Synonym of black and white

Alternative for black and white


the result of the printing processa black-and-white photograph or slide


not having or not capable of producing colors


A police car


A baked good consisting of two round, mound-shaped pieces of cake


(of a situation) Completely settled
cut and dried decided definite explicit precise settled specific unambiguous clear cut clear-cut open-and-shut unequivocal cut and dry hard and fast res ipsa loquitur clear black-and-white cut-and-dried unmistakable manifest crystal clear obvious plain evident straightforward patent categorical transparent palpable unambivalent nonambiguous definitive distinct well defined certain apparent express indubitable lucid pronounced outright ringing barefaced well-defined bald-faced absolute decisive exact marked incontrovertible sharp concrete striking unquestionable bald luculent perspicuous broad luminous univocal clearly defined bright-line unqualified straight determined direct positive defined conspicuous undeniable established visible indisputable incontestable uncontestable narrow bold conclusive hard pellucid unblurred set audible understandable crisp beyond doubt self-evident lucent stark convinced clean-cut open and shut sharply defined clearly expressed flat noticeable recognizable strict prominent perceptible literal appreciable blatant close faithful true observable outstanding enunciated dramatic overt open spelled out detailed comprehensive stunning plain as day recognisable easily distinguishable as plain as a pikestaff glaring as plain as day beyond question writ large as plain as the nose on one's face irrefutable undisguised axiomatic downright unreserved emphatic blunt candid comprehensible undisputable intelligible fixed easily understood no strings attached flat-out no fine print limpid crystal-clear no holds barred crystal nailed-on no catch no ifs ands or buts straight from the shoulder point-blank straight out circumscribed finite determinate bounded restricted measured confirmed particular limited assigned prescribed undoubted undisputed unquestioned crystalline sure final firm unarguable guaranteed recognized silhouetted forthright proven graphic severe significant as plain as the nose on your face not vague full vivid recognised tangible well-marked undubitable well-grounded stated confident known distinguishable incisive noteworthy minute as plain as daylight assured inarguable irrefragable unchallengeable unimpeachable unanswerable authoritative accomplished unassailable real genuine accurate demonstrable well-founded not in doubt flawless faultless perfect dependable reliable undoubtable sure-enough pat cold veritable superior authentic for certain without doubt down pat bona fide undebatable factual beyond a shadow of doubt uncontroversial compelling well grounded beyond a shadow of a doubt beyond dispute well-proven independent certified watertight crucial unshakable affirmed rigid irrevocable unalterable absolutist influential critical cast-iron secured bound attested momentous important iron-clad key pivotal deciding major unchangeable unmovable forceful determining fail-safe copper-bottomed in the bag sure-fire non-relative non-variable prime imperious fateful imperative trenchant paramount vital principal chief in black and white settling peremptory fatal ascertained litmus test frozen inexpugnable unchallenged hard-and-fast sealed accepted acknowledged uncontested stable not in question supreme provable confirmable establishable safe verifiable sure thing having down pat as sure as eggs is eggs there are no two ways about it all sewn up

Antonym of black and white

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