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pompous or pretentious talk or writing


Lacking energy or enthusiasm
lymphatic lethargic apathetic listless sluggish inactive slow indifferent inert enervated lazy impassive spiritless torpid limp lackadaisical weary heavy languorous supine languishing uninterested phlegmatic weak unconcerned energyless leaden dopey comatose flagging snoozy blahs easy faint feeble infirm leisurely moony nebbish pining sickly sleepyhead unenthusiastic unhurried wimpy laid-back sleepy drowsy draggy somnolent languid dull slothful lifeless indolent idle unenergetic passive dozy slumberous out of it quiet tired dormant narcotic quiescent slumbersome sleeping down yawning asleep out soporific relaxed hypnotic sedative debilitated opiate dreamy dilatory laggard having spring fever shiftless slow-moving somniferous fatigued somnifacient slack lacklustre somnific lacking in energy droopy drippy lackluster hebetudinous still neb sedentary otiose pococurante Laodicean unresponsive laid back nodding slumbery stagnant vegetating lax vigourless vacant do-nothing heavy-eyed sluggardly yawny bovine neurasthenic asthenic inattentive mopish insouciant effete lukewarm half asleep logy absent neutral bored abstracted heedless careless sleepyheaded stiff lumpish mooney sullen off sluggard easygoing slumbrous half-hearted lacking energy stupefied stretchy exhausted unmoving stolid without energy insipid meek colourless irresolute characterless submissive melancholic melancholy passionless dispirited unmoved bloodless despondent depressed mopy desiccated dejected low flat spineless unimpassioned wooden dry vapid uninspired anaemic uninspiring pathetic broken boring blue cowardly tame disconsolate gutless subdued inanimate downhearted sad indecisive downcast wishy-washy down in the dumps anemic flat tire cast down colorless down in the mouth lacking in vitality restful fainéant faineant stupid stuporous gentle comfortable numb unrushed benumbed measured disinterested easy-going casual steady static dawdling undemanding tardy sedate deliberate slow-going loafing vigorless insensible peaceful plodding chilled leisured lacking vitality slow and steady unexciting motionless soporous soporose unproductive burned out slow-paced spent dead negligent hibernating drugged insensitive paralyzed sodden latent paralysed remiss inconscious cold workshy vegged out dead to the world out to lunch out cold uncaring offhand aimless work-shy good-for-nothing bone idle slap-happy incurious sentimental romantic laissez-faire slapdash halfhearted daydreaming easy going spring fever waning weakening failing declining fading tiring snaillike lagging pokey effortless dragging dallying crawling snail-paced lingering poking poky dillydallying creeping wearying sinking deteriorating wilting ebbing decreasing free delayed slackened unhasty relaxing giving up faltering diminishing slacking dwindling slumping abating drooping palling sagging slowing down


Showing little or no feeling
unemotional apathetic calm controlled cool impassive passionless phlegmatic undemonstrative clinical impersonal restrained self-controlled businesslike cold collected cool-headed emotionless hard-headed indifferent level-headed reserved stoical unexcitable unfeeling unresponsive rational serene sober unagitated unmoved unruffled unsentimental affectless cold-blooded composed detached distant equable frigid impassible numb remote stoic stolid tranquil unimpressionable aloof callous chill coldhearted deadpan disinterested dispassionate flat glacial hard-boiled hard-hearted heartless inexpressive insensitive laid-back listless marble obdurate objective poker-faced quiet reticent thick-skinned uncompassionate unconcerned unsympathetic cool, calm and collected along for the ride going with the flow rolling with the punches passive lethargic languid uninvolved sluggish untouched wimpy moony draggy what the hell could care less couldn't care less don't give a damn uninterested heavy placid bovine unflappable uncaring groggy lifeless dry desensitized lymphatic torpid lackadaisical non-committal bored lukewarm half-hearted supine inert unmotivated unambitious desensitised dull Laodicean insensible pococurante dispirited lazy droopy incurious wooden frosty expressionless stony withdrawn unfriendly formal stiff standoffish blank icy vacant unsociable imperturbable offish