Synonym of bleeding heart

Alternative for bleeding heart


garden plant having deep-pink drooping heart-shaped flowerssomeone who is excessively sympathetic toward those who claim to be exploited or underprivileged


Gullible person
soft touch sucker dupe pushover chump gull mug sap patsy pigeon tool softie softy easy mark easy touch easy target easy pickings prize sap easy prey mark victim stooge sitting duck fool fall guy schlemiel butt pawn puppet innocent muggins juggins instrument target charlie dill scapegoat boob weakling sitting target simpleton prey schmuck doormat trusting soul cat's-paw easy game putz goat minion sufferer hireling martyr lackey dummy idiot creature flunkey poodle flunky lay figure jay cinch rube noddle easy walkover glutton for punishment whipping boy sacrifice can-carrier nerd dorba bogan stool pigeon jackal peon henchman recipient cat's paw glutton casualty clown underdog pillage raven quest loot spoil chased wimp chopping block lamb to the slaughter object focus dolt goof dunce oaf blockhead lunkhead dope wuss quarry gopher wussy wretch subject gudgeon sinecure vulnerable toast lamb aunt sally Aunt Sally fair game babe in woods everybody's fool easy victim dead meat babe in the woods dead duck servant hostage figurehead easy meat unworthy opponent man of straw feeble opponent not a force to be reckoned with counter cog mouthpiece lapdog jerk fish moron imbecile twit nitwit dimwit nincompoop bonehead fathead jackass dullard halfwit birdbrain ignoramus ninny numbskull clot lamebrain donkey clod numpty nit goon berk dork dunderhead pillock bozo prat knucklehead thickhead airhead dumbhead pinhead chucklehead dumbo muppet wally dipstick noodle turkey loon cretin twerp divvy chowderhead clunk noddy doofus lamer dum-dum goofball dingbat pea-brain dip wazzock lummox knobhead clodpole plonker drongo git galah simp galoot coot yo-yo nyaff cluck dumb-bell loggerhead muttonhead mooncalf goofus wooden-head buffoon spud palooka poop gowk sumph alec numskull klutz nong ding-dong dingleberry schlepper gobdaw wiener pudding-head balloon boofhead mompara poon meathead weeny nerk lump tomfool spoony squarehead gink dumbbell zombie yahoo stupid ninnyhammer dodo stupe nimrod mutt cuddy half-wit schlub wing nut clodpoll bubblehead woodenhead deadhead mome dummkopf shlub natural saphead schnook stock ratbag gander golem cuddie hammerhead hardhead meatball know-nothing thicko eejit dim bulb dweeb plank gonzo prick geek booby twonk goose featherhead dumb cluck stupid person ding-a-ling cuckoo silly billy lunatic charley silly nutcase nut duffer weenie laughingstock brute mampara lightweight lame-brain dumb ox illiterate lout boor clodhopper bungler incompetent lubber blunderer monkey foolish person tosser loser dildo figure of fun scatterbrain laughing stock Neanderthal kook yokel goop gawk lug hulk rascal butthead bore softhead bumpkin clodpate baboon tit pain in the rear pain in the backside pain in the neck pain in the bum witling ox beast bruiser setup joke tosspot wag zany droll dag buffo simple botcher bumbler amateur bimbo retardate live one bodger joculator antic lowbrow addict dotard prig dumdum drip numptie loony addlepate retard screwball harebrain beefhead bust ignorant slow learner goof ball mental defective dub looby hick hayseed yobbo ape cloth-head Simple Simon stumblebum barbarian yob gorilla bear greenhorn hobbledehoy bosthoon churl underling scozza oik chav skate cougan catspaw joker myrmidon subordinate assistant another's action boob culprit accused clumsy idiot clownlike person merry-andrew Merry Andrew jest sport mockery sidekick skivvy dogsbody mock jestee target of derision bird-brain schlep

Antonym of bleeding heart

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