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marked by poverty befitting a beggar(used of sums of money) so small in amount as to deserve contempt


Having below average income or lacking money to sufficiently live comfortably
destitute impoverished poor base needy poverty-stricken vile beggared despicable indigent mean penniless wretched foul impecunious miserable pathetic penurious shabby shoddy sordid squalid abject broke dirt-poor distressed down-and-out famished necessitous needful pauperized pitiful skint threadbare unpleasant contemptible hard up low meagre meager strapped flat broke moneyless stone broke stony broke insolvent bankrupt strapped for cash without two pennies to rub together in need in want on the breadline in straitened circumstances without a sou in reduced circumstances as poor as a church mouse down and out cleaned out without two farthings to rub together badly off ruined dirt poor out at elbows out of pocket down on one's luck deprived unable to make ends meet in penury in Queer Street underprivileged disadvantaged bust boracic down at heel without a penny on your uppers without two brass farthings to rub together without a red cent boracic lint without a bean flat without a brass farthing homeless short unprosperous in the red on skid row hard-pressed stony-broke up against it bad off low-income short of money in debt pinched reduced dead broke deficient scanty vagrant fortuneless on your beam-ends empty-handed on the rocks on the streets truly needy behind eight ball on one's uppers busted suffering broken stony straitened cashless wiped out clean tapped out in the gutter without a shot in one's locker in Chapter 11 inadequate miserly paltry extremely poor severe difficult crippled workless unemployed laid off jobless living rough between jobs redundant sleeping rough idle wanting unmoneyed impencunious stranded of no fixed address of no fixed abode in distressed circumstances lacking out of a job signing on resting miserably poor financially poor very poor unable to keep the wolf from the door down to last cent sterile have-not empty hurting indebted on the dole in great need in dire circumstances overdrawn in reduced derelict over a barrel without a dime on last leg down to last penny without a penny to your name struggling stripped divested totaled financially distressed in financial difficulties financially embarrassed not having two pennies to rub together not having two farthings to rub together without means of support in a bad way short of cash on the wallaby track beaten vagabond defeated outcast finished deprived of devoid of played out in need of without money on one's beam ends poor as a church mouse without two pennies farthings to rub together on the skids in the poorhouse out of funds on one's beam-ends low-paid craptastic without a penny to one's name stone-broke depressed bankrupted unlucky unfortunate out of money seedy failed neglected in distress handicapped rundown lost gone under in administration in receivership gone bust in Carey Street on the bread line gone to the wall in the hands of the receivers economically deprived financially disadvantaged unfavored unaffluent requiring help unprivileged down-at-heel discriminated against economically disadvantaged spent smashed hindered impaired denuded bereft in arrears owing money forlorn ill-fated hapless ill-starred belly up exhausted depleted dispossessed cleared out liquidated out of business in dire straits slummy defaulting ghetto ghost shanty foreclosed collapsed undone run down skid row run-down unable to pay one's debts financially ruined belly-up in Chapter 13 taken to the cleaners


