Synonym of bloated

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Synonym: distended, intumescent, puffed, puffy, swollen, tumescent, tumid, turgid,

bloats, bloated, bloating

Synonym: inflate, puff up, swell,


Of exaggerated importance or value
inflated overblown outsize outsized hyperbolized overweening exaggerated overdrawn overstated magnified hyped excessive overplayed extravagant over-elaborate over the top hyperbolic overdone pretentious overripe aggrandized amplified fulsome overemphasized overwrought immoderate overestimated overdramatized OTT overemphasised too much unwarranted pumped up pompous undue disproportionate hyperventilated intemperate profuse unrestrained superfluous O.T.T. hyped up steep actorly theatrical extreme dramatic melodramatic tall sensationalistic preposterous exalted sensational sensationalist schmaltzy embellished overkill unrealistic hammy impossible stylized embroidered histrionic spectacular fantastic fabulous farfetched highly coloured too-too larger-than-life highly colored blown up a bit thick out of proportion affected stagy artificial ostentatious mannered actressy stagey forced flamboyant camp ham over-the-top showy inordinate stilted unreal overacted unreasonable needless unnecessary campy theatric staged unnatural comic a bit much uncalled for over the limit farcical animated expressive splashy catchy going too far overemotional overdramatic posturing over-sensational sensationalized sentimental operatic barnstorming hokey cloak-and-dagger sensationalised cliff-hanging blood-and-thunder Daliesque wild ceremonious acting up overworked camped up superficial legitimate acting tragic emotional dramaturgic vaudeville show amateur meretricious over-enthusiastic over-effusive laboured unfair gushing effusive far out explicit graphic lurid overelaborate beyond the pale elaborate labored trashy kitschy yellow shock-horror cheap pulp full-frontal rubbishy tasteless garish beyond all bounds laid on with a trowel tacky juicy whiz-bang


Heavier than what is generally considered healthy for a given body type and height
overweight fat gross obese plump chubby fleshy heavy massive portly stout ample bulky corpulent roly-poly rotund tubby hefty huge outsize podgy solid chunky pudgy beefy beer-bellied big blubbery buxom flabby large morbidly obese paunchy pot-bellied elephantine Falstaffian well-padded well-upholstered fubsy full lardy poddy porky pursy replete round abdominous broad in the beam well fed well padded well upholstered cumbersome overfed overheavy overnourished overstuffed upholstered weighty clinically obese on the plump side porcine meaty thick distended adipose of ample proportions husky bulbous well covered lard-arsed very large avoirdupois hulking lumpish colossal immense outsized great dense out of shape unwieldy dumpy gargantuan broad wide substantial sonsy plumpish bull sizable oversize ponderous inflated lard butterball brawny potbellied jelly-belly enormous heavyset thickset whalelike blimp burly bulging swollen bovine corn-fed zaftig considerable rounded well rounded biggish goodly largish fattish sizeable tidy handsome jumbo awkward oversized whopping mammoth grand voluminous gigantic monumental extensive capacious vast tremendous cumbrous boxcar strapping giant spacious major overgrown humongous prodigious mountainous monstrous monster titanic ginormous stupendous astronomical thumping king-sized king-size king size thumping great whopping great whacking great stocky respectable ungainly good comprehensive significant excessive healthy substantive mighty unhandy burdensome mega towering inordinate Brobdingnagian unmanageable roomy whacking giant-sized man-size of considerable size man-sized generous dirty great high decent-sized decent clumsy sensible abundant fatty sturdy copious lumbering l of ample build hunky laden loaded enceinte gravid expectant built heavyweight clunky Herculean lead-footed nuggety powerfully built solidly built squabby pyknic stubby cosmic tall lofty grandiose hulky thick-bodied Bunyanesque pharaonic cyclopean leviathan extreme astronomic walloping mastodonic galactic humungous staggering brobdingnagian commodious cosmical curvy full-figured epic unmanoeuvrable giant-size long unlimited not inconsiderable bumper well-covered good-sized squat very big bearish heavy-laden extra-large sarcous curved stumpy lusty overblown embonpoint OS oafish filled full-fleshed pleasingly plump super mesomorphic loutish heavily built clodhopping well built comfortable short and fat strong formidable stellar muscular vasty muscly powerful cavernous monolithic baby elephant stark unco thewy liberal well-built appreciable imposing greater larger cranky bunglesome difficult having a bay window having a spare tire inconvenient swelled massy thundering fair-size good-size great big socking great exorbitant a whale of a expansive mondo economy-size immeasurable super colossal deep life-size magnific fair-sized economy-sized super-duper megalithic full-size family-sized supersized extravagant boundless family-size whopper almighty supersize big and strong muscle-bound broad-shouldered barn door fairly large serious bonny onerous uncontrollable encumbering reasonable not to be sneezed at incommodious girthy