unwelcoming chilly uncommunicative cold-eyed stand-offish gelid antiseptic unapproachable unbending forbidding uncordial unenthusiastic matter-of-fact spiritless clammy brittle unexpressive moderate hard-eyed hostile empty neutral self-possessed antisocial unclubbable inscrutable inhospitable asocial standoff austere self-contained guarded temperate buttoned-up dead taciturn secretive unloving wintry wintery coldish inhibited frozen arctic sedate glazed catatonic rigid cold-hearted unimpassioned impervious unperturbed bland haughty solitary straight-faced unforthcoming resigned self-restrained unaffected nonchalant contained impartial unreadable logical hollow supercilious silent disdainful philosophic retiring toneless inanimate fixed abstract nonplussed even-tempered diffident constrained unaffectionate in check private close unfazed dry-eyed offhand unstirred unimpressed introverted untroubled patient long-suffering under control vacuous annoyed offended impudent impertinent procacious insolent reasonable starchy inhuman unworried realistic stony-hearted repellent steady uncongenial forbearing hardhearted lacklustre cold-shoulder uncurious impotent glassy unpassioned nowhere immovable nonemotional tepid blasé fatalistic conventional feeble colourless heedless accepting uncomplaining unaroused heedless of candid equal unaffable unexcited uptight shy steely hard oblivious to deep philosophical modest practical non-emotional unsocial discreet unassuming dumb unkind soulless wise uncompanionable colorless mild stern shrinking Olympian muted lackluster tough reclusive self-effacing soft-spoken stony-eyed laid back cold as ice sangfroid analytic focused removed enduring indomitable absent negligent strait-laced stuffy deliberate tamed restricted disciplined limited negative nonresponsive selfish antipathetic unamicable ungenial off flinty levelheaded insular unenthused inactive longanimous unsmiling devoid unintelligent unimpressible insusceptible focussed ardorless loveless unromantic sexually unresponsive unneighbourly severe unrevealing hardened indurated inexcitable fierce benumbed numbed asleep uncharitable unhappy hateful unneighborly depressing perfunctory undismayed senseless insipid anesthetized meek pokerfaced devoid of emotion mousy unanimated limp nonpassionate demure close-mouthed with the patience of Job unflustered unpassionate not caring inimical paralyzed still antagonistic inapproachable anaesthetized paralysed stilted oblivious analytical scientific media-shy cautious vapid wishy-washy immune bureaucratic inaccessible contemptuous withering seclusive closemouthed timid tight-lipped laconic prim iceberg desultory cursory superficial resolute unmindful retired snobbish featureless uncolored straight depersonalised faceless careful depersonalized gray grey measured nondiscriminatory anonymous monolithic unassertive impenetrable enigmatic faint weak anaesthetic slow indolent bloodless anesthetic balanced together immune to insensate impervious to stubborn unyielding misanthropic peaceful backward bashful gentle ceremonious noncommittal eremitic stupid fish-eyed lusterless sane pragmatic circumspect sensible mature dependable unwilling tame irresolute reluctant unmindful of proof against deaf to cynical hard-bitten mysterious no-nonsense tolerant accommodating cold-fish strictly business cold turkey indulgent easy-going confident relaxed nobody home cryptic cool cat judicious commonsensical prudent reliable sound enlightened profound moral ethical deep-thinking learned at ease full of common sense well balanced deliberative farsighted stable coolheaded grounded uncanny enigmatical arcane mystic occult unconcerned about unbiased equitable offhand about uninvolved with apathetic towards casual about nonpartisan apathetic about regardless nonchalant about uncaring about unprejudiced insouciant uninvolved in careless uninterested in staid sphinxlike casual outside frivolous about bored by evenhanded just reckless about dismissive of mindless of unimpressed by regardless of fair careless of cavalier about square all there soft thoughtful spacey indecipherable hidden sphinx-like unresponsive to inattentive weary of lukewarm about unmoved by phlegmatic about nonaligned unenthusiastic about highbrow scornful superior impossible to interpret unexcessive chilled inobtrusive unexpansive nonaggressive plain unextreme spaced-out out of it not given to excesses in charge under wraps bottled up corked up not giving a monkey's on a leash in control of yourself


