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(general) Having favorable consequences
advantageous good favorable favourable profitable expedient positive rewarding constructive fruitful helpful prosperous useful valuable wholesome advisable agreeable benevolent instrumental opportune productive propitious supportive appropriate auspicious behooveful benefic beneficent benignant effective encouraging friendly gainful gratifying kindly lucrative meritorious nice of assistance of benefit of use promising remunerative serviceable suitable timely toward worthwhile worthy benign inspiring of service of value uplifting win-win worth it in one's best interests in one's interests convenient practical salutary fitting fit apt desirable fortunate lucky efficacious handy sensible successful wise providential economic effectual conducive proper prudent sound paying operative seasonable felicitous of help recommended strategic moneymaking judicious happy invaluable bright hopeful usable politic right seemly functional significant efficient fair best fat juicy satisfying applicable money-spinning pragmatic practicable heartening golden potent well-timed fortuitous suggested meaningful tactical welcome necessary workable satisfactory reasonable heaven-sent pleasing optimistic adequate valid informative fulfilling preferable commonsensical acceptable utile well timed powerful adaptable cheering pleasant utilizable needed commodious meet substantial rosy logical consumable thriving capable sagacious versatile exploitable going utilitarian sweet approving to one's advantage enriching employable utilisable financially rewarding reassuring well paid purposeful facilitative important illuminating wieldy full of promise provident influential healthful decent rational charitable brave pleasurable generous formative relevant working recommendable estimable money-making furthersome well essential favoring active rich favouring well-paying dexter competent well spent profit-making available operational functioning roseate likely upbeat rose-colored correct telling applied ultrapractical operable applicative actionable requisite accessible forcible viable strong virtuous serendipitous decisive determinative conclusive running current blessed hot central feasible favoured favored for the best befitting in the black in working order expendable unused exhaustible open subservient ready to your advantage multipurpose at hand at disposal in order justifiable well disposed pleasureful flattering gentle contributive healing edifying excellent moderate warm clement commendable counselable good for one charmed desired preferred exemplary priceless worth the effort industrious generative heartwarming comforting gladdening suited commercial good for you plus shrewd astute reasoned accommodating tasteful recompensing merciful smiling halcyon for-profit renumerative altruistic humanitarian kind required canny effecting qualified accomplishing achieving big-hearted disposable comfortable well-spent well-suited instructive pivotal vital crucial respectable healthy indicated high-income flukey fluky fitted in one's favour in one's favor on one's side jammy financially worthwhile forceful paramount indispensable imperative critical ripe fit to be eaten comestible fit for human consumption safe to eat common edible in running order up and running at your disposal operating ready for use available for use fit for use circumspect far-sighted in one's interest well-paid neat in demand appreciated fundamental key respected admired exigent compelling definitive best suited presentable clear bankable cost-effective high-paying called for called-for just casual incidental enviable accidental energetic puissant user friendly user-friendly a good idea enough born with a silver spoon in your mouth well-off congruous commendatory salubrious tolerable hygienic all right conformable becoming commending unobjectionable protean ample pat loved esteemed worth its weight in gold held dear of the essence booming flourishing fatness well-designed user-oriented easy-to-use nifty worthful hot property scarce enthusiastic paid cost effective manageable solid affirmative corroborative lush fructuous natty easy to use enjoyable genial official faithful Panglossian wholehearted straight-shooting authentic accurate in the affirmative steady demonstrable clean going concern paid off very productive progressive forward-looking agreeing assenting confirming concurring consenting useable self-serving to one's own advantage in one's own interests grateful congenial delightsome darling dulcet savoury luscious blest jolly dreamy pretty tasty heavenly delectable delicious delightful palatable savory durable