Synonym of bewailing

Alternative for bewailing

bewails, bewailed, bewailing

Synonym: bemoan, deplore, lament,


Suggestive of sorrow, distress or regret
sorrowful mournful woeful anguished doleful heartbroken rueful agonised agonized dolorous grieving sorry wailing dolesome plangent funeral lamentable bemoaning bitter deploring weeping aching plaintive lugubrious regretful wretched grief-stricken sad distressed miserable desolate despairing unhappy broken-hearted tormented tortured melancholy disconsolate suffering woebegone brokenhearted grievous depressed wounded dejected devastated despondent forlorn afflicted sorrowing down angst-ridden heartsick upset heart-rending downcast dismal distraught melancholic lamenting downhearted gloomy painful tearful harrowed morose blue traumatized inconsolable crestfallen mourning anxious traumatised racked with pain racked with suffering out of sorts in pain heavy with grief cut up down in the dumps down in the mouth racked pensive glum low-spirited heavy bleeding in distress pathetic wistful piteous pitiful in anguish beefing grousing cranky crabby grumpy saddening cantankerous bellyaching elegiac heartrending nostalgic troubled hurt shaken ruffled disconcerted heavyhearted broken disquieted unnerved vexed perturbed agitated discomposed bothered cheerless bereaved discombobulated harassed flustered irked concerned uptight aflutter wrecked overwhelmed grieved hurting saddened discountenanced plagued distressing haunted pained gutted bugged shook crushed spooked harrowing heavy-hearted lachrymose teary antsy jumpy unglued strung out in a tizzy all torn up persecuted bummed out shook up in a stew overcome with sorrow deplorable weepy dire calamitous regrettable afflictive dolorific heartsore ruthful dolent low joyless dispirited cast down discouraged disheartened hangdog droopy bad chap-fallen disappointed demoralized sombre somber demoralised pessimistic fed up hopeless dreary abject funereal pitiable heartbreaking long-faced moody in the doldrums choked bleak mirthless sullen depressing in low spirits in the pits tragic oppressed chapfallen grim poignant spiritless poor destroyed dragged brassed off cheesed off drear depressive comfortless defeatist crummy down and out in the dumps sick as a parrot shot down unfortunate moving desperate emotional solemn resigned saturnine weighed down weary sulky cast-down in despair taken down affecting upsetting dreadful terrible touching distressful discouraging suicidal low in spirits shattered appalling disillusioned discontented tear-jerking overcome shocking dismayed sobbing helpless sepulchral whimpering snivelling frightful dull sour dour downbeat listless unconsolable crabbed blubbering elegiacal negative horrifying black aggrieved surly sick at heart adust sunk in gloom mopish broody unsatisfied sunk ripped morbid sniveling long-suffering in tears as sick as a parrot torn up let down on a downer mortified remorseful pining bummed-out sorry for oneself down-in-the-mouth afflicting disheartening dysphoric threnodic dirge-like abashed daunted fraught prostrate with grief luckless subdued frantic strained godforsaken beseeching ruined entreating supplicating imploring gut-wrenching commiserable sheepish defeated churlish bereft emo torn-up discontent ailing unable to be comforted beside oneself with grief unable to be consoled shamefaced ill-humoured huffy in sorrow full of sorrow in mourning dispiriting moping ugly in a blue funk in the toilet low-down worthless taken aback deflated languorous triste down in dumps gray grey tristful down-hearted languid uneasy crying Eeyorish feeling down full of gloom blue funk looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny ill-humored atrabilious clouded dampened mopey drooping dashed sagging bowed down no-win cynical strabilious to be pitied drab demoralizing difficult demoralising disappointing disgruntled dissatisfied can't win not a prayer at end of one's rope at the end of your tether in the soup at the end of one's tether at one's wits' end blubbery bawling moist tear-filled watery wet disenchanted in a funk singing the blues excruciating traumatic troublesome dejecting oppressive crushing lonesome lonely frustrated discomfited dirgeful displeased chagrined miffed close to tears agonizing unpleasant discomposing agonising vexatious uncomfortable cold bummed hapless powerless downtrodden bearish disturbed aghast beaten maudlin down-and-out doomed worsted vanquished baulked objecting balked horrific derisible dingy mortifying dark heart-wrenching larmoyant unmitigable on the verge of tears up the creek without hope in floods of tears easily moved with tears in your eyes awful atrocious abysmal lousy unsatisfactory unacceptable diabolical disastrous rotten substandard grubby cheap scummy scurvy nasty lame inadequate dirty sneaking despicable contemptible inferior ratty cruddy scabby paltry mean very bad God-awful chronic blameworthy downer stinking overwhelming scandalous bummer faulty godawful unbearable dishonourable intolerable dishonorable sickening opprobrious


