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belittles, belittled, belittling

Synonym: minimize, underestimate, underrate,


Dismissive of the importance of a person or thing
contemptuous decrying degrading demeaning denigrative denigratory deprecatory depreciative depreciatory derisory derogative derogatory detractive disdainful disparaging pejorative scornful slighting uncomplimentary condescending depreciating derisive patronising patronizing sneering insulting abusive contumelious offensive critical defamatory disapproving rude deprecating scurrilous disrespectful vituperative slanderous scathing libellous libelous negative opprobrious deprecative humiliating insolent mortifying sarcastic discrediting snide shameful debasing ignominious unflattering disgraceful detracting dishonourable inglorious mocking dishonorable vilifying supercilious vulgar reproachful censorious maligning shaming unworthy undignified lowering discreditable cheapening damaging hurtful calumniatory scoffing jeering dismissive reviling unbecoming catty withering haughty obloquious vituperatory abject invective calumniating harsh infra dig traducing arrogant snooty sardonic denigrating malicious contemptible diminishing deflating spiteful unfavourable nasty jibing fault-finding unfavorable snobbish detractory unsuitable personal foul ridiculing uncivil discourteous unseemly injurious imperious minimizing unladylike ungentlemanly violent berating obnoxious unmannerly unbefitting vitriolic uppity minimising improper unfitting taunting judgmental judgemental affronting cheeky scolding cavalier indecorous sniffy unrefined impertinent unceremonious snotty blasphemous downgrading ignoble wretched menial castigating scurril truculent scurrile untoward scandalous inappropriate abhorrent upbraiding superior indecent disreputable bringing shame full of contempt high and mighty despicable sharp-tongued uncharitable unsympathetic epithetical unpleasant virulent teasing pillorying familiar intrusive wounding malign lampooning caustic satirical damning biting repulsive ranting denunciatory irreverent disadvantageous sniping dyslogistic indelicate sarky snidey defiant indiscreet tasteless outrageous hypercritical overbearing cynical egotistic reproving castigatory crass unacceptable rough acerbic in bad taste dishonouring lofty unfriendly bitter sharp impolite calumnious mean notorious infamous inelegant stooping toffee-nosed mud-slinging abrupt curt brusque unkind gruff short surly blunt ungracious gracious lordly sorry low louche shady shy shoddy unrespectable pompous magisterial bad-mannered ill-mannered base beneath you lacking dignity dishonoring despiteful aspersing malevolent proud hateful reprehensible stuck-up fancy-pants corrupting offhand snobby pretentious full of yourself abominable vain beneath one's dignity embarrassing audacious cool snippy bold hard temperamental upstage cold-shoulder on your high horse hard-nosed high hat dog it impudent fresh flip sassy presumptuous brash cocky insubordinate malapert lippy churlish forward ill-bred saucy mannerless out-of-line brazen pert smart-alecky boorish profane coarse nervy inconsiderate uncouth thoughtless crude unmannered unhandsome uncalled-for impious sacrilegious flippant aspersive ungallant brassy loutish shameless oafish crusty unchivalrous ironical wise cocksure ungodly brassbound arch sullen gross dirty smart unholy brazen-faced disgracious ignorant aweless bold-faced underbred mouthy objectionable displeasing defaming venomous cutting backbiting libeling provocative exceptionable vicious lying provoking muckraking vexing slurring offending graceless censurable iconoclastic mordacious shocking disagreeable upsetting libelling detestable false misrepresentative salacious obscene peremptory tactless procacious untrue barefaced vile filthy irreverential unhallowed uncultured raunchy smutty lewd profanatory off-base ungenteel inaffable unpolished immodest naughty repugnant brass-necked bold as brass pushy prejudicial shrewish quizzical ironic tart insinuating maledictory scandalmongering smearing off bearish irritable moody lacking civility bad mannered satiric maledictive offish snarky ill-natured uncourteous annoying irritating imperative breezy dictatorial rustic inurbane bumptious put down poisonous exasperating ribald scabrous groundless overbold aspersory irreligious godless unprintable galling ridiculous absurd ludicrous cockamamie pathetic silly cockamamy laughable risible comical farcical preposterous boldfaced snippety unblushing blatant unabashed arrant vituperous envious green-eyed jealous gally Rabelaisian