Synonym of bleeding

Alternative for bleeding

bleeds, bled, bleeding

Synonym: grieve, pity, sorrow,


The flow or loss of blood from a damaged blood vessel


The act of depleting, or the state of being depleted
depletion reduction decrease diminution consumption exhaustion expenditure lessening lowering deficiency dwindling expending use using up abatement decline decrement dent depression diminishment drain draining drop drop-off emptying fall falloff loss milking sapping shrinkage step down attenuation impoverishment weakening running down cut deterioration ebb cutback falling off contraction curtailment dissipation degeneration slump depreciation degradation enfeeblement wane devaluation deduction devitalization squandering fading waste dilution erosion downturn downgrade descent dip diminishing plunge slackening dive waning minimizing downfall discount downswing debilitation tumble nosedive minimising enervation ruination attrition shrinking cutting spending declining slowdown plummet failing decay minimization slide exploitation ebbing subtraction sag degeneracy decadence recession wastage collapse downtrend let-up downtick dropping off devolution crash dying down slip lapse fall-off deprivation privation forfeiture regression shortfall markdown withering mitigation thinning lightening tempering offsetting assuagement rarefication impairment retrogression disappearance down receding weakness comedown atrophy worsening precipitation want failure retardation downslide landslide backsliding subsidence relapse falling-off retrenchment alleviation de-escalation compression striction decrescence condensation constriction watering down taking the edge off wear letting up misspending stagnation standstill immiseration pruning trimming slimming declension inactivity subsiding easing strain declination blowing frittering ruin paralysis trough shakeout chopping debasement limiting axing declivity abrasion weathering overuse hard wear wearing away corrosion ablation slowing burden subdual subjugation pullback slimming down slash relaxation sinking moderation losing misuse bottom out bottom-out downhill trend nose dive fade cessation dying away scaling down utilization easing off desisting relenting dropping away dying out demand load drag pressure wild spending utilisation usage cooling off petering out saving tailing off wear and tear ravages of time tapering off outflow imposition tax throwing away frittering away wasting consuming squander dissipating burning burning up eclipse demise decaying breakdown overthrow defeat flameout bankruptcy flop destruction deflation disintegration end washout miscarriage bust rupture stoppage nonsuccess death dissolution wreck downgrading checkmate reversal undoing foundering termination folding stalemate inadequacy lemon deficit nonperformance rout mess loser botch bungle misstep frustration turkey abortion bomb misadventure fiasco implosion total loss false step lead balloon flash in the pan sinking ship faux pas abasement demotion extinction downer letdown skid annihilation return retreat devaluing loss of status bad times bathos disappointment falling disillusionment let-down decadency reversion slipping anticlimax reverse rollback falling apart dereliction dégringolade recidivism liquidation disrepair disgrace damage blow falling away vanquishing comeuppance insolvency downward spiral malfunction devastation doom halt disruption interruption unsuccess extermination break-up labefaction disorganization seizure stagflation disorganisation nonachievement shutdown fizzle Waterloo unsuccessfulness rainy days lack of success economic decline non-function breaking down credit squeeze hard times credit crunch write-down depravation downsize setback dropoff Götterdämmerung reversing rotation inversion slowing down vitiation downshift sharp fall detraction neglect negligence misprision delinquency oversight default plummeting adulteration dislocation spoiling perversion rotting degringolade rundown backslide fragmenting undermining destabilisation destabilization flagging skydive letup breakup omission tainting corruption recidivation retrogradation taking away slack arrest breaking up free fall fading away nonfeasance loss of success closure Black Monday rainy day disgregation bound entropy anergy modulation sweep backflow withdrawal refluence reflux retroflux meltdown economy cadence downcome steep fall palliation damping allaying deadening appeasement modification cushioning fall from grace blight dumps nose-dive rut funk low bottom obliteration entropy low tide low water outward flow phasedown closing placation softening calming quelling soothing stilling pacification dulling relief demolition decimation demolishment humiliation mortification humbling belittlement cheapening decrepitude desolation dilapidation belt-tightening salami slicing blue devils bad period blue funk the skids decrease in value lowering in value extenuation remission mollification discomfiture cropper pratfall havoc crumbling subversion reduction in value unemployment unseating accounting allowance topple shutting down close-down going under winding up loss of value ousting conquest toppling deposition elimination nemesis falling to pieces big trouble bane debacle loss of face reality check expiration dying passing loss of power expiry rack and ruin road to ruin loss of prosperity curtains quietus decease non-event impecuniousness pennilessness penury beggary indebtedness pauperdom administration receivership croaking passing on snuffing passing away passage grave damp squib fate exit great divide financial ruin not what it was cracked up to be ineffective conclusion


