Synonym of blindsiding

Alternative for blindsiding


catch unawares, especially with harmful consequencesattack or hit on or from the side where the attacked person's view is obstructed


Not expected, anticipated or foreseen
unexpected unanticipated unforeseen sudden abrupt unannounced unimagined unsuspected unplanned surprising without warning out of the blue without notice not bargained for not in the cards unlooked-for unpredictable unheralded unlooked for from left field impulsive impetuous instantaneous unhoped for unpredicted inconceivable unenvisaged unthought of unplanned for chance accidental fluky random fortuitous coincidental unintentional inadvertent surprise casual unintended serendipitous unpremeditated incidental unwitting quick lucky hurried rapid flukey swift precipitate unforeseeable adventitious undreamed-of startling spontaneous odd unsought headlong hasty speedy violent precipitous haphazard aleatory precipitant astonishing contingent unhoped-for occurring by chance occurring by accident meteoric uncertain unimaginable fast rushing breakneck immediate impromptu uncalculated unusual involuntary unthinking unmeant fortunate incredible abnormal unthought-of chancy incalculable sharp rash unceremonious uncommon unknowing unconscious without delay subconscious variable miraculous jerky undreamt-of unheard-of circumstantial without prior notice unpublished undisclosed uncanny offhand possible hidden extemporaneous unknown well timed at random unknowable capricious changeable by chance arbitrary withheld atypical fluke lucky-dog providential heaven-sent instant out of character out of the ordinary expedient propitious timely opportune felicitous convenient auspicious lightning better than expected unthinkable remarkable unbelievable luck out luck in depending liable probable probably provisional likely subject reliant nasty improbable inconceived unprecedented apt happy accelerated expeditious fleet spasmodic acute quickened unpleasant jammy explosive speeded harsh disagreeable undreamed of uninvited unprompted unsolicited crude at the mercy of events mistaken misguided brutal occasional awful rude brusque shocking unforgiving like a dream come true beyond your wildest dreams happening unexpectedly premature untimely precocious unseasonable inopportune advanced rushed staggering too early in advance before time early bird too soon bright and early ahead of time early on short notice with time to spare


Startling, surprising or shocking in an unexpected way
surprising astonishing amazing shocking astounding stunning stupefying startling dumbfounding jolting flabbergasting dumfounding jarring eye-opening jaw-dropping staggering extraordinary incredible unexpected remarkable unbelievable overwhelming disturbing unforeseen unsettling mind-boggling mind-blowing disquieting bewildering striking unusual unnerving unanticipated confounding eye-popping unheard of beyond belief hard to swallow sudden dramatic sensational unpredictable unpredicted awe-inspiring without warning out of the blue from left field surprise destabilizing uncomfortable destabilising worrying outrageous dynamite breathtaking impressive distressing alarming shock preposterous brilliant bizarre strange hard to believe phenomenal wondrous notable uncommon outstanding noteworthy perturbing disconcerting befuddling outlandish baffling gee-whizz amazeballs flustering devastating freakish freaky scary frightening frightful upsetting awful unthinkable unannounced unimaginable out of the ordinary intimidating formidable fearsome forbidding terrifying dreadful terrible horrible ghastly horrifying horrendous daunting dire hair-raising direful redoubtable dismaying spine-chilling fearful appalling awesome mystifying horrific hideous ominous monstrous atrocious unspeakable abominable dread gruesome spooky eerie grisly bloodcurdling baleful bad lurid macabre abysmal grim grievous harrowing lamentable terribly bad very bad menacing unearthly sinister ghoulish sublime shuddersome creepy tremendous morbid discouraging disheartening demoralizing threatening nerve-racking unapproachable aggressive browbeating terrorizing pressuring terrorising bullying weird peculiar curious mindboggling uncanny fanciful far-fetched quaint dispiriting off-putting unlikely inconceivable incomprehensible queer puzzling exacting challenging mean-looking taxing fazing shattering muddling unordinary whimsical nonplusing portentous confusing discomfiting conspicuous unwonted nonplussing demoralising disgusting scandalous disgraceful offensive revolting odious sickening repulsive nauseating foul loathsome repellent abhorrent repugnant obscene vile heartstopping horrid rancid distasteful grewsome repellant fulsome noxious agitating terrific nightmarish obnoxious nasty gross ugly nightmare evil noisome nauseous hellacious deplorable godawful glaring heinous detestable wicked from hell


(idiomatic) Present participle for to deliver an unexpected blow

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