Synonym of bit the dust


Past tense for fail or come to an end
failed fell flat fell through lacked success not succeeded aborted broke down collapsed foundered miscarried misfired suffered defeat backfired flopped went astray ran aground bombed came to grief came to naught came to nothing fizzled out went bankrupt went broke met with disaster missed the mark came a cropper not came up to scratch went down like a lead balloon folded went awry flatlined went wrong fizzled floundered tanked fell short missed went up in smoke went phut came unstuck went pear-shaped fell felled flunked caved in went to the wall cut out flamed out cratered hit the skids went amiss yielded yold gave crumpled rebound rebounded boomeranged buckled washed out blundered went down slipped crashed struck out went under went belly-up petered out missed the boat hit bottom broke went belly up not worked recoiled conked out went downhill gave out hit rock bottom turned out badly flummoxed brake nose-dived died stalled went bust went by the board underperformed fell flat on your face not made the grade laid an egg fell by the wayside screwed up underachieved fluffed not passed went out of business lost sank without trace failed miserably blew it disappointed went kaput lost power ran down faded away gave up the ghost stopped seized up ceased to function halted stopped working stopped functioning packed up faded out fizzed out failed to go off not came off pooped out exploded went adrift went down swinging played into deteriorated backed wrong horse lost control ganged agley backslided lost status lost out backslid declined met with failure ceased trading went into liquidation went into receivership bankrupted succumbed defaulted became insolvent went badly fell apart went off course closed did something badly lost money came apart wallowed went plunged tumbled went to bottom wrecked went out imploded submersed folded up went haywire went bump came apart at the seams came to a sticky end went on the rocks came to a bad end fallen flat done something badly run aground come a cropper come to grief come unstuck gone belly-up bitten the dust come apart fallen short gone to the wall come to nothing gone down like a lead balloon come to naught fallen through broken down not come up to scratch gone wrong gone awry gone astray busted terminated ended let up come to a halt fallen come apart at the seams waned gone pear-shaped yolden given gone up in smoke gone amiss broken gone phut dropped out ground to a halt not come off slipped up tripped up fouled up abated fallen by the wayside decreased degenerated diminished gone down withered weakened dropped eased off tapered off wilted tailed off cooled off ebbed died off gone belly up came to a halt dwindled withered away trailed off trailed away remitted pauperized impoverished bungled plowed died down dropped off dissatisfied failed to happen died out fallen down fell down ricochetted backlashed ricocheted come back flagged gone bump gone downhill languished redounded on died away gone under given out gone to pieces bounced back went to pieces brought to naught run down had an adverse effect gone kaput developed a fault not showed come to a sticky end come to a bad end missed the target malfunctioned ceased to work had unwelcome repercussions for played up gone bust not gone as planned blew over blown over ploughed gone adrift fallen away fell away gone bankrupt gone broke fallen apart gone off course gone badly gone backslidden came back gone on the rocks gone out acted up gone by the board fallen flat on your face gone down swinging given up the ghost sprang back sprung back gone haywire fallen short of expectations fell short of fell short of expectations fallen short of gone to bottom fallen over fell over sunk without trace gone out of business blown it


Past tense for to draw to a close
passed lapsed stopped ceased finished halted terminated discontinued concluded closed quit quitted determined elapsed broke off wound up broke up dead-ended let up left off winked out ended died expired went gone broken off broken up bitten the dust come to an end cut off completed cut out wrapped up brought to an end shut down put an end to dropped closed out suspended axed desisted came to an end put a stop to knocked off shut off rounded off cut short packed in dissolved rounded out paused disappeared vanished laid off brought to a close adjourned consummated belayed belaid culminated run out desisted from faded away finished off called a halt to wound down packed up called it a day put the lid on canceled cancelled abolished wrapped wrapt scrubbed settled come to a stop ran its course drawn to a close drew to a close come to a close ended up come to a halt come to a standstill petered out topped off died away packed it in pulled the plug on died out faded evaporated lay off evanished finalized dwindled aborted abandoned annulled recessed interrupted scratched canned broke broken brake finalised scrapped cut ceased to exist become invalid called off laid off of crowned ultimated become obsolete become void ran out closed down passed away given up gave up refrained from surceased given over gave over melted away sewed up sewn up cut loose quit cold cut it out put paid to died down brought to a conclusion fizzled out put a period to called it quits knocked something on the head put a lid on put to bed came to a stop came to a close came to a standstill came to a halt gotten done got done ebbed eliminated extinguished liquidated transpired waned disrupted accomplished discharged resolved abated subsided kicked departed evanesced capped relinquished sundered withdrawn withdrew intermitted phased out dispensed with cleaned up finished up cinched prorogued cleared clinched shuttered became invalid disunited intervened separated killed brought to a halt parted dissevered disconnected interposed disjoined folded became obsolete became void blew over blown over stopped dead come to rest avoided renounced eschewed stood kicked over hung up brought to an untimely end stopped in your tracks carried out collapsed cooled it come to the end tied up loose ends played out given the chop got shut of buttoned up reached a standstill nipped in the bud setted the seal on held buttoned down tailed off come to a conclusion folded up disposed of pulled the plug brought down curtain gave the chop trailed off switched off rounded up hung it up carried through slipped away kicked the habit brought to fruition did done came to rest drew to a halt drawn to a halt gotten rid of did away with got rid of done away with got shot of gotten shot of drawn to close drew to close gone dead went dead flown by flew by came to the end holden came to a conclusion forwent forgone blown off bagged it blew off gone by went by done without taken the cure gotten on the wagon did without took the cure forbore from forborne from abstained from got on the wagon


