Synonym of bang on


To work tirelessly
bang away drudge endeavour endeavor grub hump hustle labor labour moil plod plough plow plug slave slog strain strive struggle sweat toil travail tug work beaver away dig away peg away sweat blood grind plug away graft exert oneself slog away kill oneself work like a dog work like a Trojan work hard knock oneself out drive bear down keep at it go for it bend over backwards make every effort go for broke go all out push slave away try hard exert yourself make an effort pull out all the stops bullock grind away plod away apply oneself do your best bust a gut knuckle down pour it on beaver keep your nose to the grindstone break your back lean over backwards do all one can work day and night persevere grub away hammer away knock yourself out make an all-out effort give it your best shot keep your head down buckle down do your damnedest work your fingers to the bone make a great effort rupture yourself trudge give it your all work oneself to the bone spare no effort fall over backwards push oneself put one's back into something put oneself out fight work one's fingers to the bone try attempt seek undertake aspire aim assay essay venture skivvy muck plough through break your neck overwork break one's neck have a crack at give it one's all leave no stone unturned sweat away lumber apply plug along give something one's all schlepp drag yourself do your utmost peg along stagger burn the candle at both ends carry on work like a slave scramble soldier on hammer do one's best be at pains take on grapple do one's utmost suffer work very hard overwork oneself grovel work fingers to bone work your guts out be servile work one's nuts off head-down persist keep going press on exert go for the doctor toll strain every nerve make a supreme effort push oneself to the limit try very hard go all out for drive oneself to the limit cultivate tend old college try work hard to take pains purpose have a crack keep nose to grindstone go back to the salt mines dig pound perform acquit yourself pitch in work one's socks off dig in keep one's nose to the grindstone work one's guts out grind out plod along offer compete shoot for tackle have a go at give it a whirl jockey contend go the limit have a stab at try for do all you can jump through hoops go for the jugular plough away push yourself graft away peg trample hike work one's butt off trail peg away at drag apply yourself to break one's back have a swing at keep one's head down try one's hardest battle make a run at give it one's best shot put one's back into it have a shot at have one's nose to grindstone move heaven and earth set out have a go have a shot go hard go ham have a stab take it on oneself give one's all apply yourself wade footslog concentrate drudge away get down to it get your head down have a bash show dedication be industrious show commitment be diligent drag oneself study hard be assiduous buckle to commit oneself devote oneself give it a fly give it a burl get stuck in make effort keep at use some elbow grease bust one's chops break sweat go hammer and tongs give best shot drive oneself do one's damnedest do one's darnedest give all one's got take care take great pains putter endure trawl withstand campaign roll wheel roll along rattle put yourself out stand up to devote soldier commit give roll up one's sleeves shape up belly up to the bar get one's act together pull up one's socks put up a fight against go to war persist with persevere with toil away work away dedicate go all-out for address keep on empty the tank go the whole nine yards give your all go all-out embark on try out bend direct trek kill oneself with test make an attempt at take a stab at put to the test take a whack at have at it get one's head down stick with it plough on with soldier on with keep on with chip away study stick at work one's socks off on not cease lift a finger make an attempt chip away at go for have a whack vie for front up make a pass at make a bid go after drive for take a crack at stumble do one's durnedest tramp traipse proceed laboriously trundle flounder bumble clump blunder pull out all stops give old college try put one's back in it put one's shoulder to the wheel hit the ball work at put in effort plow away put in work put effort put effort into something trog yomp schlep pay attention be attentive give something a whirl move with difficulty clamber sputter battle one's way fight one's way limp plug away at give something one's best shot make one's way with difficulty shinny toil away at proceed with difficulty work through dive in give it all one has work one's way fight your way overstrain overextend overload overtask work too hard overtax oneself drive oneself too hard wear oneself out overburden oneself run oneself into the ground strain oneself do too much burn the midnight oil practice presenteeism overdo it bite off more than you can chew wear oneself to a shadow overload oneself push oneself too hard overtax one's strength overstrain oneself drive oneself into the ground work oneself into the ground work one's tail off overtire oneself burn out work like a horse drive oneself too far