Feeling depressed or melancholy
tristful sad unhappy disconsolate dejected despondent downcast glum down dispirited downhearted crestfallen blue low desolate melancholy woebegone gloomy morose moody wistful pessimistic spiritless lugubrious melancholic crummy bad grim destroyed dysphoric dull dragged hurting ripped weeping at heavy-hearted low-spirited in the dumps down in the dumps down in the mouth in pain cast-down down and out in the pits bummed out fed up low-down torn up on a downer taken down let down sob story in a blue funk in the toilet miserable sorrowful depressed mournful forlorn doleful wretched woeful joyless heartsick heartsore saddened heartbroken inconsolable dismal brokenhearted sorry heavyhearted droopy hangdog cast down discouraged sombre somber disheartened tearful cheerless dolorous chap-fallen broken-hearted oppressed upset daunted dark elegiac low in spirits emo weighed down regretful plaintive downbeat despairing troubled nostalgic lamenting grumpy lachrymose teary mirthless dreary bleak let-down out of sorts not happy long-faced pensive funereal crushed sunk in gloom in low spirits in the doldrums sick as a parrot distressed depressing sullen grief-stricken comfortless solemn disappointed dire morbid depressive black rueful anguished saturnine drear grieving cold lonely elegiacal lonesome sepulchral godforsaken hopeless gray distressing grey abject tenebrous tenebrific dreich tragic heartbreaking heartrending plutonian afflicted piteous dispiriting Cimmerian pathetic pitiful darkening chill dour lamentable choked sunless drab dismayed devastated painful murky cloudy disheartening bitter grievous emotional demoralized harrowing heart-rending cut up pitiable hurt demoralised sorrowing weepy distraught chapfallen grieved cheesed off upsetting agonized saddening mourning wailing oppressive unpleasant brassed off unfortunate awful agonised distressful humourless humorless gutted calamitous tormented uninviting agonizing grave austere dreadful defeatist deplorable in tears uncomfortable bothered perturbed traumatic agonising unwelcoming plangent all torn up dolesome discouraging down-hearted sober mopey regrettable terrible horrible anxious harsh subdued poor shot down pining disturbing uptight bereaved dingy crying dim severe sulky aching bewailing bemoaning sobbing suffering dejecting antsy worried cruel sour horrific sick at heart displeasing shook up agitated appalling moping overcome unlucky sniveling pained shaken disquieting hapless disagreeable singing the blues tortured sedate disconcerted inhospitable stark bare snivelling blubbering deploring funeral as sick as a parrot disturbed bereft dolent listless clinical impersonal wounded weary disappointing unsettled irked institutional horrendous broken horrid shocking negative Eeyorish frightful vexatious distasteful down-and-out unpalatable galling howling rotten foul unwelcome in a tizzy displeased unpleasing uncongenial drearisome concerned annoying disastrous catastrophic discombobulated disquieted bugged shook serious whimpering discomposed flat ruffled disillusioned forsaken heavy vexed unnerved discontented blubbing unconsolable flustered bland cynical disconcerting nasty aflutter discountenanced ruthful traumatized troubling draggy tear-jerking annoyed daunting jumpy unglued in grief in doldrums in despair angst-ridden poignant afflicting unsmiling ghastly difficult aggrieved destitute atrocious wintry wintery jarring foreboding brooding bowed down gruesome larmoyant troublesome abominable offensive hard uneasy unnerving excruciating repellent crabbed bawling close to tears traumatised surly ruthless unfavorable unfavourable unsavory afflictive desperate vile mortifying broody mopish worrying repugnant yucky icky yukky abhorrent detestable unlovely unkind unsavoury ugly yearning on the verge of tears luckless gut-wrenching enervated helpless earnest stern ruinous lovesick sapped cataclysmic harassed wrecked disgruntled dirge-like ill-fated defeated miffed harrowed jittery abandoned languishing spooked weighty with a long face devastating peed off ticked off teed off browned off shamefaced demoralizing abashed friendless ill-starred confused overwhelmed loveless staid remorseful rattled disenchanted angry muddled shocked in sorrow in mourning irritated objectionable sheepish tense down-in-the-mouth shattered strung out sourpuss muted racked greeting full of sorrow overwrought thrown demoralising sore inconvenienced frightened alarmed tragical moving unsatisfied discomforting crushing sinister companionless rejected disgusting obnoxious apprehensive angered nervous atwitter repulsive adust hideous gloom-ridden affecting stony-faced poker-faced no-nonsense in a stew frustrated bummed-out discomposing mean forbidding fatalistic ominous down in dumps horrifying torturous lorn odious revolting irksome grisly maudlin taciturn heavy with grief overcome with sorrow nightmarish execrable lousy perturbing crabby racked with suffering racked with pain tormenting monstrous wicked nauseating sickening hung up ill at ease adverse triste loathsome macabre hurtful broken up destructive irritating frightening suspicious languid inauspicious repellant alarmist distrustful doubting off-putting damp languorous unpropitious blue funk given to looking on the black side heart-breaking apathetic misfortunate spartan sorry for oneself burned contused without energy undermined distracted choked up prostrated callous heartless insensitive unsympathetic dirgelike dirgeful lost shaky mortified drained churlish depressant forgotten homeless cross bowed lowered overemotional excited heart-sick sunk huffy ill-humoured uncared-for off sluggish empty devitalized threnodic ill-humored peeved exercised wired torn-up discontent acheronian frowning glowering cranky bellyaching cantankerous beefing grousing guilty cowed cringing browbeaten hysterical irrational histrionic atrabilious clouded dampened drooping dashed sagging prostrate with grief dolorific dragging defenseless suicidal alone solitary defenceless fruitless sorry for yourself down in mouth disenchanting taken aback deflated sick guilty-looking furtive hyper fidgety up the wall bundle of nerves basket case distrait dissatisfied strained griefstricken unable to be consoled unable to be comforted bad-tempered uncommunicative bearish have the blahs dismaying ailing longing heart-wrenching derisible ashamed intimidated embarrassed sneaking unresponsive phlegmatic ill-tempered hateful affected discomfited beside oneself with grief testing alarming parlous having blue devils having the blahs unhopeful chagrined yucko falling apart blubbery moist wet watery cowering humiliated conscience-stricken apologetic mawkish sensitive teary-eyed in a funk worthless irritable bewildering frustrating aghast beaten chilly unenthusiastic languished in a state fatal bothersome dislikable pain drag paltry feeble hankering missing longing for home vanquished baulked worsted objecting balked with tears in one's eyes deadly mephitical perplexing aggravating hellish vexing revulsive unamusing worrisome squalid heinous in a bad way full of gloom feeling down looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny sordid despicable contemptible stressful unsettling disgraceful unpromising shameful agitating unbearable trashy shoddy inferior filthy direful afraid cataclysmal stirring scurvy impoverished derisory indigent scungy unsatisfactory abysmal hairy fraught gross stinking lurid unacceptable undesirable diabolical troublous unendurable bummed powerless downtrodden plagued homesick lethal mortal grotty godawful grody unappealing uncool awkward hellacious nauseous easily moved haunted guilt-ridden poverty-stricken hostile concerning beastly deathly fateful in floods of tears with tears in your eyes nerve-racking nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking persecuted mooning spurned jilted slighted neglected unrequited frantic offended insecure nervy edgy dithery queasy queazy fretted unquiet hassled fierce savage verklempt unzipped hinky goosey isolated lovelorn crossed in love unrelenting burdensome tough chilling searing murderous trying onerous relentless stiff rough brutal hardhanded merciless inhuman rugged ferocious in disorder put out amazed great remorseless outcast psyched out come apart intemperate intense rigorous inclement provoking unrequited in love at sixes and sevens het up withdrawn estranged unloved hard-hearted unpopular unwanted all alone unsocial unbefriended uncherished with no one to turn to without companions by yourself without friends without a friend in the world feeling friendless


