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Antonym: cruel, merciless, pitiless,


Inclined to be generous or to show concern for others
benevolent charitable philanthropic altruistic humanitarian benign generous munificent bountiful humane magnanimous neighborly neighbourly public-spirited unselfish bounteous do-good eleemosynary free free-handed good indulgent kind lavish liberal open-handed philanthropical ungrudging unstinting benignant princely beneficient big-hearted useful valuable openhanded bighearted giving unsparing considerate freehanded kindly big freehearted noble greathearted prodigal fulsome open kindhearted helpful great-hearted compassionate selfless self-sacrificing high-minded handsome kind-hearted hospitable honourable honorable decent fair chivalrous loose lofty honest tolerant just soft-touch all heart sympathetic caring profuse almsgiving large-hearted upright gracious thoughtful excellent easy plenteous obliging merciful abundant goodhearted ready unstinted equitable acceptable socially concerned moderate reasonable willing willingly given gallant worthy gentle generous to a fault forgiving knightly warm-hearted ample openhearted respected well-disposed plentiful extravagant full nonprofit principled lordly elevated natural great respectable high not-for-profit non-profit non-profit-making virtuous moral cultivated well-meaning understanding soft-hearted rich self-denying good-hearted friendly civilized solicitous human unprejudiced immaculate donating prosocial patriotic contributing gratuitous welfare social-minded moralistic approving holy pharisaical inoffensive goody-goody spotless angelical esteemed unerring creditable civilised idealistic bleeding heart good scout Robin Hood public- spirited accommodating substantial unmarred pietistical chaste pristine graceful pietistic unflawed doing good works overgenerous sublime lenient overabundant immoderate open-hearted thriftless intemperate profligate wasteful unrestrained improvident unkind unrelenting cruel excessive inexorable procrustean soft clement redeeming virginal untouched prayerful unblamable redeemable tenderhearted wild warmhearted dignified casual unstinging exuberant free-and-easy Santa Claus large righteous distinguished upstanding ethical over the top reputable has heart in right place uncorrupted redoubtable illustrious polite outstanding brave refined courtly remarkable meritorious extraordinary kin venerable fine noble-minded stand-up anti-corruption independent valiant self-sufficient stately scrupulous self-respecting proud regal


Having an innately kind disposition or character
kind compassionate kindly sympathetic benevolent humane tender benignant kindhearted warmhearted tenderhearted softhearted good-hearted considerate charitable caring benign gracious generous merciful understanding thoughtful indulgent gentle kind-hearted warm tender-hearted warm-hearted lenient mild helpful soft-hearted good-natured loving altruistic magnanimous soft affectionate tolerant big-hearted responsive amiable sensitive giving obliging empathetic accommodating feeling all heart humanitarian empathic clement forbearing liberal patient friendly unselfish goodhearted genial amicable forgiving selfless comforting pitying philanthropic solicitous good supportive affable maternal fatherly motherly neighbourly great-hearted neighborly concerned chivalrous bleeding-heart hospitable cordial decent approachable congenial large-hearted well meaning munificent polite attentive open-hearted philanthropical sentimental fatherlike well-disposed complaisant nice well-mannered encouraging courteous bountiful doting noble civilized bounteous pleasant gallant unstinting tactful open-handed fond commiserative sweet easy human civilised mellow sociable pleasing bleeding heart civil ungrudging courtly free-handed easy-going permissive condoling commiserating consoling sparing cooperative accessible favorable ruthful touchy-feely respectful sympathizing sympathising lavish favourable greathearted urbane bland unctuous stately suave forthcoming bonhomous angelic benefic easygoing agreeable good-humoured good-humored having heart in right place open-minded public-spirited well disposed loving and giving well intentioned heart in right place vulnerable moderate reassuring courageous heroic natural receptive interested very kind uplifting valiant mushy emotional lax understandable righteous generous to a fault mindful brave protective inspiring nurturing inspiriting appreciating comprehending vicarious nonmalignant broad-minded pardoning pitiful condoning compliant non-malignant nonthreatening fearless honourable bold intrepid dauntless honorable stout-hearted boosting gratifying stimulating paternal light eager to please eager to help noble-minded valorous soothing cheering fulfilling wholesome eleemosynary lovable soft touch brotherly calm propitious cheerful likeable unoffensive likable dutiful princely delightful big good-tempered regardful sweet-tempered openhanded openhearted engaging freehanded deferential knightly diplomatic ladylike gentlemanly decorous genteel well-bred mannerly well mannered couth piteous bighearted old softie do-good well-intentioned free well-meaning devoted open companionable perceptive patriarchal comradely careful chummy parental hearty reactive impressionable welcoming conscious demonstrative mollycoddling pampering convivial buddy-buddy social happy jovial unassuming mild-mannered maternalistic harmless intuitive mother conciliatory sheltering cognizant aware watchful spoiling perceiving loyal passionate sensible expressive allowing excusing peaceful peaceable permitting yielding intimate enthusiastic heartfelt earnest wholehearted sincere effusive personable eager gushing matey lovely temperate conscientious palsy palsy-walsy unpresumptuous prepossessing winsome unreserved communicative cuddly heedful sweet-natured even-tempered expansive unrestrained humble modest going easy on unconstrained candid moral lovey-dovey uninhibited consolatory parent soppy condolatory avuncular vigilant matriarchal guiding melting worried anxious fraternal observant soft-shell emollient assuaging assuasive favoring humoring letting pally accommodative cosseting bubbly swell ingratiating wonderful self-effacing thoughty humouring favouring discerning accepting appreciative quiet placid charming personal confident sensitized live with being big collegial soft-shelled overpermissive nonjudgmental appealing glowing cozy protecting supporting caretaking impressible sensitised insightful knowing emotionable clubby affectious cosy meek laid back broody like-minded amusing confiding close faithful outgoing hilarious conversable jocose attached entertaining kindred vibrant funny happy-go-lucky compatible amical comical jocular on good terms hail-fellow-well-met red-carpet hail-fellow taking captivating winning enchanting reverential able to live with going along with finely tuned supersensitive responsible as nice as pie simpatico reasonable touchy feely tuned in shy non-confrontational pacific lamblike demure reverent dove-like honest elevated moralistic high-minded just virtuous ethical high principled lordly respectable upstanding upright goodish fair lofty great self-sacrificing soft-spoken sisterly dovelike retiring cool barley-sugar moved turned on to genuine cheery awake alive susceptible inviting touched fiery irritable sensorial sensory high-strung nervous fragile deep amorous flexible amenable sorry sharp overindulgent stirred active sentient alert influenceable respondent sensile replying persuadable quick to react acknowledging answering susceptive impressed open to suggestions stimulated affected influenced melted undemanding quick to respond deeply moved weak spineless boneless