Exactly appropriate or fitting
exact precise accurate true correct right proper veracious perfect good so spot-on on-target dead-on on target on the mark on the button dead right exactly right just right unerring spot on on the money faithful strict close authentic faultless errorless on the nose error-free inch-perfect clear-cut valid genuine factual meticulous definite veridical on the nail realistic flawless sure definitive impeccable absolute literal direct rigorous detailed on the beam right on dead on reliable convincing undisputed unrefuted unambiguous conclusive infallible irrefutable unquestionable certain undeniable lifelike thorough just explicit deadly undistorted pinpoint bull's-eye verisimilar unequivocal distinct real unfailing complete certified certifiable regular scrupulous truthful careful unimpeachable dinkum fair word-perfect acceptable veritable downright authoritative specific effective actual legitimate unmistaken amen painstaking credible defined without error veristic on the ball true to life matter-of-fact free of error telling it like it is lethal on the right track final inerrant fact-based sharp as it really happened categorical particular clear accepted vérité established similar on the dot conventional fit just so assured nailed down express verbatim identical blow-by-blow on the numbers preferable dead well-defined surgical determinate decisive individual canonical minute just what the doctor ordered just what we need ideal hunky-dory word for word straight official absolutely right by the book dead-center to the point very accurate exactly correct hairline delicate refined mathematical precision fine well aimed as true as I'm sitting here on the line unelaborated true-blue on the up and up straightforward undeceptive high-principled unvarnished as true as I'm standing here legit on the level kosher like it is picture-book classic whole model unbroken to a T picture-perfect perfected letter-perfect textbook to a turn polished punctilious conscientious solid skillful rigid ultraprecise discriminating unmistakable judicious punctual deft systematic nice concrete scientific discriminative methodical skilful utter out-and-out thoroughgoing total echt consummate honest satisfactory pucka pukka pure unqualified sure-enough sheer unmitigated admissible sound unalloyed outright arrant undoubted watertight bona fide immaculate in every respect indubitable solemn appropriate standard OK O.K. righteous stone okay equitable right as rain right stuff along the right lines for sure on track on the right lines cooking with gas according to Hoyle indisputable unembellished positive diligent plain elaborate fussy incontrovertible incontestable fastidious attentive obvious patent manifest laborious dependable finicky proven unassailable inarguable beyond doubt exhaustive verifiable studious trustworthy assiduous religious exacting ultra-careful evident persnickety beyond question heedful objective unadulterated full industrious unarguable unchallengeable circumstantial pedantic demonstrable irrefragable formal unanswerable particularized palpable sedulous emphatic historical demanding perfectionist searching persevering hard-working hard unembroidered particularised compelling conscionable self-evident decided accomplished transparent beyond dispute open and shut undeviating natural itemized comprehensive existent documentary nonfictional pernickety nitpicking orderly authenticated finical firm very loving undebatable itemised picky observable univocal de facto apodictic crystal clear uncontroversial surefire confirmed not in doubt sure-fire fail-safe beyond a shadow of a doubt naturalistic attested rich simple creditable well defined unexaggerated extensive unflagging unfaked fitting unabridged overnice true-to-life elaborated word-for-word dedicated inevitable seriatim all right guaranteed strenuous observant constant steady letter-for-letter ultimate hair-splitting bare sensible critical in-depth cautious safe verified demonstrative in depth apparent foolproof thoughtful failsafe nailed-on pronounced marked acknowledged clinching well founded settled set can't-miss honest-to-goodness double-checked airtight undisputable to the letter cold superior florid straight from horse's mouth as plain as a pikestaff by the numbers staring one in the face for real no mistake stated severe true story calculated measured selective unwavering case earnest clearly defined historically veracious resembling stringent topical intrinsic unswerving fussbudget stickler reputable unshakable uncanny historically faithful believable what really happened what actually happened inerrable invariable gospel stark uncontestable unequivocable stilted decorous stiff stiff-necked ceremonious starchy well grounded well-proven in accordance with the facts uncompromising microscopic irrevocable impregnable invincible irresistible letter for letter narrow in