Not exciting
unexciting boring dull humdrum insipid lackluster lacklustre monotonous prosaic tame tedious uneventful unimaginative uninspiring uninteresting big yawn common dead dreary familiar ho hum long-winded ordinary plain routine run-of-the-mill usual usual thing drab flat colourless lifeless wearisome colorless dry ho-hum bland commonplace tiresome stale vapid mundane pedestrian uninspired slow jejune arid leaden spiritless banal characterless unremarkable stodgy tiring ponderous heavy numbing wearying jading drudging stuffy stupid monochromatic mind-numbing old vanilla dusty weary dim tired nothing draggy unvaried sterile featureless prosy trite torpid weak dull as dishwater plodding wishy-washy lame everyday repetitive workaday deadly pabulum zero dry as dust desolate stiff mediocre limp repetitious unstimulating pointless apathetic unvarying listless unanimated bloodless vacuous feeble muted barren milk-and-water unchanging quotidian soporific watery nondescript bromidic samey sombre banausic unexceptional inane lusterless monotone plain vanilla depressing common or garden dullsville dispiriting bleak somber lustreless wooden anaemic unoriginal zestless uniform expressionless derivative mechanical antiseptic toneless soul-destroying flavourless sapless average anemic hackneyed yawnsome lacking variety mild middle-of-the-road flavorless normal innocuous namby-pamby weariful irksome no great shakes treadmill garden-variety sad dreich not up to much lacking excitement lacking interest platitudinous unseasoned unpalatable undistinguished glum gloomy miserable dingy dismal depressive deep macabre nowhere forlorn joyless funereal depressed lonely shadowy dark grim dolorous tenebrous morbid cheerless lethargic unenjoyable passionless soulless unentertaining droning unspirited fatiguing non-stimulating static pallid lacking variation deadening dowdy day-to-day empty vacant worn-out ornery prolix typical customary regular cold hollow unfeeling unexcited mat dulled unexpressive matte undistinctive inoffensive wintery raw sorrowful damp oppressive wintry windy downcast uninflected sluggish emotionless inexpressive lacking vitality passive white-bread garden variety unappealing waterish nerdy wimpy blind whitebread two-dimensional slothful spent a dime a dozen as dry as dust unrelieved lead balloon monochrome without variety straightforward monotonic all the same reiterated recurrent sing-song samely unchanged conventional thin watered-down cut-and-dry standard businesslike cut-and-dried standard-issue flat as pancake puts one to sleep unappetizing unflavoured savorless unsavory savourless diddly actual practical practicable plebeian simple square matter-of- fact lowly prose yawn clean distasteful unsavoury unpleasurable tasteless without spice big zero poor inadequate half-hearted hicksville deadsville dragsville hacky driveling soft drivelling nebbish beige corny fatuous tenuous slight subdued uncreative matter-of-fact turgid half-pie bog-standard OK so-so truistic not so hot nothing to write home about pale indifferent gray grey unmemorable wan etiolated languid ineffectual neutral effete frail pathetic unobjectionable spineless stereotyped run of the mill spiceless anodyne faint ineffective wimpish threadbare unadventurous sickly wet weakling limp-wristed invertebrate weakened weak-kneed enervated nerveless stock uninterested well-worn tepid washed out puny unexceptionable old hat harmless unimpressive blank vigourless weedy halfhearted lackadaisical interminable overworked institutional moth-eaten hack pasty safe unresponsive overused derived uninventive sallow unromantic unemotional predictable wussy clichéd quiet peaky white waxen ashen-faced watered down flat tire unnoteworthy antiquated indecisive deadpan dull as ditchwater outdated outmoded ashen peakish archaic obsolete defunct out of date elementary unembellished unadorned light-coloured whitish milky lymphatic peely-wally cliché-ridden timeworn passé worn out light-colored played out out of the ark like death warmed up washy unimposing nothing special insignificant bummer drag cloying drear bomb second-rate impotent powerless inferior washed-out smooth peaceful gentle unoffending laboured clinical irresolute stilted mindless