Synonym of beddable


Alluring or physically attractive


Pleasing or attractive to the eye
comely beautiful lovely fetching alluring attractive striking arresting beguiling bewitching captivating charming elegant engaging enticing gorgeous irresistible knockout prepossessing ravishing seductive winning adorable appealing beauteous enchanting fair handsome pretty stunning bodacious cute desirable foxy glamorous hot luscious lush sexual sexy sightly smashing sultry taking tantalising tantalizing arousing bonny delectable delightful entrancing exquisite fanciable luring nubile radiant sensual sensuous shapely adorbs aesthetic babelicious bonnie bootylicious charismatic dazzling divine erotic esthetic fabulous fit likely lovesome pulchritudinous scrumptious seemly spunky sweet tasty becoming blooming buxom drop-dead gorgeous fine graceful intriguing nice sensational wholesome winsome dishy good goodly heavenly pleasing stylish tempting good-looking drop-dead eye-catching fine-looking nice-looking easy on the eye easy on the eyes sexually attractive very beautiful as pretty as a picture come-hither a ten come-to-bed out of this world well favored well-favored well favoured well-favoured voluptuous provocative suggestive inviting titillating curvaceous provoking kissable flirtatious toothsome naughty slinky racy steamy raunchy coquettish busty saucy risqué dreamy aphrodisiacal curvy bedroom aphrodisiac delicate feline sublime cuddly magnetic on fleek delicious yummy dashing dainty siren studly ripe marriageable beaut flamboyant devastating eligible specious clean-cut hunky ample opulent full-figured full-bosomed Junoesque Rubensesque fleshly carnal sexually mature angelic physically attractive grand gainly well-stacked well-proportioned well formed stimulating resplendent splendid wonderful aesthetically pleasing aesthetically appealing statuesque willowy fashionable dollish personable dapper superb camera-friendly classy symmetrical telegenic refined glamourous photogenic fascinating presentable ideal well-formed prettyish showstopping sheen debonair exciting spicy peng adult juicy well turned amorous erotogenic erogenous erotical amatory gamy fruity skin mature libidinous magnificent majestic impressive luxurious sumptuous tasteful imposing stately glorious spectacular noble chic pleasant splendiferous plush brilliant agreeable smart enthralling lavish picturesque august proud swanky artistic ritzy lovable excellent distinguished marvelous breathtaking regal great swank awe-inspiring palatial marvellous monumental princely grandiose sophisticated trim remarkable rich gratifying elevated magical exalted posh bright heroic mesmerizing ostentatious magnific splendorous showy endearing likable likeable cultivated mesmeric fancy dramatic imperial elfin royal cultured mesmerising epic dignified massive baronial heroical awesome high-class notable idyllic perfect polished Homeric amazing darling commanding terrific spellbinding dear extravagant transcendent enjoyable pleasurable urbane modish splendacious magnolious outstanding deluxe ornate creative fairy-tale decorative eminent romantic savory kingly swish venerable spiffy snazzy ornamental uptown discerning sharp precious upscale tremendous courtly extraordinary towering interesting moving admirable smooth savoury suave famous celebrated illustrious renowned gallant famed scenic hypnotic fab luxuriant noted triumphant enhancing immortal shining trendy disarming effulgent flashy plushy splendrous incredible nifty preeminent memorable esteemed well-known honored time-honored splashy sleek pompous happy neat blissful snappy flowing fortunate voguish staggering a la mode dressy panoramic jazzy now slick chichi elaborate expressive harmonious satisfying in vogue dressed to kill wondrous honoured drawing teasing welcome imaginative felicitous delightsome dulcet glittering jolly poised pure grateful enchanted costly blessed beckoning congenial blest innocent expensive intoxicating sensitive dreamlike compelling superior classic riveting supreme lofty schmick rare beautifying comfortable loveable glitzy ornamented fairylike fantastic cutesy picture-perfect natty mind-blowing luxury colorful cool favorable well-dressed spruce profound rakish in good taste luxe astonishing phenomenal fly kicky tony kicking sassy palatian favourable colourful chocolate-box lordly groovy prominent first-rate big special de luxe utopian pretty as a picture first-class rapturous startling pretentious too good to be true with it mod lavishly appointed stirring palatine queenly stupendous celestial considerable inspiring prodigious formidable in fashion ominous colossal solemn amiable scintillating coruscating intense vivid fetcjomg visual storybook traditional palatable goodlooking gripping engrossing young youthful extremely attractive attracting top quaint streamlined flattering jaw-dropping a sight for sore eyes genial affable young-looking dreamboat eyeful bijou artful inventive aesthetical sovereign aerodynamic with good taste beseeching high-born hypnotizing sirenic well-off gracious tormenting frustrating glam brave discriminating virile orphic emotional well dressed balletic lithe fastidious camera-ready strong robust athletic virtuous saintly tall and dignified righteous prestigious upmarket well-chosen magnifico baroque Orphean hypnotising gaudy spivvy dandy spiffing subtle good looking persuading restrained indulgent solid gold exemplary ambrosial cherubical cherubic fitting acclaimed portly powerful musical pictorial rhythmical twee kawaii beatific Lucullian palace silken Lucullan Babylonian immoderate flowy heady far-out fantastical out of sight unmitigated arrestive surpassing electrifying confounding high looking like a million lux fit for a queen well-appointed fit for a king up-market well appointed upper-crust upper-class ultra prodigal profuse upholstered entranced charmed bewitched super mouthwatering quiet unobtrusive chaste unaffected classical precise subdued unforgettable stellar figurative symbolic flowery pretty-pretty fiendish conjuring adored trendsetting hip dynamite transcendental the most holy sacred spiritual uplifting too much outrageous inspirational abstract entertaining in contemporary modern designer clean-limbed bling funky amusing happening fresh swell supercool exclusive flash fancy-pants noticeable conspicuous curvacious rounded pneumatic well-turned perceptive deep poetic insightful jaunty new latest steezy modernistic dap suitable immaculate orderly decent tidy prim spotless hospitable welcoming clean astounding surprising propitious auspicious as pure as the driven snow swinging balanced proportioned sylphlike well shaped well-rounded regular built opportune up-to-date au courant all the rage dressed to the teeth up to the minute ultra-modern well turned-out à la mode in the mainstream up to date bang up to date pizazzy pizzazzy kenspeckle distinctive noisy grabby unusual pronounced bold catchy noteworthy marked emphatic full of feeling optimistic unique advantageous valuable hopeful trig swagger gay loud obvious uncommon manifest attention-grabbing halcyon idealized embellishing encouraging rosy heartening providential peaceful pastoral rustic roseate upbeat promising profitable as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox cosmetic adorning can't miss it out of the ordinary nonfunctional non-functional gingerbread one-off full of promise best golden rose-colored florid garnishing decking furbishing patterned festooned accessory setting off heightening decorating for show rural arcadian paradisal Elysian Utopian unspoiled bucolic Arcadian sylvan unspoilt restful relaxing calm serene out-of-this-world idealised tranquil select decorous choice genteel affected overdone recherche aristocratic stylized well-designed well-bred

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