accordance with reality overt recognized confirmable resolute doubtless real life sure thing no two ways about it learned plentiful copious profuse abundant lavish ample tough upright blunt duteous stickling all-inclusive secure civil seemly formalistic overconscientious overscrupulous polite courteous unadorned pat well-founded well-grounded flat undoubtable scholarly based on facts ordinary written usual verbal liberal sufficient telling irrebuttable overwhelming forceful ironclad odds-on apodeictic in the bag as sure as eggs is eggs recognised questionless graphic ordered controlled characteristic archetypal representative guileless typical ingenuous archetypical crossing the t's white-glove dotting the i's nit-picky walking on eggs minding p's and q's hanging in heart and soul into hanging tough playing safe perspicuous lucid line-for-line all-embracing rational artless unaffected straight from the horse's mouth the real McCoy understandable easily understandable clearly expressed documented respected supported circumstantiated validated unbiased unprejudiced establishable down pat beyond a shadow of doubt for certain no ifs ands or buts without doubt subtle average unpretentious undesigning unpretending normal developed encyclopedic cinematic filmic vivid nof ifs ands or buts historically accurate can bet on it persistent good eye not figurative apt satisfying literatim encyclopaedic enumerated analytical organized honest-to-God sure-thing for-sure no buts about it real stuff on the up-and-up really-truly swotty suitable dinky-di ultra-fine dainty exquisite fine-drawn finicking hairsplitting incorrupted finespun winning nuanced nifty pictorial true-life card-carrying in detail broad-ranging point-by-point deliberate regulated real McCoy orthodox prompt timely clocklike specialized specialised provident original tied-up active hopping unwearied untiring engaged employed busy working occupied indefatigable bustling at length circumspect intensive due visual retentive unfabled regardful concerned prim from the horse's mouth zealous plugging tireless grinding whiz logical organised deductive well organized experimental tested efficacious unfeigned applicable selfdisciplined discreet chary no ifs ands or buts about it that's a fact lawful photographic intense camera-friendly photogenic picturesque acute sovereign proved legal uncounterfeited bonafide meet qualified felicitous pretty desired becoming suited prudent befitting immediate seasonable on time early speedy eager beaver going to great lengths tried and true insured concluded stipulated tried and tested warranted ensured de règle expeditious recurrent in good time periodic cyclic quick ready substantial fair dinkum to schedule in time on schedule when expected well timed tangible fixed spot on time under the wire bang on time material corporeal set in stone


Exactly as stated or indicated
precisely exactly squarely sharp right plumb dead prompt promptly smack absolutely accurately bang correctly directly due full just slap smack-dab strictly dead on literally even expressly specifically spot on square sure on the button on the nose slap bang slap on smack dab smack on square on word for word as well for sure no mistake on the dot sure thing the ticket to the letter for a fact neither more nor less on the money the very thing to a tee no ifs ands or buts perfectly punctually on time on the nail faultlessly to the minute on the knocker completely entirely totally explicitly truly quite altogether wholly thoroughly utterly faithfully unerringly positively fully in every respect without error in every way to a T to the second dead on time spot on time bang on time definitely entire scrupulously out flat fast truthfully rigorously all soundly unequivocally heartily wide enough clean well methodically veraciously rightly severely all of carefully all over every inch indeed through and through to the hilt for certain one hundred per cent at the right time aright flawlessly properly without flaws at the proper time reliably minutely unambiguously validly authoritatively meticulously really in detail unmistakably in all respects down to the ground all in all downright unconditionally unmitigatedly outright undisputedly totes all the way to the maximum extent in toto consummately wholeheartedly unrestrictedly unqualifiedly stark comprehensively radically flat-out categorically unreservedly ultimately to the core purely without reservation heart and soul from A to Z to the nth degree top to bottom full blast without exception unconstrainedly without qualification roundly one-hundred percent extremely implicitly veritably effectively extensively conclusively limitlessly unlimitedly infinitely solidly plain finally exhaustively deadly to the limit lock, stock and barrel to the max en masse up and down inside out hook line and sinker root and branch in all to the end hook, line and sinker a hundred per cent in full without omission in entirety on all counts

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