unimpressed unmoved heavy-handed unartistic crude meagre simplistic meager laborious least Milquetoast unfateful noneventful inconclusive cautious overlong sleepy circumspect disinterested unenthusiastic labored forced indistinct unsentimental unvarnished unpoetic nitty-gritty literal terrestrial factual clear null phoned in wavering cowardly vacillating prudent unlively unpassioned dragging enervating mortal exhausting poky snooze inedible chary casual unenthused blasé endless attentive vigorless languorous energyless backward uneatable uninviting timid stagnant backwoods comatose warmed-up nonchalant unenergetic gingerly considerate careful heedful wary calculating off-putting unpleasant unattractive disagreeable lacking in character deadly dull one-horse conservative long-drawn-out shopworn cliche obligatory warmed-over musty hackney cobwebby formulaic passable low-grade stereotypical old-fashioned behind the times dead-and-alive cliché regimented unenterprising extinct past out-of-date bent foetid mawkish fetid yesterday's out leery antediluvian superannuated mainstream insensitive hoary diluted governmental utilitarian corporate functional rudimentary ugly gone off past their sell-by date like a dinosaur frigid glazed lacking energy boiled down without punch antwacky time-worn fuddy-duddy cut and dried numb dispassionate impassive unsympathetic inert simpering standard issue benumbed callous numbed stony asleep inhuman generic garden lukewarm glassy senseless anesthetized boneless indistinctive faceless noncommittal bog standard paralyzed still anaesthetized paralysed blending into the background folksy humble inelaborate pure and simple unpretentious normophilic homely uncluttered unornamented austere rustic your basic modest unostentatious uncomplicated unelaborate undecorated candy-assed


Of poor quality or a low standard
bad terrible awful dreadful lousy poor atrocious cheap crummy abysmal horrible rough abominable appalling deplorable diabolical disastrous horrendous horrid lame mediocre sad substandard unacceptable wretched below par cheesy cruddy dire garbage grim gross junky poor quality unsatisfactory beastly bummer diddly dissatisfactory downer erroneous grody grotty icky inferior less-than-stellar not good pathetic poor-quality second-rate sub-par the pits third-rate bad news fallacious godawful grungy not the best trashy under par useless worthless disgraceful egregious execrable frightful lamentable laughable pitiful rubbish bum bush-league chronic detestable duff low-grade low-quality low-rent not up to par not up to scratch not up to snuff pants poxy raunchy reprehensible ropy second-class stinking wack crumby cut-rate damnable meagre meager odious paltry rubbishy scurrilous stinky sucky tinhorn two-bit unspeakable valueless bargain-basement el cheapo indefensible irremediable schlocky rotten shoddy miserable deficient inadequate common subpar schlock wanting coarse suboptimal cheapjack gimcrack trumpery sleazy punk dismal imperfect shabby sorry wrong off bush tawdry ill sour a load of pants hopeless defective faulty base below standard crude junk middling tatty direful average disagreeable ordinary disappointing lemon woeful below average pitiable tacky contemptible nasty weak insufficient dime-a-dozen unsound incompetent indifferent hack poorer tinny subnormal mean abject déclassé inept good-for-nothing flawed not up to much leaving much to be desired dodgy jerry-built lacking low bodger God-awful amateurish very bad unexceptional pedestrian pits not much cop no good feeble from hunger downmarket tenth-rate low-end ineffectual unpleasant ratty offensive distressing ineffective inexpert no great shakes worse shocking grubby repulsive cheapo naff unsuitable displeasing careless hideous twopenny-halfpenny cheap and nasty run-down half-pie meretricious incapable unskilful dilapidated impotent shameful piss-poor regrettable trifling piddling unworthy seedy gaudy calamitous unimpressive cheapie Brummagem unproficient brummagem not up to standard insufferable tattered damaged second rate negligent insignificant ghastly cheap-jack of a sort a dime a dozen not good enough revolting repellent objectionable insubstantial inefficient sordid slipshod distasteful catastrophic unfortunate commonplace flimsy fair tasteless vulgar inapt dud despicable scummy scurvy dirty scabby repellant obnoxious foul rickety powerless