Having an especially high opinion of oneself, usually with contempt for others
arrogant haughty hubristic supercilious egocentric egoistic egoistical high-handed immodest imperious lordly narcissistic pompous pontifical pretentious prideful vainglorious blustering boastful opinionated overweening bold brash conceited contemptuous disdainful egotistical overbearing patronising patronizing presumptuous proud scornful self-important superior swaggering uppity affected biggity brazen bumptious elitist insolent lofty mocking self-adulatory self-affected self-centered self-centred self-conceited self-congratulatory self-contented self-engrossed self-glorifying selfish self-opinionated self-promoting self-righteous self-serving snobbish snobby swellheaded swollen-headed uppish assumptive bigheaded brassy cavalier chesty cocky condescending egotistic fancy-pants full of oneself hifalutin high-and-mighty highfalutin high-hat hoity-toity huffish huffy impudent orgulous scoffing self-asserting self-assertive smug sneering sniffy snooty snotty stiff-necked stuck-up toffee-nosed toploftical toplofty vain audacious autocratic biggety big-headed bossy bragging cheeky cold-shoulder high and mighty know-it-all overconfident smarty snippy puffed up stuck up jumped up wise guy on an ego trip too big for your boots domineering ostentatious self-satisfied important dismissive magisterial portentous cocksure aloof puffy cool assuming assured grandiose showy peremptory flatulent flaunting confident self-confident highfaluting too big for one's boots sure too big for one's breeches self-assured blusterous holier-than-thou self-respecting inflated puffed-up sententious stiff masterful la-de-da high-minded la-di-da presuming on one's high horse swollen with pride splendid flowery magnificent overstated exaggerated grand spectacular dogmatic doctrinaire inflexible opinionative adamant opinioned prejudiced dictatorial uncompromising dogmatical biased bigoted rigid obdurate obstinate authoritarian pigheaded intolerant unyielding apostolic stubborn wilful headstrong pontificating single-minded bull-headed of fixed views pig-headed pushy forward tyrannical impertinent despotic complacent assertive authoritative saucy officious full of yourself nervy rude sassy commanding fresh strutting tyrannous autocratical tyrannic consequential arbitrary forceful wise oppressive persnickety contumelious above oneself inconsiderate brazen-faced bold-faced imperative aristocratic swanky dominating pushful brassbound arch smart-alecky imperial disrespectful loud pert harsh aggressive self-loving posh potty rash insulting bullish stuffy ritzy flip pleased with oneself withering repressive draconian willful smart offensive on high horse insistent severe unabashed shameless bombastic imposing barefaced indifferent full of contempt uncivil on your high horse ambitious vaunting impetuous derisive thrusting iron-handed exclusive heavy-handed obnoxious slighting self-aggrandizing undemocratic autarchic boasting familiar loudmouth disparaging overfamiliar anti-democratic obtrusive jeering pushing peacockish strict overbold impolite malapert abhorrent free scathing strident self-regarding self-absorbed braggart self-admiring self-applauding belittling pleased with yourself unreserved unblushing firm loudmouthed in love with oneself putting on airs coercive absolute full of hot air high foolhardy controlling brusque abrupt discourteous hotheaded impulsive impolitic precipitate hasty highhanded emphatic thoughtless dominant ungracious derisory regnant crowing improper inappropriate totalitarian egomaniac careless positive remote tony hotshot iron-fisted summary gracious heedless windbag certain illiberal high-flown untactful vivacious wisenheimer demeaning degrading derogative snide depreciative denigratory detractive derogatory decrying pejorative uncomplimentary depreciatory deprecatory denigrative abusive definite in-your-face procacious demanding sardonic dictative loud-mouthed throwing one's weight around defiant hard opprobrious blatant think too highly of oneself think a lot of oneself sarcastic self-approving goody-goody have an excessively high opinion of oneself well pleased self-complacent self-flattering extraverted braggy self-pleased self-gratulatory self-dramatizing blustery extroverted uninhibited proud of oneself too big for one's britches offhand puffed standoffish elitist refined airy powerful casual curt cliquish masterly bullying poncey windy disciplinarian honourable honorable silliness giddy dizzy flighty unconcerned insouciant uninterested offensively self-assertive ironhanded overproud high falutin reserved distant detached selective self-obsessed decisive wiseguy self-willed unceremonious lording it stooping insufferable ranting glib terse cursory off perfunctory preponderant ascendant prevalent majestic regal august judicial stately dignified blowing one's own horn partisan self-opinioned driven priggish wrapped up in oneself take-it-or-leave-it pococurante offish la-dee-da complaisant boldfaced blowhard overhasty previous premature sure of oneself insubordinate compulsatory obligatory mandatory exacting required compulsory indulgent overindulgent over-free relaxed highbrow discriminatory temerarious daredevil reckless madcap effervescent trashy headlong brazenfaced incautious bright maladroit brisk fustian presumptive ill-mannered unmannerly swanking big-mouthed high-pressure enterprising fierce go-getting militant too big for your breeches on a high horse nose in the air riding for a fall overoptimistic Neronian cynical hypercritical tactless big of preconceived ideas exultant denigrating monocratic as bold as brass lacking civility bad mannered lippy sharp-elbowed clamorous crack-the-whip stern throwing weight around tolerant free-and-easy despicable malicious intrusive stuck on oneself compelling undeniable rigorous decided fixed stringent finished feisty think one is the cat's whiskers think one is God's gift think one is the cat's pyjamas downright unchallengeable entrenched narrow-minded unquestionable categorical unbending out-of-line breezy mannerless off-base pleased crude crass coarse rejecting contemning averse despising antipathetic unsympathetic scouting repudiating jaunty unshrinking unembarrassed unashamed content throwing one's weight about absolutist small-minded flushed brass-necked spirited brag boast hot stuff conceity ham phony gall noisy blaring phoney fascistic fanatical one-sided unequivocal tenacious determined wrong-headed formal bullheaded prying protrusive nosey interfering busy meddling intruding meddlesome snoopy over-assertive nosy uncontrolled one-party unaccountable unconstitutional single-party gritty sure of yourself heading for a fall put down grating jarring taunting undiplomatic on ego trip ruthless tsarist czarist merciless bold as brass coming on strong not backwards in coming forwards smart aleck smart guy smarty pants piercing raucous go-ahead turning up your nose at looking down your nose at subjugating cacophonous deafening jangling dissonant thundering booming shrill hard-nosed temperamental disapproving upstage I'm all right, Jack well-pleased proud of yourself like a cat that has swallowed the canary flushed with success like the cat that's got the cream strong-willed gaudy ear-splitting vulgar flashy discordant snot-nosed devastating high hat dog it big talking jazzy tinny garish blowing one's own trumpet humiliating high-pitched metallic flirtatious arrant in driver's seat crack the whip solemn stinging biting mortifying blistering blasting searing ponderous snubbing blighting hurtful sonorous grandiloquent declamatory crushing rhetorical overblown oratorical overripe serious grave