hard-wearing dependable sustaining sufficient nourishing satiating happiness-inducing refreshing assistive aiding sturdy stout hitting the spot flexible pliant multifunction multiuse in force alive in operation live living doable in action on in use prepared in effect adapted accomplishable realistic pragmatical moving able in working condition possible apposite realizable dynamic in business deserving pertinent due apropos decorous rightful in process realisable good enough correspondent in gear equal equitable comme il faut no-nonsense made well exploitative exploitatory exploitive enforceable high-functioning well-functioning ideal perfect on line in commission wearable workaday in service ready for action able to function in full swing on track on the job on fire ordinary everyday purposive practiced easy breeze cinch snap utility exercised empirical utilized used acquirable related correlated experiential tested empiric offered attainable gettable on hand obtainable opened practised utilised no sweat duck soup procurable open to securable achievable getatable reachable to hand around derivable from on tap untaken on deck easy as pie piece of cake simple as ABC enforced brought to bear hands-on non-theoretical precious acting existing vacant derivable forthcoming in hand inestimable sane orderly systematic integral consequential irreplaceable solvent equipped plain unromantic factual unidealistic turning rolling stirring pushing movable simmering traveling engaged flowing exertive travelling astir involved probable graspable winnable spendable rare choice down-to-earth level-headed matter-of-fact real-world extremely helpful all-important beyond price extremely useful -worthy vitally important of great consequence of the utmost importance treasured vigorous alert spirited alive and kicking lively animated spry on the go occupational vibrant diligent sprightly nimble in play at work non-inert non-passive within the bounds of possibility within the realms of possibility nuts and bolts both feet on the ground step-by-step self-sustaining assisting paying well commercially successful saving vivacious quick well-oiled bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of beans standing indicative at play most correct


(health) Having favorable consequences


Having the ability to produce financial growth or gain
successful lucrative profitable thriving fruitful flourishing rewarding strong boomy golden healthy lush productive prospering remunerative worthwhile auspicious bankable blooming booming buoyant burgeoning efficient gainful going strong profit-making solvent boffo comfortable gangbusters growing monied opulent roaring robust substantial well-heeled going palmy advantageous moneymaking ongoing prosperous halcyon rich triumphant doing well expanding fortunate wealthy happy money-spinning affluent economic blossoming paying fat vigorous lucky flush luxuriant loaded moneyed well-to-do well-off juicy commercial mushrooming favoured jammy rampant prolific financially rewarding favored developing blessed progressing fast-growing joyous cost-effective easy exuberant profuse advantaged well-fixed deep-pocketed fat-cat silk-stocking well-endowed money-making in clover in luck faring well in the ascendant snug glorious on the up and up oofy sitting pretty commercially successful in full swing in top form in the pink on easy street well off in the money quids in stinking rich blessed with good luck well heeled born under a lucky star rolling in it sound large for-profit joyful idyllic improving charmed ballooning snowballing well-paying viable privileged rank good boom sweet on a roll uptown in the black saving minted on top of heap cash rich filthy rich rolling in money of means in the chips of substance with deep pockets made of money working opportune rosy abounding carefree salable timely active thrifty busy and up plentiful plenteous blissful contented on the up upmarket prodigal advancing renumerative helpful promising high-income arrived rolling cooking fertile upscale well-paid born with a silver spoon in one's mouth high-paying providential propitious home free up-and-coming on velvet leisure-class in easy street upper-class win-win fatness favourable have it made have the wherewithal main-line well paid cushy fecund fructuous cornucopian delightful precious best cost effective propertied paradisiac peak favorable encouraging set for life worth a bundle worth a packet enviable elite socially advantaged effectual self-sustaining serviceable pragmatic sustaining conducive contributive practical instrumental in the gravy effective assisting going places paid off paying well going well


Invigorating or stimulating