repugnant ramshackle rancid amiss vile derisory impaired undistinguished uninspired loathsome makeshift kitsch scroungy inproficient undesirable impermissible intolerable inadmissible inappropriate dingy reject negligible pinchbeck brassy yucky weak sauce strictly for the birds unsatisfying broken-down run down trivial minimal scruffy hellacious hateful for the birds hellish down at heel entry-level a dead loss noisome rinky-dink dime-store bottom-rung god-awful obscene minor-league two a penny minor league small potatoes not satisfying bungling garbagy showy slovenly not so good corny cheeseball grievous garish end-of-the-pier sneaking reduced limited tinpot desperate throwaway puny uncomfortable ropey little twopenny kitschy badly built poopy second-best unfit sparing restricted inappreciable inconsiderable low quality stupid unwelcome harmful outrageous well below par thrown together poorly second class broken dissatisfying unequal cataclysmic tough depressing unqualified rebarbative disgustful loathly disgusting so-so not cutting it unseemly plastic pretentious inglorious low-down shlocky unsightly godforsaken shlock gruesome sickening off-form under-strength off-color nauseating ridiculous absurd ludicrous rueful tragic affecting insupportable exceptionable improper unfitted disturbing disconcerting disquieting thin unable to do something to save one's life unable to do something for toffee very poor run-of-the-mine passable medium run-of-the-mill run-of-mine dubious unreasonable questionable condemnable out not much chop nauseous outclassed bog-standard uninspiring foolish-looking silly craptacular not oneself inacceptable unappealing uninviting noxious squalid not on not cricket of poor quality beyond the pale won't do over the fence not quite the done thing half-baked of low quality out of order under the weather fair to middling slummy leaving a lot to be desired insalubrious scandalous abhorrent evil fulsome unskillful unskilled accursed villainous hairy cursed revulsive brutal heinous horrifying inefficacious mangy scuzzy scrubby bedraggled decrepit untidy threadbare worn-out unkempt lacking ability menial neglected dumpy bombed-out tumbledown rundown moth-eaten beat-up dog-eared tatterdemalion down-at-the-heels down-at-heel timeworn measly unimportant ignoble petty inconsequential lesser pointless futile low cost meaningless unavailing unproductive nugatory unusable inutile bogus nothing sterile waste counterproductive unprofitable abandoned profitless barren unessential minor small nominal no-account less than ideal scant sparse empty no-good drossy second best ne'er-do-well bad quality jerrybuilt not ideal less than satisfactory less than optimal unideal niggling picayune chicken minute piddly slight footling pimping piffling peanut underwhelming uncultured low-class unfashionable lowbrow unsophisticated tricky slender excruciating anticlimactic unfulfilling depleted scarce bathetic uninteresting failing de minimis Mickey Mouse disreputable found wanting not acceptable bereft not okay too little disillusioning scanty diminished not all it's cracked up to be falling short skimpy shy short few dwindling cut dumbed down in short supply at a low level fruitless no use lowly senseless hollow vain null banal wanky chaffy nickel-and-dime humble unpretentious secondary subordinate unfructuous to no avail of no benefit bootless not worth a hill of beans subsidiary second-string junior subservient unassuming low-ranking demeaning degrading ancillary second-fiddle smaller bottom slighter lower ignominious servile lower-ranking plebeian humdrum small-fry small-time lower in status dinky third-string undersized low-born subjacent lower in rank back seat less important second-banana beneath someone below someone under someone's heel not very important lower-class not so important


Bored or lacking enthusiasm, typically after over-exposure