Arousing, experiencing, or expressive of intense sorrow or longing
aching mournful sorrowful anguished grieving distressed miserable sad upset agonised agonized bemoaning bewailing bitter deploring doleful dolesome dolorous funeral grief-stricken heartbroken heavy lamentable lamenting lugubrious mourning plaintive plangent regretful rueful sorrowing sorry wailing weeping woeful wretched suffering in distress heavy with grief in anguish tormented desolate despairing unhappy broken-hearted in pain tortured melancholy disconsolate woebegone brokenhearted grievous depressed wounded dejected despondent forlorn devastated afflicted down angst-ridden heartsick heart-rending downcast dismal melancholic downhearted gloomy painful distraught harrowed morose blue crestfallen anxious tearful traumatized inconsolable traumatised racked with pain racked with suffering out of sorts cut up down in the dumps down in the mouth racked pensive glum low-spirited pathetic wistful piteous pitiful beefing grousing cranky crabby grumpy saddening cantankerous bellyaching elegiac heartrending nostalgic troubled hurt shaken ruffled disconcerted heavyhearted broken disquieted unnerved vexed perturbed agitated discomposed bothered cheerless distressing bereaved discombobulated harassed flustered irked concerned uptight aflutter wrecked overwhelmed grieved hurting saddened discountenanced plagued harrowing haunted pained gutted bugged shook crushed spooked heavy-hearted lachrymose teary antsy jumpy unglued strung out in a tizzy all torn up persecuted bummed out shook up in a stew overcome with sorrow deplorable weepy dire calamitous regrettable afflictive dolorific heartsore ruthful dolent low joyless dispirited cast down discouraged disheartened hangdog droopy bad chap-fallen disappointed demoralized sombre somber demoralised pessimistic fed up hopeless dreary abject funereal pitiable heartbreaking long-faced moody in the doldrums choked bleak mirthless sullen depressing in low spirits in the pits tragic oppressed chapfallen grim poignant spiritless poor destroyed dragged brassed off cheesed off drear depressive comfortless defeatist crummy down and out in the dumps sick as a parrot shot down unfortunate moving desperate emotional solemn resigned saturnine weighed down weary sulky cast-down in despair taken down affecting upsetting dreadful terrible touching distressful discouraging suicidal low in spirits shattered appalling disillusioned discontented tear-jerking overcome shocking dismayed sobbing helpless sepulchral whimpering snivelling frightful dull sour dour downbeat listless unconsolable crabbed blubbering elegiacal negative horrifying black aggrieved surly sick at heart adust sunk in gloom mopish broody unsatisfied sunk ripped morbid sniveling long-suffering in tears as sick as a parrot torn up let down on a downer mortified remorseful pining bummed-out sorry for oneself down-in-the-mouth afflicting disheartening dysphoric threnodic dirge-like abashed daunted fraught prostrate with grief luckless subdued frantic strained godforsaken beseeching ruined entreating supplicating imploring gut-wrenching commiserable sheepish defeated churlish bereft emo torn-up discontent ailing unable to be comforted beside oneself with grief unable to be consoled shamefaced ill-humoured huffy in sorrow full of sorrow in mourning dispiriting moping ugly in a blue funk in the toilet low-down worthless taken aback deflated languorous triste down in dumps gray grey tristful down-hearted languid uneasy crying Eeyorish feeling down full of gloom blue funk looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny ill-humored atrabilious clouded dampened mopey drooping dashed sagging bowed down no-win cynical strabilious to be pitied drab demoralizing difficult demoralising disappointing disgruntled dissatisfied can't win not a prayer at end of one's rope at the end of your tether in the soup at the end of one's tether at one's wits' end blubbery bawling moist tear-filled watery wet disenchanted in a funk singing the blues excruciating traumatic troublesome dejecting oppressive crushing lonesome lonely frustrated discomfited dirgeful displeased chagrined miffed close to tears agonizing unpleasant discomposing agonising vexatious uncomfortable cold bummed hapless powerless downtrodden bearish disturbed aghast beaten maudlin down-and-out doomed worsted vanquished baulked objecting balked horrific derisible dingy mortifying dark heart-wrenching larmoyant unmitigable on the verge of tears up the creek without hope in floods of tears easily moved with tears in your eyes awful atrocious abysmal lousy unsatisfactory unacceptable diabolical disastrous rotten substandard grubby cheap scummy scurvy nasty lame inadequate dirty sneaking despicable contemptible inferior ratty cruddy scabby paltry mean very bad God-awful chronic blameworthy downer stinking overwhelming scandalous bummer faulty godawful unbearable dishonourable intolerable dishonorable sickening opprobrious