Packed or filled tightly
stuffed brimful brimming bursting chockablock chockful chock-full crammed crowded fat filled full jammed jam-packed loaded packed glutted gorged lined overflowing satisfied saturated tight running over fit to burst packed like sardines teeming swarming chock-a-block overfull overcrowded congested overloaded abounding replete thronged heaving bursting at the seams full to bursting awash full up seething filled to capacity flush thick laden flooded cramped overfilled stocked mobbed inundated solid wall-to-wall abundant weighed down bulging at the seams burdened rife like Piccadilly Circus fraught jammed full filled to the brim stacked complete charged populous lousy full to the gunwales bulging weighted full of thronging alive filled up plenteous clogged cram-full full to capacity bristling fit to bust up to the hilt overwhelmed plentiful abounding in encumbered choked crushed overrun overpopulated chocker overburdened crawling topped up bounteous massed covered hoatching crammed full swamped packed out full to overflowing occupied heavy up to the rafters supplied well-stocked lavish well-provided busy profuse well supplied well stocked overpeopled huddled multitudinous bountiful generous superabundant sardined elbow-to-elbow dense suffused padded plethoric great pullulating filled to the rafters level with spilling over full to the brim compressed at full capacity full to the top filled with full to the gills overrun by like the Black Hole of Calcutta brimming with loaded with chock-full of overstuffed topfull fully loaded overladen groaning overbuilt entire full of commotion sufficient weighted down taxed abundant in permeated imbued impregnated unabridged hopping infested bustling bundled tumid arranged rammed consigned chock wrapped jumping hampered solid with people packed to the gunwales to the roof buzzing hoaching hotching ample close well provided compact humming deluged jampacked copious blocked plugged obstructed deep serried lush freighted overfed luxurious cram full completely full loaded down piled high fully charged heaped populated gridlocked blocked-up impeded whole crawling with like sardines cram-full of having a considerable amount of having a copious amount of packed to capacity thickset SRO clean stuffed-up liberal stopped closed jam-full occluded mucous stoppered blocked up stuffy stopped up mob scene lousy with full house sold out stiff with topped off snarled up prolific infinite huge inexhaustible large bumper productive up to here standing room only well-supplied lank rife with beset attended rich attended by dripping charged with swarming with thick with brimful of cornucopian bristling with accompanied by flowing exuberant numerous luxuriant thick on the ground bogged down fruitful pregnant pure green natural well frequented well patronized sated flushed rolling scaturient inundant torrential inundatory boundless considerable stinking big eco-rich heavily populated knee-deep prodigal galore munificent in plenty flourishing well attended thickly populated settled densely populated many multifarious peopled multitudinal legion voluminous several various heaping heavily settled full of people