jaded bored weary dulled indifferent tired uninterested blasé cynical ennuied jaundiced wearied cool sick fed up sick and tired sick of up to here had it world-weary done it all apathetic melancholic discontented sick to death sick to the back teeth disinterested fatigued listless spiritless inattentive nonchalant turned off bored rigid bored stiff unconcerned unmoved regardless distant detached lukewarm glutted bored to tears bored to death careless impervious offhand browned-off brassed off laid back unexcited heedless uncaring relaxed carefree cloyed laid-back insouciant casual lackadaisical unresponsive perfunctory pococurante uninvolved passionless unimpressed unenthusiastic uncurious cavalier dispassionate emotionless insensible cursory impassive aloof unaroused tepid devil-may-care free and easy unfeeling half-hearted cold lacklustre lackluster subdued incurious blithe breezy lax complacent flippant easy-going unsympathetic negligent passive callous unenthused lethargic unemotional heartless weak languid neutral phlegmatic easygoing damp slack disimpassioned informal unconcerned about apathetic towards loose offhand about uninvolved with nonchalant about uninvolved in bored by lukewarm about unmoved by phlegmatic about unresponsive to unenthusiastic about reckless happy-go-lucky insipid unperturbed unimpressible trivializing dismissive trivialising feeble unceremonious unconvincing artless unstudied reluctant lifeless limp take-it-or-leave-it couldn't-care-less effortless leisurely superficial light selfish hardhearted not interested indolent simple flat weakly lame unwilling irresolute tame meager paltry unworried impartial meagre objective unbiased equitable casual about uncaring about unprejudiced heedless of nonpartisan apathetic about uninterested in brash regardless of frivolous about evenhanded candid just equal fair reckless about careless of cavalier about dismissive of square mindless of oblivious to unimpressed by smart not caring untroubled weary of nonaligned Laodicean scornful unsocial stoical silent haughty uncommunicative diffident superior supercilious highbrow impetuous free without a care in the world prankish jaunty light-hearted not giving a monkey's unheeding incautious improvident not enthusiastic disregardful feckless tardy lazy neglectful remiss derelict slapdash sloppy airy blithely unconcerned easy uncircumspect unmindful unobservant untrustworthy slap-happy delinquent irresponsible good-for-nothing slipshod unaccountable without care unreliable undependable going through motions detached from hard-hearted aloof from could care less indifferent to incurious about distant from


Senseless or absurd language, behavior, or ideas
applesauce balderdash baloney beans bilge blarney blather blatherskite blither boloney bosh bull buncombe bunk bunkum claptrap codswallop crapola crock drivel drool falderal fiddle fiddle-faddle fiddlesticks flannel flapdoodle folderol folly foolishness fudge garbage guff hogwash hokeypokey hokum hoodoo hooey horsefeathers humbug jazz malarkey malarky moonshine muck nerts nonsense nuts piffle poppycock punk rot rubbish senselessness silliness slush stupidity taradiddle tarradiddle tommyrot tosh trash trumpery twaddle bombast eyewash fustian malaise rant blah-blah tripe gibberish hot air cobblers blether waffle stuff and nonsense wack balls blathers phooey bushwa dribble bulldust gammon havers cod gobbledegook toffee bizzo pap bull's wool prattle babble double Dutch jive gobbledygook inanity palaver mumbo jumbo verbiage pants rigmarole cack jabber gabble absurdity idiocy codology irrationality imprudence flightiness giddiness flimflam BS foolish talk chatter prating trifle jabbering talk jabberwocky fatuity foolery bananas pretense pretence kak jest joke thoughtlessness ranting empty talk stuff rambling dross gossip froth frippery frivolity chuntering wittering blabber double-talk jargon madness tomfoolery ludicrousness tattle flummery fun scrawl rashness scribble trivia ridiculousness soft soap prate untruth carrying-on bean padding verbosity Greek cant hypocrisy rhubarb twitter gas prolixity charlatanry quackery yabbering yatter yackety-yak triviality wordiness falsehood trickery refuse nattering doublespeak hedging prevarication evasion equivocation spiel stultiloquence logorrhoea meaningless talk fantasy fiction corn craziness crud noise deception weasel words idle talk clack twattle double talk babbling chattering futile talk useless words cackling gibbering abracadabra slobber gibber burble waffling gab hocus-pocus unintelligible language grandiloquence trifles trivialities minutiae boasting argle-bargle wind bafflegab obscure language small beer small change pomposity small potatoes rhetoric oratory memorabilia footle bragging minutia fine points bluster candyfloss braggadocio irrelevancies rodomontade magniloquence fanfaronade turgidity bagatelle