Synonym of better quality


The state of being superior
superiority supremacy dominance ascendancy predominance advantage primacy edge lead transcendence eminence preeminence preponderance vantage authority leadership paramountcy precedence preponderancy prepotency primeness meliority nobility predomination pre-eminence upper hand whip hand better quality power control sway dominion command domination rule distinction sovereignty mastery prestigiousness noteworthiness ascendance influence prepotence reign government hegemony ascendency prepollency imperium ascendence predominancy sovranty jurisdiction hold grip reins clutch death grip management direction an edge an advantage a lead governance incomparability greatness matchlessness a commanding position might first place peerlessness a head start importance arm prevalence lordship mana tyranny grasp guidance supervision authorization subjection despotism authorisation administration superintendence puissance strings omnipotence inimitability forefront leading place triumph victory primary position first position top spot head place excellence rangatiratanga dictatorship the upper hand priority conquest jump preference weighting suppression oppression sublimity greater importance prelacy leverage head start mastery power leg up strength pride of place subjugation repression intimidation magnificence betterness subordination charge loftiness the whip hand stewardship pwnage ownage custody headship guardianship clout period of domination period of dominance dynasty absolute rule presidency generalship rulership coercion superintendency directorship premiership captaincy governorship organization orchestration initiative conveyance foresight capacity conduction organisation pilotage skill suzerainty regiment regimentation overlordship regency commission seniority say-so regulation running care oversight operation intendance handling conduct overseeing managing tenure controlling regime rank regimen manipulation execution prestige coordination governing teeth pull responsibility chieftainship position office say force standing ranking reputation esteem prominence duty significance muscle directing regulating surveillance conducting supervising commanding maintenance administering masterminding chancellorship orchestrating ruling empire weight reach prime ministership law driver's seat prerogative right privilege headmastership auspices performance monarchy status stature station regnancy inspection observation chiefery authorities raj commitment strong influence establishment obligation access mark juice monopoly wardship grease glory success elevation principality notoriety leading polity bureaucracy guiding statecraft steering supreme power impact effect incumbency patronage politics supreme authority total domination prosecution time in power beef political practice social position policy plan tactics strategy system of government period of influence safe keeping the feds pecking order Uncle Sam trust treatment transaction wielding red tape birthright warrant hand diadem strong arm permission permit inside track connection prestidigitation ability agency voice licence entitlement license steam carrying out chair head containment check comanagement codirection coadministration area field range province district scope bounds circuit zone orbit sphere compass extent state turf limits judicature arbitration confines precinct bailiwick discretion magistracy slot inquisition purview steering wheel controls helm extent of power oyer and terminer stomping grounds

Antonym of better quality

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