Pitifully or deplorably meagre or bad
inadequate meager meagre lean miserly modest scant slight derisory insubstantial insufficient paltry pitiful puny scanty skimpy stingy contemptible despicable lousy low mean measly miserable pathetic piddling ungenerous exiguous mingy piffling poxy negligible insignificant small trifling limited trivial petty poor deficient little nominal inconsequential inconsiderable base sparse pitiable inappreciable wretched unimportant picayune piddly worthless shabby sorry lamentable niggling minute restricted short slender footling minor scarce sparing dinky pimping chicken peanut no-account lowly reduced spare Mickey Mouse de minimis sad dismal light ordinary nickel-and-dime tiny subnormal minimal deplorable minimum rueful piteous heartrending distressing heartbreaking mournful woeful fractional infinitesimal cheap nugatory mere marginal skimp slim scrimpy afflicted suffering sorrowful joyless distressed comfortless abject grievous tearful cheerless common narrow token diminutive pettifogging ruthful inferior subsidiary peripheral useless hand-to-mouth disappointing of little account bare tenuous thin confined valueless harrowing doleful lame gut-wrenching unfortunate thin on the ground toytown twopenny-halfpenny minuscule merciful trashy set shoddy sleazy ineffectual unconsequential fiddling incidental small-fry foolish frivolous small-bore small-time lesser scratch secondary unconsiderable not worth mentioning shallow irrelevant subordinate penny-ante casual lower junior inessential inconsequent two-bit shoestring not worth bothering about arousing moving compassionate stirring commiserative vile touching scurvy affecting of no account plebeian simple commonplace proletarian undistinguished ignoble underprivileged baseborn unwashed unrefined severe rough unremarkable obscure prole unpretentious inglorious vulgar lowborn scrubby humble uncouth lumpen unfit working-class low-born of low birth plebby lower-class low-life of low rank sordid low-ranking humdrum immaterial meaningless of no consequence pointless superficial nonessential imperceptible non-essential lightweight of no importance of little importance microscopic subtle weak of little consequence vague unsubstantial second-rate indiscernible flimsy unnecessary minor-league impalpable indistinguishable unnoticeable momentary evanescent silly undetectable fine bush-league faint of no moment gradual insensible trite inaudible shadowy barren ephemeral unproductive ignorable extraneous indistinct neither here nor there feeble mediocre lacking imponderable smaller intangible invisible everyday not worth speaking of wanting accessory dependent unessential second-string nothing unobservable inconspicuous middling of no great concern idle bitty tacky minus nondescript outside rare empty remote laughable under off nanoscopic purportless occasional too little too late tangential frail fragile below the mark beside the point few frugal no great shakes not enough too little futile scattered fussy ancillary younger subaltern ineffective sporadic dispensable time-wasting atomic stunted uncommon infrequent unsatisfactory stinted average unfinished substandard absurd teeny-weeny unexceptional little bitty imperfect teensy-weensy unfruitful scrimp infertile unlikely inappropriate indifferent hollow of minor importance less important barely perceptible smalltime unperceivable normal basal unexciting expendable distant senseless vanilla straggling uninspired insipid workaday improbable implausible dissatisfactory all the same unfrequent dubious doubtful far-fetched in short supply few and far between no big deal hard to find next to none collateral seldom seen run-of-the-mill bog-standard so-so low in numbers hard to come by nothing to write home about middle-of-the-road plain vanilla next to no at a premium insulting smallish potty small-scale ridiculous ludicrous outrageous risible preposterous diddly quibbling picky impractical local peppercorn lilliputian rinky-dink wanky hair-splitting neglectable skin-deep vanishing cavilling finicky nit-picking frothy tinpot null zero zilch zip unconsidered wimpy runt shrimp gentle of no value hairsplitting niggly vain jejune vapid banal loitering inane idling bogus sterile waste drossy counterproductive unprofitable inutile unavailing abandoned profitless unusable caviling hardly worth mentioning no biggie two bit big zero small potatoes entry level of no significance uncelebrated unsound unapparent background auxiliary by-the-way by-the-by illogical little or no hardly any unobtrusive lower-level subservient isolated irrational extrinsic incomplete unclear unreasonable no big thing second-class barely sufficient undistinguishable imperceivable indefinite of less importance dicey inconceivable diminished iffy questionable sketchy incommensurate invalid least smallest littlest slightest shy impossible to detect inapposite unreasoning of little import lowest parsimonious junk depleted related contributory supplementary contributing tributary substract subject second reserve barely visible hard to make out minutest tiniest fewest merest fallacious dry failing nonrational teeny bad inefficient impertinent irrelative inapplicable faraway far outlying wee too few subpar faulty flawed defective impotent suboptimal illegitimate very little smallest amount of least possible medium not up to par of no matter inconsiderate foreign not pertinent not germane passable fair less than ideal depthless itsy-bitsy adequate matter of indifference a matter of indifference makes no difference not to the point no never mind replaceable tolerable decent awful execrable appalling hopeless atrocious abysmal dire terrible diabolical dreadful inept unacceptable found wanting not good enough undesirable not acceptable bereft not okay objectionable less-than-stellar displeasing unworthy itty-bitty midway median intermediate midsize midsized middle weensy teensy eensy-weensy bitsy weeny microscopical miniature microminiature rubbish low-grade rotten unneeded less shoal surface neutral sufficient fairish OK moderate unusual extremely small titchy very small tiddly little-bitty not so hot half-pie fair to middling not up to much fair-to-middling under-strength below par disposable superfluous invisible to the naked eye below standard glancing flat in the minority seldom found widely spaced out of the ordinary typical plain mundane bland drab uninteresting usual unmemorable pedestrian not essential consumable sacrificable not required excess able to be sacrificed redundant usable uninspiring dull routine boring unnoteworthy unimpressive not deep cursory prosaic uneventful characterless whatever a dime a dozen dime-a-dozen common or garden garden-variety nothing special garden variety not much cop bog standard