nothing euphuism picayune nonproblem shucks sweet talk flattery Choctaw rigamarole technobabble obscuration legalese officialese banality deceit mere words amphibiology bravado lies peanuts small fry doggerel yammer all Greek ravings lunacy raving scat baragouin smoke and mirrors chitchat horse feathers nonsense talk amphigory macaronics dreck frothy talk verbalizing smooth talk sophistry jibber-jabber pulp details song and dance verbalising pabulum pablum boastful talk technicalities petty details niceties non-essentials pulp fiction loftiness pettiness lightheartedness shallowness inconsequentiality superficiality portentousness patter pompousness ornateness word salad malaprop pedantry boastfulness windiness orotundity sonorousness pretentiousness gasconade rhodomontade brag ostentation affectedness cockalorum grandiosity periphrasis tumidity padded verboseness stuffed altiloquence affectation pad long-windedness tympany exaggeration rave bombastry rage cotton aureation rhapsody extravagant boasting framis bombard phrase purple prose inessential fandangle incidental deets no big thing minor detail fine point thing of no consequence small detail petty detail matter of no consequence no great matter thing of no importance minor technicality matter of no importance non-essential little thing small technicality mere detail much ado about nothing minor thing


The state of feeling or being bored


Idle talk or chatter
gab chat chatter gossip talk blather blether chitchat natter palaver waffle yak babbling chattering chatting conversation drivel gabbling gibberish gossiping jabbering prating talking tête-à-tête yackety-yak backchat blab blah-blah cackle causerie chin-wag confab confabulation flannel gabfest jangle jaw patter rambling rap schmooze twaddle wittering yabbering yatter chuntering clack loquacity tittle-tattle tongue-wagging twattle babble blathering blethering chinwagging chit-chat chitter-chatter claver colloquy dialog dialogue discourse gibbering jabber jawing nattering prattle prattling rabbiting on small talk table talk tattle waffling yakking yammering yapping yattering chin music chinwag discussion gas conference powwow heart-to-heart gabber exchange craic rabbit crack adda convo bull session gabble tete-a-tete converse idle talk yarn speech consultation banter korero talkfest casual conversation idle chat prate deliberation communion word ventilation buzz parley debate scuttlebutt interchange meeting intercourse repartee expression communication hot air head-to-head rap session chatfest burble pleasantry foretalk rumors pleasantries hubbub chewing the fat rabbiting blither ramblings yammer monologue chin prose chewing the rag monolog witter flummery wheedle cajolery flatter polite remark idle chatter rumours trivial conversation beauty-parlor chitchat light talk glib talk informal talk gen one-to-one visit tea-table talk mag clishmaclaver newsmongering account dish correspondence raillery badinage cry persiflage contact association dealings relations socializing speaking social relations communicating getting in touch social intercourse argument translating socialising exchanging information touch articulation intercommunication corresponding interaction comment counsel interlocution argumentation jive dissertation hearing interview arbitration questioning mediation altercation negotiation remark parlance gassing gabbing disputation summit canvass discussions review conciliation consult flap observation wrangling council encounter quarrel remarks skull session straight talk pillow talk give-and-take question and answer session exchange of views wheeling and dealing verbal exchange channel of communication argy-bargy information flow back-and-forth exchange of ideas talks negotiations seminar words symposium consideration duologue huddle one-on-one dispute forum analysis war of words groupthink meet contention congress audience convocation call appointment round table informal conversation catch up sides barney row two-way communication slanging match back and forth brief conversation conclave hui fireside chat commentary interest mention wrangle colloquium sparring tug of war contestation arguing deliberations dialectic tiff private word press conference examination velitation match reception private conversation session verbal sparring cosy chat private chat convention round robin think-in conferring rendezvous engagement audition hearership date get-together script text screenplay lines parts spoken parts spoken part