complaining objecting bad-tempered cantankerous crabby cranky grouchy grumbling grumpy ill-tempered irritable petulant protesting snappish snappy testy whining accusing bellyaching charging deploring disapproving discontented dissenting fretting lamenting moaning mourning murmuring regretting repining weeping critical malcontent peevish querulous resentful cross touchy irascible crabbed ratty crotchety huffy tetchy fractious choleric waspish ill-natured crusty surly narky pettish splenetic fretful eggy curmudgeonly soreheaded prickly ill-humoured chippy miffy sulky sour moody liverish ill-humored sullen peckish short-tempered churlish snaky perverse disagreeable edgy scratchy peppery whingy bilious dyspeptic bitter whingeing impatient sorehead fiery captious quick-tempered miserable on edge out of sorts snarky snippy snippety stuffy like a bear with a sore head raspy morose shirty in a bad mood stroppy mean carping ornery acrimonious caviling waxy fussy cavilling uptight out of temper dissatisfied fault-finding difficult cynical tart spiteful shrewish mardy angry harsh disgruntled whiny tough bearish trying brusque waspy grousing acrid thin-skinned awkward hot-tempered tense short-fused as cross as two sticks sharp-tongued out of humor mumpish on a short fuse unhappy restive contrary restless huffish salty scrappy glum curt unsociable gruff quarrelsome pouty misanthropic truculent obstinate pertinacious displeased crybaby ungracious snarling in a mood cross-grained pouting gloomy having got out of bed on the wrong side dour nasty-tempered griping acid growling venomous childish out-of-sorts sharp vindictive nasty ugly saturnine passionate having got out of bed the wrong side blunt cussed chuffy quibbling irked embittered arsey uneasy grudging bad jaundiced uncongenial wicked worried overwrought uncomfortable distraught unruly recalcitrant ungenerous refractory sarcastic unfriendly hostile anxious stressed fidgety froward vitriolic sharp-tempered spunky acerbic acute indomitable uncompliant indocile wild worked up ill at ease upset wrought up distressed unsettled agitated catty nagging wreck rattled faultfinding overstrung unquiet twitchy nervous temperamental scolding rancorous litigious snide criticizing argumentative volatile sensitive feisty bristly ireful contentious hotheaded oversensitive het up aggressive backbiting cattish hypercritical uncooperative exasperated annoyed iracund brooding iracundulous disputatious criticising vixenish out of humour hot under the collar malicious vinegary short foul-tempered hasty malignant hot-blooded sore filthy obstreperous easily offended plaintive censorious grumbly negative crying bemoaning whimpering wailing hard to please huffy irascible bloody-minded excitable piqued vexed irritated peeved jumpy put out unpleasant combative confrontational riled tooshie belligerent narked bellicose hot-headed pugnacious highly strung glowering furious wrathful miffed aggravated nervy antagonistic fed up neurotic rude scowling militant irate hacked off teed off mopey emotional aggrieved indignant ticked off jittery in a huff incensed nettled infuriated not best pleased high-strung hypersensitive ticklish wired frowning easily upset vex abrupt unhelpful snuffy offended cheesed off peed off apprehensive defiant fierce browned off uncivil galled ruffled bothered moping warlike threatening mad vicious disturbed impolite agonistic disobliging discordant insecure provoked assaultive skittish enraged troubled antsy crook unresponsive uncommunicative harassed malevolent in a temper brassed off wound up violent keyed up foaming at the mouth bent out of shape discourteous unkind thrawn hysterical obstructive boorish flustered humourless humorless perturbed bolshie unmannerly angered joyless mean-spirited unsmiling gladiatorial dithery queazy balky impulsive queasy disputative sourpussed unstable hoha unpredictable melodramatic brawly sulking explosive wrath mercurial in high dudgeon stressy inhospitable headstrong hung up abusive toey pigheaded snarly contumacious fearful factious contrarious affronted mopish inconsiderate uncharitable hurt warring ropeable tempestuous taciturn wrangling malign adrenalized battling fighting overemotional stubborn impassioned unreasonable bickering inflammable maddened ill-mannered excited grim atrabilious afraid dismal impetuous scunnered steamed up brittle shaky oafish strung out hinky goosey atwitter aflutter brawling strung up hard-nosed intractable unaccommodating troublesome overcritical wilful willful in a lather tiresome stiff on the warpath fuming demanding ready for a fight cheerless shaken raving obdurate unmanageable a bundle of nerves like a cat on a hot tin roof in bad mood hard to handle prima donna-ish finicky destructive loudmouthed inimical adversarial whingey offensive stung mighty antipathetic responsive choked brief scornful foul bad-humored disrespectful quick uncontrollable vinegarish tempersome envenomed unsympathetic vehement forceful ignoble contemptible goaded like a bear stewed insulted zowerswopped terse rotten apt to fly off the handle perturbable dicey hazardous unsafe cruel sombre somber disaffected hurtful hateful perversely irritable unlikable grizzly naysaying chafed lugubrious agitable broody dejected Eeyorish viperous eristic unindulgent wired up timorous blue wounded mopy kittle spooked timid pessimistic sober aloof dark bundle of nerves got up on wrong side of bed disappointed discontent with a long face defensive frustrated harried panicky weak withdrawn depressed livid apoplectic intense stormy reactive prim stilted febrile hassled paranoid crabbing uncontent kicking ungratified malcontented kvetching steamed loutish having short fuse hot under collar concerned taut scared dramatic snitty evil-minded conservative wroth hesitant angerful ranting psyched up frenzied cold convulsed ferocious aerated rebellious rough in a funk in the sulks in a strop down in the mouth having a fit of the sulks frantic steamed-up hottempered inflamed strained frightened discomposed easily agitated easily frightened out of joint bad tempered vulgar uncouth on tenterhooks pushy biffo aggers alarmed over-emotional hopping mad have a bone to pick having a chip on one's shoulder self-assertive ready to fight itching to fight all shook up self-conscious fraught unrestful embarrassed discomfited umbrageous hyper-sensitive up in arms on pins and needles in a paddy ungallant ungentlemanly ill-bred easily hurt easily affected dismayed tormented anguished perplexed wrung disquieted suspicious in turmoil palpitant all nerves like a fish out of water on the qui vive in a bate fit to be tied annoying exasperating wriggly squirmy uncompromising like a cat on hot bricks classless unchivalrous cloddish clownish controversial polemical polemic dissentious wiggly overbearing unrelenting unamenable ructious arguesome ignorant hardheaded strong-minded hard-line bull-headed steadfast choosy resolute immovable picky opinionated delicate dogmatic intransigent oppressive unflinching wrong-headed particular fastidious over-particular dictatorial importunate pitiless strict single-minded set in one's ways rigid inflexible finical invidious fiendish uppity tyrannical stiff-necked hard to satisfy irritating inexorable unyielding opinionative unbending perfectionist turbulent war pesky vexing clodhopping crude polite bad-mannered miserly unpolished rustic lowbred uncivilised uncultured crass uncivilized base unneighborly coarse vexatious renitent pervicacious all wound up cramped complex bulky discommodious incommodious disparaging deprecating difficult to handle pedantic niggling pettifogging nit-picking have chip on shoulder hair-splitting nitpicking judgemental judgmental rejective pernickety pass-remarkable severe nitpicky thorny exceptive exacting unjust unfair hairsplitting very critical petty trivial cavillous tricky