Not in accordance with standards of honor, decency or fair play
dirty nasty mean unfair despicable illegal base dishonest contemptible low crooked fraudulent unscrupulous vile corrupt deceitful sordid cheap crafty dishonourable ignominious immoral treacherous unsporting cowardly double-dealing low-down rotten shameful squalid underhanded unethical ungentlemanly unprincipled cunning devious disreputable nefarious sly underhand wily calculating cheating conniving designing detestable dishonorable foul guileful Machiavellian paltry scurvy shabby shady shifty sneaky unpleasant worthless abject deceiving deceptive execrable grubby ignoble illegitimate inequitable shrewd sleazy snide unlawful unsportsmanlike unsportsmanly wretched currish deplorable knavish lame lousy scheming scummy scungy slick sorry illicit ratty scabby sneaking low-minded ill-gotten off-color below the belt Janus-faced out of order against the rules not cricket discreditable unworthy disgraceful shoddy hateful despisable inglorious shocking reprehensible villainous bad pitiable unkind mean-spirited ungenerous beastly inconsiderate selfish disrespectful natty miserly stingy thoughtless cruel mercenary notorious infamous odious pitiful degenerate loathsome louche scandalous abhorrent unspeakable disdainable revolting heinous offensive abominable miserable pathetic cruddy distasteful petty sad hateworthy measly disgusting rascally poor crass swinish outcast inferior untrustworthy suspect questionable vicious seedy opprobrious outrageous disorderly beyond the pale beyond contempt unsavoury of bad reputation unrespectable dubious suspicious seamy shy slippery unwholesome dodgy fishy in low esteem licentious dissolute lewd unsavory in the doghouse derogatory in bad lowly libidinous no good tricky duplicitous two-faced unjust wicked artful bent depraved shonky no-good sharp surreptitious clandestine criminal malicious slim two-timing obnoxious shameless furtive swindling disagreeable covert secret malevolent subtle amoral insidious perfidious rogue snidey fast repugnant malignant horrible horrid uncharitable degraded slimy double-crossing dirty-dealing false appalling improper meanspirited spiteful wrong hugger-mugger hole-and-corner vulgar disingenuous repulsive foxy unseemly backstairs degrading debased callous secretive recreant indecent graceless iniquitous traitorous cagy beguiling cute cagey defrauding tawdry oblique awful repellent insincere unfriendly filthy malfeasant back-alley cloak-and-dagger accursed scoundrelly servile venal obscene hollow-hearted under the table nauseating horrifying malign vindictive hurtful catty hostile hard-hearted low-life despiteful virulent gross ill-natured dirty rotten doggish shaming blameworthy debasing dislikable unreliable wrongful bootleg slipshod unjustifiable unsatisfactory unacceptable unjustified unreasonable uncalled for stinky blackguardly lying poxy narrow-minded blithering unwarranted off unnecessary under the counter dastardly mendacious undignified untruthful unbecoming good-for-naught meritless good-for-nothing no-count no-account cursed flaming roguish not on out of turn lamentable menial clever debauched insensitive inelegant infernal confounded sham untrue decadent impure smart useless footling spurious counterfeit a bit much sleazoid avaricious skanky stealthy private underground behind-the-scenes sneak privy undercover stealth hush-hush detested execrated double-faced truthless false-hearted phoney stupid despised heartless calculated covetous dreadful misleading backbiting elusive hoodwinking bluffing sinister unctuous shrouded hidden veiled indirect bribable atrocious godawful abominated hated loathed abhorred pseudo bamboozling falsified forged mock fake against the law imitation phony corruptible unfeeling uncaring coldhearted unsympathetic murky evasive conspiratorial inhumane cold-blooded savage barbarous brutal not nice sadistic inhuman harsh sharp-witted intelligent acute astute monstrous grody hateable grafting felonious buyable lawless over the fence a bit thick caitiff unconscionable unprofessional evil sinful profiteering corrupted self-seeking canny alert skilful skillful maggot yucky yucko unfaithful errant obliquitous erring gimmicky extortionate suborned open faithless fly intriguing ingenious masterly vulpine adept beneath contempt below contempt unrighteous black dark dexterous carny proficient adroit politic resourceful gone to the dogs fast and loose on the take playing politics put on playing games cutthroat negligent abusive dextrous smooth flimflam scam faking one out not straightforward rude churlish subversive shorthanded surly poisonous venomous wounding annoying cantankerous under-the-table ornery ruthless sarcastic ill-humored fly-by-night ill-tempered evil-minded ill-humoured bad-tempered