Beneficial or being of advantage
desirable advantageous advisable helpful useful beneficial expedient favorable favourable profitable prudent wise worthwhile fitting fruitful gainful preferable propitious strategic apt behooveful convenient judicious opportune politic recommendable sensible tactical valuable auspicious best seemly suggested appropriate effective fit proper recommended sound suitable of benefit for the best in one's interest of service to one's advantage good of use rewarding benignant benefic productive kindly friendly of assistance of value lucrative salutary serviceable timely win-win positive constructive practical instrumental meritorious worthy relevant in one's interests worth it to your advantage plus economic illuminating enriching good for you good for one wholesome prosperous informative agreeable benevolent supportive well spent promising encouraging toward nice remunerative gratifying significant important uplifting inspiring benign in one's best interests fortuitous furthersome lucky pivotal essential invaluable vital crucial imperative paramount critical indispensable handy admired appreciated fundamental key necessary requisite respected in demand exigent commodious needed conducive loved held dear of help hot estimable scarce esteemed of the essence worthful worth its weight in gold hot property central efficacious effectual operative efficient potent powerful functional successful applicable practicable facilitative workable usable meaningful capable excellent valid adequate exploitable contributive employable satisfying subservient paying formative utile fulfilling priceless substantial contributory commonsensical precious active working competent accessory treasured telling forcible accessible available utilizable conclusive decisive determinative operational functioning current running strong virtuous operable applicative applied actionable ultrapractical viable expendable unused wieldy consumable open exhaustible adaptable ready utilisable at hand in working order at disposal in order justifiable purposeful desired industrious generative instructive exemplary money-making worth the effort required reliable edifying pleasing well-spent influential puissant energetic accomplishing achieving effecting qualified indicated useable unfailing outstanding durable comforting cheering gladdening heartening heartwarming hard-wearing utilitarian dependable sure-fire called-for called for aiding assistive sturdy stout subordinate providential sovereign disposable ancillary moneymaking felicitous well secondary feasible forceful operating in running order ready for use up and running available for use fit for use at your disposal welcome inestimable cherished subsidiary favoured favored happy golden bright integral consequential irreplaceable jammy rosy seasonable paid fat juicy money-spinning rare choice fortunate of substance going well-paying sweet rich fructuous lush generous auxiliary logical sagacious commendable counselable enough born with a silver spoon in your mouth heaven-sent well-off all-important financially rewarding well paid dear productive of good for aid helpful to facilitate favour favor extremely helpful supplemental bush-league appurtenant collateral adjuvant minor flunky going concern paid off very productive beyond price extremely useful leading benefit tending assist promotive encourage help useful for instrumental in of great consequence red-letter of the utmost importance vitally important in the black calculated to produce lead to contribute to make for tend to promote contributing to

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