Overly formal, pompous or conventional
stuffy staid conventional old-fashioned formal pompous prim priggish strait-laced impersonal reserved sedate sober stiff conformist conservative deadly fogeyish musty stilted fuddy-duddy fusty humourless square starchy straight niminy-piminy old-fogeyish stick-in-the-mud uptight arrogant foetid fetid genteel hot humorless important magisterial narrow narrow-minded prissy prudish puffy puritanical self-important smelly smoky smug straitlaced strict supercilious Victorian warm of the old school as dry as dust prim and proper proper goody-goody old-maidish Grundyish schoolmarmish schoolmistressy moralistic governessy rigid bluenosed straightlaced mimsy traditional nice-nelly decorous severe austere demure tight-laced censorious bigoted Pecksniffian overnice correct bourgeois puritan respectable ceremonious self-righteous sententious orthodox holier-than-thou pietistic hypocritical sanctimonious stern old-maid dignified Pharisaic precise fastidious self-satisfied overmodest artificial precious conforming buttoned-down traditionalist po-faced nice unadventurous square-toed ceremonial goody-two-shoes Pooterish button-down shockable overscrupulous ascetic forbidding disapproving fanatical pedantic spartan hair-shirt complacent vain mainstream moral abstemious abstinent squeamish distinguished overexact simpering mincing scrupulous offish affected rigorous finicky pretentious illiberal socially acceptable fussy particular august stately imposing suburban parochial stodgy dogmatic doctrinal Biedermeier punctilious blue-nose spic-and-span polite snobbish spruce meticulous wooden cleanly good dapper upright stickling nit-picking choosy forced small-town comme il faut straight-laced bien pensant portly unnatural mannered laboured strained solemn frigid unrelaxed icy pi labored unctuous pious epicene moralizing Tartuffian churchy diehard boring stiff-necked pharisaical mealy-mouthed canting insincere superior dated namby-pamby deceiving preachy religiose Pharisaical false moralising out of date out of the ark out-of-date behind the times too good to be true to keep up appearances