Of or characteristic of a miser
miserly mean parsimonious penny-pinching stingy close ungenerous avaricious grasping illiberal close-fisted mingy tight greedy near penurious tightfisted cheap cheese-paring Scrooge-like ascetic chintzy closefisted covetous masochistic money-grabbing money-grubbing pinching pinchpenny puritanical spare sparing stinting tight-fisted uncharitable snoep abject cheapskate churlish derisory ignoble meagre meager scrounging skinflint sordid acquisitive frugal skinflinty miserable selfish grabby thrifty hungry petty pennywise skimpy tight-wad scrimping economical saving grudging chary skimping prudent rapacious provident economizing cheeseparing curmudgeonly unwasteful economising ungiving careful canny abstemious costive cautious mercenary hoarding forehanded materialistic coveting moneygrubbing avid penny-wise scrimpy careful with money venal tightwad hard-fisted ironfisted sensible narrow money-oriented desirous usurious money-conscious grabbing gluttonous preserving conserving extortionate possessive wary cost-effective efficient money-saving time-saving work-saving pleonectic predatory prehensile itchy watchful on the rims practical circumspect prudential methodical Mammonish Mammonistic insatiable pennypinching extremely thrifty scurvy pinchfisted financially savvy scanty on a tight budget stewardly economic close-handed not generous cost-conscious extremely frugal shrewd wise cupidinous austere spartan abstinent budget-conscious monastic monkish self-denying nunlike non-indulgent self-disciplined bribable mean-spirited extorting meticulous discreet Scotch money motivated money hungry on the make voracious corrupt unprincipled unethical unscrupulous gold-digging fuel-saving fuel-efficient energy-efficient energy-saving hoggish swinish narrow-minded intolerant rude edacious ravenous crude esurient piggy boorish reactionary prejudiced hidebound bigoted small-minded self-indulgent guzzling ravening eager piggish carnivorous gormandizing intemperate omnivorous gobbling craving devouring gulping insatiate fundamentalist conservative unenlightened authoritarian strict despotic undemocratic alt-right anti-democratic oppressive repressive totalitarian draconian fascist tyrannical biased proscriptive myopic partial antiliberal


Resembling a beggar or some aspect of one: poor, wheedling, insolent, etc.


Obedient or attentive to an excessive or servile degree
obsequious grovelling abject cringing fawning ingratiating servile slavish smarmy submissive subservient sycophantic toadying unctuous bootlicking greasy oleaginous sycophantish toadyish brown-nosing deferential flattering menial oily slimy soapy sucky arse-licking ass-kissing brownnosing complacent compliable compliant crouching enslaved groveling kowtowing mealy-mouthed obeisant parasitic parasitical prostrate respectful reverential sneaking snivelling sniveling spineless stipendiary subject subordinate truckling Uriah Heepish humble craven base low mean self-abasing forelock-tugging apple-polishing cringey excessively deferential obedient despicable passive ignoble unresisting eating crow eating humble pie crawling creeping adulatory fulsome smooth honey-tongued silver-tongued gushing cajoling slick saccharine suckholing cloying smooth-talking nauseating gushy hagiographical hagiographic smooth-tongued saponaceous lowly glib complimentary cowardly praising insincere sweet-talking sugary appreciative arse-kissing timeserving sickening wheedling slippery honeyed plausible suave hypocritical insinuating creepy vile laudatory ignominious bowing and scraping encomiastic encomiastical unworthy timid humiliating docile following sycophant bowing scraping cowering winsome winning endearing disarming commending applauding admiring favourable supple bland coaxing soft serving insinuative charming silken overly flattering flannelling blarneying soft-soaping gratifying wormlike sequacious favorable worshipping unskilled enthusiastic glowing commendatory blandishing worshipful boring degrading low-status dutiful rhapsodic acclamatory lionizing eulogistic routine dull highly favourable humdrum rave sorry demeaning urbane lionising worshiping degraded contemptible worthless effusive inferior low-grade reverent buttery blue-collar debased phoney courtly smug creamy pinguid tedious common baseborn basic phony sordid standing regarding respecting reprehensible smooth-spoken shabby dishonourable scungy detestable meek horrible gloomy dishonorable deferent dismal hangdog deplorable humiliated dejected outcast self-effacing

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