Expending or consuming by employing
using exhausting consuming depleting burning expending getting through gobbling guzzling running through spending using up wasting wearing out dissipating draining finishing up frittering away frivolling away going through squandering drying up finishing milking sucking dry burning up emptying sapping impoverishing absorbing devouring drawing down reducing diminishing depriving drawing bankrupting playing out bleeding dry washing up eating up weakening straining utilizing attenuating slashing drying running out taking last of utilising swallowing up digging into running down squeezing fleecing enervating evacuating decreasing blowing voiding lessening dispelling dispersing eating lowering undermining paring down cutting back slimming down siphoning breaking syphoning busting tapping freeing from pumping out catheterizing filtering off getting last drop taking up getting rid of diverting drawing off employing running up having recourse to emptying out availing oneself of throwing away blowing through putting to use lavishing misspending losing trifling away frittering fiddling away splurging spending like water misusing bluing throwing around like confetti spending recklessly spending money as if it were going out of style pouring down the drain making poor use of spending money as if there were no tomorrow passing devoting shelling out killing laying out frivoling frivolling beguiling paying out trifling spending unwisely wasting away throwing down the drain burning through splashing out spending money as if it grows on trees disbursing paying filling idling away going down the drain giving occupying forking out outlaying dishing out misapplying misemploying gambling away ponying up diddling away stumping up anteing up abusing scattering spending freely coughing up making use of going to waste spending money as if it were going out of fashion whiling away idling putting out springing for playing ducks and drakes with investing putting in parting with contributing allocating spending foolishly fribbling away throwing finishing off donating wantoning eating through dispensing with suffering the loss of spending as if there were no tomorrow spending as if it grows on trees spending as if it were going out of style whiling fiddling overspending sacrificing disinheriting dispossessing stopping having discharging divesting lazing running dry ebbing loitering spending money as if it grew on trees fooling away dallying pouring something down the drain casting away chucking something down the drain prodigalizing going spending money like water throwing money down the drain throwing money around pouring money down the drain laying something out shirking petering out having no more lapsing filling up filling in doling out dropping embezzling dispensing footing the bill throwing money at exploiting misappropriating using fraudulently putting to wrong use kissing goodbye dumping indulging oneself