Past tense for to cease living
died perished deceased croaked flatlined departed expired demised succumbed fell felled parted exited went dropped ended passed away passed on conked out checked out pegged out bought it kicked the bucket popped off kicked in snuffed it stepped out kicked off departed this life gave up the ghost went belly up crossed the great divide went the way of all flesh shuffled off this mortal coil went the way of the flesh went to the great beyond bought the farm went to glory met your maker cashed in one's chips bit the big one carked it popped your clogs kicked it lost life breathed one's last went bung dropped dead pegged it met your end ceased living hopped the twig went the way of the dinosaurs went belly-up hopped the stick passed rested in peace pushed up the daisies ceased to exist crossed the Styx relinquished life folded up ran through caved went to one's reward shoved off went to the wall went west drowned conked went way of all flesh suffocated sucked the kumara dropped off fell dead died suddenly died unexpectedly struck out invalidated passed over up and died cashed in declined disappeared collapsed vanished wasted ceased took your last breath went under fallen gone bitten the dust given up the ghost gone to glory gone bung bitten the big one gone the way of all flesh gone the way of the dinosaurs gone under taken your last breath gone belly up gone the way of the flesh gone belly-up gone to the great beyond kicked in [slang] waned exterminated ruined abolished desisted wilted fainted swooned run out run through passed out keeled over flaked out packed it in cooled off lost consciousness bought a one-way ticket blacked out met waterloo called off all bets ran out fallen dead gone to the wall gone west gone way of all flesh given up went down gave way given way gave up gone down fell unconscious gone out sank down fallen down sunk down fell down went out fallen unconscious


No longer alive, dead
deceased dead departed gone late defunct lifeless lost expired fallen asleep lamented demised extinct inanimate killed murdered passed on perished slain slaughtered breathless cold exanimate inert insensate insentient low no more passed away not breathing at peace finished former pushing up daisies six feet under under the sod with God at rest dead as a doornail as dead as a doornail kicked the bucket gave up the ghost stiff vanished bygone nonextant done for unanimated spiritless wasted bereft of life resting in peace buried checked out done bypast destroyed nonexistent bought the farm exterminated out cold died out wiped out snuffed out extinguished abolished void having breathed one's last no longer extant no longer with us superseded disappeared vanquished dead as a dodo casualty bitten the dust disintegrated retired comatose stone-dead unconscious in the grave laid to rest turned to dust not living out for the count dead to the world invalid outdated out-of-date redundant kaput dear departed much lamented late lamented still no longer living ruined cadaverous down mortified erased had it offed silent reposing liquidated effaced eradicated obliterated wrecked annihilated extirpated demolished down the drain out of commission not existing out of one's misery gone to meet maker cut off gone to reward pushing up the daisies lapsed devastated frittered crushed inactive obsolete quenched doused out passé terminated no longer existing archaic unknown ended dead and gone outmoded no longer known inexistent antiquated ancient dated past old-fashioned out of date antique olden superannuated outworn fossilized forgotten old fossilised prehistoric obsolescent demoded medieval mediaeval old hat unfashionable disused of yore old-time discontinued antediluvian prehistorical neolithic behind the times oldfangled moth-eaten mossy of old démodé Stone Age out of the ark anachronistic Noachian moribund rusty kaputt musty primitive elapsed old-hat moldy stale over mouldy discarded completed gone by foregone old-fangled worn-out out of fashion no longer in use has-been out of style dinosaur vintage unhip out of it unstylish out-of-style not with it dead and buried concluded faded missing over and done with previous run out earlier one-time aged corny odd abandoned long-ago belated long-gone erstwhile fallen into disuse vieux jeu fusty deprecated timeworn fossil square old-school of olden days neglected rococo dowdy not modern not current grown old disapproved of the old school unusable very old past it at an end olde worlde past its sell-by date horse and buggy out of business irrelevant no longer current no longer topical yesterday tired null and void spent hackneyed exhausted done to death accomplished unrenewed past its prime bent out of use ago old-world having seen better days historical frumpish quaint frumpy old fashioned venerable conservative old-fogeyish passed voided unremembered unrecalled ex- backward-looking crusted feudal run bankrupt retrograde horse-and-buggy creaky clunky retro old-timey rinky-dink primeval primal inoperative over and done square-toed left removed primordial dateless early immemorial atavistic way back way back when latter-day lost and gone lost in time consigned to oblivion earliest relic antwacky primaeval unused non-functioning passe ancient history mineral past your sell-by date of long ago in the past dissolved dissipated dried up burned up moved on unemployed stagnant man-made closed a thing of the past not functioning no longer in existence chemical manmade artificial numb stupefied geriatric numbed anaesthetized inorganic not natural broken out-of-fashion obscure dusty desensitized doomed smashed sunk motionless not organic cooked toast dull idle totaled floored anesthetized desensitised sometime quondam forepassed on the skids out of circulation burned out belly-up washed up down and out down the tubes in flames down for the count all washed up passed out lacking physical sensation knocked out spark out blacked out past recall in oblivion sunk in oblivion down memory lane water over the dam water under the bridge

Antonym of bit the dust

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