distasteful stinging aloof explicit choice resentful jaundiced covetous foul-mouthed barbed distressing disgusting deplorable unwelcome undesirable insufferable execrative imprecatory execratory swearing cursing unsavoury lowbrow excoriating disgracing injuring hurting abasing malignant reproaching hoity-toity indifferent cruel harmful grievous savage destructive for the birds insupportable intolerable bad uncivilised risqué sordid suggestive unclean tawdry uncivilized unsavory impure hifalutin prideful highfalutin pernicious beyond the pale out of line out of order uppish unchaste unsettling unwholesome off-color colloquial bawdy sickening unutterable X-rated facetious rejecting contemning averse high-and-mighty despising antipathetic scouting repudiating toplofty acid trenchant pointed maleficent undiplomatic turning up your nose at looking down your nose at smart alecky invidious horrible envying odious impossible tricky ungraceful crabbed yokelish bounderish honest candid attacking glib frivolous overfamiliar straightforward hostile stark realistic assumptive outspoken mischievous ballsy airy presumptive faultfinding unappealing warts and all straight from the shoulder smart-assed smart-arsed misbehaved unfilial


Inclined to express negative or disapproving comments
critical censorious condemnatory condemning castigatory reproving denunciatory deprecatory disparaging disapproving scathing criticising criticizing fault-finding judgemental negative unfavourable unsympathetic hypercritical overcritical pedantic pettifogging cavilling carping quibbling niggling nitpicking pernickety picky calumniatory cavillous censuring cutting cynical griping hairsplitting unfavorable bellyaching captious caviling faultfinding judgmental rejective whingeing derogatory reprobatory reprobative nit-picking nit-picky pass-remarkable ultra-critical biting demeaning harsh satirical sarcastic cruel hurtful brusque nasty cursing mean sharp-tongued over-particular hair-splitting over-censorious punctilious perfectionist fastidious hard to please finicky fussy overscrupulous over-exacting overparticular meticulous penetrating scolding critic humbling contemptuous diagnostic overnice judgy particular choleric withering discriminating analytical exceptive reproachful nagging lowering stern demanding trenchant sharp exacting discerning severe over-rigorous over-strict casuistic sophistical petty trifling overprecise tricky difficult trivial persnickety finical overexacting nice difficult to please sophistic overexact deprecating complaining on someone's back impossible to please irritable crabby nitpicky testy perverse thorny unfair contrary unjust touchy cantankerous peevish acrimonious petulant cross very critical precise evasive elusive prevaricative precisionist exact scrupulous literalist scholastic dogmatic literalistic casuistical formalist purist dainty choosy over-fastidious faddish painstaking careful trying uncompromising old-maidish faddy fussbudgety delicate finicking choosey importunate strict intractable clamorous tiresome tough obstinate rigorous dictatorial detailed fiddly fine overbearing unaccommodating querulous inflexible insistent unmanageable hard imperious troublesome stringent unbending exigent unamenable fractious hardheaded firm sticklerish stiff obdurate needy possessive unsparing stubborn unflinching unreasonable serious tyrannical high-maintenance sophisticated subtle hard to satisfy hard-line piddling insignificant paltry unimportant picayune equivocating minor


Harshly sarcastic or satirical in nature
keen scathing cutting incisive searing pointed stinging trenchant acid sardonic satirical contemptuous ferocious nasty sharp unblunted virulent caustic corrosive heartless merciless piercing savage biting brutal fierce malicious penetrating satiric callous critical mocking sarcastic scornful tart venomous acerbic bitter harsh pungent salty snarky violent acidic cruel devastating edged hurtful mordacious unrelenting acute derisive pitiless truculent vicious vitriolic acrid acrimonious grim sadistic scorching unsparing withering astringent mordant ruthless scalding wanton cold-blooded extremely critical hostile severe blistering wounding barbed vehement disparaging cynical snarling coruscating burning sulphurous jeering sulfurous unkind rude spiteful unfriendly snide mean ill-natured hateful poisonous rancorous malevolent evil-intentioned acidulous malignant vengeful vindictive smart-alecky smart-aleck smart-mouthed pernicious malign bilious baleful splenetic acerb catty maleficent malefic taunting waspish razor-edged sarky polemic poignant dry rapier-like