Mental torment or distress
pain sorrow grief heartache heartbreak anguish sadness agony unhappiness distress torment desolation woe melancholy misery despair desperation torture disappointment depression trauma angst suffering affliction dolor wretchedness despondency tribulation dejection disquiet vexation bitterness grievance mourning sorrowfulness anxiety bereavement grieving infelicity lamentation malaise shock gloom heavy heart lamenting bemoaning blues broken heart emotional suffering heartsickness mental suffering mournfulness regret rue worry cheerlessness disconsolateness dispiritedness funk gloominess letdown listlessness moodiness mopes martyrdom straits travail discomfort discord agitation unrest upset disquietude stress dissatisfaction turmoil strife worriment irritation remorse strain tumult embarrassment broken-heartedness mortification hurt lament trial sorriness trouble dole dolefulness dolour pining hardship repining purgatory heaviness of heart care deploring misfortune adversity difficulty burden glumness low spirits problem ordeal downheartedness hassle tragedy oppression blow forlornness despondence disaster joylessness miserableness doldrums calamity dumps misadventure despond mishap discouragement dreariness excruciation melancholia pang catastrophe headache bad luck bummer rack blue devils pessimism disconsolation hopelessness bother inconvenience reverse injury defeatism cross harm ruin curse ruination concern ache albatross ill fortune mischance bane bad news annoyance setback weeping dismay accident travails drag moroseness throe passion hard time heavy-heartedness failure deprivation cross to bear discontent hurting woefulness stroke of bad luck damage uneasiness dismalness destruction cataclysm disheartenment devastation down chagrin downer unpleasantness visitation pensiveness ill misgiving vicissitude dismals rigor loss blahs rigour privation nuisance upheaval blue funk the hump poverty perturbation struggle crucible demoralization keening nightmare nervousness persecution dire straits destitution defeat dysphoria bale hot water wailing anhedonia horror hard times fear reversal collapse megrim demoralisation debacle scourge hazard rotten luck painfulness issue undoing unease disturbance the blues casualty moaning crying ill luck poignancy abjection pressure cynicism dilemma hell hindrance pangs perplexity death danger dejectedness wrench bleakness doom downfall pest load sweat twinge calvary want affront detriment apprehensiveness need austerity plague gauntlet penury traumatization derangement fiasco whammy shame labour beggary negativity gantlet fire hell on earth lack confusion exigency complication holocaust alarm weariness catatonia foreboding saturninity scrape Weltschmerz hitch labor knock rainy day hard luck dullness heaviness morbidity apocalypse harassment blight mopery resignedness severe test trying time end contretemps mishanter perdition emergency tough luck tough break hard knocks stroke reverse of fortune wreck abyss slip crash the worst bad experience subversion awfulness sorrowing dispossession throes bind deep trouble mess predicament qualm scruple disagreeableness nastiness wronging ruth wrong mischief stew unconsolability disadvantage harsh conditions evil distraction test jolt resignation rain millstone repentance bad break double whammy hard knock malice shiva mirthlessness lugubriousness comedown drama disease dark night of the soul tearfulness cruelty disorder dud darkness languishing blackness aching cumber tedium boredom dolefuls ennui wistfulness dashed hopes big trouble reversal of fortune slough of despond problems heartbrokenness grievousness sarcasm sickness insult sad event sullenness Gehenna murder cost thorn in one's flesh ills down trip slight offence somberness desperateness buffet outburst discontentment displeasure downcastness lowness disability tension neediness mope dourness sulks infirmity condition weakness crux plight stitch squalor extreme upset impecuniousness impecuniosity moan shit show farce heavy blow fell stroke rough situation act of God flood stroke of ill luck fall abasement abjectness discomposure issues mulligrubs mubblefubbles trials asperity hardness plaint toil peril drudgery heavyheartedness anvil chorus fatigue low-spiritedness meltdown task tenseness sobbing financial distress uphill battle trials and tribulations Herculean task fluster anger fright row pitfall indigence being bummed blue Johnnies the mopes the dismals crisis shake-up disruption surprise disarray ululation wail howl a low effort work puzzle difficulties the dumps offense wound reversion dislocation commotion queasiness hang-up impoverishment complaint sob groan howling dirge keen third degree going-over grilling restlessness ferment dread trepidation exertion pains check pickle jam crunch pinch tizzy turn-up lapse cry responsibility alluvion havoc culmination finale car crash upshot curtains waterloo termination infliction fatality denouement nervous tension overextension distention heat intensity mistrust flutter urgency fearfulness nervosity anxiousness apprehension concernment agita thought sense of loss expectancy impatience fuss burdens fatalism doubt distrust hold-up one in the eye body blow kick in the teeth holy mess unholy mess ticklish spot expenditure dyspepsia nihilism negative thinking suspicion ill-luck ill-fortune can of worms irk irritant thorn bugbear peeve frustration rub aggravation botheration exasperation aggro ruffle bad time ado attention overthrow doom and gloom expecting the worst while flurry bustle snag hair shirt looking on the black side gloomy outlook dim view dark side expectation of worst lack of hope elbow grease unseating deposition ousting vanquishing conquest toppling overturn elimination debasement annihilation disgrace humiliation nemesis Waterloo labefaction trip destroyer miscalculation omission last straw loss of power stumble misstep bad omen flaw smash faux pas fumble final straw error blunder fault


