Synonym of behind

Alternative for behind


Synonym: after, backward, retarded,

Antonym: ahead, before, forward, in front of,


Less advanced than (someone or something) in achievement or development


From a position at the back or rear


Falling behind, not keeping up the pace
simple-minded arrested backward checked delayed dense dull feeble-minded imbecile late moronic simple slow slow-witted stupid subnormal underdeveloped underprivileged undeveloped dilatory languid unhurried dragging dillydallying poky laggard pokey dallying sluggish tardy snaillike leisurely creeping dawdling snail-paced crawling poking lagging half-witted unintelligent witless dim dopey opaque mindless brainless ignorant dumb empty-headed thick doltish lamebrained vacuous dim-witted birdbrained obtuse unsmart oafish dozy weak-minded foolish idiotic dull-witted thickheaded imbecilic boneheaded stolid dunderheaded naive chuckleheaded brain-dead senseless pinheaded fatuous wooden-headed lamebrain bonehead gormless soft knuckleheaded dorky airheaded lunkheaded thick-witted softheaded bubbleheaded dopy dof dotish dead from the neck up slow on the uptake half-baked dunce-like vapid chowderheaded glaikit divvy cretinous lumpish gullible blockish dippy pea-brained crass bovine muttonheaded blockheaded pig-ignorant as thick as two short planks uncomprehending imperceptive insensitive thick-skinned daft log-headed hebete woodenheaded thick-skulled numskulled impassive braindead boorish fat-headed not the full shilling lethargic torpid soft in the head fatheaded stunted limited thick as mince slow on uptake dummy dumbbell touched underachieving dumdum pinhead yo-yo exceptional weak numbskull mentally defective gorked defective held back sappy retardo dumbo retarded unwitting unknowing silly inexperienced unaware unmindful incompetent nescient oblivious innocent insensible clueless ill-informed unacquainted impractical in the dark uninformed incognizant unconscious green inane anencephalic anencephalous thoughtless deficient nitwitted addle-brained

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