lank unequaled exaggerated kif worthiest solid gold the dog's bollocks top of the line top of the range award-winning without equal beyond compare the best of a high standard in a class all by itself out of sight top-flight above and beyond of highest order classical superfine zero cool majestic refined key sharp quick pick fat sophisticated polished bestselling posh ritzy celebrated agile deft clever smart bewitching captivating charming agreeable satisfying rewarding colossal unforgettable arresting fashionable unorthodox deep wild upmarket classy upscale peak mighty blissful gnarly virtuoso masterful top quality high quality foxy juicy rocking handy well-designed natty convenient adroit apt ingenious stylish spruce really nice luxurious creditable selected idyllic rapturous gratifying ravishing alluring distinctive choicest first hand-picked elect not too shabby noteworthy OK all right dainty second to none ka pai elevated august splendorous out-of-this-world proud grade-A high-test favored 10 popular preferred preferential prize-winning best ever like wow cat's meow the very best state-of-the-art a standout handpicked plum favorite precious chur extremely good rockin with it pretty cool exciting congenial above average slap-up thrilling diverting not bad paragon ambrosial superhuman yummy paradisal lush adorable spiritual paradisaic paradisic saintly moving eloquent surprising agitating most unbelievable favoured favourite uncommon cherry-picked unusual virtuous top drawer baller crash hot nang No. 1 carefully chosen first-line sup rior all very well well and good 24-karat osm expert skilled adept imposing resplendent delicate wondrous awe-inspiring dexterous proficient astonishing practised experienced practiced dextrous able talented competent master fascinating impeccable astounding versed massive workmanlike veteran educated stately appealing sightly gifted artful beauteous fair bravura complete staggering professed compleat heroic venerable statuesque immaculate royal monumental unblemished pretty eye-catching cute pure regal grandiose prominent capable commanding dignified good-looking taking epic baronial coruscating heroical Homeric intense magnific fetching extravagant joyous professional honorable honourable spotless tasty exhilarating stainless imperial mind-boggling comely indefectible well-known genius engaging finished unmarred bright absolute pulchritudinous shining paradisiacal paradisiac well-favored stirring esteemed utopian sumptuous honored well versed copacetic powerful big irreproachable enthralling cheery honoured refreshing to die for miraculous delightsome favorable seductive profound important dramatic handsome intoxicating fun gallant famed untainted jaw-dropping culminating favourable triumphant inspiring photogenic glamorous efficient immortal blameless trained graceful drop-dead glamourous effulgent irresistible beguiling magnetic time-honored influential angelic shapely delicious enticing exceptionally good likable high-end considerable symmetrical well-formed big league positive inimitable opulent palatial recherche amiable unspoilt splendacious unexampled ecstatic sunny hypnotic utmost entertaining aesthetic acceptable rich shipshape comforting lovesome comfortable tempting euphoric presentable profitable virtuosic amusing knockout magical eye-popping dollish showstopping welcome blessed prettyish esthetic affecting likeable lordly crazy qualified telegenic A-list demon darling dulcet blest recreative relishable happy promising portentous ridiculous jolly knowledgeable momentous irie banging authoritative extraordinaire likely major rousing splendrous unsurpassable eye-opening costly foremost central dear pricey expensive fine and dandy something else schooled effective uplifting ostentatious nice-looking aesthetically appealing aesthetically pleasing fine-looking large savvy spendy ultraexpensive pricy nonpareil easy on the eyes fit first class up to standard up to snuff up to scratch up to par big-ticket palatine celestial towering prepossessing lavish princely tantalizing solemn kingly swanky pompous seemly tantalising queenly easy on the eye fanciable ominous top-end high-ticket ten aces untarnished foolproof excelling defectless picturesque piked scintillating vivid frabjous splendent unprecedented unimpeachable conspicuous blinding unflawed ultimate marked principal tophole eventful signal magnolious particular proper definitive convivial balmy predominant significant intelligent awing weird outlandish bizarre crashing cordial chief hundred-proof hotshot what insane thoroughbred first rate better than expected very fine exacting high-ranking jovial A-number-1 mostest theatrical unutterable worthwhile especial very agreeable very pleasant very nice luxury meritable dream good quality high-caliber a cut above strong deserving respectable overwhelming prestigious better improved enhanced creative eclectic the heartwarming well executed a million dollars awful good-quality high-calibre imaginative well trained daring absorbing awe-striking heart-stopping eximious transcendental sacred inspirational holy abstract five star of the highest type top grade best-quality highest-quality strange absurd mad far-fetched A-grade like a million dollars couthy cheerful mooi lekker felicitous hunky dory what great better than usual of the best quality better than average titantic unusually good consequential innovational innovative surpassing belief intellectual ambitious haughty pretentious the most innovatory one in a million in a league of their own portly satisfactory acclaimed gee-whizz forcible vital crash-hot herculean enterprising original inventive well-versed cordon bleu worthy of admiration worthy of commendation cat's pajamas resourceful flashy affable hunky clear mild tasteful impassioned tutored multitalented fitted well-rounded multiskilled sure-handed effectual taught practical all-round all-around a hand at seasoned sexy physically attractive astral self-important overblown immodest top-ranking highest-ranking enormous pronounced maximum gigantic glossy snazzy flamboyant splashy showy in order dishy relief glad cunning reputable zingy soothing hospitable spellbinding prized primary titanic humungous humongous uttermost monstrous giant extensive gargantuan dapper voluptuous curvaceous winsome sheen beddable willowy personable sensual camera-friendly drop-dead gorgeous debonair propitious auspicious adored genial passable elating copasetic savory super-eminent grateful super-excellent paradisaical calming intact specialist opportune intriguing well-done indispensable valued inestimable respected treasured unbroken undamaged whole optimistic advantageous hopeful inviting mesmeric heady mesmerizing severe astronomic acute leviathan max thumping vast mountainous ginormous astronomical savoury facile leet unimpaired enchanted entranced charmed bewitched rosy heartening encouraging providential au fait unmarked of genius fairylike roseate upbeat hot property without blemish pristine charismatic dreamlike mesmerising fiendish conjuring fortunate immensely skilled highly qualified very skilled highly skilled exceptionally skilled extraordinarily skilled highly trained picture-book correct picture-perfect letter-perfect accurate seamless error-free unerring fairy-tale golden unsullied copybook entire unspoiled without fault as good as new as sound as a bell just so full of promise one-off rose-colored most valuable most precious

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