abrasive ironic telling peppery piquant snappy ironical polemical forceful corroding racy emphatic tangy wry scoffing pithy spicy witty disrespectful brusque tongue-in-cheek acetose ridiculing churlish stern sour chaffing burlesque zesty controversial alkaline zingy pert savoury savory contentious stringent rough snappish snippy testy short unpleasant disapproving hard argumentative disputatious offensive provocative salt exciting stimulating strong vigorous destructive sneering double-edged forthright driving clear vinegary acidulated crisp explicit powerful distinct effective blunt erosive potent unequivocal edgy acetic derisory crushing acidy backhanded sourish tartish smarting clever implausible ridiculous defiant contradictory exaggerated backbiting alert arrogant jibing atypical twisted uncomplimentary curious quick-witted accurate venomed pertinent irreverent with a kick briny acetous soured green razor-sharp meaty meaningful insightful right-on insinuating short-and-sweet legit pregnant parodying Hudibrastic Rabelaisian lampooning humorous spoofing paradoxical spoof farcical bantering in a nutshell on the nose boiled down laid on the line right to it calling a spade a spade on the button sly subtle deadpan droll laconic deprecating waggish apathetic sharp-tongued matter-of-fact straight-faced low-key quietly humorous poker-faced


The act of disparaging or belittling
disparagement denigration ridicule vilification scorn criticism derision mocking derogation detraction depreciation deprecation aspersion diminishment belittlement put down slander abuse calumny disdain character assassination marginalization marginalisation playing down discredit lessening degradation castigation denunciation condemnation recrimination chastisement debasement reprobation contempt reproval vitriol reproach slamming upbraiding contumely remonstrance admonishment censure critique reproof slating chiding excoriation flak slur underestimation opprobrium faultfinding blame smear berating vituperation backbiting panning backstabbing slagging scolding knocking caviling cavilling carping prejudice cavil nitpicking roast fault-finding verbal disapproval slagging off nit-picking defamation libel obloquy calumniation traducement smearing libeling traducing defaming besmirching stigmatization libelling stigmatisation invective disapproval rebuke animadversion tirade stick attack objurgation reprimand disapprobation disfavor aspersions billingsgate revilement complaint stricture disfavour scurrility insults bad-mouthing diatribe fulmination verbal arraignment bad press mud-slinging objection tongue-lashing blast opposition expostulation broadside lambasting execration knock repudiation accusation inculpation indictment charge sideswipe admonition incrimination brickbat imputation impeachment implication slurs attribution insolence exprobation reprehension bashing swipe harangue exception remonstration demurral pan rap reviling odium disagreement insult verbal abuse rudeness displeasure telling off protest brickbats dislike dissatisfaction philippic curses rant rubbishing slam railing venom dissent distaste slap hit sledge mauling offense offence disesteem discountenance signifying dressing-down discontentment boycott captiousness thumbs down call down censoriousness discourtesy impertinence pejoration malapertness humiliation arrogance remark hostility complaints commination jab mocking comment scurrilousness barrage decrying persecution riot act sideswipes aggravation hassle obscenity slanderousness indecency rocket malevolence assault argument jibe scandal coarseness offensiveness confrontation wigging earful vociferation caning pugnacity bollocking defilement abusiveness infamousness grossness rebuff carpeting rollicking indignity demur combativeness roasting discharge warning intimidation curse outburst examen quibble rejection takedown notice belligerence a bad press fuss cut protestation impugnment challenge polemic stink demurrer question denouncement telling-off ticking off verbal onslaught verbal assault cursing difficulty slandering malice evil-speaking dispute rap over the knuckles slights kick spitefulness spite fulminations critical remark bad notice cattiness swearing petition indignities jibes expletives rebukes civil disobedience slanging disrespect savaging verbals quinine knifing hosing put-downs foul language verbal attack swear words catcall nix ostracism blackball hiss zing discontent boo name-calling a slanging match kicking around trash talk pushing around black list slap on wrist


Present participle for to knowingly say that something is smaller or less important than it actually is