An expression of mild frustration


To talk or chatter at length, typically on trivial subjects
gab chatter babble gossip talk chat jabber prattle blabber chitchat converse cackle gabble mag witter blab clack claver gush yammer chinwag kibitz natter palaver rant yatter blather drivel patter twitter gibber prate tattle twattle chaffer communicate spout yak buzz confabulate jaw rattle shmooze twaddle yap blether kibbitz rabbit rap schmooze yabber chin chunter gas visit waffle blah-blah chitter-chatter go on jibber-jabber rattle on run on yackety-yak tittle-tattle yakkety-yak chew the fat engage in conversation have a chinwag have a conversation shoot the breeze shoot the bull go on and on run off at the mouth talk a mile a minute talk nineteen to the dozen talk ten to the dozen talk the hind legs off a donkey shoot one's mouth off ramble maunder blither rabbit on slabber speak burble rattle away chit-chat powwow drool bumble sputter witter on earbash chew the rag have a confab mumble discourse discuss talk incessantly parley gabber mutter talk a lot slabber on confer talk at length talk incoherently footle murmur dialog commune dialogue talk a blue streak have a chat conversate flannel bleat rave blubber babble on wander blow smoke orate ramble on clatter utter splutter yack talk nonsense snitch talk foolishly talk idly have a talk exchange views talk rapidly blather on talk aimlessly rumor rumour talk unintelligibly tell on talk the hind leg off a donkey socialise banter socialize spiel spit bark list talk rubbish yakety-yak patter on and on hold forth gabble on chatter on blethe gaggle twiddle piffle carry on talking natter on chunter on stray boil confuse verbalize tongue runon run through reel off talk on and on inform brag boast yakkety yak talk nonsensically blurt korero go on about swap gossip peach squeal mouth verbalise run off at mouth talk trivially digress have a discussion exchange use expatiate consult with each other amplify talk someone's ear off talk gibberish make small talk hum and haw spill the beans spread rumors tell tales BS bat the breeze shoot your mouth off have a tete-a-tete harp on drone on articulate talk randomly rant and rave talk out of turn talk through one's hat divulge drawl describe drone chant rhapsodise notify break intone broach soliloquize rhapsodize ventriloquize give voice express oneself wag dish comment on turn over flap one's tongue give voice to grass spill circulate rumours spread rumours spread stories leak noise spread gossip sneak talk one's leg off give the show away spread rumor blow the whistle tell tale dish the dirt have a big mouth rat on give away consult negotiate treat counsel confab advise deliberate discuss things have discussions bargain brainstorm groupthink deal debate huddle get heads together pick one's brain argue have talks collogue toss ideas around give meeting flap kick ideas around convene breeze blitz have negotiations interact touch base interface network liaise reach out be in contact connect meet contact link keep in touch reason intercommunicate speak to each other have a word thrash out have dealings make contact discuss matters be in touch be in communication have a tête-à-tête get in contact establish contact stumble hesitate stutter chat idly engage talk tete-a-tete renew communication have a friendly chat get in touch engage in communication make conversation rack brains share ideas put heads together whisper skinder wiggle-waggle intimate hint suggest report bad-mouth insinuate imply repeat schmoose spread tell secrets cut up bruit something about cut to pieces tell tales out of school bend one's ear correspond interconnect interview vent canvass relate confide hold discussions chin-wag consult each other meet up hold discussion compare notes acquaint reply bicker have a meet carry on conversation join in conversation moot telephone e-mail text write phone go into a huddle kick about talk game toss around hash over bandy words bump heads wrangle over talk over bat around kick around have at it bat back and forth bat about lock horns hash out cross swords commune with ring up be close to drop a line drop a note get on the horn give a call be near give a ring associate with hear from

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