Synonym of bereft of life


Having passed away
lost dead deceased perished departed inanimate lifeless gone passed away spiritless unanimated checked out no more passed on resting in peace late fallen demised insensate slain insentient slaughtered still murdered inert killed breathless wasted exanimate cold lamented down mortified asleep erased cadaverous stiff offed buried reposing liquidated silent not breathing pushing up daisies with God at peace not existing six feet under as dead as a doornail bought the farm out of one's misery under the sod gone to meet maker cut off gone to reward having breathed one's last pushing up the daisies dead as a doornail defunct extinct low expired nonextant out cold mineral unconscious inorganic motionless comatose at rest bygone vanished dead to the world bypast done unresponsive insensible inactive soulless not living quiescent nonvegetable azoic nonanimal inoperative idle dull out for the count no longer with us casualty assassinated bitten the dust disintegrated retired former finished senseless kicked the bucket bit the dust in the grave laid to rest turned to dust gave up the ghost man-made dear departed much lamented late lamented unmoving desert faint waste brute limp no longer extant no longer living numb chemical manmade artificial desensitized anaesthetized stupefied in a faint knocked out out not natural anesthetized desensitised out of it passed out lacking physical sensation numbed spark out blacked out not organic non-organic abiotic listless vacant impassive without life lethargic apathetic nonliving not alive

Antonym of bereft of life

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