Present participle for to feel or express deep sorrow for
lamenting deploring bemoaning mourning ruing rueing regretting grieving moaning wailing repenting complaining grumbling grieving for weeping over grieving over crying over complaining about wailing for sighing over expressing regret about sorrowing for plaining over singing the blues wailing over sorrowing over wailing about expressing sorrow keening over expressing sorrow for moaning about expressing woe for weeping for apologizing feeling remorse about apologising feeling sorry about feeling contrite about shedding tears over being sorry feeling remorse for reproaching oneself for feeling remorse disapproving deprecating weeping crying hating apologizing for sorrowing hurting objecting to expressing sorrow about repining shedding tears for fretting about pining for repenting of being remorseful showing penitence eating one's heart out moaning over feeling remorseful about beating one's breast reproaching oneself crying over spilled milk crying over spilt milk asking forgiveness kicking oneself for kicking oneself feeling sorry feeling sorrow reproaching yourself for being repentant feeling apologetic about having qualms missing keening for sighing wearing black for blaming oneself for feeling uneasy over having qualms about having a conscience about feeling repentant about having compunctions disapproving of having compunctions about kicking oneself over hesitating criticising criticizing disliking loathing sobbing howling taking on carrying on feeling grief at feeling sorrow at feeling sad about groaning keening aching over hurting over expressing grief pining over bleeding over anguishing over lamenting for ululating opposing bleeding singing bawling raining denouncing feeling unwilling about feeling reluctant about disagreeing with protesting against kicking self crying for taking it hard speaking out against fulminating against inveighing against railing at making a fuss about relenting atoning reforming atoning for wearing sackcloth and ashes wishing that one had not done something seeing error of ways seeing the error of your ways