disparaging denigrating deprecating decrying minimising minimizing diminishing depreciating derogating dismissing discounting dissing discrediting vilipending trashing deriding undervaluing knocking scorning defaming ridiculing criticising criticizing degrading trivialising trivializing demeaning underrating slamming mocking panning underestimating vilifying downgrading rubbishing slurring slating reviling lowering maligning condemning abusing misprizing minifying bashing censuring detracting aspersing downplaying smearing roasting dispraising understating marginalising marginalizing squashing blistering scorching ripping squelching bad-mouthing putting down running down playing down trash-talking scoffing at pooh-poohing talking down slagging off making light of crying down sneering at casting aspersions on detracting from pouring scorn on pulling apart taking down treating lightly laughing at kissing off dumping on doing down laughing off taking to pieces having a go at tearing down hitting out at holding cheap shooting down dragging through the mud picking holes in cutting down to size doing a hatchet job on cutting to the quick taking down a peg shooting full of holes taking a swipe at slighting disgracing slandering shaming attacking traducing debasing insulting devaluing reducing calumniating dishonouring dishonoring humiliating libeling libelling smirching speaking ill of humbling stigmatizing cheapening lessening disdaining contemning besmirching deflating stigmatising disrespecting sullying giving a bad name blackening scandalizing injuring abasing vituperating tarnishing bringing into disrepute scandalising assailing reproaching damaging tainting sneering taunting lambasting staining blotting chastening dragging through the mire mortifying defiling slinging mud at embarrassing despising besmearing giving a black eye denouncing flaming sinking selling short undermining impugning reflecting badly on fouling soiling scoffing bringing shame upon brushing aside muckraking doing a number on snubbing spoiling disregarding making little of spotting pulling to pieces rejecting jeering berating flinging mud at bringing shame on crushing spreading scandal about tearing into affronting casting a slur on running smear campaign tarring and feathering gibing inveighing against underplaying blotching spurning blasting casting down looking down on rapping breathing on bringing discredit to speaking badly of thinking little of throwing mud at look down one's nose at ripping up and down befouling making fun of sniffing at pillorying flouting glossing over poisoning speaking evil of shrugging off bringing down offending bagging pummelling pummeling hammering underemphasizing de-emphasizing laying into twitting backbiting faulting perverting throwing brickbats at lampooning railing against fulminating against finding fault with treating with contempt rating too low appalling jeering at doing an injustice to bringing low spreading lies about skewering holding in contempt demoting blaming jumping on blackening the name of outraging sullying the reputation of weakening repudiating abashing poking fun at excoriating reprehending scouting reprobating disesteeming subverting prostituting girding chagrining demoralizing rallying bemeaning demoralising setting little store by making a fool of teasing destroying cutting down putting away turning your nose up at taking down a peg or two treating as unimportant blackening the reputation of conducting a smear campaign against savaging rebuffing wounding castigating soft-pedalling soft-pedaling condescending devaluating deigning misjudging rebuking slapping cursing upbraiding underpricing ragging discountenancing hitting corrupting reproving deploring disapproving subduing laughing discomfiting execrating waving aside riding badmouthing depraving cankering vitiating deteriorating bastardizing debauching warping profaning compromising prejudicing anathematizing slagging belying blemishing cavilling at breaking carping at horrifying jibing at treating contemptuously owning marking down ruining disfavoring disfavouring denunciating hating showing contempt for abhorring burlesquing travestying leering satirizing swiping caricaturing fleering cracking dumping grinning jesting skinning bastardising disconcerting sniggering displeasing tearing to shreds coming down on causing to lose face blackguarding dismaying satirising slinging mud finding fault thinking too little of blackening someone's name lowering the status of looking down upon ripping up setting no store by calling down ragging on putting in a bad light