bracing envigorating invigorating refreshing restorative reviving stimulating tonic rejuvenating brisk cool crisp energising energizing exhilarating fortifying fresh healthful rousing uplifting enlivening rejuvenative strengthening vitalizing chilly cordial health-giving healthy lively revitalising revitalizing salubrious salutary stimulative vigorous vital animating cold exhilarative inspiriting keen pick-me-up quickening thrilling stirring inspiring electrifying interesting breathtaking hair-raising arousing moving gripping titillating challenging appealing provocative adrenalizing hectic spine-tingling thought-provoking vivifying exhilarant renewing reinvigorating intoxicating roborant exciting galvanizing innerving thirst-quenching galvanising inspirational revivifying restoring charged advantageous electric sanative medicinal salutiferous exhilaratory sharp analeptic trophic motivating activating enabling biting nippy activation invigoration freshening cooling reanimating encouraging heartening rallying refreshful parky zesty fascinating high hyper esthetic aesthetic envigoration heady invigorative generative mind-blowing exalting hygienic wholesome galvanic mind-boggling gladdening mind-bending heart-stopping rip-roaring cheering kicky clean sanitary nourishing nutritious life-giving giddy elevating eye-popping animative good holistic good for you good for one good for health good for your health dramatic riveting animated brilliant spirited emotional overwhelming amazing striking astonishing wonderful enthralling dazzling energetic impressive sensational stunning magnificent spectacular awesome bright intriguing captivating fabulous sparkling wondrous dynamic sexy vibrant incredible provoking entertaining stem-winding anthemic staggering astounding stupendous enchanting shocking soul-stirring vivacious awe-inspiring eye-opening startling powerful wild compelling absorbing emotive impassioned witty affecting passionate clever suspenseful arresting fantastic strong compulsive action-packed emotion-charged awakening piquant memorable magnetic remarkable marvelous jaw-dropping marvellous ebullient out of this world effervescent coruscating scintillating motivational explosive intense influential enthusiastic hearty persuasive engrossing cliffhanging knife-edge impelling complex complicated difficult baffling confusing puzzling sprightly mind-altering instigative instigating affective touching meaningful triggering engaging hypnotic spellbinding inciting radiant poignant beautiful vivid outstanding piquing splendid mesmerizing immersing involving consuming amusing amazeballs glorious miraculous enticing bewitching unputdownable alluring entrancing mesmeric seductive fab portentous delightful mesmerising racy unique galvanical spiriting inflammatory agitational heart-pumping spine-chilling bloodcurdling terrifying frightening hair-curling alarming chilling horrifying fashionable trendy potent elating hallucinogenic heartbreaking heartrending tense stupefying inconceivable hallucinatory psychedelic laden pervaded permeated filled imbued suffused fraught loaded full saturated picturesque boisterous rollicking ripping riotous uproarious exalté nerve-racking unforgettable jolting grand shaking trembling heart-pounding adrenaline-charged edge-of-the-seat buzzy volatile adrenalized shivering quaking vibrating shuddering never to be forgotten eye-catching gee-whizz bold power-driven AC DC juiced motor-driven electrical electronic plug-in rechargeable adrenaline-fueled frantic blood-tingling exquisite large mad swinging boss heart-stirring giving one food for thought curious graphic colourful warm blinding attention-grabbing battery operated zero cool notable hot noticeable glaring gleaming pronounced definite exceptional noteworthy surprising colorful extraordinary prodigious sublime phenomenal meaty inviting charismatic eventful hypnotizing tantalising worthy of note preoccupying charming trenchant topical fine unboring buzzworthy hypnotising newsy beguiling splashy relatable prepossessing attractive out of the ordinary pleasurable tantalizing newsworthy showy pleasing emphatic diverting magical excellent imposing superb tremendous unbelievable marked theatrical fantastical superior great royal super impactful glittering first-class awe-striking first-rate mettlesome snappy active airy pizazzy bouncing springy perky kinetic zippy animate peppy frisky jazzy pert gay jaunty spanking sparky pizzazzy glinting glimmering smart transfixing very interesting irresistible seducing buoyant zestful very exciting fiery distinctive rich forceful tart peppery sportive tasty tangy pungent playful gingery forcible

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