Present participle for to lose blood as a result of injury or illness


Present participle for to blend or meld together (by flowing or seeping into each other)
blending combining mixing amalgamating fusing melding uniting intermixing mingling converging meeting merging with merging integrating intermingling incorporating commingling commixing compounding homogenizing marrying interfusing immixing compositing comingling immingling conflating concreting interblending homogenising coalescing joining alloying synthesizing putting together dissolving interflowing admixing synthesising cementing bringing together jumbling whisking stirring unifying agglutinating folding in linking interweaving blunging emulsifying interpenetrating premixing folding welding federating running together liquescing associating interfacing feathering in connecting consolidating coupling conjoining binding bonding pooling conjugating linking up glueing gluing joining together sticking fastening cohering knitting affiliating wedding interlacing affixing adhering coming together lumping soldering gumming fixing meshing pasting conglomerating sticking together suffusing lumping together networking weaving banding concentrating mixing up allying yoking harmonizing brazing knitting together melting assimilating grouping splicing harmonising embodying massing absorbing securing clinging holding subsuming cleaving tying repairing becoming one symphonizing tying up sealing crossing hybridizing instilling interbreeding leaguing including accommodating tangling braiding kneading transfusing infusing hybridising compacting assembling collecting bracketing working in concatenating making up forming amassing encompassing relating tacking adding organizing gathering adding to bunching up lodging snagging joining up throwing in together sticking fast holding fast organising sticking on creating making producing mending patching adjoining manufacturing arranging orchestrating concocting inmixing composing teaming accompanying coagmenting interacting making uniform shuffling coadunating complexing interspersing matching correlating pairing diluting taping smoothing beating whipping making similar treating intertwining shaking throwing together embedding cojoining stirring in physically joining sellotaping pinning throwing in with confederating plastering stirring together cross-breeding aligning concording shifting around centralizing condensing concentering centering mortaring dubbing freezing joining to centralising centring centreing concentring imbibing coordinating desegregating making one fading into one another running into one another melting into one another getting together grouping together attaching securely fastening together slotting in adding in fitting in interlocking gelling jelling slipping in melting into adulterating infiltrating saturating forming a whole hanging together containing hooking in ganging up running into piecing together fitting sharing holding together sticking to agglomerating bunching aggregating throwing systematizing clenching clapping clasping putting co-opting constellating congregating garnering corralling accumulating enclosing staying gripping hewing codifying comprehending taking in batching joining forces remaining grappling establishing embracing involving gathering together having comprising systematising considering together bulking up rounding up staying put holding on to clinging like ivy sticking like a barnacle sticking like glue freezing to holding on like bulldog holding on encountering chaining closing inclosing confining coming into contact forming a circle