Owning a lot of resources, such as money or property
rich affluent wealthy moneyed opulent well-to-do flush loaded prosperous propertied silk-stocking well-off well-heeled monied minted substantial well off fat gilded independent landed upscale uptown cash rich deep-pocketed fat-cat filthy rich oofy stinking rich well-endowed well heeled in clover in the money made of money nouveau riche old money on easy street quids in rolling in it rolling in money upper class upper crust well-fixed with deep pockets worth a bundle worth a packet multi-crore well provided for worth a million comfortable successful flourishing profitable of means lucrative in the chips of substance moneymaking remunerative powerful gainful in easy street money-spinning thriving productive privileged snug paying booming lush upper-class on velvet economic juicy plutocratic doing well property-owning fortunate favoured favored fruitful pecunious large set for life leisure-class fructuous rewarding advantageous beneficial useful worthwhile in the black lucky blessed financially rewarding well paid socially advantaged doing it easy in luck landowning not short leisured lavish happy happier buoyant overflowing easy prodigal fertile eminent bountiful famous on the up and up solvent influential financial better-off profit-making lousy rich with money to burn born with a silver spoon in your mouth advantaged elite enviable luxuriant fecund prolific cornucopian cushy jammy valuable having it made of independent means on Easy Street in the gravy sitting pretty paid living high off the hog in the lap of luxury expedient going win-win well-paying sweet good constructive generous satisfying recompensing going concern paid off very productive financially worthwhile more fortunate


Past tense for to cause to become distended
ballooned expanded swelled swoll swollen dilated distended enlarged inflated blew up blown up puffed up bellied bilged billowed swelled up swollen up bulged puffed out filled out tumefied extended protruded fattened bagged projected jutted intumesced pouched poked beetled overhung mushroomed widened stretched straught stuck out stood out pooched bunched pouted increased aerated lengthened pumped up broadened started snowballed bourgeoned burgeoned protuberated filled become larger increased in size bulged out puffed grown grew plumped thickened augmented amplified developt developed pumped bulked rose risen padded escalated filled up made bigger swelled out extruded become distended welled up made larger blobbed ballooned out become bigger become bloated bellied out filled with air bugged out popped out spread became larger distorted heightened fermented elongated engorged jumboized blown out blew out magnified supersized boosted advanced proliferated rolled surged ballooned up domed swollen out compounded became distended grew larger grown larger become inflated sagged pitched bounced jutted out protracted hiked pyramided bolstered prolonged upsurged become wider rounded out gained appreciated boomed climbed accelerated accumulated multiplied metastasized became bigger became bloated made wider billowed out tost tossed become broader made broader become swollen become thicker made thicker become longer made longer become deeper made deeper projected outward rolled up slapped on reached tacked on souped up mounted flowed bulked up beefed up waxed built up rolled upward pervaded blew blown clumb clomb gotten bigger got bigger became inflated became wider risen up rose up became swollen became broader became longer became thicker became deeper grew bigger grown bigger obtruded poked out popped loomed extended beyond hanged hung impended thrusted out pushed out hung out drooped flopped flapped protended outthrusted pointed hung over beetled over come through loomed out stuck up butted out hung loosely pooched out pouched out cast a shadow come out emerged caught the wind dropped swagged lolled peeked showed pushed cantilevered showed up bagged out lopped lapped over lopt dipped tumbled sticked out over extended over projected over protruded over jutted over portended stood out over overtopped commanded endangered jutted out over loomed over held out bulged over came through stuck sticked stretched out curved down leaned hung down dangled leant impended over bulged out over cantilevered out poked out over dangled over flapped over drooped over cantilevered out over stuck out like a sore thumb towered above came out shown ridden over rode over went beyond gone beyond risen above swung over swang over rose above fell unevenly fallen unevenly

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