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jutting or overhanging



insect having biting mouthparts and front wings modified to form horny covers overlying the membranous rear wingsa tool resembling a hammer but with a large head (usually wooden); used to drive wedges or ram down paving stones or for crushing or beating or flattening or smoothing


be suspended over or hang overfly or go in a manner resembling a beetlebeat with a beetle


jutting or overhanging


Present participle for make one's way hurriedly
hurrying scurrying scuttling bustling dashing hastening racing rushing scampering scooting belting pelting tearing zipping darting scudding running flying shooting sprinting bolting speeding scuttering hieing hying whizzing careering hurtling haring zooming trotting chasing making haste blasting barreling barrelling bombing buzzing whisking hotfooting it bundling hustling whirling blazing careening driving breezing rocketing blowing bowling motoring coursing jetting rustling cannonballing nipping hurling ripping stepping jumping highballing travelling traveling humping ramming scrambling charging skipping cracking on galloping flashing whipping hurrying up posting going like lightning fleeting stepping on it fluttering getting a move on bounding streaking going fast speeding up whooshing vrooming bucketing wheeching hightailing shifting clipping boogying boogieing legging it going hell for leather burning rubber moving quickly laying rubber cutting along flitting going like the clappers shaking a leg getting the lead out making tracks going like a bat out of hell fussing tripping gambolling gamboling skedaddling jogging going quickly skimming stirring accelerating fleeing expediting dusting beelining spurring bestirring getting cracking hasting making time barrelling along getting your skates on moving along pattering skirring skittering romping moving leaving scatting splitting vamoosing hopping along stepping along beating it being busy busying yourself rushing around pacing plunging frolicking dispatching spurting pressing clearing out moving fast going away pushing leaping expressing burning covering ground not losing a minute wasting no time whipping around tearing along taking wing making yourself scarce rushing off lighting out making off speeding away flickering flicking springing dancing capering hopping flittering prancing bouncing frisking flirting playing cavorting bobbing floating hovering swooping passing winging sweeping sailing dipping pressing on losing no time pushing on quickening getting moving fast-tracking rolling whishing putting foot bursting bulleting yeeting sallying smoking digging in getting a wiggle on turning on steam stepping on gas making short work of stampeding zapping scorching hightailing it spanking along going like the wind bowling along rattling along pounding diving putting your foot down putting on some speed steaming cantering ambling breaking loping making it snappy going escaping flinging lungeing lunging decamping doubling driving fast jogtrotting dogtrotting stepping on the gas cutting and run running away boiling hopping it surging raging making a run for it flooring it really moving whipping along taking flight going like a bomb whirring departing hitting the gas gathering momentum proceeding getting going storming riding skiting ploughing kiting running off tumbling lashing tooling streaming flowing retreating waltzing scramming scraming bugging out hooking it scarpering belting along going faster throwing oneself going headlong launching oneself cannoning bombing along heading going like a bullet plowing moving faster doing a runner making a break for it booking it taking off rattling your dags putting the pedal to the metal showing a clean pair of heels fanging it putting pedal to the metal bucking up going flat-out absconding dogging it getting out piling running like the wind festinating catapulting humming cracking rolling along going briskly outstripping progressing stepping lively bumbling droning burring gushing tearing out roaring going rapidly running fast cascading winding gusting swooshing rushing at moving rapidly going by passing by moving forward going at top speed getting on it pouring whistling looking alive getting it on hopping to it snapping to it slipping away starting running very fast tearing up the miles going like greased lightning bowling over gearing up going all out marching rattling slooshing flooding going at breakneck speed running like mad racking hurdling going like lighting striding blitzing railroading steamrollering bucking pumping pitching launching thrusting heaving rushing headlong putting on a burst of speed chucking it down plunging ahead flourishing surging through brandishing nailing it opening the throttle scattering beating a retreat turning tail moving apace showing quickly passing quickly clearing off running for it levanting skipping off cruising cutting out heading for the hills making a quick exit beating a hasty retreat peeling out gliding kicking rocks doing a fade taking a powder making oneself scarce getting lost going through flying the coop doing a bunk shooting through having it away making steering setting forth bearing setting out heading off making a break veering setting off cutting advancing aiming drifting strolling slipping coasting brushing sauntering sliding looking lively moving it snapping it up hurrying it up moving briskly walking casually


Present participle for to protrude or extend outwardly
bulging protruding jutting projecting swelling ballooning overhanging poking billowing bagging bellying pouting pouching starting pooching bunching sticking out standing out extending bulging out protuberating distending jutting out poking out obtruding extruding puffing out expanding dilating bloating swelling out filling out inflating looming puffing up extending beyond impending popping enlarging ballooning out hanging out popping out hanging over filling beetling over rising lengthening tumefying intumescing mushrooming thrusting out billowing out blowing up blobbing pointing pushing out bilging coming through bellying out becoming larger bugging out pooching out pouching out butting out sticking up looming out spreading protending pushing outthrusting showing emerging bulking bagging out sticking rolling surging peeking holding out showing up cantilevering pitching bouncing puffing ballooning up doming growing tossing lapping over prolonging riding over sagging fattening plumping rising up rolling upward sticking out like a sore thumb elongating engorging projecting outward stretching out going beyond becoming inflated becoming distended welling up blowing out becoming swollen rounding out swelling up becoming bloated protruding over jutting over sticking out over extending over projecting over commanding portending endangering bulging over overtopping standing out over jutting out over looming over bulging out over cantilevering out poking out over impending over swinging over flapping over rising above towering above drooping over dangling over cantilevering out over casting a shadow hanging drooping flopping flapping hanging loosely coming out catching the wind fermenting growing larger lopping dropping lolling swagging dipping tumbling curving down dangling hanging down leaning falling unevenly

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