Present participle for to cheat, deceive or defraud someone for personal gain
cheating defrauding conning swindling fleecing stiffing bilking diddling suckering gypping stinging cozening hustling rooking skinning flimflamming victimising victimizing doing shortchanging screwing fiddling hosing sticking mulcting shorting chiseling chiselling skunking gaffing reaming chousing thimblerigging euchring plucking nobbling beating exploiting overcharging stealing extorting wringing blackmailing impoverishing pauperizing ripping off shaking down doing in sucking dry strong-arming putting the screws to sucking the life out of squeezing deceiving tricking duping taking for a ride milking bamboozling hoodwinking gulling taking advantage of scamming misleading fooling gouging finagling taking to the cleaners hoaxing shafting putting one over on forcing pulling a fast one on clipping exacting double-crossing hornswoggling buncoing deluding snookering wresting burning sandbagging extracting selling a pup to coercing swizzling robbing preying on wrenching selling a bill of goods to embezzling pulling a swifty on gazumping chicaning having beguiling rushing stringing along snowing abusing intimidating short-changing taking in swizzing goldbricking eliciting soaking manipulating taking misusing plundering selling a pup leading up the garden path roping in using jerking around selling down the river giving someone a bum steer pinching taking someone for a ride stitching up bullying pulling a fast one oppressing double-dealing playing on imposing on obtaining by force walking all over selling illuding humbugging catching fudging trimming pilfering shucking terrorizing attacking gipping enslaving screwing over putting one over on someone running a game on pulling a fast one on someone selling a bill of goods doing the dirty on having on racking terrorising pulling one's leg overreaching setting up ill-treating doing out of putting screws to holding up walking over treating unfairly obtaining by threat blackmailing someone for obtaining by threats living off the backs of bleeding someone of something stepping on cashing in on ill-using doing someone in the eye withholding rights from putting the bite on someone for worming something out of someone frauding jiggling penalising punishing baulking balking forfeiting penalizing fining betraying expelling bluffing misguiding misinforming pigeoning bilking of framing molesting filching grifting outwitting spoofing gammoning buffaloing juggling heisting jiving harassing hounding crossing faking out sucking in cribbing blenching belirting rogueing roguing lirting pulling something leading somebody down the garden path tearing from ruining frustrating thwarting circumventing foiling disappointing inveigling entrapping wheedling kidding compelling dragooning cajoling coaxing luring strangling suckering into pulling fast one doing number on taking to the cleaner's doing a number on picking on taking out breaking the rules giving bum steer sweet-talking worming out arm-twisting constraining pressuring pressurising pressurizing holding a knife to despoiling dragging ravishing blasting assaulting defiling prying bursting twisting leveraging taking liberties with capitalizing on trading on patronising maltreating mistreating trifling with profiting from targetting controlling playing with treating lightly patronizing playing someone for a sucker using for one's own ends targeting using violence on playing upon imposing upon dumping on preying upon obtaining getting securing icing demanding obtaining under duress making pay through nose putting the arm on raiding hunting seizing killing depredating eating feeding on troubling burdening bugging loading preoccupying bothering consuming worrying distressing weighing living on devouring living off taxing depressing haunting outmaneuvering outmanoeuvring outfoxing leading on outsmarting foxing pulling the wool over somebody's eyes outslicking outthinking seducing ensnaring pulling the wool over someone's eyes baffling faking juking two-timing selling out making a fool of stabbing in the back leading astray outjockeying outplaying outdoing defeating topping outguessing disinforming outgeneralling outgeneraling bewildering capping jipping worsting confusing taking someone in playing false lying breaking faith with putting on getting the better of failing figuring out letting down leading one down the garden path pulling the wool over one's eyes backstabbing trapping catching out jockeying cuckolding wangling four-flushing double dealing befooling taking to cleaners stepping out playing away lying to mousetrapping running rings round distorting having someone on making rings round pulling wool over eyes stealing a march on playing trick on leading up garden path doing someone dirty weaseling ducking dodging weaselling selling someone down the river surcharging copping out beating around the bush worming one's way out of slipping out bending the rules stacking the cards stretching the rules pulling something funny hitting below the belt dispossessing stumping outperforming playing dusting charging too much welshing nicking overtaxing padding playing dirty overcoming besting hooking falsifying bleeding dry leading down the garden path pretending flamming fixing going one better than going back on throwing taking for crossing up shamming feigning beating out of playing joke on taking for ride winding up swaying contriving play-acting playing a trick on pulling someone's leg making a sucker of playing a jest on playing games with playing a prank on playing a practical joke on playing a joke on impressing blagging psyching out passing off misdirecting conning out of splitting prevaricating misstating pulling wool over biasing biassing playing for a fool hocus-pocusing misrepresenting gaslighting stealing someone blind rooking out of enticing fabricating tempting bunking perverting propagandizing propagandising enmeshing entangling baiting sending on a wild goose chase putting on the wrong track covering up throwing off the scent putting up smoke screen giving wrong information to wrong steering giving the wrong impression putting on an act putting on false front pulling strings playing games stage-managing twisting around your little finger pulling wires hacking rigging machinating manoeuvring maneuvering finessing doctoring influencing engineering affecting masterminding cooking fudging with finding a loophole in tampering with gaming exploiting a loophole in fiddling with interfering with tinkering with