putting to shame showing up curling your lip at putting someone in their place making someone eat humble pie knocking down holding up to ridicule sneezing at ranking out making someone eat crow turning up one's nose quipping at giving Bronx cheer poormouthing clamoring against hooting questioning toning down frowning discommending objecting expostulating commenting negatively disvaluing mistrusting talking trash backstabbing not going for lowering in rank mistreating demonizing voodooing jinxing cussing digging attainting desecrating subordinating giving comeuppance knocking off high horse betraying lowering in status taking dim view of putting hooks in demonising tearing to pieces stooping animadverting disapproving of writing down jiving losing face giving a bad name to taking for granted dragging someone's name through the mud dragging through mud underprizing relegating taking a dig at railing complaining sniping at dragging down skinning alive dressing down knocking off descending marring harming gibing at saying contemptuously making cutting remarks about wiping selling out holding forth against beating down scathing putting a whammy on jibing desensitizing brutalizing dehumanizing shocking disgusting taking away sloughing off joking about misrespecting failing to appreciate setting too little store by misbidding making a joke of belaboring scolding potshotting nagging decreasing dehumanising brutalising desensitising bringing shame to declassing miscalculating throwing stones at taking swipe at withdrawing expressing contempt making jokes about regarding with contempt abominating chillin chilling miscarrying oppressing persecuting reverting bumping setting back arguing against finding lacking taking issue with nitpicking over taking exception to objecting to revolting nauseating repelling sickening reprimanding slanging miscalling belabouring zinging hosing reducing to the ranks busting kicking downstairs misrepresenting depressing disappointing exposing shunning not doing justice chastising annoying snickering smiling plastering blaspheming strumpeting holding up to scorn dispiriting disrating cutting rate taking away from blowing off cussing out swearing at calling names shouting at vituperating against crawling causing a few raised eyebrows amongst causing raised eyebrows raising eyebrows amongst blackballing giving offence to being above heaping scorn on flustering vexing nonplussing confusing rattling confounding fazing subtracting from caning objurgating slashing cowing pissing over confuting pissing on considering beneath one spitting in the eye of spitting on refuting refusing turning back on defying turning down spitting in the face of laughing out of court renouncing giving the Bronx cheer to avoiding blowing raspberries at considering beneath you arraigning subjugating overcoming silencing upsetting disheartening discouraging flattening flaying carping blowing whistle on hanging something on pointing finger at proscribing giving something a bad press laying at one's door framing naming sending up the river adjudging punishing letting someone have it judging pinning it on sending up taking to task giving someone a bad press pronouncing chiding booing disbelieving caviling mauling cavilling pulling down striking dumb taking the wind out worrying getting one's comeuppance harassing showing in a bad light bringing into disfavour making one feel small forcing to eat humble pie popping one's balloon making eat dirt settling someone's hash bringing down a peg fixing someone's wagon putting one away telling lies about poking mullock at fleering at scouting at ignoring blackening the character of running a smear campaign against debunking taking the wind out of your sails letting wind out of sails puncturing balloon dashing knocking the stuffing out of quashing letting down easy overlooking criticizing unfairly showing contempt digging at giving black eye taking the mickey neglecting giving a bad press to picking to pieces giving something a battering nit-picking stultifying making sport of taking the piss out of curling one's lip threatening impairing passing over turning a deaf ear to pushing aside having no time for brushing off paying no attention to shutting eyes to refusing to acknowledge thinking no more of sweeping aside taking no notice of forgetting about turning a blind eye to putting aside destabilizing disrupting sabotaging undoing sapping making absurd setting up making ridiculous wrecking demolishing debilitating destabilising thwarting undercutting chipping away foiling crucifying cutting up rating lacing to animadverting on