Present participle for to complain or protest about something, typically in a weak or pathetic manner
bleating complaining moaning whining grumbling grousing griping whingeing carping beefing grouching bellyaching wailing muttering grizzling whimpering fussing screaming growling keening nagging murmuring kvetching inveighing grumping caterwauling squealing repining crabbing hollering yowling squawking croaking maundering yammering kicking yawping yauping groaning lamenting snivelling sniveling mithering chuntering grieving creating bemoaning mewling puling chirping cribbing nattering sounding off finding fault kicking up a fuss making a fuss going on putting the boot in sobbing deploring mourning crying weeping blubbering greeting bawling howling squalling ululating blubbing boohooing shedding tears screeching wauling yelping protesting yelling roaring shrieking cavilling caviling opposing objecting to speaking out against railing at plaining over kicking up a stink making a complaint lodging a complaint letting go bursting into tears breaking down carrying on whispering sighing sorrowing for grieving over sorrowing about sighing over baying sorrowing jowling crying the blues kicking up a storm raising a ruckus crying loudly dripping letting it out sniffing objecting crying their eyes out howling your eyes out cracking up turning on waterworks ringing the blues letting it all out putting on the weeps sheding bitter tears dissolving in tears crying your eyes out choking up crying their heart out turning on the waterworks tearing up remonstrating reproaching denouncing nitpicking charging dissenting criticizing fretting demurring contravening disagreeing ascribing indicting defying accusing laying knocking differing deprecating twining imputing gainsaying disapproving expostulating refuting attacking criticising nit-picking picking holes in taking exception to finding fault with looking askance going on about inveighing against running down condemning quibbling niggling scolding taking exception decrying censuring raising objections expressing disapproval mumbling disparaging splitting hairs hypercriticizing taking a stand making a stand arguing upbraiding excepting trashing quibbling about berating putting up a fight picking on snarling rumbling yapping kvetching about taking on picking at beefing about kicking up a fuss about kicking up a stink about gurning pleading sulking niggling about pettifogging anathematizing execrating cursing blowing off grunting sniffling bellowing gabbling sputtering muddling swallowing slurring droning burbling wittering rubbishing slandering sniping maligning raising Cain crying out badmouthing crying softly miaowing panning objurgating pecking bothering bad-mouthing slagging off pulling to pieces taking apart speaking ill of talking under your breath picking holes bickering quarrelling quarreling declaiming moaning and groaning casting aspersions on impugning lashing admonishing castigating railing reviling lambasting ranting vituperating making screeching lumbering booming fulminating recriminating roasting blasting vilifying doing a hatchet job on harassing storming abusing denigrating raging blaming scorching harrying badgering rampaging making a song and dance making a scene hounding tongue-lashing grouching about laying into ripping into laying out henpecking chivvying hassling jumping down one's throat sounding off about working over cracking down on letting have it bellyaching about complaining vehemently about going after having at pestering persecuting worrying bullying needling pecking at dogging plaguing vexing keeping on at riding going on at carping at keeping after urging baiting eating grumbling at teasing heckling disturbing moaning at harping on at importuning prodding provoking hectoring nudging goading distressing egging expressing objections protesting against expressing objections to minding expressing disagreement lodging a protest moaning on at keeping complaining to arguing against expressing disagreement with lodging a protest against taking issue expressing disapproval of raising objections to remonstrating against working on taking it out on breathing down someone's neck bending someone's ear giving a hard time taking issue with spurning having a problem quarreling with disapproving of grousing about grumbling about cavilling at drawing the line complaining about moaning about taking a stand against having a problem with disavowing challenging baulking discountenancing balking disesteeming ranting about discommending drawing the line at crossing making a fuss about disputing griping about begging to differ frowning on raising objection railing against making a stink tangling with making an objection mixing it up with going-one-on-one

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