Present participle for to think deeply about something that makes one unhappy, angry, or worried
moping brooding sulking fretting pining pouting idling languishing mooning despairing grieving grumping repining aching chafing desponding grumbling lamenting regretting sinking yearning hanging around eating your heart out losing heart pining away stewing over sweating over wasting time having a long face eating one's heart out going about like a half-shut knife wearing a long face pondering musing obsessing thinking agonizing over contemplating meditating agonizing ruminating dwelling on worrying about thinking about sulking about grieving over moping over languishing over fretting about mooning over mulling over ruminating on reflecting musing on deliberating agonising dreaming meditating on considering glooming feeling despondent about sighing poring over worrying daydreaming speculating ruminating over puzzling over chewing over weighing up thinking upon dwelling upon chafing inwardly sweating out cogitating studying cerebrating weighing revolving thinking over reflecting on brooding over poring on turning over debating racking brains questioning perpending entertaining turning reasoning figuring kicking around wrestling with eyeing examining brooding on giving thought to excogitating rolling reviewing evaluating wondering mulling cogitating on brooding about putting on thinking cap dwelling stewing puzzling pondering on pondering over deliberating on deliberating about brainstorming ruminating about judging appraising noodling around cogitating about using one's head thinking hard asking oneself hammering away at giving much thought to asking oneself about woolgathering conceiving giving consideration to building castles in air imagining intellectualizing analyzing discussing rationalizing comprehending looking at speculating about chewing on logicalizing chewing the cud consulting debating with oneself ideating arguing minding rationalising figuring out intellectualising analysing having in mind wondering about talking over sorting out batting it around musing over putting on one's thinking cap running up a flagpole pouring it on knocking around thinking on beating one's brains out about percolating recollecting feeling thinking out mulling over things giving some thought to understanding chewing over things turning over in your mind stewing about planning designing apprehending processing discerning lucubrating cudgeling one's brains chewing concentrating sleeping on it mourning intending scheming purposing suffering stargazing poring digesting devising thinking hard about cudgelling marveling cudgeling marvelling turning over in one's mind proposing projecting bemoaning staring into space plotting envisaging envisioning viewing tracking engaging in contemplation sizing up thinking of reflecting upon ruing rueing tripping out tuning out spacing out zoning out sorrowing thinking deeply entertaining idea rhapsodizing romanticizing fantasizing swooning gushing saying to oneself flashing on having one's head in the clouds feeling unhappy estimating glowering letting one's thoughts wander indulging in wool-gathering fantasising rhapsodising romanticising inferring deducing resolving appreciating shedding tears for crying over languishing for regretting the loss of weeping over ratiocinating feeling upset feeling miserable feeling despondent frowning grousing griping lowering scowling mooning about mooning around chawing taking under consideration stopping to consider harbouring a grudge taking on looking sullen having the hump feeling sorry for yourself

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