nitpicking about admonishing carpeting bawling out lashing giving some stick to chewing out giving flak to haranguing giving someone hell giving someone a roasting tearing off a strip reading the riot act sledging sailing into hauling over the coals branding giving a rocket tearing a strip off tongue-lashing raking over the coals bollocking lecturing remonstrating with marking bagging on reaming out rapping over the knuckles giving someone a rollicking giving someone a bollocking ripping into declaiming rollicking fulminating scourging reaming taking apart scoring nagging at telling off lighting to passing strictures upon giving a talking-to going for the jugular picking at lashing into accusing laying down the law ranting at lashing out at labelling labeling pitching into tearing apart raging characterizing protesting ranting polluting contaminating villainizing growling classifying classing dirtying fustigating remonstrating animadverting upon storming ostracising ostracizing inveighing recriminating drubbing nitpicking characterising disciplining muddying distaining bemiring gauming smudging daubing miring mucking griming begriming scarifying marking out tying into trimming giving someone a dressing-down throwing shade writing false reports about yelling at beating up on spreading tales about marking wrong getting at dragging name through mud railing at jumping down one's throat giving the business putting someone on the griddle adulterating making impure discoloring pinning your ears back burning someone's ears crawling all over putting someone on the hot seat kicking up a fuss about making unclean kicking up a stink about tarring discolouring criticizing severely speaking of with disfavour gossiping about getting angry with criticizing harshly gossipping lying spiting gossiping having a pop at lying about giving a rough time casting slur on putting zingers on whipping shellacking beating prosecuting clobbering incising lancing scratching lacerating cutting miffing passing judgment jumping down someone's throat exprobating incriminating indicting impeaching slogging fluffing zapping slugging loathing spattering pushing capping insinuating chopping excommunicating comminating picking apart looking askance getting after reading out detesting assaulting verbally arguing with hurling insults at complaining about categorizing disagreeing with declaiming against cutting to bits giving bad press piling in identifying describing starting on starting in expressing strong disapproval of frowning upon charging with hitting where one lives taking on thundering calling categorising jumping on one's case snapping someone's head off biting someone's head off accusing falsely casting aspersion hurting threaping basting cautioning fuming keelhauling wigging labelling negatively accusing of being maltreating ill-treating rowing jawing imprecating preaching cheating ill-using blustering spouting huffing protesting against raving accursing chaffing speaking out pulling up ticking off designating tagging stamping tormenting giving someone a wigging taking to the woodshed going on at putting on the mat sending someone away with a flea in their ear giving someone a mouthful giving someone some stick bringing to book giving someone what for giving someone a row blowing up giving someone an earful slapping someone's wrist keeping after giving someone a telling-off giving someone a rating giving someone a caning having someone on the carpet slapping down making a stand intimidating taking a stand menacing regarding with disgust feeling disgust for feeling revulsion to feeling aversion to riling louting ribbing razzing quizzing kidding bantering jollying mouthing off about vociferating about moaning grouching whining griping grizzling grumbling whingeing fussing wronging trespassing aggrieving going on about grousing repining crabbing bellyaching bleating wailing screaming crying caterwauling beefing keening grumping ripping to shreds making mincemeat of making short work of ranting and raving offending against doing wrong to doing injury to doing a disservice to flouting at croaking yammering yawping whimpering maundering muttering hollering murmuring kvetching squealing squawking imposing upon sinning against bawling yauping kicking yelping yapping yowling casting a slur upon barking at taking advantage of doing the dirty on laying out sounding off grouching about sounding off about working over beefing about kicking up a fuss complaining vehemently about having at cracking down on bellyaching about taking exception going after

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